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Double Trouble!

En Garde!


All bets are off on this one folks! Sure, the Wonder Twins have powers... But Joxer and Gabrielle got chutzpah!

This one could go either way....

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Randy Hoffman for pointing out....

"Poking through the archives, I note that in the "Wonder Twins vs. Joxer & Gabby" match, the Wonder Twins are identified as Zan and Jayse. Nein. The Wonder Twins were Zan and *Jana* ("Jayna"?). I think someone got the Twins a little confused with Space Ghost's sidekicks Jan and Jayce. (Hey, they had a space monkey too. Maybe you should run *that* match someday--Zan, Jana, and Gleek vs. Jayce, Jan, and Blip.)"

Yes, though this timely notice came a year after the fight, it's never to late to fess up to an error. Uh, did we bother to change the names? Nope.


PAT:   It is a beautiful afternoon here in Hades' Khazan Stadium and the crowd is ready for an interesting Match up. Today we will see the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayse, take on the scrappy fighting team of Joxer and Gabrielle. Hello, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Comments on this weeks bout have been short and certainly favour the Joxer & Gabrielle team. Lets take a look at a couple:


From Bruce Sajdak:

They should win because Joxer and Gabby look better fighting monsters in ancient Greece/New Zealand then the Wonder Twins ever could!

From Gwen Watenpaugh:

Gabby & Joxer.. easily, because Joxer could distract them while Gabby takes them out.

From Brent Bestwick:

Gabby & Joxer have been up against the odds before and triumphed, but this one will be tough since the wonder twins can morph almost at will. I'm guessing somehow Joxer's clumsiness will prevent the 'Twins from morphing or cause a mistaken morph, and Gabby will seize the opportunity and cement the victory. All without bloodshed, however; this is Gabby, after all. I wouldn't be surprised if all four combatants walk off for a friendly round of ale after this one.


PAT:   You know, Pat... Gabby and Joxer have been the heavy favorites all week.

-Yes Jay, but the Wonder Twins are no slouches, and here they come out of the Gate. These two could really put the Kibosh on Joxer & Gabrielle.

JAY:   And we see that Joxer and Gabrielle have just stepped onto the sand from their own gate across the Stadium. Joxer appears to have a lot of weapons on himself: crossbow, sword, a couple of knives... and what looks like a pair of nun-chucks? Any comment Pat?

PAT:   Well, we know Joxer likes to be prepared, Jay. In contrast, though... Gabrielle is looking lean and mean with just her staff at the ready. And here's the signal from the Judge...

JAY:   It's fight time. Joxer and Gabrielle have split-up and are coming towards the twins from opposite directions.

PAT:   The twins are joining hands and are speaking... Can we get a mike on this?

-"... Wonder Twins Powers Activate!

-Form of a Giant Gorilla!

-Shape of an Ice Club!"

JAY:   The twins have done their thing, Pat, and look tou...

PAT:   The Ice Club wielding Purple Wonder Gorilla is charging at Gabrielle! The Twins must think she's the strong link on the team, and intend to put her down while Joxer is too far away!

JAY:   Gabs is standing her ground firm, Pat. She is looking at the charging Wonder Gorilla... She is saying something...

-Joxerrr!! Get the lead out your Freak!!

PAT:   Joxer is pulling out his crossbow, running forward... And the Wonder Twins have closed with Gabrielle. This could be nasty, Jay.

JAY:   Jayse in her Gorilla form is swinging Zan as the Ice Club...

PAT:   Gabs ducks... swings her staff and... and she gets the gorilla in the knee!

JAY:   Gorilla is coming down with that club now... trying to bash Gabrielle over the head...

PAT:   Gabs rolls to the side, Jay... and Joxer has closed into range. He is going to fire..

JAY:   Hits away, Joxer got the Wonder Gorilla in the butt! Any comment, Pat?

PAT:   The arrow bounced off the Gorilla, Jay. The Wonder Gorilla has turned towards Joxer, and it looks unimpressed.

JAY:   Gabrielle is taking advantage of the moment. She thrusts up, twists... she knocks Zan out of Jayse's hand! Nice one!

PAT:   Zan has reverted to his human form....

JAY:   Joxer is charging the Purple Wonder Gorilla, Pat! He's charging, sword raised and screaming a war cry!!

PAT:   ...And the gorilla bats him away. Joxer falls in the sand folks.

JAY:   Gabrielle is harrassing Zan... trying to lay him out with her staff while keeping him away from his sister. They can't morph if they can't touch.

PAT:   That's right Jay. Jayse is stuck in Gorilla form for now. Zan has some kind of martial arts to use against Gabrielle... this is shaping up to be a good fight...

JAY:   Pat, it looks like Jayse is going to try and destroy Joxer quick while she is stuck in giant Gorilla form. But Joxer is up... He has busted out the nun-chucks and has taken a kung-fu stance! <

PAT:   Joxer might be onto something Jay. He's spinning those nun-chucks like the Bruce Lee. He is screaming a blood cry...

JAY:   He's looks dangerous, Pat.

PAT:   He's going to... and the nun-chucks have slipped from his hands folks. They're flying away... and oh no! Joxer has creamed a hot dog vendor in the stands.

JAY:   Tough break for the hot dog guy...

PAT:   Gorilla Jayse has a hold on Joxer... This is it...

JAY:   ...The hot dog guy has pitched forward... dogs are flying into the arena.

PAT:   The Gorilla is going to rip Joxer...

JAY:   The Wonder Gorilla has stepped in some weenies... something... the gorilla has tripped, folks!!

PAT:   Joxer and all his gear has slammed down into the Wonder Gorilla's face.

JAY:   Joxer is up, and the Gorilla, Jayse is morphing back into human form. She's out.

PAT:   and it looks like in the meantime, Gabrielle has taken down Zan, Jay. This fight is over!

JAY:   Yep it's history. Let's look at the final Votage:


'Nuff Said!

  • Wonder Twins: 52
  • Joxer & Gabby: 129


PAT:   Looks like there's no hard feelings out in the arena for these kids. All four, the twins Joxer and Gabrielle are leaving out the same gate. Don't see that often. From the sportsbox in Khazan, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Have a nice day!

Special thanks to Tom's Xena Fan Page for pics used in this weeks bout.

Special thanks to SuperFriends Archive for pics used in this weeks bout.

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