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Pop Goes the World

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Power Puff Girls vs. Animaniacs

This week's Fight Production By: serge


The interdimensionally famous Khazan Mall has seen it's share of battles, but this is one combat the Mall may not be able to survive....

The Power Puff Girls: The Kindegarten Age crimefighters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Made from sugar, spice and everything nice in the lab of Professor Utonium, an accidental drop of Chemical X gave the newly made girls incredible superhuman powers. Nigh invulnerable, super strong, gifted with flight and other nifty powers, they fight the evil which menaces Townsville.

The Animaniacs: The most dreaded characters to have ever been created by Warner Brothers studios, Yakko, Wakko and Dot were kept locked in the Warner Bros. watertower for the safety of the public. They have since escaped and are themselves swirling forces of pure chaos, with every Toony power and trick in the book at their disposal. When Yakko, Wakko and Dot go shopping, they just can't help but cause a wee bit of trouble. Trouble that those Kindegarten Age crimefighters The Power Puff Girls feel compelled to stop. Run for the exits, folks, because it's going to get ugly...

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Shopping Spree Free-4-All


CALLISTO:   Your hyenas are disturbing my meal. Remove your mangy curs from the Food Court before I release their hides for use as throw rugs.

HARLEY QUINN:   Come 'er babies. Don't let the bad old Goddess hurt your feelings. You two just want some pizza, too, huh? But Some People... who shall remain nameless - Callisto - just don't want to share their pizza. Why don't you give 'em a slice of that?

CALLISTO:   Why don't I use their innards for extra toppings?

QUINN:   You'd like that, wouldn't you?

CALLISTO:   Try me.

QUINN:   Ooookay.. come on, Babies. Out you go.

Camera Man:   Callisto - camera on you - live in five... four... three... two...

CALLISTO:   Ah... okay... how did Pat used to do that? We are LIVE in the Khazan Mall where we will watch two teams of sickeningly cute kiddie fare beat upon on each other. What fun! Hello and Welcome - I'm Callisto.

QUINN:   And I'm Harley Quinn! Folks, a tragedy has occurred here in the Khazan Mall today. Two adorable animals, my pet Hyenas, have been locked outside of the food court against their will. Because some people... who shall remain nameless - Callisto - are piggy with their pizza. We must rally together to fight this injustice! Please send donations ... Owie!! Owie!! No ear pulling!

CALLISTO:   Clown girl, I need you alive for the moment. This situation may change shortly.

QUINN:   Uh.... mail?


Favorite letter of the Week

Sailor Xena writes:

This fight only looks equal on paper; but in reality the Warners are at a disadvantage. Since I watch both the Animaniacs and Powerpuff Girls and the opponents both have faced I can easily say that the Warners were ALWAYS in a position that gave them an advantage(intellectualy or otherwise); the Warners have never been against an opponent that was equal or greater then they were. Sure the PG's have their thugs and Fuzzy Lumpkins, but don't forget Mojojojo or HIM(that's his name in the show, but he's realy Satan). Or that giant mutant blowfish, that fight destroyed practicaly the entire city. So Yakko can talk his head off, Wakko can pull everything out of his gag bag, and Dot can point out how cute she is but all for naught. No amount of anvils or gigantic mallets or explosives borrowed from Aunt Slappy will stop the Powerpuff Girls from beating the Warner brothers and their sister Dot back into the water tower.

dcsensai writes:

First I have to make a shot out to the Goddess Callisto. Even if its only temporary its great to have the almighty Goddess Callisto back in the CBUB fights.i was a fan of the CBUB ever since it was the CALLISTO battle circle. We all know in the CBUB what ever the Goddess Callisto says goes. If Callisto says the powerpuff girls are going to win then the warners are going to be destroyed and burned like a production tower at woodstock '99.

Charge Man writes:

Blossom once freezed the entire city of Townsville into ice cubes. Bubbles once pummeled people for parking illegally and littering. Buttercup nearly totalled Professor Utonium's house trying to destroy a single cockroach. All three turned Townsville into smoltering rubble with the "Powerpuff Dynamo".

The Animaniacs are respected, but cannot compare to such mass destruction. The Powerpuff Girls are the winners, but the real loser is the Khazan Mall.

