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Naruto vs. Teen Titans


This fight produced by: The Rookie

This fight suggested by: Ranma Fan



Jimmy:   Hello out there CBUB-ers, I'm the crushed body of the animated Jimmy Olsen


Jimmy:   Huh? What?

Mechazawa:   And I'm Mechazawa. Didn't you know it's a special day in Khazhan Areana?

Jimmy:   It is?

Mechazawa:   Yes, since we're all aware of the power of fandom, hell it made Batman able to somewhat standup against Dr. Doom, today is fan appreciation day. So here with us filling half the arena is a quarter million Fanboys and the other half we have a quarter million Otaku!

Jimmy:   Wow great, but what's that odour?

Mechazawa:   Well my friend, that's the combination of two distinct but equally putrid nerd funk mixing together.

Jimmy:   Good god! Can we turn on the AC and vent this place out?

Mechzawa:   Well you know our opinions on this fight, let's get some of yours!



What YOU thought about the match:

WriterBoy Writes:

The comic Titans? Geez, talk about a lopsided fight. Between the alien warrior princess, the Kryptonina clone, the brilliant and nigh-indestrucible robot guy, and oh yeah, the kid who can run faster than light, the Naruto crew has a better chance of winning an Emmy than this fight.

The Unconquered Drifter-CH Writes:

As stated earlier, the Naratu kids are basically just ninjas with energy blasts. The Teen Titans can counter these abilities with general easy.

Starfire alone could take down the whole Naratu team; with her years of experiance mastering several alien martial arts (and a few from earth) she can outclass and out manuvere this small group of upstarts in hand to hand combat. Also, I should mention Starfire has her own brand of powerful energy blasts that could rival a kamehameha

(Yes, I understand DBZ is not affiliated with Naratu. It's just a comparison.) As I was saying, starfire alone could take Naratu on.

The assistance of Superman's clone, a boy trained by the world's greatest detective, an Amazonian, a Cyborg, a shapeshifter, and a boy who can run fater than the speed of light and through time is not necessarily needed, they are really just sweetening the pot.

The Guru Writes:

I pick the Teen Titans cause their OLD and I'm OLD and I like OLD stuff that is inherently OLD and well established.... and because certain people get really aggrivated when things are OLD.


Genma:TheDestroyer Writes:

That's a misconception right there, though. Most of Genin listed here don't use energy blasts. And they're much more versatile than your average fighter.

Even the average ninja in their universe can create clones of themselves (intangible, though more skille ones can create solid ones), and shape-shift (other people, animals, objects, I don't really think there's a limit)

Some have a fighting style that allows them to mess with your organs and muscles just by lightly tapping you. Imagine getting flicked on your ear, and having your heart start shutting down. These same people can see in 360 degrees, look through solid objects and illusion, and discern exactly what a person is feeling through body language.

There are those who can do mind-control, summon giant creatures (we're talking Godzilla-sized), destroy your nervous system just by manipulating sound, control shadows, control the elements themselves, heal their wounds by speeding up the reaction time of the cells in their bodies, bring back the dead, transfer the mind of someone into the body of another, use their bones as weapons, convert body fat into pure energy,etc, etc.

Never let it be said the ninja of he Naruto-verse are typical. :)

LJSLarsson Writes:

He who would be able to win this fight for the Teen Titans is Kid Flash, but all the Flashes in the DCU are stupid. Let's quote Bruce Timm, the nice guy working with Justice League, the animated series:

"The Flash... I wish we could kill him off! He's so fast [that], if he was just a little bit smarter, he wouldn't need a Justice League. Anytime anyone fired a gun at him, he could run across town to the police station, pick up a Kevlar vest, come back, and let the bullet bounce off his chest. He's that fast; he could take down Galactus if he wanted to."

The Flashes usualy stands and waits for orders, or take down one opponent, stand some minutes and smiles, and then gets hit by a flying truck or something. Kid Flash is no problem for the Naruto-team.

With Kid Flash gone, and don't see any reasons that the Naruto-team won't win.

