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A Fistfull of Femdom
[ Wondie ] [En Guarde] [ Shulkie ]
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Wonder Woman vs. The She-Hulk


This week the Arena of Khazan presents a fight to write home about: Two incredibly amped, aggro and athletic women run amok in an Arena altercation worth ten times the asking price of admission! Believe it.

Continuing the Arena Spring Fling series, this Saturday night in the fighters pit...

In this corner, weighing in at 185 pounds of solid muscle and ferocious battle skill, the favorite daughter of Paradise Isle: Wonder Woman. Blessed with the gifts of the Greek Gods of Olympus, she is a master combatant, has reflexes quick enough to block bullets and a massive upper-strength level.

And in this corner, weighing in at 225 pounds of pure strength and fury, once the heavy-hitter of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four: She-Hulk. Possessing power inadvertently received from her cousin, The Hulk, she has strength of almost unimaginable proportions and is nigh invulnerable to even the most severe punishment.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Such a Pretty Mess


Callisto:   Oh, I hate these public relations things.

Quinn:   Oh? What's going on?

Callisto:   Look... the producer has scheduled me to go down into the pit after the fight for photos and smiles with the winner. What a waste of time - I hate this promo stuff.

Quinn:   Ah, I figure you like it OK or else you'd give up this sports castin' job. Go look pretty for the cameras, Barbie-Doll.

Callisto:   Call me that again, Clown Girl, and I'll have your toungue for dinner.

Camera Man:   Get ready. One minute to show time.

Quinn:   Uh-oh, Callisto. You have a zit on your face. Better fix that.

Callisto:   I do not! I'm a Goddess - I don't zit.

Quinn:   Suit yourself. It's a honker, though.

Callisto:   MAKE-UUUP!!!

Quinn:   Oh! Allow me. I have some base right here that's just your color.

Callisto:   Ah. Well hurry up, clown girl.

Quinn:   Sure, sure. My pleasure. He he. Little dab there... hmmm... there you go. All fixed up.

Callisto:   Why thank you...

Camera Man:   Camera two, Callisto. Three... Two... One... You're live!

Callisto:   Welcome citizens of Khazan to another edition of the... uh... uh... er... I am... uh... I am.... I am feeling very strange all of a sudden.

Quinn:   He he. And I'm Harley Quinn! Let's go now to your letters on today's titanic clash, Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk. Ha ha, and stay tuned folks - this is going to get interesting.

Callisto:   Oh, it's so hot in here, suddenly. Can't concentrate...


Favorite letter of the Week

Justy Hakubi writes:

Brain... hurting... descending into... Kirk-speak... must break... f-f-free...

There are close battles and then there are close battles.

Factors that won't decide this battle:

Strength - Diana may have the initial advantage but we all know that Jen has a little green guy inside her yelling 'HULK SMASH' even if she don't say it.

Fortitude - Both are 'Big, blue and nigh invulnerable'. Being punted into L.E.O then landing square on their heads won't really bother them all too much.

Smarts - Neither are blonde. (Unlike our two announcers... heh... heh...)

Male Voting Factor - Both appeal to the amigdala so we guys attempting to use that sage knowledge will just start drooling.

The one factor that I can look to is combat ability. Diana was a goddess trained since birth in the Greco/Roman ideal of perfection of mind and body. She is a master of martial and pugilistic combat.

Jen Walters was a lawyer... a lawyer... er... Serge I voted for the wrong one. Dammit I voted for the wrong one. Argh, blast me primitive intellect.

She-Hulk will use every underhanded dirty trick in the book to win.

If the bodice don't fit you must acquit. She-Hulk wins.

Q-Man writes:

She Hulk knows she's a comic book character, Wonder Woman does not. This gives a clear advantage to the green skinned beauty because she'll be able to manipulate her surrounding more thoroughly knowing she and her opponent are comic book characters.

