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Birds of Prey

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Birds of Prey is a comic book series published by DC Comics that features the adventures of the heroine Oracle and her group of superheroines. The group is initially based in Gotham City and later operates in Metropolis and then relocates once more to "Platinum Flats", California, a new locale introduced in Birds of Prey in 2008.

The series was conceived by Jordan B. Gorfinkel and originally written by Chuck Dixon. Gail Simone scripted the comic from issue #56 to #108. Sean McKeever was originally to replace Simone , but McKeever has since decided to leave the project, and will only write issues #113-117; Tony Bedard, who wrote issues #109-112, will become the title's regular writer starting with issue #118 . Artists have included Butch Guice, Greg Land, Ed Benes, and Joe Bennett; Nicola Scott began a stint as artist with issue #100.

Despite the title of the series being Birds of Prey, the phrase is not mentioned in the book until issue #86, when one of the group's members, Zinda Blake, suggests that it might be a fitting name for the team. However, the other characters get sidetracked and do not respond to her suggestion. Oracle, the team's leader, refers to the group by that name in a conversation with the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, and later within the series.

The team's greatest strength comes from Barbara's connections to other heroes across the DC Universe from her tenure as Batgirl, ranging from Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to specialized rosters adapted to best suit her present mission. After Black Canary's departure, Huntress remains as the staple member and field leader, alongside new "core members." Despite the all-female central roster, male allies of Barbara such as Nightwing, Wildcat, Savant, and Creote frequently assist missions.

Birds of Prey

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