Naruto isn't a badwritten manga that deserves to lose. Naruto is really good.

We don't need to vote for the Teen Titans because we think it's absurd and unfair with mangacharacters that can blow up planets (I don't think Akira Toriyama understands how big a planet is).

Sure, Superboy is superstrong, but people with other superpowers than superstrenght can take down a superhero with superstrength, with a little tactics. And every member in the Naruto-team have at least twenty supe... ninja skills each (except Choji... he's lame).

I like pie.

Tyler Durden Writes:

I don't who hell those Naruto guys are,but The Teen Titans,the Teen Titans I know and love(ie.the ones from the new cartoon)will easily some those anime losers.

Let's see:

-Robin is an excellent leader,trained by the best(Batman),and he always has a kooky Bat-whatever gadget in his Batbelt.

-Raven has the power of the netherworld on her side,can just turn the Naruto guys into tiny cockroaches with her magic,and is a goth girl(if there's anyone that knows how to fight,it's a goth).

-Cyborg is a mechanical genius(he built all of the TTs vehicles all by himself)asnd can just blast the Naruto guys with his cannons.

-Starfire can just turn the Naruto guys into cinders with her energy blasts,or annoy them with hewr highly pitched voice of hers.

-Beast Boy can just turn into a Tyrannosaur Rex and EAT THEM.

Besides using WWWF Grudge Match's trademark "seeing-their-fighting-chances-by-checking-past-roles",let's see what they can bring to the table:

-Robin(Scott Menville)is also Sam Gamgee from the"Lord of the Rings:Fellowship of the Ring"videogame,so he can chop the Naruto guys in half with Sting;and a soldier in both the direct-to-video movier"Creepy Freaks"and the videogame"Metal Gear Solid:The Twin Snakes",so he can just gun dthem down.

-Beast Boy(Greg Cipes)is also oner of Astro Boy's friend from the new series,so he can call-in Astro to whoop the Naruto guys.

-Cyborg(Khary Payton)was one of the Creepy Freaks,so he can just gross out the Naruto guys;one of Dracula's enemies in"Dracula II:Ascencion",so he can stake all the Naruto guys,and one of the guys from the"Chronicles of Riddick"videogames,so he can call-in Riddick to waste the Naruto guys(and Riddick can kill ANYONE).

-Starfire(Hynden Walch)is also one of the girls from"Groundhog Day",so she can trap the Naruto guys in a time loop;Al C�pone's daughter in the new"Untouchables"series,so she call use the Mob to kill the Naruto guys and Penny Sanchez from"Chalk Zone",so she can use The Magic Chalk to draw an anvil thast would fall over the Naruto guys.

-Raven(Tara Strong/Charendoff)was,like,in a MILLION cartroon that could kick the Naruto guy's asses.

So the Naruto guys(whoever they are)are screwed.


When there's trouble, you know who to call (TEEN TITANS!)

From their tower, they can see it all (TEEN TITANS!)

When there's evil on the attack

You can rest knowing they got your back

'Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol



With their super powers, they unite (TEEN TITANS!)

Never met a villain that they liked (TEEN TITANS!)

They got the bad guys on the run

They never stop until the job gets done

'Cause when the world is losing all control



If your heart is black, you better watch out

You cannot escape the team

When they catch you, there won't be any doubt

You've been beaten by the teens

beaten by the teens





Squeed Writes:

The only reason the Titans are winning this one is by popularity. Most of the people looked at the picture and voted for the one that had a girl in a bikini. Half the opinions on this fight have Naruto spelled wrong, for Christ's sake!

Most of the people on the Titan's team could be handeld easily. For example:

Robin: Easily taken down by ANYONE. Some punk kid with a cape and an expanding metal pipe wont last three seconds against a real ninja.

Superboy: As far as I know, Kent's clone is still weak against fire, so Sasuke could waste him with that little flamethrower trick of his.

Kid Flash: Definately the toughest one, but if bandage-face(name?) from hiding in sound could touch him when he comes in for attack, he'd be puking his guts out and totally defenseless.

