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Drawn Together Household

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Drawn Together is an American animated television series, which ran on Comedy Central from October 27, 2004 to November 14, 2007. The series was created by Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, and uses a sitcom format with a TV reality show setting. Like that of The Surreal Life, the show's eight characters are a combination of personalities that were recognizable and familiar prior to the series. Drawn Together, however, uses cartoon parodies of stock character. In addition, their character traits parody personality types that are typically seen in reality TV shows.

The characters agreed to live in a house together in a setup similar to that of The Real World. Comedy Central advertised it as the first animated reality show, and in some episodes, characters participate in challenges that are similar to reality TV challenges.

After three seasons the show was canceled. Subsequently, The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie was released on April 20, 2010.

The show's visual style is that of traditional ink and paint animation, which is actually a departure for Comedy Central, since they usually favor more specialized approaches to animation. The style was chosen both for the retro feel it gives the show and for the versatility it allows the animators, providing an environment in which it is possible to combine many different styles of animation. Another unique aspect of the show is that, where most cartoons present their characters, though animated, as real within the show's world, the Drawn Together characters retain their identities as cartoon characters even within their animated world, and acknowledge their status as animations. The show has cameo appearance by famous characters (or in some cases, copyright-avoiding clones) from all across the animated spectrum.

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