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Cobra Organization

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Cobra (also called Cobra Command or Cobra Organization) is the fictional nemesis of the G.I. Joe team in the Hasbro action figure toylines G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, as well as their related media.

Cobra was introduced when G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line was launched in 1982. The toyline was accompanied by a Marvel Comic series written by Larry Hama, and an animated television series by Sunbow and Marvel Productions. Each medium to feature G.I. Joe has had its own continuity and as such, the origin and portrayal of Cobra has differed in each of them. The comic series took a serious tone and portrayed the group as a fairly efficient 'real world' political and military machine, going as far as to give it a corporate front as the company "ARBco" with various subsidiaries also being anagrams of "Cobra" such as "Robca Reality" and "Broca Bros." In the cartoon, Cobra is often portrayed as an ineffectual group of terrorists, going as far as being revealed to have a retconned a fantasy background (see , below).

Though the members of the Cobra organization are all fighting against G.I. Joe, there are many internal power struggles.

The vast majority of Cobra is made up of faceless legions of soldiers, widely diversified according to specialties and functions. Some of the more prominent include:

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Win HYDRA 47 to 33
Loss UNSC (Halo) 32 to 46
Loss The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) 22 to 74
Loss HYDRA 47 to 51
Win Happy Tree Friends 49 to 38
Loss The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) 22 to 83
Loss Naked Snake (Big Boss) 39 to 65
Loss Godzilla 19 to 90
Loss S.H.I.E.L.D. 18 to 75
Loss Indiana Jones 33 to 70
Loss Apocalypse 4 to 22
Loss Deadpool 8 to 17
Loss Global Defence Initiative (G.D.I) 12 to 13
Loss X-Men 4 to 12
Loss X-Men 3 to 12
Win Team America 11 to 10
Loss Birds of Prey 12 to 13
Loss Guile 11 to 13
Win The Guild of Calamitous Intent 13 to 7
Loss James Bond 5 to 15
Win Cowboys 8 to 3
Win Penny (Inspector Gadget) 19 to 7
Loss Captain America 1 to 19
Loss The Daleks 0 to 8