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Batgirl:   The female Batman. She's got the moves, she's got the tricks, and for our purposes, she's got the looks.

Mary Marvel:   A woman with the powers of the gods themselves, and the body of a goddess. Ambrosia indeed.

Hawk Girl:  She flies through the air with the greatest of ease, but not 'cause she's on the trapeze, but because she's got wings. And legs...and boobs...There's nothing birdy about this girl.

Wonder Woman:   She's got powers and she's an know what that means...oh, and how sex-ay is it that she loses her powers when you bind her wrists?

Supergirl:   She's another one who's go the strength. It's like we said before, we find a strong woman to be right pretty.

Star Spangled Kid:  In these times of patriotism and glory to the Stars and Stripes, we couldn't not put her in this fight. It's only right. Red, White, and Blue forever.

Welcome to the second installment in our CBUB Beauty Pageant series, the Ms. DC Universe contest. We have all new contestants from a completely different universe. The winner of this fight and last week's Ms. Marvel contest will go on to compete in the Ms. Multiverse contest at the end of these competitions. We hope you're enjoying this break from the norm.

Join us now in a contest we like to call...

"I'm too sexy for my unitard..."




These just about trump last weeks lovely ladies, wouldn't you say, Matthew?



Preston, we're on the same wavelength for once. Shall we begin, then?


Matthew:    Here we are with round number TWO of our beauty pageant, the Ms. DC show.

Preston:    Indeed, Matthew. We're setting the normal fights aside again to show the world that not only are these ladies fierce on the battlefield, they're women, too.

Matthew:    And boy o boy, are they EVER women. Look at that.

Preston:    You're drooling on the control panels.

Matthew:    Sorry. While I clean this up, let's see what our viewers had to say.




Peter writes:

Well, good to see the grand tradition of the CBUB Beauty Pageant continues. Just gimme a second to fit my eyeballs back into my sockets...

(and Star Spangled Kid? Shame on you all)

Okay, I'm good. Now, I think it's fairly safe to say that Diana, Amazon princess of Themyscira, will win this fight by a fairly large margin. Sculpted from clay, Wonder Woman is the very essense of divine, perfect beauty. She is a very-literal wonder, an entirely captivating angel. Plus the whole 'lasso' thing does it for a lot of people, apparently. *whistles innocently*

OTOH, I voted for Batgirl. And let me tell you why - Wonder Woman was granted all her gifts and abilities from the gods themselves. She trained her entire life in the skills of warfare, she has the magic lasso and indestructable bracelets, and is strong enough to slug it out with Superman, or all people, toe-to-impossibly-powerful-toe. And here's the thing - Barbara Gordon has none of those things, none of those gifts, no abilities granted from the gods, not the speed of Hermes nor the wisdom of Athena - and yet she's still one of the most amazing super-heroes within the genre!

Barbara Gordon was incredibly talented (and let's not forget she was recruited by Batman, the most solid perfectionist in the fleepin' Universe), athletic, smart, beautiful, determined, and gifted. And then, after being paralysed and put in a wheelchair possibly for the rest of her life - she's still a superhero!

So definitely, I'm voting Barbara Gordon, as one of the most amazing female heroes of all time. And being knock-out drop-dead gorgeous doesn't hurt, either.

Kazz writes:

Well, this is a heck of a lot easier than the Ms. Marvel contest! I admit I drove myself crazy over all the chicks from last week, but this time, only two caught my eye. And wouldn't you know, it was the two I'd never heard of. I'm a Marvel Zombie through and through, so I never heard of Mary Marvel or Star Spangled Kid until now, and they both blew me away! SSK was so blasted cute! The hair and the face, whew!

But After looking at Ms. Mary a little while longer, I knew this one was over and done. Those eyes, and that form, and that flooring smile. *faints at the reminder*

*Wakes back up* If any of the other's besides Star Spangled Kid win this, I will have a mighty hard time understanding it. Wondie, Cassie, Supie, and Hawkie, aren't bad looking. But compared to Mary Marvel they're downright ugly! Must be in the name. (Just kidding DC people), I don't even think there's anyone on the Marvel side who can stand up to Ms. Mary! For me, this one is a game, set, match.

