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X-23 (Laura Kinney) is a fiction character in the Marvel Comics universe. X-23 is a female genetic twin of Wolverine.

X-23 was created for the X-Men: Evolution animated television series, then brought into comics (Harley Quinn and Terry McGinnis of DC Comics and Marvel's Firestar experienced similar migrations from television to comic books). X-23 first appears in episode #41 (Season 3 Episode 11) of the program (titled "X-23"). The character's first comic book appearance is in NYX #3 in 2004.

Her comic debut was in the series NYX, where her history and past were never divulged, but her abilities were showcased. In X-23, her first miniseries, her origin was fully explained. She appeared in the X-Men mainstream continuity in Uncanny X-Men issue #450.

X-23 was created by Craig Kyle. He and Christopher Yost were the writers of the two episodes of X-Men: Evolution in which X-23 appears ("X-23" and "Target X"). Kyle and Yost also scripted X-23: Innocence Lost, a six issue miniseries that details the character's origin, as well as X-23: Target X, a six issue miniseries that covers the character's experiences between her origin story and her appearance in NYX.

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