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Scandal Savage

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Scandal Savage is a fictional character, a supervillain and anti-hero in the DC Comics Universe . She first appeared in Villains United #1 (July 2005), and was created by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham. Scandal is a member of the Secret Six and the daughter of supervillain Vandal Savage.

Scandal first appeared as a shrewd businesswoman in Villains United #1 (2005) where she was created by author Gail Simone and artist Dale Eaglesham. Within this run her character was developed and revealed by the author to be as deadly a character as any of the others in Secret Six, where she unveiled her trademark "lamentation blades" and battle outfit. In Villains United #6, the character was officially confirmed to be among the few lesbian superheroes and supervillains in the DC Universe.

The character subsequently appeared in the Secret Six miniseries later in 2006, as written by Gail Simone which would embellish upon the relationship between the character and her father Vandal Savage. In Simone's final run on Birds of Prey as part of the "Whitewater" story arc, she saw a crossover between the titular Birds of Prey and the Secret Six. When Tony Bedard assumed control of Birds of Prey, the characters of Knockout and Scandal continued to appear in issue #109 which followed from the conclusion of "Whitewater". Tying into the upcoming Salvation Run miniseries, the character would appear again immediately following Birds of Prey #109, in Checkmate #18 as part of an emerging build up towards Salvation Run.

Scandal Savage is the daughter of immortal villain Vandal Savage and an unknown Brazilian woman, who apparently raised the child in her home country, though trained in combat by her father from childhood on. In an attempt to destroy an alternate Lex Luthor's plans, the real Lex Luthor, under the alias Mockingbird, blackmailed Scandal and five other villains into antagonizing the Secret Society of Super Villains. Despite being severely outnumbered, Scandal and the rest of the Secret Six were able to thwart the Society on a number of occasions. Eventually Luthor granted the Six their freedom, telling them the safeguards placed against their rebellion were lies.

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