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Spiderman 2099

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Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara) is a fiction comic book superhero, created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in 1992 for Marvel Comics' Marvel 2099 line. His secret alter ego is Miguel O'Hara, a brilliant geneticist living in New York in the year 2099 A.D who is attempting to recreate the abilities of the original Spider-Man in other people and later suffers a related accident that causes half his DNA to be re-written with a spider's genetic code.

Spider-Man 2099 is a direct result of the 30th anniversary of Spider-Man's first appearance. Spider-Man 2099 was one of the many Marvel characters to be re-imagined for the Marvel 2099 comic book line that showed future versions of classic Marvel characters living in the year 2099, a century after the current Marvel Universe time period (the Marvel 2099 timeline began its run in 1992, approximately 107 years prior to the year in which the new books would take place.) Spider-Man 2099 was first featured in a five page sneak preview of the first issue of his then-upcoming series in the 30th anniversary issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. The Spider-Man 2099 series' first issue appeared shortly afterward. When originally published, the Marvel 2099 stories were meant to depict the official future of the Marvel Universe: a dystopia America governed by corrupt megacorporations with a number of cyberpunk elements.

The character was originally designed by artist Rick Leonardi, with Peter David brought onto the series as writer to flesh out the character’s alter ego and supporting characters. Spider-Man 2099 #1 was written by Peter David, penciled by Rick Leonardi, inked by Al Williamson, and lettered by Rick Parker. Peter David has said that Spider-Man 2099 #1 is the highest selling single issue of any comic he has ever written.

Although the book was continuously selling more than 100,000 copies per issue, the book and entire 2099 comic line underwent a drastic shift in early 1996, with the firing of the 2099 series editor Joey Cavalieri. At this time, Marvel’s finances and future were unstable, and sudden firings were quite common. Like virtually all of the other writers in the line, Peter David chose to show solidarity with his editor, and resigned from the book with issue #44.

Spiderman 2099 Spiderman 2099

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