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Dead RPG Characters with names starting with K - O :


Game System: Hunter: the Reckoning
Occupation: supermarket clerk and part of humanitys defense vs the supernatural
Player: Casey
Gender: female
Race: human
Date of Birth: 1980
Date of Death: 2000
Place of Death: dark alleyway, California

Cause of Death: Heading home from work, Karen thought she heard a noise. After her player spectacularly botched a perception role, Karen accidently mistook a horde of walking dead for Elvis Presly. Unfortunately for her, she soon discovered that the King had an unholy hunger for the flesh of the living....

Epitaph: I knew he wasnt dead!
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Game System: A bastardized AD&D
Occupation: 9th level Ranger
Player: Ghent
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Date of Birth: In the 4th summer of the Age of Dreams
Date of Death: 14th summer of Pax Imperia
Place of Death: Home of Ravenwood, town of Devonshire

Cause of Death: After driving his bastard sword into the back of an ancient Red Dragon, Ken and his party were chased by said dragon throughout the town of Devonshire. After many turns of running and evading, the group found themselves hidden away in a small shack. The dragon found them anyway. As the ceiling caved in, the door was blocked by debris. The stupid Lawful Evil Paladin spanks the Red upside the nose. Ken died from a blast of dragonbreath while trying to flee for his life. I found out later that the sword was Wyrmsbane, and could only be used to its full extent if the wielder knew what its true nature was.

Epitaph: Always cast Identify, you might just slay an ancient red.
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Kenna Tobren

Game System: 2nd Edition AD&D
Occupation: Wizard
Player: Elizabeth Woodward
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1356
Date of Death: 1381
Place of Death: Mountain lair of Banites north of Ravensbluff

Cause of Death: Kenna was part of a group of adventurers sent to check out an area to locate followers of Bane. We found the followers of Bane during a worship service with a Banite priest. Kenna, an 8th level wizard, sent a lightning bolt through the priest and upset a hidden Banelich behind a curtain. The group tried to outrun the Banelich but it utterly destroyed Kenna and all her equipment. The rest of the group escaped.

Epitaph: Run away! What is that thingahhh---
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Game System: later lesser demonic godD&D Rouge DM
Occupation: Warrior/Rouge
Player: Cyndi
Gender: Female
Race: 1/2 Succubus 1/4 human 1/4 elf
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: Plains of Monfar where the final battle took place

Cause of Death: Kindite was a demon of a great stature because of her father high borne blood line. Because of this she was always seen as a demoness of great potential. In a eagerness to prove herself she joined the forces of darkness in a battle of good and evil. The battle itself waged for weeks and Kindites mission was to protect her father the new satan for light forces. She was to be his right arm,if you will. She fought along side her father doing her job well when Krok the light general fought her father in his mind. The battle was evenly matched and Satan soon pulled all of the souls out to watch the fight. This was when good struck Kindites forces hard. Using their magic they struck her father down on the phyiscal plane. Weakened he also lost the battle with Krok. Terribly weakened he called to Kindite to protect him when another light sided character came to kill him. Kindite met this threat and fought bravely and valently but was defeated by a huge blast of light energy. Although not killed she raced back to her fathers side where Krok was wanting to finish him off. Kindite protected her father well (even took an arrow to the chest) but she failed. In order to redeem herself she sacaficed her energy to banish him back to hell for another assult later in history. This forced Kindite back to her original self which was too far gone to be saved thus she died.

Epitaph: Father, we have lost the battle but we will NOT lose the war!!
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Lathaeron Goldenleaf

Game System: specifically Myth DrannorADND, Faerun
Occupation: Demigod of Protection
Player: Chris
Gender: Male
Race: Elf first, then Gold Dragon thanks to arti
Date of Birth: grew up at same time as Elminster...
Date of Death: around 1362, DR
Place of Death: Castle of Storm God on alternate plane

Cause of Death: Lathaeron was a demigod assigned to a specific act, the defense of the forests of Myth Drannor. In the described battle, technically he didnt "die", since demigods in Faerun can only die on their own plane... his avatar got blown to hell though. The avatar stormed a Storm Gods castle (no pun intended) on an alternate plane, killing a number of blue dragons along the way... unfortunately, when he walked up to the Storm Gods avatar (a 150 foot tall storm giant), he botched some saves (somehow) and we forgot about his MR, so he got teleported directly in front of the avatar, who stabbed him with a two-hander for some incredibly massive damage... like, a 435 point critical... what sucks is Lathaeron wouldve lived through that and carved the guy up, if not for the damage that had already been inflicted by the dragons... proof positive that anyone who thinks theyre invincible can still die when the dice hate them.

