Sasha Rembrandt

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 4


(Translated from Russian) Cold. As the tears run down my face, I can feel the bitter chill of the northern wind bite down on my cheeks. The frigid storm of winter rears its horrid face and rains icy pain from above. My hands are numb and feel as if they will fall off. The road ahead is blurred by the blizzard ahead. I've lost all sight and only white is seen ahead of me. Clutching my tattered robes to my body, a shiver runs up and down my spine. I fear that if I shiver too much, I'll shatter my bones into a million pieces. Fortunately, I find shelter in an abandoned shed. I drape myself in blankets of rancid smell. I can bear it long enough to fall asleep. My body is so cold, that I am chilled to the bone. It feels as if ice water is flowing through my veins. It's hard to stay warm, to think, to breath. Things are dimming... why must things end like this? Plague and famine have wiped all that I have loved. Am I doomed to end my life as but a statistic of harsh environments? I want to live! I don't want to go! What's the use? Should I accept my fate? There is no hope? Why? What must it be like this!? What have I done to make this world so angry at me? I never hurt anyone. Why do I have to suffer so much in death? I then hear a sound... a melody that pierces the storm like an arrow of light. I gather up the last reserves of strength to follow the sound. Stepping outside, I rub my eyes as the radiant sun above warms over my young virgin body for the first time in ages. Across the rugged trail, I walk forward, regaining strength with each chord of music played. Over the next hill I pass, and by a tree, glistening in freshly melted snow, sits a woman with but a single violin and the concentration of an angel. I stand there gazing upon her and listening to the beautiful music she creates. Looking onward, I whisper, "Mother." and she stops to look at me. All is silent as we stare at one another with a gaze of intrigue and curiosity.

I am but a chilled soul with no place to call home. I wander about under the gaze of the sun, and the stare of the moon. I have suffered and flourished within my days, and held close to my breast the source of life. Music is but one element that stirs the soul and encites the emotions. Without passion, one cannot act. Without hope, one cannot achieve perseverance.

Beautiful Music

     Telekinesis: Ultimate


The lady hands me the violin. I try to refuse, but she insists. Not knowing what to do, I take it into my hands. It feel smooth and almost natural in my hands. I try a chord as the sound is harsh. The lady smiles at me, confident in that I will be able to do well. I try again, the chord sounds still harsh, but better. She urges me to try again, and I do. I suddenly strike off a chord and it sounds as if the very melodies of nature empower me. I feel as if I could play an entire symphony and I start. All around me, nature seems to be waiting with every breath and glance on my next action. I can sense that over it, I have a power. It spreads over the animals, the trees, the fields, all within my reach of my music, I affect it... and it is beautiful.



     Flight: Standard


I feel like I am flying upon clouds of hope. The passion that the music entices in me is almost too much for my young body to bear. I overflow with glee as my teacher watches over me. I float over her like a young sparrow gaining its first taste of flying.


Chord of the Minor

     Matter Animation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only


I am consumed by this feeling. I feel as if I must go on and play a little longer. And so I do. I can feel as if all around me, Nature and Earth are waiting on me to make my move so that they can react. I can feel as if all around is but a stage for me to play on. The animals and trees are my audience, along with this woman. I embrace the glory that it brings and play onward. It is invigorating for the soul, and enflames the heart with praise of oneself.


Tempo Control

     Super Speed: Supreme


As I slow things down in tempo of my playing, I can sense that Nature and Earth are reacting to my music. It too seems to slow down, and act at my speed. I pick up the tempo and all around me, the environment is alive with the busy sounds of animals and winds and insects around. It is climaxing... the piece is almost over... I can feel it... almost... we are all acting as one now... altogether!


Trick Ear

     Hyper-Senses: Standard


I can feel as if I can understand each and every creature in the wilderness. They sing out in harmony as if joining in as a chorus to my symphony. I can feel the energy being put into it all. I can feel the reaction... I can hear them all. One at a time, all at once, it is magnificent... I can hardly bear such good intentions...


Musings of Beauty

     Pheremones: Standard


As quickly as it had started, it ends. I breathe in and out, I am exhausted by the effort I have strained into this piece. I look for the lady who insisted I play the violin... yet she is nowhere in sight. I look and see a pond where I bathe my face in its pure waters. When I look into the pond, I see her reflection. For she is me, and I am her. I have no idea how this has come to be... I had forgotten who I truly was... perhaps it was madness... or miracle that made me realize my beauty again. I look to the sky and see that night falls. I notice that even in the night sky, my beauty has been illuminated even when rapped in darkness. I take on an almost ghostly quality as I gaze into the pool's reflection of me. And so... I journey onward... with only the trails to guide me by.


Method of the String

     Tactician: Supreme


After many performances, I have been able to notice patterns arising. After assessing these patterns, I find that I am able to find a method to their motions. Calling upon the great melodies of the violin, I am able to extract the knowledge necessary to perform my best within my symphony. The better I view my patterns, the better my performance becomes. Ever closer to perfection of my arts.