Aqua Fowl, Chicken of the Sea


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0


The announcer – bald, sweaty and barely visible amongst the throng of spectators – continued to shout hoarsely into the microphone, but to no avail.~"Is there no man here who dares to challenge the Roid Rooster? $1,000 to anyone who can beat him!"~The rooster in question – a hulking, oversized feathered brute – clucked loudly as he circled the ring. His eyes bulged out so far that one almost expected them to pop right out of his skull. He thrashed roughly against the side of the mini arena, bending the hard steel caging which protected the spectators. The audience cheered madly, and yet none stepped forward to accept the challenge. Seven roosters had met the call already, and only two made it out alive – and none with a victory.~Suddenly, the dimly lit cockfighting den was illuminated with bright sunlight as the door kicked open. No sooner had the drunken gamblers had shielded their eyes than the room grew dark once more – the frame of the door taken up by an ominously large figure.~"Avast ye scurvy land-lubbers," bellowed the mysterious figure, "stand aside or I'll cut yer throats and drink yer blood like rum!"~As the crowd parted, the man adjusted his pirate hat and ambled towards the ring. The silence of the stunned gamblers was broken up by the alternating thud of the man's heavy wooden pegleg. Reaching the ring, the man placed a large metal cage on the table beside him and wiping the sweat from the green skin of his brow, loudly announced:~"My name be Tentaclehead, and I'll be acceptin' that challenge!"

The crowd cheered loudly and in their excitement, some began placing their bets immediately. Despite the bravado of the newcomer, the vast majority were simply looking for an excuse to bet on the Roid Rooster – easy money, they assumed. ~"Gentlemen," announced Tentaclehead, "in this cage I have the most fearsome feathered beast to ever roam the Seventeen Seas. A beast so terrifying, that no coop nor farm could contain it. A creature so powerful that it plagued the oceans for a whale's age before I was finally able to capture it."~The crowd was enthralled, and held their breath in anticipation as the long green tentacles which poked down from beneath Tentaclehead's hate slithered their way to the door of the cage and popped open the lock.~"Behold!" shouted Tentaclehead dramatically, "Aqua Fowl, the Chicken of the Sea!"~Slowly, a quite average sized rooster emerged hesitantly from the confines of the cage. Well, all assumed it was a rooster, given that it had two scrawny legs holding it up and was roughly rooster-shaped. The rest was obscured by a sort of old fashioned diving suit – complete with caged copper helmet – that was crudely assembled to fit the poor creature. It clucked nervously, and the sound echoed slightly within the heavy metal helmet.~Howls of laughter erupted from the crowd and betting on the Roid Rooster increased exponentially. An incensed Tentaclehead cursed the disbelievers and ushered the awkward bird into the fighting cage.


     Sonar: Standard


The Roid Rooster scratched angrily at the floor of the arena, its muscles expanding as his rage grew. From inside the confines of the diving suit, Aqua Fowl lamented this turn of events. He was at heart a very peaceful rooster, and not one prone to violence. Growing up on the farm, he simply realized that he was different. While most roosters were content to crow and feed and protect the hens, Aqua Fowl longed for something more. He longed for the sea. ~Right now, however, he needed to see what he was fighting. The tiny grill at the front of his helmet, though excellent at protecting him from the pressures of the deep oceans, did not allow him to see very well at all. Letting out a series of high pitched clucking pings, Aqua Fowl used his incredible natural sonar to establish the size and position of his opponent.~"Uh-oh" he thought, "this one looks BIG."