Charge Man writes:

Look at all of the pictures of Wonder Woman you see. She's set up to throw her lasso, wield her power bands, and generally kick ass. Now look at all the She-Hulk pictures you see. Always in a sultry and sexy position. Ready for all the fanboys in the world to gape at her. What does that say to you? She does more modeling than thug-pummeling. I say that She-Hulk just stands around modeling for the hundreds of thousands of fanboys that have come to the fight to stare at her... only to be obliterated by WW.

Slasher Boldstar writes:

Ok, Quick Match up. We'll just compare these two to Greek and roman gods:

1. She Hulk:

-Stronger then Hercules.

2. Wonder Woman:

-Stronger than Hercules

-More beautiful than Aphrodite

-Wiser than Athena

-Swifter than Mercury

Need I say more?

Wonder Woman by a landslide.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Aside from being a huge Wonder Woman fan from way back in the 70's, I think Wonder Woman has the power all over Shulkie. Wonder Woman's training is waaay more advanced, for one. Wonder Woman trained in hunting, hand to hand combat, weapons combat (spears, swords, arrows, etc.), and she's also a great tactician. For another, Wonder Woman is simply more agile-- most super-folks who can fly can beat someone with who's not overly agile or fast fairly easily. I don't think Shulkie is agile or fast enough to beat star-britches. Finally, there's the nasty business of Wonder Woman's unbreakable magic lasso. It forces anyone caught in it to do Diana's will. If Wondie's invisible "jet/fortress/whatever" is allowed, it's over in 3 seconds for She-Hulk. I do give She-Hulk props for being more invulnerable, however. As for strength, I say Wonder Woman's stronger (she's second only to Superman in the main DCU heroes). Still, She-Hulk is no slouch and she will do well for a while, but Wondie has She-Hulk beat any way ya slice it.

The MAdd1 writes:

Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk? Come on? It's a no-brainer! Wonder Woman can fly, has super speed and strength, and looks good in a bikini! She-hulk is green (somewhat of a turn off, but not too much because she also looks good in a bikini), and has super Strength.

I gotta go with Wonder Woman. She looks better in a bikini, that's all there is to it!

SH writes:

Wonder Woman should be fighting Spiderman. They seem to be in the same league.

People are nuts if they think that someone who can be killed by gun shots and bleeds after being punched by a human (Deathstroke) will survive after being hit by the all-mighty She-Hulk.

The Toast Rider writes:

Somebody's going home on a stretcher after this one, and the winner ain't gonna look real good either.

These two are actually fairly evenly matched in terms of experience and power. Sure, Wonder Woman's got some nifty gear -- but her damage resistance is -not- quite as profound as She-Hulk's. Diana's been with the JLA, true -- and Jenn's run with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

It's a long, drawn out fight, and yeah, Wonder Woman will -more- than acquit herself of that humiliating loss to Xena. But She-Hulk's just going to pop a chunk out of the fourth wall, smile, and beat Diana into unconsciousness with it. :)

Sicod writes:

IS NOT CONTEST. This shouldn't even be a fight. Wonder Woman is strong enough to move mountains...She-Hulk maybe a small parking garage. Wonder Woman's bracelets allow her to take hits from Superman (who some estimates have placed at 700,000 ton range) and keep going. Jen has been knocked silly by 85 Tons and this is repeatedly stated in comics that I can lift that Titania. Wonder Woman has the speed of Hermes, making her able to fight faster than Jen can see. Jen is fast...for a woman her size. Wonder Woman wouldn't use this advantage in the fight, as she tends not to against non superspeed opponents...the point is she has it. Wonder Woman is a trained warrior since childhood who has constantly been a hero, Jen started her training after she became She-Hulk and is an on again of again hero. Wonder Woman has an unbreakable Golden Lasso which she can hogtie Jen with. Jen doesn't have anything comparable. Wonder Woman has taken Khund Warheads to the chest, blows from a Doomsday clone, fought Captain Marvel to a standstill (Superman's "equal" in DC) and can channel the power of the Godwave to make Superman look like a little whipping boy in comparison. This really is a non contest, and no offense to those who voted for Jen aka She-Hulk, but you really don't know the characters very well. Although I gotta say the George Perez artwork made it look like it would be a cool fight..for his Avengers/JLA crossover. Also, admittedly, if I was just going on looks based on the pictures posted on this site, I would have gone with Jen hands down, despite WW literally being the most beautiful woman in the DCU thanks to Aphrodite.

