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Issue #176 - Aug. 26, 2004


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Snake Eyes vs. Dare Devil


The Set-UP

Snake Eyes - The G.I Joe team hand-to-hand instructor and resident Ninja Commando, Snake-Eyes has proven repeatedly his near mystical martial-arts prowess against the Cobra organization and others.

Dare Devil - The Man Without Fear, though missing his sight, makes up for this with amazing hyper-senses and reflexes. A master of martial arts, Daredevil keeps the dark allys of New York City safe.

Live this week in the Arena of Khazan... These two masters go head to head on the Arena on Khazan Deathtrap Equalizer Obstacle Course (TM).

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Blister in the Sun

This fight suggested by: Agent D


Callisto:    Holy Goddess! Close!

Harley Quinn:    Snake Eyes lays down suppressing fire...

Callisto:    ...Trying to flush daredevil like a rabit from behind the metal obstruction he's ducked behind ...

Harley Quinn:    ...Daredevil makes a break for it...

Callisto:    ... bullets fly... sand around daredevil is kicked up by the spray of hot lead...

Harley Quinn:    ... Daredevil ... running... flip... roll!

Callisto:    ... Daredevil makes cover within the inner obstacle stage! Mr. Murdock has slipped through the fire with masterful grace.

Harley Quinn:    Back to Snake Eyes now, down on the Arena sand. He calmly packs the Uzi machine gun away ... draws his sword. With determination he advances on the inner obstacle construct.

Callisto:    An amazing first round! Daredevil makes it from the start gate, past the open sand to the scaffolding and rise walls of the obstacle course. That's going to be a huge advantage for DD!

Harley Quinn:    Let's quickly get the Audience take on this battle before we get back to the action, Callisto...



What YOU thought about the match:

gumbo Writes:

Daredevil has his Radar Sense

Snake Eyes has his ninja sense

Daredevil is "blind"

Snake Eyes is hella ugly.

Daredevil knows Martial Arts, about twelve of them, among them boxing and wrestling.

Snake Eyes is a ninja; knows a couple funky techniques like the "Eye that Sees" and the "Arashikage Mind Set". He also knows twelve different martial arts among them are Karate, Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu. He has been trained in moutaineering, underwater demolitions, jungle, desert, artic survival and some form of holistic medicine. He is a qualified expert in all Warsaw and Nato pact small arms.

Daredevil is one the best of the street levelers out there with maybe Cap, Wolverine and Spiderman his only superiors in HTH combat and physical ability.

Snake Eyes is reportedly the single most deadly GI JOE out of a virtual army of skilled and competent veterans of the military services. Sgt. Slaughter anybody?

Daredevil can barely beat 100 people; a mixture of ninjas, guys with super powers and guys with guns.

Snake Eyes can go through a whole sky scrapper of cobra troopers, a mixture of guys with guns and more guys with guns.

Daredevil can grab arrows shot at him by experts, with ease apparently.

Snake Eyes can block five arrows shot at the same time by a Ninja Master.

Daredevil can fight a guy who moves so fast it almost like teleporting.

Snake Eyes can move so fast that he can jump in, cut up a bunch of guys and be twenty feet away with his swords sheethed before they and their guns begin to fall apart.

Daredevil can flip over limos, tear the arms of cyborgs then beat them to death with them and who knows what other craziness.

Snake Eyes; well this is one area that Daredevil might be better than him in.

The closest I can come up with for a strength feat was when he jumped from one roof top to another and that might be thrown under "skill" for ninjas.

Dare Devil has a staff in each hand.

Snake Eyes, has a sword, uzi, another machine gun, couple grenades, knife and depending on the rules that wolf of his.

If this some how goes to Hand-to-Hand combat; Daredevil takes this, he is arguably stronger and can one shot anybody from Mr. Hyde to Spiderman with those nerve moves of his.

Really; this should be a quick fight, both combatants get dropped in the arena. Daredevil starts moving or goes through the throwing motion with his staffs and Snake Eyes pulls a trigger and sprays the area.

Sure Daredevil blocks and dodges from Bullseye who has crazy skill but that aint against machine guns.

Sure he blocks shots but that aint against uber ninjas on the level of snake eyes, its against your average thugs and shot gun wielding clowns.

