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Dark Samus

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This is a list of notable fictional characters in Metroid, a series of video games developed by Nintendo.

is the bounty hunter protagonist of the series. Samus spent her early childhood with mother & father on the mining planet K-2L. The Space Pirates lead by Ridley raid the colony. Samus' mother was kill by Ridley's fire breath and her father sacrifice himself to destory the pirates & their Mothership. Samus is found by a group of Chozo who had left the planet shortly before the pirate's raid. A Chozo called "Old Bird", who Samus had befriended earlier decided to take the child to Zebes (which had yet to be taken over by the Space Pirates). To help her survive within the enviroment of Zebes, the Chozo infused her with their blood/DNA, which also enhanced her natural abilities (enhancing her running, jumping, and other athletic abilities to superhuman levels). Samus was adopted & raised by the Chozo on Zebes. They taught Samus how to use her special gifts and how to fight. They also gave her signature Power Suit (which was a Chozo powersuit modified specifically for her). Several years later Samus joined the Galactic Federation Army, serving under the command of Adam Malkovich. Having lost her parents at young age she bonded with her commanding officer, coming to see Adam as a father figure. However during a rescue mission, Adam made a decision to sacrificed his little brother to save the team and some three-hundred refugees when a large fusion drive was about to explode, against the objections of Samus. Young & naive, Angry at Adam for sacrificing his brother, Samus quit the army in protest and became a solo bounty hunter (Samus would later come to regret this decision, eventually realising Adam's reasons behind his decision to sacrifice his brother). Samus went on to become a famous bounty hunter and sworn enemy of the Space Pirates, Ridley, Mother Brain, the Metroids, the Ing, and Metroid Prime/Dark Samus and removing the galactic threats such as the mutagen Phazon, the Metroids, and eventually the Space Pirates and Mother Brain herself. She also bonded with an infant Metroid, she called "The Baby" which had imprinted on her shortly after hatching, believeing Samus to be its mother. She decided to spare the creature and brought the larva to Ceres Space Colony, so federation scientists could learn to harness its power for peaceful applications. In Super Metroid, just after she left the colony, she received a distress call and returned to find the scientists dead and The Baby in the clutches of Ridley. She chases Rildey to the planet Zebes, where she searches for the stolen larva in a network of caves. Along the way, Samus defeats four of the Space Pirate bosses, including Ridley, and arrives in Tourian, the heart of the Space Pirate base. There, she encounters The Baby, which has now grown to an enormous size. It attacks Samus and nearly drains all of her energy before it realizes it has mistakenly tried to feed on its "mother" and horrorifed by its mistake, it depart. Samus recharges her energy and confronts Mother Brain. Mother Brain nearly kills Samus, but is then attacked by The Baby, which drains it of its energy and transfers it back to Samus. Mother Brain recovers and fires a energy beam in retaliation. The Baby sacrifices its own life to protect Samus and is destroyed above Samus' head, but the Mother Brain is in turn destroyed by Samus with the extremely powerful "Hyper Beam" weapon created from the energy given to her by the Metroid. Afterward, a planetwide self-destruct sequence begins, which Samus narrowly escapes. In Other M, Samus arrives at the Galatic Federation HQ and is examied by quarantine officer and briefly put into quarantine sleep where she has a dream of her resent battle. She awakens from her dream and after an equipment check, she is told by the Quarantine Officer that the higher-ups are waiting and it is mention that her powersuit has been "cleaned" of what little left remains of The Baby. Samus reports the success of her mission and with the threats of the Space Pirate and the Metroids removed from the galaxy, the rest of the galaxy moves on, the events on Zebes fading into the past. While investigating a distress signal coming from an old space station called the Bottle Ship, Samus is reunited with her old teammate, Anthony Higgs, along with her former CO Adam Malkovich. Working along with Anthony, Adam, their squad of soldiers they investigate the Bottle Ship. They discover that it is secretly being used by members of the federation to create illegal bio-weapons. Unknown to Samus, Anthony, or Adam the scientists had accidently cloned Ridley. While trying to restore Sector 3's geothermal power planet Anthony & Samus are attacked by Ridley. Anthony dies protecting Samus from Ridley (the sight of Ridley's clone had psychologically triggered the tragic memories from her childhood of her terrorifying first encounter with Ridley). Anthony's death restores Samus to her senses and she attacks Ridley with her Plasma Beam. After a epic struggle the wounded Ridley escapes, Samus discovers that she is no longer able to commincate with Adam via comm link. Eventually she meets the stations head scientist Madeline Bergman who reveals how the Ridley clone was created and that their is even a greater threat on the station than him, a Metroid breeding project within Sector 0, along with a computer designed to control the Metroids, MB. Samus heads to the elevator to Sector 0, but stops upon encountering a larval Metroid, Samus is then hit by an ice beam that causes he to revert to her Zero Suit. Before the Metroid can attack her it is hit by second ice beam blast. Samus discovers it was Adam who shot her and who killed the Metroid, Adam then reveals that he is aware of the Metroid Project as he had written a report opposing it, only for a group within the federation to take it upon themselves to use The Baby's remains (obtained from Samus' powersuit while she was in quarantine sleep) to genetic engineer a new breed of Metroids immune to freezing. Adam sacrifices himself to destroy Sector 0, destroying the Metroids and MB. He leaves Samus with a final mission to defeat the clone Ridley and expose the truth about what has occured on the Bottle Ship. Samus later find Ridley dead and discovers that he was killed by a surviving Queen Metroid. Samus exterminates the Queen Metroid once again, believeing that she had put an end to the federation Metroid breed project. In Metroid Fusion, while investigating SR388 with the B.S.L. now that the Metroids no longer exist on the planet, she is attacked by creature she never encountered before. The creature infects her powersuit and almost kills her, before doctors inject her with a vaccine created from a surviving Metroid tissue sample, taken from The Baby. Samus recovers and discovers the creature that had infected her was a parasite known as the "X". The vaccine give Samus the power to absorb the X parasites but also obtains the Metroid's weakness to cold (thus making Samus, biologically a hybrid of human, chozo, and metroid). Samus discovers that infected parts of her Power Suit which surgicially remove and send to the B.S.L. station along with samples from SR388. The federation receives reports that the B.S.L. station has been rocked by an explosion and Samus is sent to investigate. She is placed under the command of her new ship A.I., which decides to call "Adam" in honor of her former CO. On the station she discovers the X have overrun the space station and it is revealed that an X mimicing Samus (which the computer Adam dubbs as the "SA-X") is responsible. Samus eventually comes accross another secret Metroid breed facility within the station. SA-X chasing Samus also discovers it and begins attacking the Metroids (as they are the X's natural predators) causing the facility to detact for the station and self-destruct. Samus escapes and is told by Adam that their are at least 10 SA-X onboard the ship. After her battle with Ridley-X, Adam reveals the federation is planning to capture the X parasites along with the SA-X. In her frustation, she calls the computer "Adam" and causing it to ask her what the original Adam would have done. The computer listens to Samus' plan to activate the Space Station's self-destruct, but tells her that this plan will fail and suggests she instead set the station on a collision course with SR388, and ends the briefing with Adam signature phrase "Any Objections, Lady?. Samus is shocked to discover that her ship's computer is in fact copy of Adam's mind and that she has managed to awaken "his" memories of his former self. Samus follows Adam's plan and is forced to fight and defeat one of the SA-X, which manages to flee before she can absorb it. Samus sets the station to hit planet SR388 and rushes to the hanger where her ship is docked, only to find it missing and an Omega Metroid in its place. The Omega Metroid proves to strong for Samus to handle. However Samus is ironically saved by the appearence a SA-X which attacks the Omega Metroid only for the Omega Metroid to defeat. Samus however manages to absorb the SA-X parasite, transforming her Fusion Suit into the "Omega Suit" and restores her "Ice Beam" function. Samus defeats the Omega Metroid and is rescued by her ship. Afterwords she reflects on her resent adventure and reunion with Adam. She also wonders how the federation will view her actions.