grey_hulk writes:

well come on my cousin is nearly as strong as me so she should be able to kick wonder woman's butt.

how can wonder woman's non bullet proof hide be able to stand up to the bone crunching punches of the she hulk?

if I found out by the end of this fight that ya geeks all voted for wonder woman I come over as Mr. Fix It and break your fingers ya hear?

Chuckg writes:

She-Hulk vs. Wonder Woman. Kee-ripes, who *picked* this match up, Don King? This match is more lopsided than Two-Face's psych profile.

Let's do the damage...

STRENGTH -- OK, first we'll discuss strength in general, and then most impressive feats.

Diana -- In general, the editors and writers and such have pretty much agreed that Diana is the second strongest hero on Earth. We're talking a woman who is a contemporary of such powerhouses as Captain Marvel. She's right under the Big S.

She-Hulk -- Well, the general treatment of her by writers is that she's darn strong... after you get past the Hulk, Thor, Hercules (as a god), Wonder Man, the Thing, etc. Where Diana is in the top two or three, Jennifer's only in the top six.

Feats -- you know, I sit here trying to remember the single most impressive feat of strength Jennifer's ever done, and nothing comes to mind.

OTOH, Diana's is easy -- the famous "we moved the 'effin moon, OK?" scene of JLA/TITANS #3. In case you've forgotten, that's where Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Power Girl, the Martian Manhunter, and Captain Marvel all pitched in to hook a towing harness to Earth's moon and make it move where they wanted it.

And now, for another...


USELESS Fact -- the mass of the moon is approximately 7.35 x 10^19 metric tons.

Now, assuming that the load was roughly evenly distributed... and then cutting that down by one entire order of magnitude just to make a ridiculous margin of error... IOW, assuming that Diana is the weakest person out there and was hauling only one-sixtieth of the moon's mass, as opposed to one-sixth...

... we still, after putting in this ridiculous one thousand percent margin of error, have Diana hauling 122,500,000,000,000,000 (1.225 million trillion) metric tons.

Man, that subway train Diana picked up and tossed all the way into the sun looks kinda puny next to this, dontcha think?

OK, so that knocks down the strength category. There are several things that can help a weaker opponent win, though -- endurance, speed, and skill. Such a pity that Shulkie's overmatched there, too.

ENDURANCE -- Much hay has been made over how She-Hulk is 'more invulnerable' than Diana. What said hay-balers keep forgetting to mention is that the 'more invulnerability' is talking about how She-Hulk is immune to bullets and sharp pointy things, whereas Diana is invulnerable only to blunt objects.

Such a pity that She-Hulk's fists and feet are "blunt objects", ain't it? Unless Jen's going to go Punisher and bring a machine gun to the fight, Diana's lack of bullet-invulnerability is a null factor... because her blunt-force invulnerability can take direct hits from Doomsday. Can you match this? I didn't think so.

SPEED -- She-Hulk is, as far as I can observe, quite fast by normal human standards. But, oh, let's say, Captain America is still faster, no?

Diana, OTOH, is fast enough to literally catch (OK, bounce) bullets. She's fast enough that she can fly alongside a running Speed Forcer and still have an intelligent conversation with them. She's fast enough to go toe-to-toe with Zealot from the W.I.L.D.Cats and handle her like an infant.

IOW, she's not the Flash, but she's way faster than She-Hulk.

So we come to the last thing that can possibly save Jennifer... skill.


Yeah, right.


