Hunter: Khazan Unit

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Superior

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

A. Nonymus

In the alleyway, a fat man in fairly expensive clothing walked carefully between a pair of immense bodyguards. He stopped in front of a shadow and gestured for the protection to do the same. "Well, Vinnie?" he began. "What's the problem? I'll have you know that I was in the middle of some very important business with a pair of offworld clients when you called me. You'd better have a damn good reason to come to this spot." No reply came from the shadow. The fat man was getting suspicious and had his brawn slowly circle around behind the person he was sure he was talking to. "You're not gonna get away with this, Vinnie. You sounded nervous over the phone, you said that somebody was stalking you. You seem kind of calm now, for some reason. Did you take care of your problem without my help? Speak up, man!" To the fat man's left, one of the thugs gave a cry of "Jesus Christ!" as he accidentally kicked the body at his feet. Two muffled shots later, both their bodies joined the first on the ground. "The hell...?" muttered the last man standing. From the shadow stepped a woman in Vinnie's hat and coat and pointing a dangerous looking gun at him. "Who are you? Do you realize who you're trying to intimidate?" The Hunter's eyes flashed darkly for a second. "Robert Allensby. You have been deemed a danger to Habitat. You will now be executed." She prepared to pull the trigger. "What? But I only visited the place once! You can't do this, I haven't done anything--" HABITAT TRANSMISSION FIRST PRIORITY. BRIEFING TO BE AVOIDED UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. PREPARE FOR UPLINK...

...UPLINK TERMINATED. RESUME ACTIVITIES. The target had run off as soon as she stopped moving, the Hunter suspected. She had been tracking him, as well as others like him, for ten years since he first settled down on Khazan. This would have been the moment when his sentence was finally enacted. That didn't matter anymore, though. A new target had found itself on Khazan, the rogue Hunter who escaped Habitat five years ago. And now she will be the one to kill him and end any further risk he represents for her people. Let the fat man run. She must review the briefing in order to familiarize herself with the facts...


     Detective: Superior


BEGIN BRIEFING... The rogue Hunter, codenamed Hunted, is believed to have taken a transport several weeks ago to Khazan. Being an Alpha unit like the Hunted, you will be familiar with his physical weaknesses. He has likely already generated connections with several inhabitants of Khazan and may have spread too much knowledge about us already. You will determine whether these inhabitants know too much and dispose of those who do, in addition to seeking the Hunted himself. Hunted is to be your top priority, all other targets being secondary, with exception of all he has had contact with.



     Radiation: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l4v:Cyberware
  • Multi-Attacks


Being an Alpha unit like yourself, the Hunted is immune to your primary weapon. Though other rogue Habitat units will still be damaged by the radiation and EMP blast, he will not be harmed. The Hunted is accustomed to Hunters who do not take this into account and has compromised nearly a dozen of them during his travels thanks to their shortsightedness. You will be expected to use caution when you have the opportunity to execute him.


DefenceImmunity: Radiation

     Immunity: Standard


The Hunted, though not equipped with every device given your Hunter class, still has the primary weapon. This is one reason why you and the previous Alpha units have been chosen to track him down. All other Hunter designs have no shielding capable of blocking radiation or an EMP. Be warned that the Hunted expects his Hunter to know that they are safe from any powerful attacks from him and uses that to his advantage. Again, caution must be exercised if the Hunted is to be taken at last.


The shot

     Projectile Attack: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only


Instead of using your primary weapon on the Hunted, you will be forced to substitute your secondary weapon. Your handgun, specially modified to fire high momentum projectiles, would normally be enough to subdue a Hunter alpha unit. The Hunted, though, is furnished with additional structural support around his vital organs which means that only an accurate shot at the head or directly at the torso will cause damage. Your discretion will be your judge as to which weapon will be used against any other potential targets ...END BRIEFING



     Radar: Standard


...BRIEFING RESUMED Your prior report indicates that the Hunted as gone into hiding. All avenues must be pursued so that any further damage caused by the rogue can be prevented. With this in mind, a software package has been sent with this transmission which will modify your senses in order to detect echoes from your radioactive emissions. Though most of your radiation penetrates most materials, a small amount of it will be reflected back to your body where it can be registered and measured for incident angle and time displacement.



     Marksman: Superior


Coupled with your new sensory programming is a further upgrade that will improve your spacial perception. You will be better able to calculate ballistic trajectories for your secondary weapon and transfer that information to your motor functions many times more accurately than you could previously. If the Hunted or any who know of the Hunted are in the area, you will no longer be forced to enter close proximity to eliminate them. This new programming will make the situation safer for both yourself and for Habitat. BRIEFING ENDS...