To top that off Snake Eyes is a soldier, before he fought Cobra he survived the vietanmese war.

He's got the american spirit, he's a real hero; if you vote against him you are supporting Osama Bin Laden, so pass out some "YO JO!" cola (trademarked by Hasbro, Inc) and give this one to Snake Eyes.

Tenacious Me Writes:

Mute kick ass ninja soldier Vs. Blind kick ass ninja/boxing vigilante. Tough call, good choice to whoever pick this fight.

I know the first argument that everyone is going to make is: Snake-Eyes is a ninja, Daredevil beats ninjas by the dozen. Hold on, he takes out the Hand ninjas by the dozen. On a good day I could probably beat 5 Hand ninjas before they got to me. They are what I like to call "Chumpzillas".

Let's also not forget that both competetors started off in the marvel universe so i don't want to hear any GI Joe universe; can't hit crap, stuff.

Lets look ate the advantages of each competetor.

DD 1.)DD has the supersenses(save sight but he's got the radar). 2.)He's probably top 10 fighters in marvel universe; combining ninja tricks with western boxing.(cap, elektra,iron fist, shang chi, taskmaster, maybe wolverine better than dd.), on a good day he'd beat spidey in a fight dispite the strength advantage. 3.) billy club/nunchucks/grappling hook, it's no utility belt, but hey moon knight thought it was good enough to rip off. good weapon.

Snake-Eyes 1.) akani (or some spelling like that) ninja training. Best in the world, like better than 99.99%. So far only stormshadow has been able to keep up and not take a whuppin'. Others who have fought him don't have a chance against this fighting style.(It's in the comics kids.) 2.) Timber- he's got a freakin' wolf on his order for this fight to be fair i say Timber can't be in the compotition. 3.) Weapons- Katanas, uzis, grenades, shurikens, and knives. Man is a walking arsenal. Hell the puniser has shot dd before (look at cover #201 of dd), why can't someone trained even better than the punisher tag dd. 4.) he's trained to kill. dd in comics, does not kill. Snake-eyes in comics, kills. Simple as that.

Weapons : Snake-Eyes

Training : Snake-Eyes

Misc. : Daredevil

SE beats DD 2-1

The fight goes like this, SE misses with all his bullets and shurikens, because of the senses and dd takes the fight up close. After trading punches and kicks, dodging nunchucks and swords, both competetors stand back from each other. SE goes into a trance, DD sensing weakness goes for the finisher. Jump kick, dodged, SE pulls out the old flash bang grenade. DD stuned (those things are super loud), SE hits him with some sweet chin music. good fight good night.

The Catwoman Writes:

Snake Eyes unfortunately just lacks the animal magnetism that DareDevil has. G.I. Joe has what? One woman? And lets face the facts here, Scarlet is not that hot to begin with. And Snake Eyes never got into her pants in all the episodes of G.I. Joe. DareDevil banged both Electra and The Black Widow. That makes him the man according to a recent survey of Comic Book fans.

Evil Eddie Writes:

Gotta go with Daredevil hands down. Snake Eyes is just one ninja. Daredevil has taken on the entire Hand ninja clan before and Elektra and emerged victorious. Snake Eyes is trained in the art of stealth but that won't do any good against someone that can hear your heartbeat or smell the sweat from your pores a block away. Not to mention the fact Daredevil has a built in radar sense that Snake Eyes wouldn't be able to get around. Daredevil was trained by Stick to eat guys like Snake Eyes for breakfast. Snake Eyes would get in some good shots but when the smoke clears it a battered and bruised Daredevil victorious.

AniX Writes:

Snake Eyes is a human ninja. Daredevil is a superhuman ninja.

You blind Snake Eyes, he cannot see.

Daredevil is already blind, yet his sonar allows him to see.

Daredevil could hear Snake Eyes chewing gum from 3 blocks away.

Snake Eyes is lucky if he can hear Daredevil snap his neck.