She-Hulk -- take away all the super-powers, and her hand-to-hand skill is somewhere down around the Wasp's. That is to say, enough basic training to be able to slap around several normal thugs, but dead meat vs. any serious martial artist.

Diana -- Princess Diana from Themyscira, a genuine honest-to-Gods Amazon of royal blood. She's been in Uber-Intense-Warrior-Training since birth, literally. Her teenaged years involved 4+ hours a day learning how to disembowel people with sharp objects, seven days a week. Hand-to-hand? Until she was sick of it. She's spent more hours, total, in the training dojo than Bruce Wayne has.

When it comes to hand-to-hand skill, you can strip Diana of her powers entirely and she still can function as a superhero. ("Godwar"). She walk through an entire Ragnarok-sized battle full of demons and come out without a scratch. She can take a Kryptonian-level Power Girl, back when PG was Superman-class in all her attributes, and spank said PG like a baby on superior skill alone.

You strip Diana down to a normal mortal and she's still ready to go three rounds with Captain America.

And She-Hulk's supposed to be able to beat this?

Lemme see -- her opponent has equal resilience, superior strength, significantly superior speed, and vastly superior skill and experience.

Oh, and I forgot brains. At *least* equal. At absolute *worst*.

She-Hulk? Mulch.

Britannia Boy writes:

Hmmmm. An interesting battle. Now if we study the fighting style of these women, we discover that ......... Heck with this, She-Hulk's picture is better. Plus, Marvel rules and I love Shulkie. I'm voting for She-Hulk. Let it never be said I am not a balanced and fair debater :) Cheerio!

The Avenger writes:

Upon taking a close look at the she-hulk's Marvel trading card from the early nineties, you will see that she owns a green car. Now, how many cool cars are green (don't answer that)? So, you now know that getting a green car would prove difficult. So that means that Ms. Hulk has money. And money always wins. Mmmm... Sweet green money... Was I supposed to be talking about something?

Packrat writes:

Okay, long time, no write, but on this one, I had to voice my opinion.

I am going to break this down so that even, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain can follow.

Strength: On one hand, we have Wonder Woman, who ranks up there with Superman. This is very impressive.

On the other hand, we have She-Hulk, who has shown herself to be just about equal to the Thing. The Thing goes toe to toe with the Hulk, and manages to hold his own. The Hulk, IIRC, has been generally agreed upon to be stronger than Superman, but Superman wins the fights thanks to tricks like heat vision and super speed. However, Wonder Woman also lifts up heaven's chariot, so I'd be stumped to figure out who is stronger at any given time. Lousy writer fluxes...

Endurance: She-Hulk gets nailed on from everybody from the Rhino (Who is actually strong enough to knock Nova into orbit...that's pretty damn strong) to She-Thing (There's a nifty shot of this at .... check it out). Wonder Woman, while also durable, sure seems to be getting smacked around a lot...and, despite how much it sucked, did get taken out by two lightning bolts from Storm. (*shiver* Kill me now) However, that chariot also comes into once again, neutral, with a slight edge to She-Hulk for surviving being mangled by Absorbing Man, Titania, and the Wrecking Crew before having Doctor Octopus slam her head first into a large block during the secret wars.

Speed: Contrary to popular belief, Wonder Woman is *NOT* incredibly fast...if I had the issue, I'd name it, but she only manages to keep up with a Jessie Quick who isn't going all out by following behind letting Jessie take all the wind resistance.

She-Hulk, on the other hand, is also not that fast...but, she is faster than Enchantress (Just thought I'd throw that one out). Once again, about equal, depending on the writer.

Intelligence: Wonder Woman is no dope...but then again, She-Hulk is a frickin LAWYER. She-Hulk definitely has the edge here.

Fighting Abilities: Wonder Woman, definitely, but She-Hulk is no slouch either. Titania is essentially stronger than her, but She-Hulk can go toe-to-toe with her...

