Clockwork Knight

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


Time. Most of these poor, ignorant souls don't even notice it's progression. They flutter idly about their lives, ignorant of the forces which have shaped and re-shaped their reality hundreds -thousands of times. I know...I know because there is precious little left of my world or, to be more specific, my time. You see in the distant future, long after the advent of time travel makes "the future" an obsolete concept, the universe is in disarray. Many travellers have by that point made the journey through time and succumbed to the temptation to alter history. Indeed, the very fact that they are there disturbs the timestream -creating ripples and waves which constantly pull and tear at the very fabric of the universe. So much damage has been done that time and space have begun to collapse upon one another -imploding all of existence at a frightening rate. These poor lost souls -blissfully unaware that I have seen the end of the universe, and the end begins here -here in this accursed place known as Khazan. Here beings from across time and space converge in an unnatural co-existence, one which will eventually create the initial tear in the timestream which precipitates the Great Apocalypse. Since birth I have been trained to put a stop to this event -trained to control the forces of time itself and bend it to my will. The Clockwork Templars to whom I am eternally loyal have struggled for years to put and end to time travel -sending their Knights into the void to halt that which has already been done. Upon my birth, it was decreed that I should be the last and greatest of the Clockwork Knights -that my actions would either end the Apocalypse or doom the universe forever. From the Templars I learned to travel along the timestream yet remain apart from it -immune to the temporal distortions caused by other travellers. I learned to fight, to kill for the cause -my mission could not fail. For many years have I laboured at my task -travelling to different times, different places -stopping time-travellers and destroying devices which can manipulate the timestream. It was my hope that this alone would stop the Great Apocalypse -that the damage to time and space could be reversed but I was world still crumbles, the Templars are all but gone. I have but one last hope -to stem the tide at it's source -Khazan. I must find a way to destroy the mysterious portals which draw beings to this nexus -I must seal off Khazan from the many realities which populate it. Those who have already come through the portal must also be sacrificed -a small price to pay for the countless lives which would be saved. Time. Ours is running out -and only I can stop it.

My mission is my life. From birth I have been trained to fight, to kill, to bend time -all for the purpose of completing the work of the Clockwork Templars. I am determined in my goals and will allow nothing to deter me -the stakes are too high to allow personal emotions to get in the way. Despite my devotion, I am human -I do feel the pain of those whom I doom to the void. Not all are villainous or corrupt -many are explorers, scientists, curious travellers exploring the final frontier...but still they must be stopped. There is a great sadness to this -to ending the life of an innocent or destroying another's life work, but what choice have I? The universe must be saved, and it is upon my shoulders alone that this duty rests. Once my objective is complete I too must be destroyed, for my own temporal transgressions pose a risk as well. Despite fighting the end of the universe my entire life, I truly fear the end, and pray that I will have the courage to play out this final denouement when the moment draws near.

Mastery of the Blade

     Sword Master: Superior


As soon as I reached the age of maturity, the Clockwork Templars began training me in the use of the Chronosword - the traditional weapon of the Clockwork Knights. Many a day has been spent learning it's intricacies - it's weight in my hands, it's gentle motion, it's deadly effect. I have trained with the greatest Knights and Templars whom ever lived, learning their movements in combat, dissecting their strengths and weaknesses as I countered their every attack. The feel of the sword in my hand is as natural and automatic to me as thought - it's use as effortless as breathing.


Fluidity of Movement

     Acrobat: Superior


Although I am skilled in the arts of attack, I have also learned the arts of avoidance as well. Being the pre-ordained last Knight has certain responsibilities which I cannot ignore. My death means the death of all life, and so I must take care to avoid harm. The Templars have long instructed me on the fluidity of movement - the ability to dart and dash about an opponent, avoiding attacks and escaping hazardous situations. I am quick and nimble - qualities which enable me to stay one step ahead of my opponents - and one step ahead of oblivion.



     Slicing Attack: Supreme

  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


The Chronosword - traditional weapon of the Clockwork Knights and a marvel of temporal mechanics. Like me it exists slightly outside of the timestream - not fully here but not fully absent at the same time. It is a long, sleek and powerful weapon capable of cleaving through opponents and objects effortlessly. Its legendary blade can, in the heat of battle, call upon many temporal "shadows" of itself - summoning a small army of blades slightly askew in time and space to strike my foes at the moment of contact. The deadly blur of this multiple attack is as beautiful as it is deadly - though few who see it up close live long enough to tell the tale. The Chronosword is my greatest weapon, and never leaves my side - for it is the implement through which all life will be saved.


Temporal Reduction

     Paralysis: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


In the meditative states taught to me by the Templars and perfected through years of rigorous practice, I have become acutely in tune with the flow of time. Such is my ability that I can actually manipulate time in small ways. One which I have found to be particularly useful in combat temporal reduction. By force of will, I can reduce the flow of time around an opponent - slowing their movements or even stopping them in their tracks. When so afflicted, the rest of the world seems to be moving at an accelerated pace, and the disparity between these conceptions of time can be quite confusing. Those whom I snare in my temporal trap seldom escape - their slowed movements allow me to complete my task with increased efficiency.


Temporal Duplication

     Self Duplication: Standard


A peculiar use of my ability to manipulate the timestream is known amongst the Templars as "temporal duplication". This is the ability of a Clockwork Knight to pull a version of himself from a time shortly before or after the linear present to fight alongside him. Only a rare few Knights have displayed this gift, and it is one which serves me well. The "temporal clone" does not merely look and speak like me, but more to the point - it IS me. As such, I work well in tandem with my clones - we know how the other will react and think because we are the same. Once the duplicate's use has expired, I can will him back to his own time - to the exact instant of his removal from the timestream. Once returned, the clone is exactly as he left and with no memory of the event. In truth, I may be gone to fight battles not yet fought or long gone by at any given moment without the slightest recognisance on my part. Even for one as accustomed to the complexities of temporal mechanics as I , this is a disturbing reality.


Armour of the Templars

     Body Armor: Supreme


To aid him in his mission, the Clockwork Templars created a powerful suit of armour to protect the Clockwork Knight in battle. Sent back through time and space to the nexus of Khazan with the last remaining portion of the Templars once great power, the suit is their last, great effort to ensure the success of their misison. This lightweight armour looks more like cloth than metal, but it is as strong as the hardest steel - offering it's wearer untold resistance to physical attacks. Each woven strand has been bonded to the others with minute temporal distortion fields - charged with energy gleaned from the timestream itself which shifts time and space around the suit. It is thin and mobile, allowing the Clockwork Knight a full range of movement despite it's incredible strength.


Shifted Psyche

     Mental Defense: Standard


Although my travels and training have granted me abilities beyond that of normal men, I find that being in Khazan has changed me even further. This strange and horrible place, where time and space are more abstract concepts than universal laws has strained the very fiber of my being. I have been trained since birth to be one with the Timestream, to sense and feel it's movements - but in Khazan, the gentle flow of time is a raging chaotic whirlpool of activity. This constant temporal friction has caused my mind to shift about in time - my thoughts overlapping with those slightly before and after the present linear moment. For now this is nothing more than an annoyance - like the constant buzzing in my ear of a gnat - but it grows worse. The headaches are becoming more frequent, the dreams more turbulent - I fear that this madness might overtake me before I complete my goal. I have increased my meditations and it seems to be slowing the shift's progress, but the clock is now ticking. I must hold on a little longer - my progression in the FPL is reaching a critical point and the knowledge I require to destroy this accursed Nexus is within my grasp.