Lady Alhana Brightblade writes:

Whoo! Yeah! Here they come just in time, the POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!! While the Animaniacs have been creating havoc since the start of Warner Brothers (or so the story goes) the Powerpuff Girls are going to thwart their hilarious ways. Except for the Warner Sister Dot who will realize that she was destined to meet the Powerpuff Girls and join them in their quest to rid Townsville of crime. Beware Mojo Jojo! Beware Seduca! Beware... uh evil cat guy whose name I can't remember! Beware HIM! For the time has come for Princess Anna Louisa Berthe Franchesca Banana Bana Fo Fesca the Third (you can call her Dot) to really live her life as a PPG (I see her wearing something in polka dot). Powerpuff! Da...Da,da,da,da!!!!!!!!

Kartooni writes:

First off I have to say that I like both the Animaniacs and the Powerpuff girls, but there is no way Yakko, Wakko and Dot could beat Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. The Animaniacs' falling anvils are no match for the Powrpuff girls strength and skill.

Sonic Crasher writes:

The Powerpuff Girls are owned by Cartoon Network.
So is Dexter's Lab.
The Animaniacs are owned by Warner Bros.
So are Pinky & the Brain.
Dexter was destroyed by the Brain already in a previous CBUB fight.
Warner Bros. has apparentley made a name for themselves when it comes to taking down Cartoon Network characters. The Animaniacs win due to pure logic.

~the Stranger writes:

Look, i had to go with the Warners on this one. It'll go like this:
Yakko flirts with one girl. As anyone who has ever seen Billy Madison knows, kindergarten girls can't resist flirting with older men.
Dot keeps the other two busy with "girl talk." Sheesh.
Then, Wakko opens his pantented, one-of-a-kind, Never-Ending Bag of Chaos!!! It's all over for the Power Puffs.

Heatherly writes:

Oh please, Dot single handedly could mop the floor with these girls. Plus she's cuter.

The Silverdeath writes:

Animaniacs must win! Personally, i hate those little guys, but think about this: The Power Puff girls beats the devil in a regular basis, but the Warner Brothers (and sister) TERRORIZES him, AND the death!.

GermanCity writes:

The way I see it, whoever wins the fight lives to be an adult. Those that lose, stop growing right now.

Now, who would you rather see reach maturity? 3 bug-cat-monkey things? Or 3 future anime super babes? I think the choice is simple.

Now, had you picked any of the characters that actually carried the Animaniacs show (Pinky and the Brain) I might have voted differently.

Come on people! Don't you wanna see the Warners get the tar beaten out of them just once? Boingy! Boingy! Boingy!

Some guy. writes:

Hilarity is sure to be present at this fight. I say it's time for Animaniacs.
There should be at least one cameo appearences by other Warner Bros. characters. Why? There's ALWAYS a cameo.

Animaniacs winning should be a no brainer. They've both tangled with that evil guy- you know Lucifer, Satin, Ther really angry one, HIM. Altough they both won, I think the Warner Trio did a much better job at it.
PPG- OOooo Ahhh punch. Kick. Exciting. (For thoes of simple minds that is Sarcasm)

Hellraiser Lady 666 writes:

would never be won by the animaniacs. Think logically; the animaniacs don't have any super abilities. Even if they throw bombs, anvils, etc. at the Powerpuff Girls, they still wouldn't be able to beat them. The Powerpuff Girls have super strength, laser vision (long range weapon!), ice breath, fire breath, and other things. The animaniacs wouldn't stand a chance.

MIBH writes:

As much as I like the Animaniacs, I think they're outclassed here. Mallets and anvils may work fine on ordinary shlubs like Baloney and Howie Tern, but you're talking about superheroes here.

The most likely outcome is going to be an all-out display of cuteness and worn-out cartoon gags, until Zorak shows up and destroys them all. Muhahahahahah!


Davros writes:

I hate animaniacs. I hate the people that watch that moronic show and then try to act like its funny. Its not. If you watch that show then you need counseling. or you need to get a job, or maybe both.
I've never watched an episode of the Powder Puff girls, but I saw the commercials and they seem like they mean business. and they have a hip techno soundtrack. And also, at my redneck high school there was an exhibition game where all the girls played football vs some other high school's girls' team, and it was called powder puff football. and those games were kind of cool because girls were always sacking eachother really hard and fights were always breaking out.
I don't think i can put into words how much i loathe animaniacs. i hope they all get euthanized and put on display to all cartoonists everywhere as a cautionary example that nonsensical and random plotlines do not translate into big laughs if the characters are unlikeable. which they are.

Darth Eddie writes:

You have GOT to be kidding....

Animaniacs will be running circles, squares, triangles, parallelograms, and any other shapes you can dream up around those pansy little girls.

I can just see Yakko and Wakko popping out of their little blouses and going "Hel-looooooooo, Nurse" while Dot (a.k.a. Princess Maria Luisa Contessa Francesca Banana-Fanna Bo-Besca the Third) gets all medieval on them for trying to out-cute her.