Death by Coconut writes:

What is THIS? You can't put any of these kids up against a girl like Wonder Woman. She's got everything: the breasts, the semi-revealing costume, the beauty. I can't even remember some of these heroines, though I will give second place to Bat Girl, because she was played by Alicia Silverstone in the recent movie.

Yeah, that was nice...

Either way, it's Wonder Woman hands down. If it weren't for the nudity, this would barely be worth my time

Justicar writes:

I see the extra helping of hentai fan service arrived. I just had to vote for the cute as a button Star Spangled Kid. Wonder Woman may have the huuuge tracts of land but how can you say no to those eyes, really, the eyes, honest. Besides Wonder Woman is too much of a slut, I mean have you read any of her other exploits. There's no way Wondy is winning the Pure As Apple Pie competition. Supergirl is just as bad, one sniff of kryptonite and she's a hussy. As for Hawkwoman, I'd be too scared of catching West Nile Virus from her, being a bird and all. Batgirl, saw her as and old frump in Batman Beyond, no thanks. Star Spangled Kid, for all the marbles!

Happy Klown writes:

These girls are all winners in my book.Where are the pictures from and what about marvels?

thecasualonlooker writes:

Wonder Woman by a landslide. She's got the looks and the superstrength. Plus, she's an Amazonian warrior...need I mention anything else?

Hyperstorm writes:

Lets break it down.

Bat Girl:

I've never seen a frame of her where her looks were comparable to the prettier girls in D.C. and Marvel comics.

Mary Marvel:

Some of the Greek Gods that she is combined with the powers of are the stronger male ones, which one could say means that she is combined with parts of testosterone filled, strong, and masculine Greek gods. Also, the last that I saw, her current alter ego was like 8 years old or something. That's just way too freaky to me!

Hawk Girl:

She does too look birdy!

Star Spangled Kid:

I've Never heard of her before this contest. The only supposedly unaltered picture that I have seen of her on the web since seeing this match wasn't particularly special and the description of how she acts doesn't really define her personality as exceptional.

Super Girl:

She looked particularly good in the issues where Superboy originated but I can think of a fair amount of comic heroines who look better.

Wonder Woman:

This is the one that I am picking without question. The looks of the others don't even come close to her beauty. The picture you used in this match sure is a bad one though. Were you making an attempt to give the other girls a fighting chance or something?

Green Lantern writes:

Ahhh now this is a great battle none of those censors. Let me take a minute to look at the contestants.


Ok Ill have to go with WW on this one shes hott.

Ziero Clash (Formerly known as The Master Fighter of Anime) writes:

This is the Ms.DC right...The pictures messed right now or something,anyways.I got 3 things to say here.First of all comments on last battle*ejects himself with needle that neutralizes Rogues powers on him*.Obviously I think Rogue shoulda won that*Gets kiss and hug from Rogue for that*.

Rogue:Invisible Woman! That skanky bitch!She has a husband and 2 kids,why does she need to win a contest?

Ziero:Ahh,can't do anything about it now so lets just leave it at calling her a motherf***er.

Rogue:Watch ya mouth!

Ziero:But you called her a bitch.

Rogue:Good point.

Ziero:Okay back to what I was saying.

This was a cheap battle...People didn't consider things they just voted for who they thought was the hottest. And Invisible Woman isn't even that hot! Rogue is alot hotter! That was just a bad picture. I think it was mainly because of the no-touchie-touchie for Rogue,but I found the,umm...antidote for that.Oh and if you look closely you see a little of Black Cats nipple in her picture. :-D *Now lieing in bed writing on labtop with Rogue naked beside him*'Nuff said.