Other Advantages: Lasso of truth...flight...the ability to hold her breath for a long time. Then again, Wonder Woman is always willing to meet her opponent on their own once again evidenced by that damn DC vs. Marvel plotline. *sob* There goes *THOSE* advantages down the tubes...

....geez, too close to call, so I'll to the last thing I can think of, basing it on the pictures, the words of Deadpool in the Marvel Cybercomic, and the knowledge that Jade proves everyday she exists...

"Green Chicks Are Sexy"

...I mean, fer heaven's sake, She-Hulk jumped rope NAKED in her own book!

Excuse me while I sign up to...well, do something just to hang around She-Hulk's dressing room...

The Saint writes:

Jeez, guys, I've missed out a lot, not coming to the CBUB for what, five weeks now? Anyways, on to the fight...

Though I'd rather have both women waiting on me at a 5 star hotel (although they'd gladly pound my head in if they heard that), I'll make a bit by bit comparison b/w the two superstrong lovelies...


One's a goddess, the other had a blood transfusion. Wow, will some lucky girl get superpowers if Peter Parker gave transfusions? Seriously, the 'goddess' part, albeit a bit far off, is still a lot more believable. And another thing - Wonder Woman was an ORIGNAL creation, something that was created out of nothing. She Hulk, by admission of 'Stan the Man' himself, was mainly done to preserve a copyright on the Hulk. Not very ego-boosting to have been created solely for the purpose of supporting someone ELSE's book.

Hotty factor:

She Hulk was #4 among Wizard magazine's Top Ten hottest Comic Book Women. Wonder Woman didn't even get #10. Ow... Greenie's got a strong point there...


Wonder Woman had a 60's show - which was uber-popular back in its day. She Hulk's movie was cancelled before it was filmed. Score 2 for the Amazonian Princess...

First series:

Diana (or Hippolyta, if you also take into account the Golden Age Wonder Woman), had her own series starting in the 40's, which lasted up to the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' DC reboot. She Hulk's series was a rehash of the Hulk's first appearances - but watered WAY down. Instead of smashing tanks and army vehicles while chased by an important figure in US politics, her father the Sheriff Walters chased her around (not knowing who she was, of course) while she knocked over bulldozers and fork lifts. Ho-Hum... It got so bad, the series was cancelled by issue twentysomething... In fact, in the second She Hulk series ('Sensational She-Hulk', by John 'The Big Ego' Byrne back when he was actually GOOD), She Hulk HERSELF said that the series made her a laughingstock. Har har har, Greenie, live with it- Hey let go! ACK (*Saint gets pummeled by a furious, 8', 240 pound emerald-skinned babe)

Superhero teams:

Hippolyta/Diana was with the JSA, the JLA, Justice League Europe (ugh), etc... Even though current continuity says that it was Hippolyta (the current Wonder Woman's 'mom') who was the JSA's Wonder Woman, she's got a lot of points there.

But Jennifer Walters is no slouch either. The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, they've all had her once. Strangely, it is noticed that both were in the best superhero teams (the JLA, Avengers, FF), but also were in at least ONE lame team (or one that wasn't so popular - Heroes for Hire, JLE - yeech).


She Hulk was in 'Secret Wars' and was pounded to a pulp - no one cared. Wonder Woman was in 'Crisis', 'Zero Hour', etc... Pretty solid background there.


She-Hulk is supposed to be in the 80 Ton class. Pretty impressive...

Wonder Woman is second only to SUPERMAN. Ow... Superman (ignoring his defeat by Thor, which I won't discuss) can pretty much have Thing and Colossus for lunch. Also, Superman and Wonder Woman are hypersonic-fast (to say the least), and both can fly. Whereas She-Hulk will be hefting tanks at Diana, Ms. Walters better prepare for a barrage of SHIPS - and I mean QUEEN MARY CLASS.

Alternate Universes with the name 'Alex Ross' in it:

In 'Earth X', She Hulk becomes part of Hydra - and dies as a secondary character, which despite her colorful history, she always was - ACK! (Saint gets mauled by the same green-skinned woman).