And don't get me started on all the hired guns the Warners can bring in...Slappy Squirrel alone could finish the job with one good blast.

Now THAT'S comedy!

Windlion writes:

I'd have to say the Animaniacs are going to win this one. The PPGs are more powerful, sure, but can they bring themselves to kick the Warners around when they're not completely evil? Can they combat everything in Wacko's bag? More, can they compete w/ the Warners' notoriety? The PPGs are feared by the baddies, of course, but the Warners' are feared by all. All who are wise, anyways. And the Warners _never_ get caught/hurt/in an unsolvable situation. The worst that's happened to them is an occasional bit of melancholy... And not to mention, they're alot more amusing than the PPGs. :) (yes, yes, I admit it, I used to watch Animaniacs ;))*grins* In short, the PPGs are going down as sure as the Titanic. :) (hopefully faster, though. *winces*) See yah!

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Okay, these terrible trios will decimate the mall in a way which not even the Young Justice/Gen X brawl can match. Both groups are nigh invulnerable. The 3 girls have the power, but the Warners have the smarts. In a few years the girls may have this one, but not as it stands now. I see Buttercup rushing in, stubs (they don't have hands or feet... odd)a-blazin'. Bubbles colors on the wall of Z Daltons as Blossom tries to hold order. Bubbles assaults Yakko and knocks away a mallet wielding Wakko. Dot is annoying the calculating Blossom. Bubbles... is still coloring. The first one the Warners will take out is... the narrator. After all, the narrator keeps saying "Look out girls!" etc. Blahbitty Blah Blah... The mall is decimated and all 6 still stand. This is when the Warners will use their one weapon that can even stop a "Hardcore" Bubbles: (BTW, Bubblevicious is the BEST PPG episode, in my opinion) That weapon is their insane li'l puppy-ish headed minds. They drive the girls crazy and the girls leave of their own free will. Prof. Utonium comforts his girls and the Warners get their sizzling weasel on a stick and a nice gift for Dr. Scratchandsniff...

RealLoneWolf writes:

No way the Warners will lose this one. The Power Puff girls may have power, but power is meaningless against the Warners three. They ran rings around Death and Satan himself!

I'm sure the Puff Girls will put up a terrific battle, but against the toon invincibility of the Warners, that won't do much but anger them. And woe unto the one who calls Dot "Dotty"... She will die a most horrible death (Dot always says so...)

Derrick The Red writes:

No contest...Animaniacs walk away with this one toot sweet...despite their superpowers, the PPG are just TOO GOSH-DARN NICE! As any true Animaniacs fan knows, The Warner Brothers(and the Warner Sister)can sink to lows undreamt of by man or toon. When it comes to fighting dirty, The Warners are IT. Add to this the fact that they're absolutely insane and The PPG are out of luck..

Aaron writes:

well I think this was an easy decision.........Duuhh, the PowerPuff girls would whup those little sewer rodents' sorry butts..Why? because the most the Animanirats have ever done is given wedgies or headaches to people, on the other hand the PowerPuff Girls who can fly have super strength and laser vision have destroyed hundreds of giant robots,killed god knows how many monsters, and have already driven Mojo Jojo half luney! So beat that you little Animaniac Losers.

Daki writes:


How can anyone not vote for the maistros of loony, the Animaniacs. Yakko, Wacko and Dot not only have over 50 years of experience in pure craziness (remember they were locked away in the towers back in the 40's for being too crazy), but they have a wide assortment of characters to call upon for help. I'm sure Pinky and Brain could manage to figure a way to counteract the secret X formula. Or they could call upon that one guy voiced by Ben Stein who could talk the Powder Puff Girls into committing suicide.

It's time for Animaniacs...and very zany o the max. Ahhh, you know the rest. I'm Daki (and I'm cute) and that's what I think.

Nerol writes:

Is this some kind of sick joke??? The PowerPuff Girls are LOSING??? Well, it just goes to show how powerful the exposure provided by the WB can be. But before being good little robots and voting for the team with more merchandising, let's look at the facts, shall we?

Battles: The PowerPuff Girls regularly do battle with creatures that are hundreds of times their size and mass, and who almost always possess incredible physical strength. And they ALWAYS have come out on top. And we aren't talking "Whew, that was hard, I need a doctor" victories here, either. We're talking about thrashings, tearing off of limbs, rupturing of various internal organs. We're talking about all-out butt whuppings here. The Animaniacs, on the other hand, occasionally encounter creatures larger than them, such as dragons. And what happens? For the most part the Animaniacs >ANNOY< them. They don't cut through their tentacles, spewing juices from ruptured orifices. They >ANNOY< them. Advantage: PowerPuff Girls.