Epitaph: Im not dead....
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Laucian Siannodel

Game System: Forgotten Realms
Occupation: Ranger
Player: Trev Jenks
Gender: male
Race: Wild Elf
Date of Birth: 3rd Ches
Date of Death: 12 Ches
Place of Death: Nr Secomber on the Trail(Waterdeep)

Cause of Death: Scouting for a sanctuary he was pursued by Worgs, till a large winged creature with a sonic weapon swooped. Carried of he was killed and magically brought back to life(Dwarven chain) before being ripped to pieces and eaten.

Epitaph: Never take a bumpkin to watch yer back!
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Lord Dagon Melnibane

Game System: Dungeons and Dragons
Occupation: 13th level Fighter
Player: Franco
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 753a
Date of Death: 778a
Place of Death: the Astral Plane

Cause of Death: Dagon was travelling through the astral plane with a fellow wizard via astral spell, when they happened to come across a Githayanki war party. The battle was heavily waged against them, and Dagon soon was decapatated by a Githayanki warrior with a vorpal blade. Dagons wizard companion was taken prisoner by the Githayanki, magic-users are deemed valuable war trophies to their master.

Epitaph: Never travel with a wizard...
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Lord Sinjin

Game System: AD&D
Occupation: Fighter
Player: Michael Schaefgen
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Undocumented
Date of Death: 19th day of Elient, Year of the Tankard (1970 DR)
Place of Death: Outside the Tower of the Arcane

Cause of Death: Sinjin had gone out to answer the call of nature and an imp familiar pushed a large stone gargoyle off of the roof. He was subsequently a meal for the selfsame imp.

Epitaph: Oh shi*CRUNCH*
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Lu Hammi

Game System: AD&D
Occupation: 3rd level Monk
Player: Craig Bailey
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1339
Date of Death: 1359
Place of Death: The abandoned temple of a forgotten god.

Cause of Death: I was DMing this game, and there were only two players (not enough for the game) so I rolled up this we were entering the inner sanction of the Bugbear chief (and his necromancer consort) who had occupied the temple, a trap went off (which I had made!!!). My monk was turned into a walking pincushion by the 20+ arrows that flew out of the wall...I was so pissed off. I mean, I am the one who designed that fuckin trap!

Epitaph: Always be careful when approaching a wall that has holes all over it. Holes that arrows might come hurtling out of....
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Maggie McCloud

Game System: Twilight 2000
Occupation: Sgt, US Army, demolitions expert
Player: Walt
Gender: F
Race: Human
Date of Birth: ?
Date of Death: May, 2001
Place of Death: Somewhere along the Rhine River, Europe

Cause of Death: While defusing a very primitive but very big bomb, I rolled two critical failures in a row. Our GM described it as a really big sneeze...

Epitaph: Geuzentheit!!
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Game System: mageAD&D Oriental Adventures
Occupation: Shugenja
Player: Andrew H. (Mr. H)
Gender: Female
Race: Hengeyokai (basically a furry)
Date of Birth: some time in the 1200s
Date of Death: some time in the 1200s
Place of Death: In a field

Cause of Death: Really bad dice rolls and a crappy DM. The party of 3 was up against a (supposedly) CR2 monster that had somewhere around 6HD and could cause 4d6 dmg a hit. Majiushi was a mage who had very few combat spells. The giant praying mantis killed and ate each of the other two party members and Majiushi was left alone. Attempted to run away at 40ft per round, the the CR2 monster was able to catch up and eat Majiushi as well.