2nd issue on hand....The battle now taking place.I haven't heard of 3 of them...Supergirl,Star Spangled Kid and Miss Marvel. Bat Girl I don't like that much and Hawk Girl is to much of a bird. So I had to go with WonderWoman in the end!Hot Princess with cool gadgets,super powers and...Do I even have to explain any farther.'Nuff said

Now for issue 3. This isn't really on the battle but my new name isnt stolen from an anime and I'm sure some of you are thinking that.

Neways...I gotta go now and cormfort Rogue on her lose,using the antidote,in bed,naked....You get the point.*wink,wink,nude,nude*...I mean *nudge,nudge* The rest of this contest should be interesting and once again I hate the censored boobs with name thing.

Hightower Auto. writes:

Wonder Woman gets my vote 'cause she's no nonsense, tall (drink of water.May I...),dark, and sexy 'cause she's focused.

I'm just the man she's lookin' for!

The rest of the gals are cute, and cute won't getcha that far in the heat of battle(only the sheets)!

Oracle2288 writes:

Wow! big difference than the last match.Making the pictures uncensored was a great idea. And Wonder Woman has to win this one. She's way better than the other girls. Hell, you have to go with the woman who's the hottest even on an island of all women.

R kelly writes:

Hmm I noticed something.. Wonderwoman is the only "woman" here.. the rest are all my vote naturally belongs to the starstudded Kid...

You might say I fancy kids

turd that wouldn't flush writes:

first off great idea..lousy time pick some babes everyone has heard scourded the Dc universe and the best you can come up with is a focker like Mary Marvel..who the fock is MaryMarvel..How big is her rack?..I have no frame of referrence here me out..would I sprain a thumb?..

Same goes for Star Spangled Kid?

Truthfully who would want to bang hawkgirl? I get enough of the bird when they doodie on my car.

So that leaves old school..wonder woman( a lesbian)..batgirl( a spinster/virgin/perhaps a lesbian)..and supergirl( dead..hey I'm desperate.. but not that desperate.

Shit give me the star spangled kid.. I'd take young to old pootang any day of the week

the man called horse writes:

hmm pound for pound ..supergirl.

she is every man's fantasy..long legged woman in a mini skirt, huge breast craddled in a tight blue top and gorgeious blonde hair reaching to the middle of her back..

Plus everything about this woman would be "super"..if you know what I mean

Great Gazzoo writes:

hhhmm this one is too tough to call.. perhaps we could take them for a test run....

Hilary Clinton writes:

I have to support my own....wonderwomen/dyke power

Bill Clinton writes:

which one of this chick is the easiest..?

Bartman writes:

Listen..i don't give a rat's ass if my reply is funny.. just post the sob..for Christ's sake.. everybody has to be a comedian all of a sudden.. well mr.funny pants.. it isn't about the laughter..It's about the boobage...Laughter never payed the bills...but boobs do..

Supergirl..old school..and if you don't like my choice..kiss my ass

the hulk on the can writes:

one word..boobs...


powerpuffgirls in a meatgrinder writes:


Boring Man writes:

This is sooo pointless, because WonderWoman kicks arse on all of these stupid ...girls!!!

I mean Supergirl is strong, but she's just a ...girl!!!

WonderWoman will show them all what are real woman is made of... graphically.

I call myself boring man because it's boring to vote for the strongest. You know WonderWoman's pretty cool in the comics now.

Ghost writes:

I voted for Hawk Girl. I don't know who she is, but that goes for most of them (not an avid DC reader) but I'm partial for redheads.

Which reminds me; powers, shmowers! Mary Jane would have OWNED the Marvel girls!

Beavis and Bunghole writes:

Knock it off dumbass.. I'm trying to view this cbub site and they got..


I said knock it off fartknocker..I'm trying to look at this comic book chick's boobs.

Boobs.. uhhhh..uhhh.. you said boobs.. Come to Butthead...

Beavis.. you probably voted for wonderwoman.. you wonder what it is like to be with a woman.

