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Renamon is a fictional character from the Digimon media franchise. Renamon's Tamer is Rika, and is a main character in the Digimon Tamers season (as well as the two related movies Battle of Adventurers and Runaway Locomon). Renamon's Digivolution forms are inspired by the Kitsune and other fox spirits of Asian myth. The name "Renamon" is derived from Renard, the French word for Fox. In the Japanese original, as well as in most dubs, Renamon and her other forms are portrayed as female, though in the German dub, all the forms except Sakuyamon are voiced and treated as male.

Renamon is tall and powerful for a Rookie level Digimon. She is far more mature than the other Rookie Digimon, considering her experience and jaded view on life. Renamon's feral features and penetrating icy blue eyes can make her seem quite intimidating, even when she does not mean to give that impression. Her physical appearance is that of an upright fox, with a fox-like face, a tail, and legs in which the heel is much higher than that of a human's, to become an inverted second knee. This leaves her to walk on her toes, as such.

Renamon seems to be able to teleport short distances, run at high speeds (to the point of being able to pass speeding traffic), and become invisible. Throughout the entire series, she hardly ever smiles. She has the Taoist Taijitu symbol on the armguards she wears and the zodiacal Cancer symbol on her thighs.

Renamon became Rika's partner after she received her D-Power (D- Arc in Japan) shortly after a Digimon Cards tournament. Many Digimon appeared to ask Rika to be their tamer, but in the end, Rika's choice was Renamon; "I just want one strong Digimon." Renamon remained as Rika's companion throughout the Tamers season. Renamon does not remember how she came to the real world from the Digiworld, she only remembers her partnership and friendship with Rika. If Rika calls Renamon's name, Renamon will appear. This is also a kitsune magic, for if a kitsune owes a man a debt, the man only has to call "Kitsune!" and the fox will appear to help him.

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