Wonder Girl: Rock Lee can almost match her in speed and strength, and definately outclasses her in style and technique.

Beast Boy: Can't that cat-kid do the same thing with Scarecrow? If not, most of the ninjas can do the whole shape-change tech too.

Cyborg: Another tough one, but if Naruto could make enough copies of himself to wear out Cy's power cell, it would be over.


Whatever ninja remain could gang up on her and take her down.

All in all, an easy win for the Ninja Team.

The (No Longer) Unpublished Soldier Writes:

The Teens unleash their H.P.S.W.S.P.W.P.H.D.G.M.I.S.A.T.S.A.T.S.T.I.J. (High-Pitched, Squeaky, Worst Since Pee-Wee's Play House Dear God Make It Stop American Theme Song That's Sometimes in Japanese)� And Naruto (whoever the hell they are) bleed to death through the ears.

Nick The Critick Writes:

OH GOODY....its so nice to learn more about anime....ok so lets see who can fight who...we have shadow manipulators like Raven and....well i know nothing of this crappy ass anime that people DARE contend with the likes of the spectacular power of DBZ....anywayy, movgin on we got shadow manipulators (Raven/???), shapeshifters (beast boy/???) super speed (kid flash/AGAIN DAMMIT?????) anywho you all have to think why this fight was made...they didn't just make this fight for the fact of making a slaughter....everyone has a character thats pretty much exactly like the other character....but back to destroying any sense of morality these characters display....frist we have the Teen Titans....sadly, one of the few comic characters that hurt me to insult....BUT IMA DO IT lets straighten this out...we have a boy who hid in a man's cave wearing similar tihgts to that of bruce lee's ballet dancer, superman JR, a boy who turns into green animals (which i'm SURE gives so much help when fighting superpowerful alien menace...OH LOOK A GREEN HUMMINGBIRD...I'M DOOMED!!!), a goth who manipulates shadows (wow.....never saw goths and shadows bonding together.... way to go in the creative department), Wonder Girl...too easy.... ANOTHER ALIEN with powers beyond comprehension .....HONESTLY, now i can sleep better tonight knowing that if Superman, Martian Manhunter, Icon, a Green Lantern, and the whole freakin time traveling crew are occupied.... starfire's got my back..hey almost forgot kid flash....then again who wouldn't... with his superspeed and being able to travel faster then light, he can be just as hilariously deaf to orders as Impulse is....or are they they same person..and finally we have cyborg, the "handi-capable" superhero...honestly i think he's cool cuz the only other handicapped superhero i know is (shudders) Daredevil and trust me, that horribly made peice of crap should have gotten taken out long before my greek goddess Electra did.. ANYWHO, what about this new anime that we all have NOT heard about or for the fact even CARED about with yet another difficult name to pronounce cuz no one can actually give an anime name that has something in common with the anime..sure i understand the dragonball part, but are the extra letters really necessary...i mean lots of people don't have a clue what Z or GT stand for....i do, cuz i watch the show religiously..BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING...who cares about all these little kids in ninja suits and who know how to do extraordinary things...THEY DO THE SAME EXACT STUFF THE TITANS DO....but they don't hhave nearly the style the titans present to my vote is for the Titans and i don't mean the popcorn titans that we see on cartoon network i'm talking about the badasses at work who are second best to the Justice League....all memebers are just as trained as the ninjas, if not give the Titans the shadow of the doubt, they know how to get shit done, and with style.... TEEN TITANS!!!

Darth Beowulf Writes:

Naruto's Team will totally kick ass on anyone who tries to push them aside. They've got biological birthline enhancements that are so rare, that their power is nearly undeafeatable. Not to mention that attacks like the rendan, chidori, lotus from characters like Naruto, Sasuke and Rock would demolish anyone in their path (Extreme Lotus is so powerful that Rock Lee is Forbidden to use it and when he does, it nearly kills him. Plus you gotta give points to someone like Naruto who can summon the frikkin huge ass Toad king and go on a total rampage of anything nearby

Scooter Pie Writes:

I'd say the biggest danger to the Teen Titans is getting splattered with whatever the hell Japanese hair gel is in vogue for anime/manga characters when they beat these imported yahoos into the ground.

