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Danny Phantom

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Danny Phantom, the heroic ghostly alter-ego of Daniel "Danny" Fenton – is a superhero, the protagonist and title character of the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantom, created and designed by Butch Hartman, Shannon Tendell, and Stephen Silver. Danny Fenton/Phantom is voiced by David Kaufman.

Danny received his powers through an accident with his parents' ghost portal, rendering him with ghost powers. Throughout the series, Danny struggles to master his abilities while balancing school life and his own teenage emotions.

His parents are Jack and Maddie Fenton and his older sister is Jazz Fenton. He has two best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Danny is a fourteen-year-old freshmen in Casper High. Unpopular, he is the constant victim of bully Dash Baxter and harbors a crush on popular student, Paulina.

His primary enemy and rival is Vlad Plasmius, another half ghost like him. He is constantly under his persuasion to be his son and apprentice. Unlike most cartoons danny has 5 fingers

Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom

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