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T-800 (The Terminator)

CBUB Wins: 43
CBUB Losses: 26
Win Percentage: 62.32%

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"The Terminator" refers to a number of fictional characters portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger – a cyborg, initially portrayed as a programmable assassin, main protagonist, and military infiltration unit. "The Terminator" character first appeared in the 1984 movie of the same name, directed and co-written by James Cameron, and its sequels. The first film in the series features only one cyborg: the one portrayed by Schwarzenegger, although a second Terminator played by Franco Columbu is shown in a future flashback scene. In two sequels, Schwarzenegger's Terminator is pitted against other Terminators, and appears briefly in the fourth as a CGI model.

In the sequels, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Schwarzenegger reprises the role, but with a twist: Schwarzenegger is the hero instead of the villain playing a different but visually identical Terminator in each of the three films. Within the Terminator universe created by Cameron, Terminators of the same "model" share identical characteristics. In the production of the films, this has allowed multiple Terminators to be portrayed by Schwarzenegger. In the context of the stories, this plot device provides a certain continuity for the human characters, by exploiting their emotional familiarity with a particular "human" visage.

"The Terminator" is the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the credits of the three Terminator movies. At different times, the character is given more specific designations such as model and series numbers, in efforts to distinguish Schwarzenegger's character from other Terminators.

The Terminator appears in Terminator Salvation. Schwarzenegger reprises the role via facial CGI, while the character itself is physically portrayed by Roland Kickinger.

T-800 (The Terminator) T-800 (The Terminator)

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Batman One Million 8 to 17

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Result Opponent A Score   B Score
Loss Captain America 23 to 86
Win Stitch 54 to 33
Win Sylar 64 to 43
Loss Metallo 37 to 41
Win Michael J. Caboose, Pvt. 55 to 43
Win Robocop 78 to 26
Loss General Grievous 53 to 67
Win Shinobi (Joe Musashi) 61 to 32
Win Colonial Marines 55 to 46
Win Father Tres Iquis 51 to 26
Win Hippolyta (DC) 65 to 42
Loss Jungle Hunter (Predator) 34 to 70
Win The Xenomorphs 60 to 34
Loss Colossus 17 to 70
Win Guyver Unit 1(Shō Fukamachi) 70 to 40
Win Christine 76 to 19
Win Johnny 5 82 to 15
Loss Mega Man 45 to 58
Win Ino Yamanaka 63 to 30
Loss Wolverine 29 to 73
Win Pyramid Head 69 to 23
Win Jenny Wakeman AKA XJ9 78 to 34
Win The 300 Spartans 54 to 45
Loss Edward Elric 44 to 49
Loss Batman 39 to 86
Win Jason Voorhees 67 to 33
Win Nemesis (Resident Evil) 79 to 26
Loss The Punisher 49 to 53
Win Data (Star Trek) 59 to 35
Loss Batman (Terry McGinnis) 53 to 61
Win Peter Petrelli 38 to 30
Win Jason Bourne 51 to 27
Win The Xenomorph Queen 36 to 21
Win Briareos 45 to 26
Win Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer 54 to 27
Win Jack Slater 73 to 24
Loss ED-209 65 to 83
Loss Cyrax 13 to 19
Loss Batman 3 to 33
Win Ashley J. Williams 16 to 13
Win Frankenstein 24 to 6
Loss Iron Man 9 to 27
Loss Boba Fett 10 to 18
Loss Predator Clan 5 to 13
Win Conan the Barbarian 13 to 6
Win Inspector Gadget 17 to 2
Loss Huntress 12 to 21
Win John Rambo 20 to 7
Win Albert Wesker 16 to 11
Win Tony "Scarface" Montana 22 to 1
Loss Lex Luthor 14 to 15
Loss The Question 13 to 21
Loss Riddick 19 to 20
Win Riddick 13 to 11
Win Stuntman Mike 22 to 2
Win Lex Luthor 14 to 11
Win The Gecko Brothers 28 to 3
Win The Punisher 15 to 12
Win Jason Voorhees 16 to 5
Loss Batman (Earth-31) 13 to 24
Loss Red She-Hulk 3 to 20
Win Goliath (Gargoyles) 14 to 11
Loss Deathstroke 9 to 14
Win Mello 15 to 13
Loss Mega Man 6 to 16
Win Twilight Sparkle 16 to 14
Win Saturn Girl 7 to 5
Win Michael Corvin 6 to 3
Loss Superman 4 to 21