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The Greys

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"Greys" are extraterrestrial beings whose existence is promoted in ufological, paranormal, and New Age circles despite being disregarded by the mainstream scientific community. Named for their alleged skin tone, Greys are most widely associated with the alien abduction phenomenon, wherein claimants allege that Greys are intelligent extraterrestrials who visit Earth and secretly perform medical experiments on humans they have temporarily kidnapped. Scientists believe that the alien abduction phenomenon is a subjectively real experience with roots in psychology and culture, but that it does not provide credible evidence for the existence of visiting extraterrestrials.

Greys are typically depicted as grey-skinned diminutive humanoid beings that possess reduced forms of or outright lack human organs and anatomical components. Their bodies are usually depicted as being elongated, having a small chest, and lacking in muscular definition and visible skeletal structure. Their legs are shorter and jointed differently than one would expect in a human. Their limbs are often depicted as proportionally different than a human's; their humerus and thigh are the same lengths as their forearm and shin, respectively. They have been depicted as having three to five fingers and lacking opposable thumb.

Greys are depicted as having unusually large heads in proportion to their bodies. They are depicted as having no hair anywhere on the body, including the face, and no noticeable outer ear or noses, but only small openings or orifices for ears and nostrils. They are depicted as having very small mouths, and very large, opaque black eyes with no discernible iris or pupil. Sometimes Greys are alternately depicted as having no noticeable nostrils or mouths.

Among reports of supposed alien encounters, Greys make up approximately 50 percent in Australia, 43 percent in the United States, 90 percent in Canada, 67 percent in Brazil, 20 percent in Continental Europe, and around 12 percent in Great Britain.

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