Enemies: The PowerPuff Girls are constantly doing battle with evil genius lab monkeys gone wrong, Mojo Jojo, hillbilly psychopaths who make the Deliverence guys look like the Beverly Hillbillies, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and even the absolute incarnation of everything evil and wrong. Yes, I'm talking about HIM. And what's that? They ALWAYS have won? Yes! It just so happens that they have ALWAYS won. Now let's look at the Animaniacs. They are constantly doing battle with... ummm... A brain dead security guard. Yep, he's a problem. An idiot psychiatrist. Oooh! Scary! And most of the rest of the time, they just annoy various bystanders. Hmm. Well. Advantage: PowerPuff Girls

Powers: The PowerPuff Girls are powered by that most mysterious of substances, CHEMICAL X. Let's list their various powers: They can fly at unbelievable velocities, they are able to shoot beams of destruction from their eyes, they are able to lift THOUSANDS of times their own weights, and they have withstood impacts with the earth powerful enough to drive them through city streets, city sewers, and down far enough to pass fossils of dinosaurs. The Animaniacs, on the other hand have Warner Brothers Cartoon Properties. These seem to include near-indestructibility (I say NEAR because we HAVE seen WB cartoons die and go to Heaven / Hell), and the ability to pull improportionately large objects out of bags / pockets. But let's look at one important thing; The Animaniacs were locked in a WATER TOWER for some 50 - 60 years. This isn't some high-tech holding facility. This is a WATER TOWER. Advantage: PowerPuff Girls

In conclusion, I can only say that if the Animaniacs win, it will be due not to actual abilities, which the PowerPuff Girls have in spades, but due to their WB publicity. Thank you.

Thrawn02 writes:

I'm going with the PPGs on this one. The Animaniacs will get an early lead. However, they'll eventually tick off Bubbles (or mess up her hair!) and then it's lights out for the Warners!

Eddie Filth writes:

only reason I ever watched Animaniacs was Pinky and the Brain and paroadies,everything else was just anoying.For once I like to see the Warners get a punch in the gut,maybe my voting for the Powerpuff Girls will ensure that.

Runewulf writes:

I really like the Power Puff Girls better than the Animaniacs, but they just don't display the ability to automatically teleport out of danger or confinement, produce multi-ton anvils from nowhere, summon high explosives, and other wacky-toon abilities. They're very durable, but they CAN be hurt and they CAN be defeated, unlike the Warners, who seem to be completely unstoppable, even by powers like the Lord of Hades himself. So, unfortunately, I must conclude that the Warner's will tease, harass, and annoy the girls into tearful lumps of submission.

AndyAnime writes:

Man, Serge picked a real close one! I wasn't sure who to decide on, so I went with an analysis on each opponent:

Power Puff Girls(PPG): Flight, super-strength, laser eyes, Blossom can breathe ice, and Bubbles can (apparently) talk to animals.
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot(YWD): Just about any cartoon power you can imagine, including the ability to warp reality, the ability to show up whereever they aren't wanted, and of course, there's Wakko's Gaggy Bag(TM)
-Capacity for Wanton Destruction
PPG: In some of their bigger fights, most of Townsville ends up in ruins.
YWD: They're Funny Cartoon Characters(TM). Wanton destruction is their business!
PPG: Not much, unless you think being compared to the Spice Girls (TM) would make them angry.
YWD: Trust me, you don't want to get these kids angry. It's like making fun of Bruce Banner's mother.

I'm going with the Warner Siblings.

Mr. Graves writes:

Gotta go with the 'Maniacs. The Girls are powerful, and do have a few tricks up their sleeves, the Warners run circles around em in that aspect. Dot can keep them occupied with her pet monster, while Yakko fast-talks them into signing themselves to do a movie with Jerry Lewis, or Wakko eats em or smacks em around with one of the million objects he pulls outta nowhere. If Professor Utonium or maybe some clowns were to show up, maybe the Girls might have a slim chance, but I say the Warners all the way.

Razorwitt writes:

Oh come now, really?

Let's see, as much as I like the girls, and as much as Mojo Jojo is a much more formidable opponent over Ralph the security guard, I gotta go with the Warners. The girls know one form of attack, straightforward violence, full frontal assault.

The Warners on the other hand, know randomness. They can't be thrown off guard. They just appear, cause trouble and then depart, usually blissfully ignorant that they've done anything wrong.

Besides, Bubbles will probably find them too cute to hit.