Epitaph: I hate DMs who play by flawed rules
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Marcus Tillinghast

Game System: Dark Conspiracy GDW
Occupation: Tabloid Reporter
Player: Mike
Gender: male
Race: human
Date of Birth: 4/1/1978
Date of Death: 8/24/2005
Place of Death: Earths orbit in Outer Space

Cause of Death: Our hero(?) and his crew of companions discovered, through the course of their adventures that a group of corrupted aliens were planning on decimating the population by using the United States own particle beam anti-nuke satellites to fire upon civilian targets. A plan was created: One of the groups number could open portals between two stationary places. Someone would carry a large barrel loaded with explosives and packed with shrapnel into the satellites orbit. Detonating the explosive would create a devastating hail of micro-meteors that would destroy the satellite, but also kill the volunteer who carried it. Marcus bravely volunteered himself. Ostensibly to save lives, but more because he was hoping the act would win him the affections of Bianca, one of the other PCs, for at least one night. Unfortunately for Marcus, Bianca seemed not to notice his affections for her, and our lovelorn hero launched himself into space with a makeshift space suit and the bomb without having known the comfort of her touch. Trembling from the intense cold of outer space, our hero detonated the bomb, living just long enough to see the satellite destroyed before the hail of shrapnel turned him into a space-slushie.

Epitaph: Sacrifice makes you a martyr, love makes you poet, stoicism makes you a sage, but Death sucks no matter who you are.
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Mathias Smith

Game System: Archaea live-action Fantasy
Occupation: Rule of Arms
Player: Matthew Stanley
Gender: Male
Race: Tausan (read Germanic Tribesman)
Date of Birth: The fourth of Firstfall, 1175 C.E.
Date of Death: The tenth of Highspring, 1195
Place of Death: Ruins o the Tomb of Shandramir.

Cause of Death: A magic amulet the idiot wore contained the soul of an Animan named Dematious Bones. The bastard got too close to a magicial explosion which released Demantiouss soul and caused Mathiass body to unravel and then reform into Demntious, who for all intents and purposes, owns Mathiass (now lizard-like) body.

Epitaph: Magic, schmagic.
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Maug Chafer the Amply Copious

Game System: AD&D 1st Edition
Occupation: Apprentice Thief
Player: knal Merovicz
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 19/8/17 Pro Tessa
Date of Death: 28/4/5 Anno Tesse
Place of Death: One of the outer towers of Craken Le Schmitts keep.

Cause of Death: In a fearless effort to draw the enemy into a trap, Maug willing exposed himself by opening the door to the inner keep. Thereupon was he rent apart by a huge bolt thrown by a military crossbow just beyond the door.

Epitaph: Here lies the body of Maug Chafer, the only of the dead to return from Crakens Keep whose body parts neednt mixed and matched before burial.
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Maya Luen

Game System: AD&D Second Edition
Occupation: Lv 10 Thief
Player: Ryan Krawchuk
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: Dungeon

Cause of Death: Maya and her party stumbled upon a room in a dungeon that was covered with a thick layer of dust. The room was empty except for a large dais in the center of the room. The only trap that was detected, was that the door was weighted to close if not held open. The mage who was with the party detected magic and found out that the entire room was magical but didnt tell anyone. Once the entire party was in the room and searching it, the door closed. It was at this point that Maya learned what the inside of a disintegration chamber looks like...

Epitaph: I really hate mages...
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Game System: Final Fantasy Tactics
Occupation: Lancer/Apprentice
Player: Hunter S.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Unkown
Date of Death: 10/13/03
Place of Death: Orbonne Monestary

Cause of Death: He was a favored attacker for the team. Down in the deep recesses of Orbonne monestary, Apprentice Guardian Merdoc, High Lady Summoner Elizabeth, Guardian Knight Hunt Dehlrin(Main Character), Headstrong Guardian Knight James and Axe Mage Guardian Ryu, all stood for one last battle, before they could finally be near the end of their journey. As usual, Hunt, Merdoc and James stood Armor flashing in front, equipped with the most elite weapons, armor, and abilities possible. Merdoc however, was worried. The enemy archers and mages advanced, while Hunt Dehlrin and James fended off the oncoming knights along with Elizabeths and Ryus magics. A knight got up to Ryu, only to find a swift defeat by Ryus Slasher axe. Merdoc jumped high into the air towards the end of the battle; the floor, rotting and dry rotten. Merdoc landed his lance into the chest of the final opponent, only to find the ability counter, well at hand for his enemy. Merdoc had little energy left from his fight with the others, and found a quick defeat. The horrid beast healed itself, and advanced the other four Guardians. By the time the monster was weakened again, Merdocs soul had become detached from merdocs body, leaving behind only a crystal in his memory. With astonished anger, Hunt Dehlrin made a crushing 158 damage blow to the enemy, and sent him to his death.