Concise analysis? Not this time. I don't know much about Naruto, but let's face it, they probably take the same form of every other Japanese team.

Toss in one soft-spoken, competant warrior, one pervert, one japanese schoolgirl whose panties are seen far too often, one cute fuzzy thing, one "Chosen One" character and one tortured soul and you have the recipe for yet another anime.

The Saint Writes:

In the time it took me to write this sentence, Kid Flash and Superboy stomp them 200 times over...

Watcher 25 Writes:

Only a complete moron spells dumb as 'dum' and kryptonite with a 'c.'

Everyone disregard judgement's comments, because he's dumber than a rock. Go Titans.

Zereul Writes:

This is gonna be an exelent fight. Team Naruto has the advantge in fighting because they are trained to KILL the TT put idiot bad guys in jail after which tehy break out then the cycle begins agian. Anywho this is why Team Naruto will win

1. Sasuke can instanly kill any one of them with the Chidori(Lightning edge).

2. He can copy every one's movments

3. Naruto gives them the massive advantage in numbers.

4. They have Neji, and Sasuke the two ninja geniuses of the village

5. Lee is the undisputed master of hand to hand combat.

With all this the TT don't have a leaf of a chance

M.O.B. (-Man of Battle-) Writes:

I am so sick of the Dragonball Z universe or anything relating to the DZ Universe.

I mean come on! They are losers! Because I 've read more of their defeats than victories, Like, The Hulk smashed Krillin, Batman bested Freeza, Nimrod destroyed Super Android 17, and both the Juggernaut and Green Lantern caged and defeated Vegeta!

So what does this tell me, it tells me the Teen Titans are going to win!

Darth Beowulf Writes:

Here's a small list of seriously powerful reasons as to why Naruto will win

1. Sasuke and Neji are geniuses of their individual clans: Neither has been defeated by other opponents yet in the series (and it's been going for some time now)

2. Both have bloodlines which give them insane advantages: Sasuke has the Sharingan which can paralyze opponents, copy their moves, hypnotize them, or basically snuff out their existence (his older brother did that once with the Sharingan). Neji has the Bakyugan which allows him through see through anything, gives him 360 field of vision and allows him to see and block all points of power in an opponent, rendering them piddling mortals

3. Sasuke has the Chidori which he can use about five times before wiping out and can destroy anything or kill anyone with each use.

4.Sasuke also has the power of the Uchiha clan which is the only clan in the series to never be defeated.

5.Kiba is a master of scent and tracking: no hiding from him

6. Shikamaru may appear worthless, but two minutes into a battle, he can assess all ways to take his oppponent down as easily as possible

7. Shikamaru can control any shadows, so anyone who casts a shadow is in deep shit

8. Naruto has the ability to be a total ass. That itself is his only real weakness (ramen as well) He has never quit a battle ever

9. Naruto can shadow clone himself a thousand times over: 1 Naruto vs. 1000 Narutos-do the math

10. Naruto has the Rasedan, the only move currentluy powerful enough to take out the Chidori

11. Naruto has the two best teachers: Kakashi and that funky perv who is one of the three legendary ninjas. Both are admired as geniuses, if not space cases

12. Rock Lee is faster than any other opponent with weights strapped to his appendages. Without them, you stand no chance against his speed

13. His extreme lotus is so powerful, that it is forbidden-he has used it only twice and nearly killed himself both times.

No chance for the Teen Titans

The Great Gumbo Writes:

Inregard to Dark Beowolf's earlier post.

1. Robin's pretty smart himself albeit not undefeatable

2. Does it copy all moves period or is it relient on copying chi energy based moves and attacks? How does the hypnotizing work? Is will power involved, can it affect large numbers of people?

3. Exactly what is the most powerful thing the Chidori has destroyed before?

4. Might get defeated in this match up

5. Getting dumped in front of each other, no hiding going on.

6. Battle probably won't last two minutes no matter which way it goes.

7. This could be a problem; especially if the shadows have the same powers, it would mean the titans are fighting themselves and Naruto, most definately if this is comic style.