By the end of Fusion, Samus is believed to be the last remnant of the Metroids (who's name happens to be the Chozoian word for "Ultimate Warrior").

The Chozo are a mysterious and sage-like species featured throughout the Metroid series. The origins and age of the Chozo race and civilization are unknown, but they were once spread across several planets in the Metroid universe. Lore entries in Metroid Prime suggest that the race may have traveled to a higher plane of existence as opposed to dying out. The Chozo were extremely technologically advanced, but took pride in their elaborate statuary. They also exchanged knowledge with other species, including the Luminoth of Aether, the Reptilicus of Bryyo, the Elysians of Elysia (robot which the Chozo themselves built). Lore found in Metroid Prime 3 specifically mentions a fellowship of enlightened species that once existed between the Chozo, the Luminoth, the Reptilicus, and another race called the Ylla. While the former three have been expounded on in the series, the Ylla are only mentioned in this piece of lore and have yet to be seen. They were also responsible for breeding the Metroids. In the Japanese versions of the games, the Chozo are only ever identified by the generic term , of which the name "Chozo" is an anglicized version. In Super Metroid, some of the Chozo statues would rise up and attack Samus; these bosses are called Torizos. In Metroid Prime, in later areas in game play, Chozo ghost appear and attack Samus. Although originally allies, they have been maddened by the Phazon corruption of their planet, and can no longer distinguish friend from foe.

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