Epitaph: Well always fight four your memory, Apprentice Guardian Merdoc.
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Michael Charon

Game System: Vampire: The Masquerade
Occupation: Vampire
Player: Shane Dunne
Gender: Male
Race: 7th Generation Gangrel
Date of Birth: 28 March 1655
Date of Death: 13 November 1988
Place of Death: Berlin.

Cause of Death: A deep and meaningful encounter with another vampire who looked like Caine, acted like Caine, and had the powers of Caine but who we thought wasnt Caine so we attacked him. Actual cause of death: A great big smelly whack from the Caine dude!!!

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Miles Stromm

Game System: Runequest
Occupation: Fighter
Player: BigAl
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Dark Season, 1002
Date of Death: Holy Days, 1018
Place of Death: Bandit hideout

Cause of Death: Poor planning at Aggiecon. The GM was not prepared at all; he ran an adventure that had been printed in White Dwarf magazine that month. (Note, this was a sanctioned event, not open gaming.) He was also was signed up to play in another event in two hours, though we did not know that at the time. The two hours were almost up, and we had rescued the noble, Jorthan, from the trollkin bandits, so the GM hinted that we were done and should leave. I realised that the second floor of the building was half the size of the first floor, and searched for a secret door. Miles found the door, opened the door, checked the room, and entered. The GM rolled dice and, without even looking at them, told me that Miles had taken a critical impaling hit to the head from the female ogre that he somehow had not spotted standing next to the door. The ogre then closed the door. The rest of the party took the hint and left without checking to see what had happened to Miles, and the GM made his game on time.

Epitaph: "Did you hear Miles call?" "No, were leaving. Now."
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Mythian Kyle

Game System: AD&D
Occupation: Cowardly Wizard
Player: Michael Mayer
Gender: Male
Race: Human-the 7th son of a 7th son
Date of Birth: 1249
Date of Death: 1278
Place of Death: Lizard Man village in the Akmor Swamp.

Cause of Death: Boiled alive in a stew and eaten by lizardmen after being pincushened by 132 arrows.

Epitaph: "Back off! Ill use my invisible wall of earth! I mean it!!"
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Narissa Shaendr

Game System: AD&D Forgotten Realms
Occupation: 6th level Wild Mage
Player: Maarten Huisman
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1344
Date of Death: 28-1-139
Place of Death: Myth Drannor.

Cause of Death: Assaulted by all the eyes of a doomsphere (ghost beholder) at once, for all the other player characters had assumed wraithform at that time. She was already the victim of the doomspheres boneshatter, but then she also was slowed, held, undeath assaulted, flesh sheared (literal loss of face), chilled, feared (but she couldnt run away because of all those broken bones), bonehattered again, and her arm withered. All that was left of her was a mismatched set of lesh-and-bone-debris, and that at a distance of four weeks from the nearest priest.

Epitaph: She died as reckless as her spells.
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Nevarre Digne

Game System: Ars Magica
Occupation: Companion, Bodyguard to Omegan of the House Tytalus
Player: J. W. Norris
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1175 A.D.
Date of Death: 1199 A.D.
Place of Death: An uncharted island on the northeast coast of Greenland.

Cause of Death: Victim of an Eyes of Eternity spell whereby the caster, in this case, the maddened lich, Kurzog, must maintain eye contact with the victim thereby aging the target by one year every ten seconds. Pinning Kurzog to a boulder on the beach of an uncharted mystical island on the northeast coast of Greenland, Nevarre forced the lich to continue its gaze until his mage, Omegan of the House Tytalus, could escape the island safely. According to Omegan, Nevarre was able to restrain the lich and force its gaze for nearly ten minutes, giving Omegan and his companions the time needed to escape the island before it was consumed by an earthquake resulting from the partys triggering of a powerful perdo terram spell in the lichs tower.