8. Whether he gives up or not depends on his power level to make it a factor.

9. Thats a decent ability; making a thousand clones, how long does it take?

10. I thought the chidori could destroy anything? But it can't destroy the rosedran? How powerful is it specifically?

11. They've had good training and so has Robin.

12. Rock Lee can move faster than sight with multi-ton weights strapped on, thats like what somewhere between a the speed of sound and a couple thousand miles per hour? Not very definative and no reason to think he can even begin to compare to a guy whose thousands of times faster than that.

13. how powerful is it specifically and its basically a one shot attack that he better hope works or he's out of the game.

Kid Flash at or around light speed can take this on his own.

Really its pretty much kid flash and Superboy that make this a fight, comic style the titans get pounded but intelligent style Kid Flash takes out Naruto in the firs mili-second.

The Great Gumbo Writes:

I'm pretty sure Kid Flash can fight as fast as he runs.

That site listed it at destroying a cliff side level; presuming we don't have anything else to go on that could mean trouble for the Titans, not counting K. Flash. Superboy's aura lets both chi and fire pass through it. I don't know for sure but I don't think the other bricks are tough enough to take that kind of damage well or fast enough to avoid getting hit with it.

In general the Ninja's seem weaker; they use sand, dirt and water to trap each other, they use wind to blow aside attacks and fire to damage each other. Their most powerful move is at cliff level destroying and thats only going to be usuable for four times and then they are dead tired.

Where they kill in this match is variety of abilities and speed in general, like I said before if it weren't for Kid Flash the ninja's would have this in the bag.



Jimmy:   So the fighters are now walking onto the field. Why does it look like dirt with some trees around it?

Mechazawa:   Well today we modelled the arena around the village of Konaha's coliseum.

Jimmy:   Ah I see, so it must be a real crap hole there...

Mechazawa:   Both teams are eyeing each other over, Shikamaru seems to be trying to develop a...

Jimmy:   Whoa the kid in orange just decided to run towards the titans!

Mechazawa:   You can see the dissapointment in team Konoha's faces as Naruto hastily does a shadow replication, making a a dozen clones as a pair goes for each member while four Jump on Superboy

Jimmy:   The titans didn't seem so shocked at all as they quickly punch them away, hey they dissappear when they get hit! Superboy quickly tosses all four Narutos as the real one is slammed into the arena wall.

Mechazawa:   Smoke is filling the arena center as the Konoha ninjas have split up, I guess a little divide and conqueor here folks, Kid Flash quickly runs to dissapate the smoke as Robin is deciding on pairings.

Jimmy:   THUD! THWAP! Sucker punch on Flash from Rock Lee as he stopped to listen to Robin, seems one pairing has been made as Starfire takes to the air and follows Sasuke, Wondergirl stalks, Kiba and Beast Boy square off and Robin and Cyborg follow Shikamaru and Chouji

Mechazawa:   Superboy just keeps beating down on Naruto and his many clones, you can see definite frustration and bruises all over the young ninja as Flash is teaching Rock Lee a lesson in speed as both try and race around the areana, Rock looking like a Winnebago driven by an old lady compared to Kid Flash

Jimmy:   Neiji gets all veiny around his eyes as Wonder Girl tries to go in for some punches, Neiji quickly goes on the defensive as he tries and dodge each blow.

Mechazawa:   Meanwhile near the trees Sasuke has his sharigan on and deftly tries to avoid Starfires blasts. Countering back with his own Katon fireballs it's a ranged battle here folks.

Jimmy:   Beast Boy sees that he's surrounded by Kiba and his puppy, Akamaru. He turns into a Rhino and charges at Kiba only to be pounced on behind from... Kiba?

Mechazawa:   Yes Kiba's half beast clone was in effect when he tossed Akamaru a soldier pill. Now it's a two on one as Beast Boy quickly changes into a bucking bronco to knock the Changed Akamaru off his back.