In Kingdom Come, Wonder Woman plays a major part in how the metahuman war plays out, and has Superman's son (seeing as how Lois was dead in that story). She even has a full-sized graphic novel (like the "Superman: Peace on Earth" graphic novel) coming out (unless Ross changes his mind).

Importance in respective Universes:

Wonder Woman represents the strong feminist in DCU. She's also Superman's second-in-command in the JLA, DC's most powerful team.

She Hulk is now only playing supporting parts. Ouch.

Game set match, to the DC ultraheroine... Walters in going to feel the pain for months....

Greebo71 writes:

First of all, I think the Predator got gypped in that last battle. When did anyone say that this Predator was the one who got beat by Danny Glover? That one died. Idiots!

Anyhow, I think Wonder Woman will win this battle against the She-Hulk unless it is a battle in a court of law. She-Hulk is a lawyer, after all.

Wonder Woman has about a bazillion years of combat and tactical training, not to mention her Amazonian strength, speed & stamina. She flies, too.

She-Hulk has enhanced strength and endurance, but doesn't get stronger as she gets madder, like the Hulk does. That missing trait in her abilities is the edge she would have needed to beat Wonder Woman.

Anyhow, Wonder Woman eventually has Superman's baby (according to the end of "Kingdom Come" by Alex Ross). What would She-Hulk have after sex with Superman? A smoking crater you could drop a basketball through where her pelvis was.

AND...Wonder Woman was portrayed by Lynda Carter back in the day. Who has She-Hulk been portrayed by? NOBODY!!

Victory goes to the Amazon. Naturally. ALL HAIL CALLISTO!!

Editor's Note: Hmmmm... Judging the contestants by who could successfully survive sex with Superman. That's new.

Scourge writes:

Let it be fought in Jell-O! Pleeeeease!


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

Quinn:   Bunch'a sexist pigs inna audience this week, eh, Cally? Bet you'd like to skewer them, huh?

Callisto:   Yes... skewer them. Ha-Ha!

Quinn:   Cally's feelin' a little open to suggestion right now, folks... Kind of a side-effect to my special Smile-X face make-up. Personally, I've built up a tolerance, but poor Cally here... Well, anyways, just take a look at how big and pretty people can smile when wearing my Smile-X make-up! Smile for the cameras Barbie-Doll. Say cheese.

Callisto:   Cheeeeese!

Quinn:   See! Isn't that great! OK, the contestants are walkin' out inna fighter's pit now, and the crowd goes crazy. Thousands of cameras click an' flash as people try ta' get a pic of these two lovely ladies.

Callisto:   ...

Quinn:   Psst! Your line, Barbie-doll. Now do your job.

Callisto:   er... heh .... And there's the bell to start the match! She-Hulk continues to wave at the crowd, blowing kisses and posing. On the other side of the Arena, Wonder Woman has become all business, and starts to advance.

Quinn:   Yah, Wondie's wavin' that crazy rope a' hers around an' slowly advancin' onna jade giantess.

Callisto:   As Wonder Woman nears, She-Hulk assumes a formal fighting stance.

Quinn:   You know, Cally, much has been made a' Wonder Womans hand-to-hand training but, havin' worked with the Fantastic Four an' Avengers, I'm thinkin' Shulkie ain't no slouch.

Callisto:   Uhg! That nasal Brooklyn accent of yours is the most...

Quinn:   ... beautiful thing you've ever heard...

Callisto:   ... uh... yes. Beautiful. Please keep talking.

Quinn:   She-Hulk watches Wondie's lasso closely... She-Hulk ain't makin' a move... It's all on Wonder Woman to kick this thing off.

Callisto:   Wonder Woman keeps her distance, but begins circling the She-Hulk... No! Tossess her lasso out...

Quinn:   Shulkie ducks an rolls... reaches... grabs the Lasso...