NO way bunghole..I was down at the quickymart and this chick comes walking up..and I was like "hey baby" and we grabbed some nearbeer..and I scored..

This site rules.. it rules


You guys have seen Justice League, right? Hawkgirl is not only a hot, mysterious redhead with wings and a great body, but she's a hot, mysterious redhead who carries a mace that can wipe out half a planet and talks smack to Batman. Batman!

I don't see how people can pick Wonder Woman over her, but...ehh.

Shake It!

Sorry, I meant "Shake Me!"

...or did I?

Alison Troy writes:

SuperGrrlll all the way.As fast as Mavel Girl is and as strong as WW an'she may be, Kara-El blows 'em away. Theb rest have no chance.

Hey, hows come the Marvel girl's page has no pics? Don't seem hardly fair. If ya go "perv" on the DC U gurls then it's only right ya do it to the M U gurls. I dinnu git to see da pics. Hows about puttin' em up? Alison

Bosda Di'Chi writes:

Ya know, if Hawkgirl wore Hawkman's uniform, she'd be a lot more popular! (with apologies to Fred Hembeck)

Dom writes:

Wonder Woman ... years of parading around in her underwear while showing tons of cleavage will certainly secure the judges' vote before the pageant even begins.

She can shake me any time.

making bricks with no hay writes:

Wonderwoman..Batgirl..Supergirl..come on guys.. these women are as bad as your Sue Storm (Richards) pick last week..I mean are we all now MILF hunters or something?.. these chicks are but so is your mom.

He Who Can Not Be Named writes:

As with the Ms. Marvel contest, I had to go with the Original: Wonder Woman.

I may prefer Supergirl, but Princess Diana has one thinig all of these other contenders don't: She is flawless, ageless and physically perfect.

Why? Because she was CREATED BY THE GREEK GODS (not just imbued like a member of the SHAZAM Family). She was gifted by Aphrodite to be the perfect female form and thus will win any universes Hot Babe competition hands down.

I have Spoken...

BTW: Why not CATWOMAN...MEOW!!!!

Superboy writes:

Hey I have to say it But out of all the girls here I've met them all but noone is as eye catching as Supergirl I mean come on she's Blond hot and well I team up with her often so from your friendly neighbourhood Superboy says Supergirl should win.

The Voice of Reason writes:

I looked over the last beauty contest, and I saw something that disturbed me. People actually wrote about who would win in a fight. This is a beauty pageant. Fighting ability has nothing to do with this contest. The same goes for relatives. I don't care if Sue is a mom, she is beautiful. These contests are all about looks, and I don't just mean breasts. That being said, I must give the nod to Wonder Woman here. She is the genuine article. None of the others evencome close to her beauty, or for that matter, popularity. She is the first and best of her kind. Before this competition, I had no idea Mary Marvel or the Star Spangled Kid existed. Also, where is Catwoman? I thought she would have made this competition, though I guess you can't have both her and Batgirl. Speaking of Batgirl, I give second place to her. She isn't anything special herself, but I remember when Alicia Silverstone played her in the movie with Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy.

Yeah, that was nice...

Anyway, she still dosen't compare to Wonder Woman in any way physically. (Wow, did I just use anyway and any way in the same sentence? Wierd.) If it weren't for the nudity, this would have been barely worth my time. The voice of reason has spoken

Ziero Clash writes:

Finally the pictures are up!...And this time they're showing the boobs! YIPEE!

ZombiDead writes:

This isn't even a contest. It's all about Wonder Woman.

Swinggger writes:

yeahhhhhh baby.. if I'm gonna swing.. better to swing with a babe equipped with a golden lasso..chalk another one up for won-der woman.. you fat bastard.




Matthew:    Allllrighty then. Let's go to the show, shall we? I'm not gonna give Preston a chance to talk for once, and we're gonna take it on down to our man on the runway, Zhane for this week's Talent Competition.