Epitaph: The House Tytalus offers no epitaph but acknowledges the death of Nevarre Digne as the physical and visceral passing of energy in the constant perpetuation of The Struggle.
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Nicholas Roshenko

Game System: Vampire: The Masquerade
Occupation: Drifter
Player: The HeartBurn Kid
Gender: Male
Race: Ravnos vampire
Date of Birth: Oct. 20, 1949
Date of Death: Dec. 17, 1999
Place of Death: 15 miles outside of Las Vegas

Cause of Death: Nick made a deal with a pack of werewolves to lead them to a fellow cotiere member who had been a thorn in their sides. However, not satisfied with destroying one spawn of the Wyrm, they decided to kill Nick too. Nice guys, huh?

Epitaph: Never cut a deal with a werewolf.
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Nick Danger

Game System: AD&D
Occupation: Solo Thief
Player: O (thats right, just O)
Gender: Male
Race: Good old fashioned Human
Date of Birth: unknown
Date of Death: Around 28 years later
Place of Death: some random Marketplace

Cause of Death: A no good, dirty, rotten, thief. While Nick was carousing the marketplace, he noticed he was very, very famished. He also noticed a fruit stand. He then noticed he was dirt poor. So, being a thief, he attempted to rob some random passerby who happened to be wearing a very valuable-looking pendant. Unfortunately, the passerby was a constable. (As it turns out, that pendant was the symbol of the constables in the area. Who knew?) After a battle with the well armed man, Nick came out the victor by a very slim margin. Nick began to look over the pendant he fought so hard for to evaluate its worth, resulting in a failed spot check for the local member of a Theives Guild who came up from behind, stabbed him in the back,and walked off with the pendant. The GM thought it was damn funny.

Epitaph: "Ha! I did it! I actually beat him! I actua-...urk...
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Night Cat (the first one)

Game System: that enough? HERO
Occupation: 3d6 AP HKA
Player: Scott Nyquist
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: Nathans Campaign world.

Cause of Death: Nathan assured us that his world would not be all that lethal, so I accordingly did not load up on the defenses. I also figured that a good offense is a good defense. So I created a Wolverine-type character. Right out of the box Night Cat runs into a giant cyborg of this famous scientist who has just hit a female normal. Night Cat goes berserk and leaps at said cyborg with claws extended and gets blasted by a 6d6 AP RKA right in the chest. Some bystanders were heard to mumble "I wonder what he considers lethal?"

Epitaph: Although reincarnated and finally retiring 4 years later, we will always remember the first one.
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Game System: AD&Dsecond
Occupation: a gnome theif
Player: stephanie walke
Gender: male
Race: gnome
Date of Birth: sixty-four yrs before his X
Date of Death: 64 yrs after his birth
Place of Death: the long sot after Spiral Keep

Cause of Death: Thinking the party is still wanting to explore the castle Nimble proceeds to check two more rooms and get his share of the loot. Entering first the one to the right he finds it to be the armory where he narrowly excapes a war dog by climbing the 6 foot wall so it had to jump to nip him then getting lucky when stabbed it as he jumped off the wall. Taking its silver collar (as a suvornior of coarse)he move on to room two the empty dusty barracks, shit. Now unaware that the rest of the party is preparing to take on the main villian (the thought) Nimble cant resist one last room. Trap check, its clear, and he goes in. DM you hear a click as the kennel door locks behind you and you see two big dogs growling at you, initive, huh beat a nine. GULP. It only took one round when they saw rippers silver collar in my hand. Moral: stick with the group.

Epitaph: now know as Nimblenbits
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Nucking futs

Game System: ad&d 2nd ed
Occupation: completely insane
Player: mike
Gender: male
Race: human
Date of Birth: who knows, they found him in a pit(not bottemless)
Date of Death: a few hours after they found him
Place of Death: not known, last time seen plumiting down a bottomless pit

Cause of Death: after pissing off, by pissing on, various members of a local goblin tribe, he ran around, generaly in a direction away from the malcontent goblins till he found the formentiond bottomless pit, which he took the opportunity to jump into, beliving, of cource, that he could fly.