BaBySiTtErSlAsHeR Writes:

Anybody that can go toe to toe with the likes of Spider-man, The Punisher, Elektra, The Hulk (Daredevil #163 if ya don't believe me),Wolverine, and even Batman (remember that crossover???) will have no problem whatsoever with the likes of Snake Eyes!!! Before Snake Eyes can lift his pistol, sword, or whathaveyou Daredevil will have done thrown his billyclub into Snake Eyes adam's apple. While Snake-Eyes gasps for air, Daredevil flies in with a perfectly placed dropkick to the side of the jaw. Say G'Night Snake Eyes. Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz

Lord of Nonsensical Crap Writes:

Let's look at Daredevil and Snake Eyes' current CBUB standings:

SNAKE EYES- did very well in the ultimate martial arts tournament, beating Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles (!!!!!) to become one of the three finalists, alongside the likes of RYU and RANMA SAOTOME for crying out loud! That, and he helped his G.I. Joe teammates beat down S.H.I.E.L.D.

DAREDEVIL- was beaten by Nightwing

I can safely say that the Man Without Fear is a goner. That, and I want to see Ben Affleck get slaughtered.

Spetznaz Writes:

Ok, this is pretty simple. SnakeEyes is a ninja-master trained in the exotic arts of ninjutsu. He has great flexibility, excellent martial skills, and of all the GI Joes he is probably the only one that can be taken seriously (sorry, but the other Joes could probably get their butt's kicked by the Penguin).

Now, we have DareDevil. An exponent of an eclectic variety of martial arts (which though not near Batman's level of intensiveness or extentiveness is pretty thorough). He has been trained by Stick in what can actually be called quasi-mystical disciplines, and has tangled with The Hand and Elektra. Moreover he has what mgiht probably be the most acute senses in any comic universe!

Who would win?

simple ....Daredevil.

1) He has fought against the Hand ...and won. The Hand is basically comprised of ninjas ...skilled ninjas. Plural.

2) He never misses! Bullseye himself said DD was the only person who was probably BETTER than he was! That is from Bullseye! What about Snakeeyes? Well, that ninja, like his GI Joe chums, misses everything he takes aim at! Everything. Unless, of course, it is a robot.

3) Ninjitsu is one of the most overated styles (it is actually a system of styles) out there! Many people think ninjitsu is magic incarnate, but it is not. It is a system of stealth, subterfuge and obfuscation (which is why ninjas could never face Samurai in direct conflict ....the ninja skills were not as developed, their swords were not as well-forged, and they would basically be killed. The only way for ninja to win would be to use sneak tactics, or in darkness employ weapons like the kusarigama and tekagi. But if they did not kill the samurai on the first try it was usually over quickly for the ninja). And it can be effective ....IF THE NINJA IS NOT DETECTED. In a face to face fight a ninja would have it rough ....because ninjitsu is not meant to be a direct art but rather one that comes from an oblique angle, or from behind. How the heck can Snakeeyes sneak up on DD ....a person whose senses are beyond phenomenal?

DD wins this easy.

Scooter Pie Writes:

Lovely. The Crippled Avengers version of CBUB.

Snake-eyes (According to )is a ninja with near-superhuman stealth and hand-to-hand fighting abilities. He served in Army Recon during the war and afterward, he went on to study ninjitsu with the Arishikage (Storm Shadow's family) clan. He carries an Uzi, a sword, knives, pistols, a demolitions kit, swiss army knives, quarters rolled in a sock, the kitchen sink... He even has his own faithful pet wolf, Timber. He's also mute if I recall correctly, and horribly disfigured.

If I may digress, what is it with G.I. Joe and horribly disfigured characters, anyway? Cobra Commander, Destro, Snake Eyes... They can create superweapons and mind control devices but they can't come up with improved plastic surgery techniques?

Daredevil, on the other hand, has superhuman senses, including a "radar sense" that is better than actual sight. Fighting-wise, he's never really had any military combat experience, but he grew up in Hell's Kitchen, getting by with self-taught fighting skills and was later trained in the martial arts by a blind man named "Stick." Equipment-wise, he's got the short end of the stick. Literally. A billy club with an internal swing-line much like Batman's de-cel line.

Primary advantage goes to Daredevil. Stealth will not work on him, therefore he will have a tactical advantage over Snake Eyes.

I'd have to give the combat advantage to Snake Eyes. He's got more experience, better weaponry and the long-range advantage of firearms. Ok, given, it's not much of an advantage... G.I. must stand for Gun Impaired.