Callisto:   Grabs the lasso... and She-Hulk Rat-Tails it with a furious yank... Jerking Wonder Woman off her feet... and lets go just as quickly!

Quinn:   Yah, Shulkie doesn't wanna spend more'n a split second holding that magic rope. Good move.

Callisto:   She-Hulk keeps rolling fast... a couple yards... rolls onto Wonder Woman!

Quinn:   She Hulk tries to pin Wondie's wrists down... But Wonder Woman brings her legs around an' wraps them shiny, red go-go boots around Shulkie's neck!

Callisto:   With a mighty pull, Wonder Woman peels the She-Hulk backwards off of her... and uses the momentum to flip herself on top of She-Hulk!

Quinn:   Now it's Wondie in the driver's seat. She uses her own powerful legs to wrap and pin down Shulkie's...

Callisto:   Yes, but She-Hulk's arms are free. Grabbing a fist-full of Diana's long hair, the other fist comes around for a thunderous shot to the chin!

Quinn:   Too Fast! Wondie blocks the blow with one of her bracelets! And then brings it down hard on Shulkies nose!

Callisto:   OUCH! That's gotta hurt! She-Hulk has a nose bleed and looks really, really pissed off.

Quinn:   Still holding Wondie by the hair... She-Hulk tries to rip the annoying star-spangled bikini babe off her by tugging on that thick mane of black hair.

Callisto:   Well, Wonder Woman may be tough, but it looks like having an enraged She-Hulk ripping the hair out of her skull is most painful.

Quinn:   Wonder Woman slips to the side... smashes She-Hulk inna wrist, forcing her ta' let go the hair...

Callisto:   But Wonder Woman's off balance now... and She-Hulk uses her awesome strength to tip Diana over, rolling on top of her yet again!

Quinn:   She-Hulk takes the dominant position once more, but is smart enough this time ta' sit on Wondie's legs...

Callisto:   She-Hulk tries to punch... Blocked again by the bracelets!

Quinn:   She-Hulk immediately counters with a massive Head-Butt!

Callisto:   The thunderous roar from the stadium is deafening. The crowd is going crazy out there, eating up this action.

Quinn:   Wondie looks a little dazed, She-Hulk manages to grab and pin both wrists! Could this be it?

Callisto:   No! Wonder Woman uses her power of flight! She lifts them both up, flips She-Hulk over... and slams She-Hulk back down into the ground!

Quinn:   With the addition of a well placed knee to the kidney. Ouch. Oke, Wondie is once again on top of the She-Hulk. Looks like a perfect pin to me.

Callisto:   She-Hulk is struggling but Wonder Woman has her locked down for a second....

Quinn:   It's everything Wondie can do to keep the jade giantess under wraps. Uh-oh...

Callisto:   The magic lasso they've been fighting almost on top of the whole time....

Quinn:   Wondie makes a move for it... she got the speed...

Callisto:   ...has to let one of Shulkies arms go. Shulkie goes for a whalloping punch...

Quinn:   Wondie's got the rope... brings a loop around Shulkie's wrist before the blow connects...

Callisto:   No... this fight is over. Wonder Woman has all the leverage and moves now.

Quinn:   Yep. She-Hulk is already half hog-tied. Here come's the ref out to make the ten count.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


She-Hulk: 458

Wonder Woman: 526


Quinn:   OK Barbie-Doll, don't you have to go down an take pictures with the contestants?

Callisto:   uh... yes. Must go take pictures.

Quinn:   Yah, you must. Now I want you to put this head-set on so you can hear my beautiful voice down there. Be a good girl and do everything I tell you down there. And I want you to smile real big for all the cameras!

Callisto:   Cheeeeese!!!

Quinn:   Hurry now. Teleport yourself down there.

Callisto:   Bye *poof*

Quinn:   Yah... I know my life probably won't be worth a lead yatma once she gets over the Smile-X... But this is too much fun to pass up.

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