BUT, if the girls mess up Dot a little (she's a bit too cocky for my tastes with the whole "I'm cute" routine), I won't be too upset.

LVtheman writes:

Man oh man, a comedic bloodbath. Tarentino meets Disney, with a little old fashioned ACME merchendise thrown in for fun. Based on expierience, comedic style, and the fact that they have STEVEN FREAKIN' SPIELBERG backing them, I'd say it's obvious that the Animaniacs have this one in the bag.

The Devil writes:

It's about damn time! I have been suggewsting you put the PPG in a fight for Months! Of course I wanted to see them take on The Justice Friends and Monkey. But, any port in a storm. Since i amnot in the mood to drag this out, PPG Hands Down. They have the powers, the skills, the following, and the off-scale sense of humor to anihilate the Animaniacs. Done. TTFN

Esrom writes:

When you turn Wakko, Yakko, and Dot loose, there's not a whole lot you can do to stop them. This trio combines Three Stooges and Marx Brothers lunacy with cartoon chaos. They know every crazy cartoon trick in the book (and a number of crazy cartoon tricks that aren't even in the book). Sorry, Powerpuff Girls, but when you go up against the Warner Brothers --and the Warner Sister, you'll fall flatter than the punchline of a Fozzie Bear joke.


CALLISTO:   We turn our attention to Oshmans Sporting Goods where the Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot have started an impromptu game of croquet.

QUINN:   Croquet using bowling balls and massive wooden mallets.

CALLISTO:   The crashing of windows and screaming of people has caught the attention of those kindergarten goody-goodies; the Power Puff Girls.

QUINN:   Ohhhh Cute kids!

CALLISTO:   Shut-up. Lets switch to live audio, now, from inside Oshmans Sporting Goods.

Blossom:   Hey you guys! You're making a mess and causing trouble! 'Better stop or else!

Yakko:   Helllooo Nurse!

Wakko:   I don't know, Brother. They're kind of little.

Yakko:   Well... you know... Any port in a storm.

Wakko:   Cute little things. Hello little girls. Look what I got in my bag; Coloring books! and Crayons!

Bubbles:   Wheee! Color!

Yakko:   So, you little green-eyed minx... tell me about yourself ...

Buttercup:   Get away, creep. Blossom - let's trash these guys!

Blossom:   Why don't we all color and wait quietly for the authorities.

Buttercup:   I don't wanna color, I wanna kick some teeth in.

Dot:   Hey Wakko, it's your shot... hey... what's going on here?

Yakko:   Dot! Meet ... uh...

Blossom:   Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup! The Power Puff Girls.

Wakko:   We were just talking to these cute little girls, Dot, and now we're going to color. Do you want to color?

Bubbles:   Do you have Scooby Doo coloring book?

Dot:   Cute? Cute! Cute!! I'll show you whose cute!

Yakko:   Back off, Dot - I'm winning affections, here.

Buttercup:   You're about to win a broken nose.

Dot:   Oh cuuuute lil' gii-iirls... meet my cute pet monster!!

Dot's Pet Monster:   AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!

Power Puff Girls:   WhAAAAA!

Khazan Mall Fast Response SWAT Team:   Okay, what's all the trouble here people... Oh My God! Monster on the loose! Kill it! Kill it!

Ten hair-trigger Khazan Mall SWAT Team M16's:   Budda-Budda-Budda-Budda-Budda!

Dot's Pet Monster:   EEP! *poof*

Yakko and Wakko:   Hurray! You've saved all of us!

Wakko:   *Sticking a cigar into each Khazan SWAT-Team member's mouth* Thank you for saving us....

Yakko:   *Shaking each Khazan SWAT Team members hand* You are a credit to law enforcement everywhere. Thank you. My children thank you. Bless you all. Come along, now, Dot....

Wakko:   Gotta go... bye!

Air surrounding where the Warners used to be:   POOF!

Blossom:   ... hey... wait a minute...

Bubbles:   Aren't we gonna color?


[ pic ] [ pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Animaniacs: 487

Power Puff Girls: 277


CALLISTO:   Oh dear. Nobody died. What a waste. I can't believe I got pulled out of retirement for this.

QUINN:   Welll.... gotta be going, now. Be seeing ya!

CALLISTO:   Hold on a minute Clown Girl. We have unfinished business.

QUINN:   Unfinished business?

CALLISTO:   Girl talk, you know. Come here little clown girl... come on... closer... that's it...

QUINN:   Oh, dis gonna hurt.

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Beginners Guide to the Animaniacs

The Official Tara Charendoff Pages (The voice of Bubbles)


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