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Davy Jones

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Davy Jones is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, first appearing as the primary villain the series's second film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In the series, is the captain of the Flying Dutchman (based on the feared ghost ship of the same name featured in nautical lore), roaming the seas in search of souls to serve upon his vessel for a century. In the story, his original purpose was to carry souls from this world to the next on his vessel. He was charged with this duty for ten year periods by his one true love, a heathen sea goddess named Calypso, at which for every ten years at sea he could spend a day on land with her. Ten years after being charged with the duty, Jones prepared to meet his true love on land for a single day, but became enraged and saddened when she did not show. As a result, Jones abandoned his duties as the shepard to the souls who were lost at sea, and ruled the seas with a damned crew forced to serve him for one hundred years each. Unable to deal with Calypso's betrayal, he cut his heart out and placed it in a chest, burying it on land. This chest became known as the Dead Man's Chest, the primary object in the second film.

The computer-generated imagery used to complete Jones was highly praised, with Entertainment Weekly naming him as the second most convincing computer generated film character in film history, only behind King Kong from the 2005 film adaptation. The work on Davy Jones by Industrial Light and Magic earned them the 2006 Academy Award for Visual Effects for Dead Man's Chest.

The legend of Davy Jones' Locker is hundreds of years old and originally not connected to the legend of the Flying Dutchman.

The character's act of removing and concealing his heart draws on a well-established theme in which the villain is rendered immortal by sacrificing its humanity. Examples of this range from ancient mythology (particularly the Legend of Koschei) to modern concepts of the undead and demon. Similarly to the ghost pirate LeChuck in the classic computer game The Secret of Monkey Island, Davy Jones is a villainous, undead captain whose immortality is a curse resulting from his broken heart. Davy Jones was depicted by sailors in all of maritime history as the devil of the sea. Several books have described a man that resembles a creature of the sea.

Davy Jones Davy Jones Davy Jones

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