Gwynen Quayle

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 2


I was but a child when I first met death. I saw her when she came to claim my parents. They were both sick and dying in bed, dying from a disease no one had a cure for. She came in through the wall near the bed, silent, graceful, with a beauty that stunned me. I watched as she lovingly reached down to carress my parent's faces. When Death touched mom and dad they let out a sigh and a look of supreme happiness floated across their faces. I saw as the spirits of the dead lifted from their bodies and few towards heaven for judgement. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. I cried not for myself, who had nowhere to go as my mother and father were my last living realtives. But in happiness to see that mother and father had finally found the bliss they could not experience on earth. When I was done crying I was in fear for a moment, just a moment mind you, as I saw Death standing next to me. I then thought that it was my time too and that I would soon be joining my parents in the afterlife. I was sorely mistaken. When Death held out her hand to me, I thought it was to grant that same blessing she had upon my parents. So I took it. In that moment I signed a contract, a contract between me and my most holy Goddess Death. I never regretted having agreed to become Death's servent, even unknowingly. I stood up when holding Death's hand, amazed that I was still alive looking up through Death's hood into her cold blue eyes. Seeing there not a grim woman dedicated to her cause but a love and cherishing for all that it was her responsibility to do. I did not notice as Death's robes wrapped around me, drawing me in, as I was staring deep into those eyes. Later I awoke in a monastary of some sort, to find a kindly old woman standing over me. She smiled as I came to and offered me food and drink. I accepted without question, knowing only that this was not heaven. I ate slowly, savoring the taste of the food in my mouth, while the woman waited patiently. After I had finished eating the woman began to tell me why I was here. Death had chosen me, she said, to be a special warrior of sorts. It would be my mission to hunt down those who attempted to cheat Death, among others. Immortals, those who wished to avoid Death in all her forms, and Necromancers, those who perverted Death's blessing and used it to summon those already in Death's sweet embrace. All I would have as weapons against these powerful foes were my faith and my faith was all I needed. I trained hard for years at that monastary, working against other trainees and the instructors. Occaisonally I would see Death as she passed through to claim the lives of one of the elders. It was never a somber occaision, but more of a joyous one as a devotee would rise into Death's love. When I finally finished my training I had gone from a sad girl of 9 to a grim warrior of 23. That is when Death finally came for me. She arrived one night as I was feeling unwell and laying in my bed. I looked up at her wondering why she had come. I watched her stand there staring at me until finally she spoke. "We meet again child. The time for your first assignment is nigh, but you are still ill-prepared for the challenges that await you. You may realize that you feel ill. That is the doing of the disease that had plauged your family for generations. Know that now, while it may harm you much it will never kill you and only furthers our realtionship. You will never die from this ailment, it only serves to bring you closer to Death's door." Deah reached down and kissed me on the head. I instantly felt better, but knew that soon the coughing would start. "I have a mission for you. I wish you to seek out one known as the 'Shaded Man'. He has escaped my clutches for many years. He is tricky and conniving, he conspires to bring about mankind's downfall before it's time. He must be stopped." As Death left I got up and collected my things. I entered the real world and began the task of finding this man. I eventually tracked him to Khazan. He fought in the Khazan Arena. Perfect, now he will find that he will get much more than he bargained for.

While I follow Death as my Goddess it should be known that I am human. I am a grim servant of death, but tragedy makes me cry, happiness lightens my day, and the suffering of others makes me angry. But all of this takes second precedence to my devotion to Death. I will do anything for her. No sacrifice is too great in her name. Should she ever need it, I would die in her name.

The Disease

     Regeneration: Ultimate


For many generations a disease has plauged my family. It begins with a racking cough that will not go away. Quickly following is a weakness of the body and eventually, Death. I am one such afflicted with this plague, but I am also an exception. Whereas with the rest of my family this disease slew them, my goddess has made this disease to sustain me. And it does, thanks to the will of my goddess I am very resistant to attempts to return me to my goddesses embrace.


Immunity: Phasing

     Immunity: Standard


My task is difficult. I must say that it is one of the most difficult tasks in the universe. To succeed where Death has not. It is my assignment to hunt down those who have achieved life after death. Most of the time Liches and Necromancers do this by binding their spirit to another's body. So I trained to be able to suppress the ability to move astrally, capturing souls who would otherwise have fled to another's body.


Scythe of her Dark Majesty

     Decay: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l7v:Energy Conduit
  • Armor Piercing
  • Target Seeker


Upon my eighteenth birthday I was visited by Death. That night my faith was tested. I was challenged in my belief three seperate ways, each was someone from my past. My mother, my father, and an old school teacher I had been quite fond of. Each ridiculed me for my faith and offered me the chance to leave. Each time I refused. When I turned away from each person they attempted to forcibly remove me. So I sent them once again to my Goddesses favor. After the night was done, Death revealed that it had been a test, and bestowed upon me the greatest honor. A scythe forged by the highest ranking of her order. It was proclaimed that the blade would cause the gods to wither away and decay to nothing faster than humans.


I fight

     Sword Master: Standard


I must wield my scythe to use it. During my long years of training at the monastery I fought against the best and brightest that Death brought there. I was not the top of my class, but I learned how to use the desired weapon of my faith. All I need against those who are immortal is my belief that Death will always guide my hand.


My Faith

     Closed Mind: Superior


Many people have tried to convince me that Death does not exist. That my beloved goddess is nothing more than a figment of my imagination wrought by my desires for an answer. I know them to be wrong, I can always sense Death near me, gentle, loving. My faith in her is supreme and I have nothing to fear. Even mentalists are powerless against my faith.


Death Waits For No Man

     Super Speed: Ultimate


In my quest against the evil Shaded Man, I found that at every turn he evaded me, choosing the cowards path. I quickly found that he used his speed and intelligence to pick his battles, all the while tearing at my faith. Near the end I was distraught and could barely bring myself to fight back. But somehow, I reached deep into my very being and pulled forth another gift, given by my goddess to help me complete my mission. In the blink of an eye I stood over the Shaded Man, the one who had escaped my goddess for so long, an ended his life. But all was not well, for he lives again. I do not know how, or why, but my mission is not complete. With all of my gifts at the ready, I will hunt him down again.