Jimmy:   Meanwhile it seems Shikamaru has paired off against Robin and Chouji against Cyborg. It's a flurry of Shurikens, Kunais, Bataranags and Energy blasts without much happening.

Mechazawa:   Cyborg charges up.... and shoot right at Shikamaru! He swiftly dives into the trees as Robin nails Chouji with a Batarang and quickly follows up with a wicked combo!

Jimmy:   Sneaky trick from Robin splitting up a favorable battle, no doubt Shikamaru has no chance against Cyborgs durability and Chouji's movements were proving too slow to handle Robin.

Mechazawa:   Meanwhile Wonder Girl goes in for another hit on Neiji, but quickly jump over him!

Jimmy:   She quickly breaks out her lasso, oh man Neiji is screwed!

Mechazawa:   No wait, he's starting to Spin! Divination Whirl! Wonder Girl is trying to hang on but the spinning Neiji's ultimate defense tosses her into an arena wall!

Jimmy:   Neiji's not wasting time, he quickly moulds Chakra to his feet as i attack Wonder Girl, one, three, ten, twent two, forty five, sixty two hits! He nailed her with a sixty two hit combo!

Mechazawa:   Neiji is standing there panting, but BAM! Wonder girl upper cuts him into the air, follow it up with a flurry of punches before she double axe handles him down into the dirt!

Jimmy:   Whoa, Neiji is OUT! I guess those Handes of Hakke aren't that cool when your opponent doesn't use Chakra

Mechazawa:   No but she's coughing up blood, remember kids, the chakra circulatory system works in conjunction with that of the blood.

Jimmy:   Man what a weak plot device!

Mechazawa:   Hey, the authour bought it at Plot Devices Unlimited, your source for Time Machines, Dimensional Warps and Dake Death Kits!

Jimmy:   Meanwhile Naruto has finally stopped attacking Superboy with his gajillion clones. He's doing a couple of hand movements.... HOLY CRAP! A Giant Frog has appeared in the stadium!

Mechazawa:   Supperboy looks to be unimpressed as he's hit with a Water Bullet from the frog, only to fly out of it and nail it across the arena.

Jimmy:   Combatants are running out of the way as Kiba and Akamaru are putting on a clinic on Beast Boy, both of them blitzing with their four legged stance as Beast Boy is forced to turn into an eagle and take flight!

Mechazawa:   Kid Flash finally stops as does a panting Rock Lee, giving him time to get in a taunt as Lee braces himself, screaming at the sky he opens the gates of his Chakra, his skin now a deep crimson hue as little bits of rock start to float upwards.

Jimmy:   Why do anime characters do that?

Mechazawa:   Like all Japanese culture, you can link it back to the dropping of the Atom Bomb.

Jimmy:   Well Rock Lee seems to be faster, but not fast enough, Kid Flash is dodging each of his attacks with great speed, he looks like he's yawning.

Mechazawa:   Back near the trees Shikamaru continues to hide as Cyborg blasts the hell out of the foiliage. Meanwhile Robin has beat Choiji down on all fours with his staff. He's looking to go for the kill...

Jimmy:   Shikarmaru yells out Chouji's name as Robin hits... A LOG?

Mechazawa:   Choiji is now standing on the higest tree as his shadow is cast on the ground. Shikamaru, thanks to the added Shadow cast to expand its length, now traps Cyborg in the Shadow Imitation.

Jimmy:   Chouji scarfs down a pill and turns into a, uh, giant rolling man? He slams hard into Cyborg over and over as he's stuck, eventually knocking him out.

Mechazawa:   It looks like now a two on one for Robin as both of them now go after him.

Jimmy:   Kiba has now springboarded himself off Akamaru's back, taking down the eagle Beast Boy as Superboy pounds the living crap out of that Giant Frog. The frog steps back only to make himself disappear and make Naruto crash down onto the ground!

Mechazawa:   Kid Flash takes a quick pause to taunt Rock Lee some more as both Kiba and Akaramaru grab him!

Jimmy:   Stupid move, Kid Flash is now creating a heavy vibration, he send both Kiba and Akamaru clear across the arena!