Epitaph: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
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Game System: D&D 2E
Occupation: Rouge
Player: Matt
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1145
Date of Death: 1165
Place of Death: the sewers of the City

Cause of Death: The theives of our fair city were having a party to celebrate the coming of the Harvest festival, which by its very nature involved lots of rich merchants arriving into town from the boondocks with lots of extra cash. Sort of a christmas season for theives. Octavian, recently arrived into town, was invited to this party, and ended up sitting at a table with a very beautiful lady, along with a motely crew of many other equally disposed losers, among them a human mage, his friend, a gnomish theif, a cleric of the god of thunder, and a variety of other characters. When the city guard arrived and dispersed our party, we ended up wandering the sewers, avoiding a variety of nearly deadly incidences until we were almost in the clear. We were walking along a large river of human excriment that flowed below the city when *splosh* out pops a sewer alligator. This was my first time playing D&D, and I had no idea how combat really worked, so I didnt understand how bad it was that I rolled a 1 for my hitpoints. Fortunately, I wasnt the only one, so we all managed to lasso the alligators mouth shut, and I, being the one bravest of the party, decided to blind the alligator. It didnt really appricate this, and broke loose, and managed to hit poor Octavian for far more damage than he had. Then the second sewer alligator appeared, and Octavians now limp body was put to a good use, as the alligators were too distracted eating Octavian to kill the rest of the party, which ran like little girly men at the sight of his blood.

Epitaph: Its always bad when the party has as many HP as members
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Orion Pax

Game System: AD & D
Occupation: Hunter/Fighter
Player: Corey Kline
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: I dunno
Date of Death: He was 25 when he died
Place of Death: Nondescript dungeon

Cause of Death: Orion was walking point in this dungeon, and his torch goes out... He takes a couple of steps forward while fumbling for his flint and steel, trips on a badly placed stone in the floor and lands in some spider webs... Needless to say, Orion was stuck solid... The other 3 members of the party decided to try and pull Orion out, but the one holding me around my waist slipped and catapulted him deeper into the webbing... Some smart-@$$ gnome says "Hey lets burn the webbing and hell be free!" Well... Orion was so twisted up in the webbing, he caught fire and died of multiple 3rd degree burns to EVERYWHERE on his body...

Epitaph: Gotta quit smoking...
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Orlando Rodriguez

Game System: Cthulhu 1920
Occupation: Circus Acrobat
Player: Walter
Gender: male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 1890ish
Date of Death: 1920ish
Place of Death: A mansion outside of Arkham

Cause of Death: In the final chapter of an epic campaing, a wizzard tried to summon an avatar of Nyarlathothep inside his mansion. The group was chained to a wall and were supposed by the GM (me) to witness a ritual that was destined to fail and then have the chance to escape by using their combined STRENGTH to tear away a peace from the wooden wall, they were chained to. But Orlando thought, that they messed up the campaign before and they were to die anyway. He started insulting and irritating the wizzard, who wanted to concentrate on his ritual. After multiple warnings by the vilain to shut up, Orlando responded with "F*** you!". The villain responded with a spell, causing Orlandos heart to stop beating. Then during the ritual, the house was set on fire and the other party members could not escape, because without the dead acrobat, they were not strong enough... They all died in that fire.

Epitaph: If you are helpless and the villain tells you to shut up 3 times, maybe you really should shut up.
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Orrin Shalestrom

Game System: AD&D
Occupation: Saving wizards skinny asses
Player: Kimberly Edwards
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarven
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: Unknown
Place of Death: A shallow gulch.

Cause of Death: Drinking his growth potion, Orrin shot up to 7.5 meters tall to the dismay of the sahaugins holding him in their net. They were summarily drop-kicked, but then there was that stinkin demon wizard with Vecnas enchanted trident.

Epitaph: Whtre ye bitchin about, I dont smell anything.
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Ozzel the Blue

Game System: DnD 3rd Edition
Occupation: Cleric of Heironeous
Player: James Champlin
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 3246 AB
Date of Death: 3288 AB
Place of Death: Halaster Trevinicis, Venerable Elven Mage/Acolyte of the Skin, fortress, deep inside the Empire of the East

Cause of Death: The party was sent to negotiate a betrayal on the behalf of the Trevinici elves during a war with the Empire of the East. Little did they know that the 600+ year old leader of the elves had recently joined himself to a demon provided by the emperor...and had constructed a fully charged Staff of Power. The rogue who shot the mage survived the retributive strike due to evasion, despite being almost right next to the source of the blast. Poor Ozzel, though on the edge of the explosion, was just a priest, and did not have access to such damage avoiding abilities.

Epitaph: But I made my saving throw!
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