I would have to add, though, that DD would find some way to turn off the lights, and that's where his true advantage lies. Snake Eyes may have some experience fighting blind, but he's no match for Daredevil in the dark.

Match goes to DD.

Lawman Writes:

Snake Eyes all the way! Daredevil may have the reflexes and radar sense, as well as some mad butt-kicking skillz, but they can't scratch the level of skill Snake Eyes has. Plus, Snake Eyes got cooler equipment, and he ain't afraid to use them! What are DD's billy clubs gonna do? Daredevil may be able to dodge bullets like nobody's business, but what about bullets fired by Snake Eyes? Before he knows it, Snake Eyes would probably have a pistol aimed at DD's forehead at point-blank. "Dodge this" - that is if Snake Eyes decides to get down and dirty. But otherwise, in pure HtH, I'll say the GI Joe ninja takes this after a heavy workout. Yo Joe!

Bobby Writes:

I think it'd be tough but I'm sure Daredevil would take this fight. If you look at who he's fought recently, he's taken down Kingpin, Bullseye and most recently, 100 armed Yakuza members. Not small time hoods and thugs. It seems that Daredevil's fighting skills are greater than what they used to be. And besides, his radar sense gives him all round awareness, faster reflexes (how many times have we seen him block bullets in the comics with his billy club?) and a huge advantage in the dark. I think it's gotta be Daredevil.

Smoov60 Writes:

Are you serious? A GI Joe guy is supposed to shoot somebody who can hear the gun cock a mile away. Since NONE of the GI Joe team can aim then Daredevil wont have to worry about getting shot, so once Daredevil gets in close enough to fight Snake Eyes in hand to hand combat it's going to be...... BANG! POW! WAM! Snake Eyes is out of it and I'm sure that even Daredevil saw that one coming.

Smoov60 Writes:

Are you serious? A GI Joe guy is supposed to shoot somebody who can hear the gun cock a mile away. Since NONE of the GI Joe team can aim then Daredevil wont have to worry about getting shot, so once Daredevil gets in close enough to fight Snake Eyes in hand to hand combat it's going to be...... BANG! POW! WAM! Snake Eyes is out of it and I'm sure that even Daredevil saw that one coming.

The Great Me Writes:

Daredevil may have lost to Nightwing, but remember, Nightwing was Dick Greyson, the greatest Robin of them all.

Snake Eyes, however, lost to Ranma Samone, the aqua-transexual who LOST to SAILOR MOON!


There may be no shame in loosing to Greyson, but to Ranma?


Shortride Writes:

Daredevil is palyed by Ben Affleck. Snake Eyes isn't. Snake Eyes wins by default.

Dark Queen Writes:

All right, the CGI show may have been crap, and maybe COBRA was just a group of incompetant anarchists, and maybe my hatred of Ben Affleck is clouding my judgement for Dare Devil but... I mean, Ben Affleck as a comic book character is not right. I don't care how many Kevin Smith movies he has been in, it's just not right. Plus I just saw Sargent slaughter at a recent WWE house event so I am all for Snake Eyes.

Go Joe!



Callisto:    No clear favorite from the audience. Could be a close one.

Harley Quinn:    Snake Eyes makes it to the perimeter of the obstacle stage... crouches in the sand behind a rise wall...

Callisto:    ... Snake Eyes pulls the pin on a grenade, lobs it overhand in a high arc ...

Harley Quinn:    ... Grenade sails through the sky... good throw towards the broken walls and high beams at center of the obstacle construct...

Callisto:    ... Wait! That's Daredevil right under the trajectory of the grenade...

Harley Quinn:    CRACK! Before the grenade hits - Daredevil smacks it away with his billy club!

Callisto:    BAM! The grenade goes off midair... gas grenade, not explosive ...

Harley Quinn:    ... West side of the obstacle goes thick with green smoke...

Callisto:    ... Snake Eyes on the move! He leaps walls and pits moving fast but silent towards Daredevil.

Harley Quinn:    Not Silent enough... he probably sounds like a de-railing freight train to the hyper keen senses of Daredevil!

Callisto:    Snake Eyes makes it to the center of the course... stops, back to a wall... stock still...

