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Goliath (Gargoyles)

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Goliath is a fictional character in the animated television series Gargoyles, voiced by Keith David.

The Gargoyles concept began as a comedy series in the style of The Gummi Bears, although set in the modern day. When this proposal was rejected, a Disney producer named Tad Stones suggested that the series be altered to include a tragic lead gargoyle, and the concept became an action-oriented series. This lead character developed into Goliath, and the rest of the series was reworked around this character.

The primary protagonist and central character of the whole series, Goliath is the leader of the Gargoyle clan, a strong, intelligent character, with a firm sense of morality coupled with a short temper. Goliath had been named after the Biblical giant Goliath by his human protectors some time before the beginning of the series, making him the only gargoyle character to have a name before their 1000-year-long stone sleep (since Gargoyles themselves as a race never saw the point of having names). His relationship with other members of his clan, other Gargoyles such as his former life partner Demona and his evil clone Thailog as well as humans such as his current love, Elisa Maza and enemy, David Xanatos drove many stories in the series.

Goliath appeared in more episodes of the series than any other character (except for the episodes The Silver Falcon, Kingdom and Pendragon), and according to Greg Weisman was the "prism through which the universe was recreated". This is clearest during the first season, in which several episodes revolved only around Goliath and one other member of the clan (Thrill of the Hunt featured Goliath with Lexington, Temptation featured him with Brooklyn, Deadly Force with Broadway, and Long Way To Morning with Hudson).

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