One With The Sea

     Communicate with Animals: Standard


Aqua Fowl missed his carefree days frolicking in the sea with his marine friends. For the first time in his life, he had felt like he truly belonged. He would chat for hours with the dolphins, groupers, minnows and shrimp – and though he did find the seahorses to be a bit stuck up, everyone seemed to get along swimmingly. He could always count on his underwater friends for help in times of need.~Roid Rooster lunged at Aqua Fowl with a great roar, barely missing him as he bashed his overly veined cranium into the steel bars. Aqua Fowl concentrated, reaching out with his mind to find someone – anyone who could help. Suddenly, two voices called down to him from the darkness.~"Dude, are you a chicken?" said one voice.~"A rooster," Aqua Fowl clucked telepathically, "I am in great danger! I am a friend of all sea creatures – can you help me?"~"Well we can see the fight from here," said the second voice, "it doesn't look good for you clucky."~"That other rooster is huge – and MAD", added the first.~"What manner of creatures are you? Sharks? Giant Squids? Poisonous jellyfish?" asked Aqua Fowl as he dodged yet another thunderous attack from the Roid Rooster, "I need your assistance!"~The voices laughed in unison, "Dude good luck and all, but we are totally not getting in there with you" said the first voice.~"Crap," thought Aqua Fowl, as the Roid Rooster slammed into him.


Diving Suit

     Body Armor: Supreme


Aqua Fowl flew backwards into the side of the cage with incredible force. The crowd cheered wildly at the sickening clang the impact made, and greedily clutched their bet tickets for the Roid Rooster. ~"Get up ye lazy scallywag," shouted Tentaclehead, "or I'll be servin' ye to the crew with beans and taters!"~Aqua Fowl sat dazed for a moment. By all rights he should be dead, but aside from being winded and a few ruffled feathers he thought he was okay. The diving suit was designed to withstand pressures at the bottom of the ocean, and attacks by sharks and harpoons. It had saved him from certain death on many occasions, but he knew he couldn't take many more hits like that or it would crumple like a tin can underfoot.~"Think, think, think" thought an increasingly frightened and desperate Aqua Fowl.


Master of the Sea

     Mind Control: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


Aqua Fowl closed his eyes and concentrated, reaching out once more to the voices he had contacted. "If you will not aid me willingly, then I have no choice. Minions of the sea – obey me!"~"We hear and obey," came the monotone response of the voices.~Aqua Fowl did not like using his ability to control marine life on unwilling creatures, but if he was to survive, he needed their help. "Come to me, O creatures of the sea! Aid your master!"~"We hear and obey," they responded again.~Upstairs from the arena the cockfighting den's owner watched with glee as Aqua Fowl was smashed once again into the side of the cage. His celebration was interrupted, however, by a faint splashing sound nearby. Looking to his right, he saw that both of his goldfish had inexplicably leapt from their tank next to the window overlooking the arena, and were now flopping helplessly across his floor.


The Deadly Melanoni Sea Urchin

     Induced Sleep: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - Multi-Use


Level: Supreme (75) ranged (10) area effect (10)~Aqua Fowl struggled to his feet, his diving suit cracked and nearly broken. Despite his commands, his loyal sea minions had clearly abandoned him, and he was left with only one option. As the Roid Rooster began his next charge, Aqua Fowl triggered a button on his suit, unleashing a torrent of tiny blue slivers in his attacker's direction. He clenched his eyes shut, waiting for the impact to strike him.~It didn't. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see the Roid Rooster fast asleep on the floor of the arena, dozens of tiny spines sticking out from his bulging muscles. Most people in Khazan had not ventured deep enough into the ocean to find the Deadly Melanoni Sea Urchin, but Aqua Fowl had. He met an entire family of them and they used to play charades and discuss crustacean politics every other Thursday. They were even kind enough to give him any spines they had shed as a token of their affection.~Of course, not even the Urchins knew the effect the venom in their spines had on surface dwellers, or that it would someday save Aqua Fowl's life. They were simply trying to polite hosts.~A loud cacophony of cursing and lamentation rose up from the gamblers as they tore their tickets in disgust. Tentaclehead gleefully counted his winnings – with various tentacles sorting different denominations as he went. Reaching into the arena, he gathered up his prized rooster and locked him back in his cage. Aqua Fowl was relived to have survived, of course, but as he peered glumly out from his dented metal dive helmet and through the steel bars of his cage, he wondered if he would ever again swim free through the boundless blue ocean.