Harley Quinn:    Yes folks... Snake Eyes has stopped dead, back to the wall, at a hunk of twisted square metal jutting up from the hot arena sand. Square is a couple body-lengths tall and the same wide, few feet thick...

Callisto:    And, folks, that description is useful because on the exact other side of this barrier, crouched, is Daredevil.

Harley Quinn:    Both contestants are stock still... the crowd here at the arena today, sensing what is about to happen... begin screaming and cheering...

Callisto:    Daredevil shoots his swingline up... begins to scale to the top of the metal wall...

Harley Quinn:    ... Snake Eyes pulls the pin on another grenade... holds it...

Callisto:    ...Daredevil reaching the top... Snake Eyes pops the grenade straight up and breaks left in a run...

Harley Quinn:    ... Daredevil, aware of the grenade, immediately jumps off the wall reaches out for a high bar... catches it with momentem...!

Callisto:    ...Bam! Grenade two detonates! More gas!

Harley Quinn:    Daredevil caught in the edge of the gas ... Still moving Daredevil swings off the bar with forward momentum in a high airborn summersault...

Callisto:    ... Snake Eyes, below, pulls pistol ... clean shot!

Harley Quinn:    ... As daredevil throws his billyclub...

Callisto:    ... Bullet and club intercept blowing each other out of the sky...

Harley Quinn:    ... As DD catches an adjoining high bar... does a swing and reverse on the bar and leaps at Snake Eyes!

Callisto:    ... Snake Eyes rolls right, not chancing another shot ... holstering gun and drawing steel...

Harley Quinn:    ...Daredevil lands .. rolls left... grabs his billy club and ...

Callisto:    ... And both are up on their feet!

Harley Quinn:    Snake Eyes right to business - fast attack - Daredevil blocks sword with club...

Callisto:    .. Daredevil - spin kick...

Harley Quinn:    ... Eyes deflects the kick with a forearm block ... spins around - sword waist high...

Callisto:    .. Daredevil jumps - does the splits midair - sword whizzes under...

Harley Quinn:    ... Eyes backflips onto his hands - pushes off - WHAM! Two boots to Daredevil's gut as he comes back to earth...

Callisto:    Daredevil flies backward throwing his billy club...

Harley Quinn:    ... Eyes neatly dodges the club... WAIT!

Callisto:    ...Ricocchet billyclub! Bounces off a girder behind... BAM! Eyes takes it in the jaw!

Harley Quinn:    That has GOT to hurt!

Callisto:    ... As daredevil gets his feet... whips a hand out grabbing his whizzing club and presses an attack!

Harley Quinn:    ... Eyes defends ...

Callisto:    ... Just two Kung-Fu legends out there now, folks - no tricks ...

Harley Quinn:    Sword and billyclub clang - fast punches and kicks ...

Callisto:    ... and they're...

Harley Quinn:    ... and then they ...

Callisto:    ... and ...

Harley Quinn:    ... and ...

Callisto:    SLICE! Eyes gets a swipe in - 'devil's left side!

Harley Quinn:    ... no break... still fighting...

Callisto:    ... and...

Harley Quinn:    ... too fast...

Callisto:    WHAM! Snake Eyes uppercut!

Harley Quinn:    'Devil rolls with it... throws the club again!

Callisto:    Eyes snaps to one side surprised - dodges - NO! Swingline wraps around Snake Eyes' sword arm...

Harley Quinn:    ... Snake Eyes - free hand - quick draws his pistol...

Callisto:    ... As 'Devil tugs the swingline ...

Harley Quinn:    BAM! Pistol fired!

Callisto:    WHAM! 'Devil straight kick! Jack booted ferocious kick - right to the Adams Apple - Eye's crumples like paper.

Harley Quinn:    Daredevil... he's bleeding! He's shot! He falls too!

Callisto:    Both men down, Medical crew responding...

Harley Quinn:    Let's go to the Judges booth for the call on this one.




'Nuff Said!


Snake Eyes: 332

Daredevil: 360




Callisto:    Instant replay shows Snake Eyes hit the ground incapacitated a split second before Daredevil!

Harley Quinn:    Judges give this match to daredevil. We'll be back later with fan reaction to this amazing fight and the view from the hospital rooms.

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