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Juniper Lee

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The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, also known as Juniper Lee, was an American animated television series, created by Judd Winick and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on May 30, 2005.

The series centers on the life of a pre-teen girl, named Juniper Lee, who lives in Orchid Bay City. Based on Winick's adopted hometown of San Francisco, California, the city is a hub for magical activity and is filled with various monsters and demons, both good and evil. The magic and human worlds have been separated by a magical barrier, preventing ordinary humans from seeing any magic-related events or the creatures related to them. Juniper has recently been made the new Te Xuan Ze, which gives her the responsibility of maintaining the balance between the human and magic worlds. To accomplish her task, she has been magically enhanced, making her far stronger and faster than ordinary humans. She can also use various kinds of magic to assist her. Maintaining the balance often interferes with her personal life, including her schoolwork and her social life, but she always manages to keep everything flowing. The show has a fairly campy and light-hearted take on the genre, often makes fun of itself, and rarely seems to take itself seriously.

Winick has stated that Juniper Lee was inspired by both The Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Juniper does follow in the footsteps of Buffy, as stated in the quote below:

Interviewer: We’ve touched on just about everything else, so hit us with the high concept. Sum up the show for us…

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Loss Fuzzy Lumpkins 26 to 41
Loss Drawn Together Household 29 to 51
Loss Kyuubi (Naruto) 28 to 60
Loss Fearsome Five (Darkwing Duck) 28 to 59
Win Blue 38 to 32
Win Xandir P. Wifflebottom 46 to 37
Loss Princess Jasmine 35 to 62
Loss Count Olaf 36 to 51
Loss Naruto Uzumaki 13 to 41
Win Jar Jar Binks 67 to 33
Loss Matt Foley 47 to 58
Loss Courage the Cowardly Dog 33 to 64
Loss Danny Phantom 18 to 94
Win Lilo Pelekai 41 to 37
Loss Hammer Brothers 37 to 39
Win Atomic Betty 67 to 33
Loss Calvin and Hobbes 35 to 69
Loss Doomsday 51 to 86
Win Cream the Rabbit 52 to 46
Loss Ash Ketchum 27 to 65
Loss Trilby 41 to 73
Loss Pete 44 to 54
Loss The One Ring 28 to 55
Loss Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 27 to 67
Loss Mr. Burns 28 to 49
Loss Vampires (30 Days of Night) 21 to 65
Win Kimi Finster 80 to 33
Loss Hades (Disney) 31 to 47
Loss Clonetroopers 35 to 74
Loss Demitri Maximoff 35 to 63
Win Dr. Drakken 50 to 43
Win Barney the Dinosaur 79 to 17
Win Frankie Foster 52 to 39
Loss Zexion 39 to 48
Loss Lord Dark Helmet 25 to 50
Loss Kim Possible 44 to 57
Win Cheese (Foster's Home) 48 to 30
Loss Samus Aran 14 to 86
Loss Kari Kamiya 43 to 65
Loss Hero 28 to 57
Win Lucy Van Pelt 64 to 41
Win Rumpelstiltskin 42 to 39
Loss Atrus (Myst) 44 to 59
Loss Sora 26 to 61
Loss The Gangreen Gang 50 to 58
Loss Bloo 53 to 59
Loss Sonic Underground 26 to 54
Win Fanboys 57 to 43
Loss Ariel 46 to 62
Win Sid Phillips 51 to 27
Win Eduardo 52 to 41
Loss Shego 43 to 75
Loss Koopa Troopa 39 to 54
Loss Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures) 29 to 61
Loss Jake Long 35 to 54
Loss Pyramid Head 35 to 51
Loss Jenny Wakeman AKA XJ9 41 to 46