Mechazawa:   Oy, there must be some cracked ribs, arms, legs, well, everything there. Rock sees a chance, he quickly as he can ducks under the distrated flash and quicks him up into the air.

Jimmy:   He's following up afteter him, binding him with his arm bandages, he's trying to drill him into the ground!

Mechazawa:   But Flash isn't going to stop vibrating, BOOM! Both hit the arena floor and create a large crater, the combined force of the Primary Lotus and Flash's vibration send both fighters flying into the stands.

Jimmy:   Robin's having a tough time keeping up in hand to hand with both Chouji and Shikamaru, he stumbles back into the arena wall shade as a second Shadow Imitation hits him!

Mechazawa:   Chouji does the meat tank again and knocks Robin flat out!

Jimmy:   But wait! Shikamaru turns around only to get cold clocked by Wonder Girl, sending him into a tree.

Mechazawa:   Naruto looks OUT OF IT! In the confusion Superboy must've given him a beating though not without Supes breaking a little sweat, he's savoring standing over his persistent foe.

Jimmy:   Chouji turns around and starts to try and run over Wonder Girl who gets her lasso out again and wrap it around Chouji, he forcibly tryin to roll away but Wonder Girls strength helping to keep her in place.

Mechazawa:   Starfire gets back onto the ground as Sasuke nails her with a blazing fireball! But starfire simply comes dashing out to throw a punch at Sasuke which he ducks at the last minute!

Jimmy:   Gotta love that Sharingan! Wondergirl is know spinning around with a meat tanked Chouji in the grasp of the lasso, she hammer throws him towards Sasuke!

Mechazawa:   Sasuke notices it, he quickly does a backflip out of the way as Starfire continues her ground assault only to be knocked into the arena wall by the lassoed Chouji!

Jimmy:   Wonder Girl is stunned and obviously dissapointed in herself as Sasuke jumps back... more hand seals again...

Sakura:   GO SASUKE KUN!

Jimmy:   Graaa! Who are you?

Mechazawa:   She's a character of no importance....

Sakura:   WHAT??????? I'm here to cheer on my sweet Sasuke Kun!

Jimmy:   Well from what i've seen he seems like a total jerk...

Mechazawa:   You're not far off Jimmy...

Sakura:   That's just the way he is!


Mechazawa:   Back to the fight the distraught Wonder Girl doesn't notice that Jerkfa-.. I mean, Sasuke is running toward her with a Chidori

Jimmy:   Wow, it sounds like gay european police sirens, but he nails her in the back and wham! Wonder Girl is out!

Mechazawa:   Sasuke looks to be taking a breather as Superboy stuns him to the ground with his TK. Sasuke turns around in horror as he's nailed with a cloned kryptonian punch!

Jimmy:   Yes, that's it! Superboy took out the last ninja and he's celebrating as the fanboys che-.... HOLY CRAP! There's orange stuff floating around that Naruto Kid and it sounds like a billion flourescent light bulbs! Why do all these powers in anime have such weird sounds?

Mechazawa:   Naruto has gone fully Kyubi! The Nine Tails chakra is flowing wildly as the Otaku roar through the crowd! Shadow Replication...

Jimmy:   ...AS THE ENTIRE AREAN is FILLED with Clones, they all dog pile on Superboy as he punches his way through them like a sea of orange. Dozens grab onto his arms and legs as Naruto runs toward Superboy in the confusion...

Mechazawa:   ...IT'S THE RASENGAN! He nails Superboy in the abdomen, a spinning ball of pure chi energy tries to force Supes to spin and get knocked out by the force but Supes seems to be hanging on!




'Nuff Said!


Teen Titans: 503

Naruto: 237




Jimmy:   Supes is gritting his teeth as the Rasengan bores into him, but he finally gets an arm free and WHAM!

Mechazawa:   Naruto goes flying into the arena wall from that punch as the clones dissappear. This fight it over! Titans win!

Jimmy:   Wow, what a match! Well, we have to call Tsunade to heal some folk as hose down the seats, tune in next week folks!

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