Zhane, guest commentator on the runway: Our first contestant competing in the pageant's talent show is the lovely Batgirl. As everybody at home can see, we've set up an area of high rise scaffolding from where Batgirl can demonstrate her incredible athletic and gymnastic abilities, while at the same time holding her own against the twenty armed ninjas that are also up there with her. Double
twirl combined with a tornado kick! Backwards somersault with twin judo chops! A spin kick, followed by a bounce between two verticle bars, and then a mid-air flurry of punches leaves her without any opponents. An amazing show from a truly amazing athlete.

*Batgirl climbs down onto the stage, bows for the audience and disappears backstage, before Callisto magics the scaffolding away*

Zhane: And with a flash of lightning, Mary Marvel arrives on stage. She's certainly grabbed the audience's attention with her arrival. Mary raises her arms, and what are those dark clouds doing in the skies right above the stage...? Oh would you look at that! She's spelling out 'Shazam' with successive lightning bolts! Well that certainly impressed the crowd, and the audience shows their appreciation with a round of awed applause.

*Mary Marvel smiles and bows, before leaving the stage*

Zhane: Okay, so I'm getting word Hawkgirl is up next, if everybody in the audience can just look up and over the stage area to where Hawkgirl is standing on the very top of the roof...and she's suddenly taken flight into her own aerial stunt show! She glides through the flaming hoops with ease, spins around to defeat to winged badguys with some impressive midair kung-fu, before flying around and over a half dozen laser guided rockets,
finally coming to a stop atop a floating midair platform. A great display of Hawk-patented skills there.

*Hawkgirl glides down to the stage and disappears behind the curtain, as Wonder Woman emerges with her lasso in hand. Impulse is standing at the other end of the stage with an apple balanced precariously on his forehead*

Zhane: And now for the ever-beautiful Wonder Woman. Half the audience surges forward. I think it's safe to say that Wonder Woman is definitely the favourite here today. Uncoiling her lasso, Diana begins weaving it
through the air, I guess in a display of her prowess with her signature weapon. I'm not sure why Impulse is onstage though....holy crud - with one flick of her wrist, Wonder Woman used her lasso to split the apple balanced on Impulse's head into eighths! And the crowd goes wild, loving the whip display. I gotta admit, you know, that looked really cool...

*Wonder Woman smiles and half the men in the audience faint, while Zhane fights to remain conscious. Diana soon disappears behind the curtain, as Supergirl wanders onto the stage*

Zhane: And now here comes Supergirl, who's looking lovely today, although I'm not sure which talent she plans to demonstrate to the audience... would you look at that, Supergirl is demonstrating her juggling talent, by juggling four supervillains! Lex Luthor and Bane don't look too happy, and Captain Cold looks downright queasy, but the Joker seems to be actually enjoying himself...

*faint cries of "Wheeee!" are heard*

Zhane: Well, Supergirl catches all four villains, and balancing them in one hand, leaves the stage to much applause. Certainly a crowd-pleaser, the old juggling routine. Okay, our final contestant, the Star Spangled Kid, arrives on stage, with a particularly patriotic-themed talent. She's balancing on a unicycle, grooming a bald eagle with one hand while playing 'Star Spangled Banner' on a piano-accordion with the other. Well you don't see that every day, let me tell you, and the crowd seems to go for it, cheering madly. Well, that's the end of the talent show, looks like its back to you guys in the Sport's Box.

Preston:      Thanks for that commentary, Zhane. We'll be back with you later hopefully, for next week's competition.

Matthew:     Very much. That was more than entertaining. It was educational. Or something. I'm sure somebody learned something from it. I know I did. Let's see what the judges thought this week...




'Nuff Said!


Batgirl: 221

Mary Marvel: 132

Hawkgirl: 176

Wonder Woman: 394

Supergirl: 227

Star Spangled Kid: 166




Preston:     Despite Supergirl's display during the Talent Show part of this competition, it seems as though age and experience, as well as a nice set of...lassos has won out this day.

Matthew: That's right. Join us next week for our next installment in this break from the norm, the Mr. Marvel competition! CIAO!

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