The Boys from T.H.A.W.

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0


After launching in the year 2050, a radiation leak wipes out the crew of the terraforming ship The Hundred Acre Wood, leaving only one survivor-- Fertilizer Handler 3rd Class, Chris Robin. In suspsended animation for over three-million years, Chris' only companions are: a holographic bear named Pooh that acted as the ships mascot; a lifeform called Piglet that evolved from Chris' pet pig that escaped into the ship before the accident; a busy body long eared servant droid called RB-8; and the ships A.I. computer built by Omni Woodland Labratories, known affectionately as Owl. For nearly 8 years they have been wandering, trying in vain to find someway to get back to Earth, and see if human civilization still exists. In that time, several bizarre circumstances have occured, many strange and weird adventures. Chris Robin has become quite a crack shot with a Forest Clearer, basically a big energy weapon, which he is seldom seen without. Piglet has shown some extra-ordinary abilities involving his sensory perceptions. RB-8 has gotten over some of his prissyness and downloaded several dozen martial arts programs, thus making him quite valuable in a scrap, and good at cleaning up the mess afterward. Currently, the hologram known as Pooh has gained freedom and partial solidity thanks to a portable holo-emitter band; unfortunately, since it was designed by Owl, it runs off bio material---specifically pure honey, and Pooh must keep a constant supply going to the emitter to remain solid. The A.I. Owl has taken to keeping in constant contact with all the crew members by small wrist units, thus effectively allowing the entire group of comapnions to leave the ship to explore new environments, seek out new life, and boldly go where only small furry aliens from Alpha Centauri have gone before, all while staying in communication and having Owl along to help with any alien electronics they encounter. And now they have found a strange swirly place in an asteroid field, seemingly connected to a bizarre array of alternate dimensions. Who knows what wondrous things they will encounter.... but will they ever make it home?

The boys tend to be a bit rambunctious, and each has his own personality flaws: Chris tends to be cool headed but quick to resolve an difficult situation with gunplay, Pooh tends to be protective of the others and complains a lot about not having enough honey, Piglet is very high strung and somewhat paranoid under his cool demeanor, RB-8 has the persona of a tightly wound British gentleman, and OWL has a tendency toward being a know-it-all who is very bad about BS-ing his way through.

...always carried a gun.

     Projectile Attack: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


"Duck you silly old smeg", Chris yelled at Pooh as he fired the huge energy weapon at the force of incoming awful things. "AAIIEEE!" schreeched the awful things as they exploded. Chris smiled. Christopher Robin always carried a gun.... and everyone was damn glad of it. Sure, it was designed for clearing forests, but you couldn't argue with the results.



     Environmental Awareness: Superior


"Chris, I-I d-don't think we should go in there.." stammered Piglet between drags...." I'm pretty sure something is in there and it's going to eat me. I know I ALWAYS say that, but just because I say it doesn't mean it's not true." Piglet looked around everywhere. "It's out there's watching us.... and I am pretty sure it's hungry..."


.... I say...who built this?

     Communicate with Cybernetics: Standard


Owl quickly scanned the area and quickly found the alien security grid."Hang about Chris, and I'll have us in in no time....wait...dammit..... the blighter is arguing with me. It wants to know my security clearance. Hmmm...let me talk to it a bit more...maybe I can explain to it what your gun would do to it..."


...sir, let me handle this....

     Martial Arts: Superior


RB-8 quickly leapt in front of Chris as the Kerilish Lizard Man closed into hand to hand range. "If you don't mind sir, I will deal with this git dare he come barging into our campsite and knocking all the throw pillows out of arrangement! The very nerve!" Proceeds to go Bruce Lee on the Lizard Man's butt....


...oh bother....

     Force Field: Superior

  • Reinforced Defenses
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Misty Vale


Lasers were cutting through the air all around them. Pooh just knew any moment one was going to connect, and then.... he saw a bolt heading at Chris. He had just enough power..."Watch out Christopher Robin!" Pooh dived in front of Chris and modulated his holgram with a power boost that just barely managed to absorb the light beam. "Close call that..."said Pooh..." It's a good thing that mist cleared up or my emiiter wouldn't have been able to work well enough to pull of that stunt...