Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 10

Personal Losses: 4


Abandoned by her teenage mother moments after being born, Bimbogami Mikoto was rescued from a fate of dying...cold, helpless, and alone... in a dumpster behind a Taco Hell(tm) when her muffled crying was overheard by an officer of the Khazan PD who had stumbled into the alley sick from his recent meal of substandard fast food. Without anyway to discover the identity of whom her parents might be, Mikoto found herself a ward of the state and placed in the state orphanage. She grew up in that overcrowded, noisy environment, ever feeling just as unwanted and abandoned as she had been the night she was brought into this world. Most times keeping to herself, she was treated by her fellow inmates...err, fellow 'wards of the court' with indifference the best of times and outright hostility at the worst. Too quiet and behaved to gain the attention of the teachers and adults around her, who were always much too busy dealing with the problem children to notice any one who wasn't causing a disturbance, Mikoto seemed to be forever destined to a life forever as alone and overlooked as it had began like... then came puberty, and all the unexpected changes that came with it... The exact moment her life was permanently altered was two days after her fourteenth birthday. An older girl, who was considered something of a bully in the orphanage, began beating up on Mikoto after she refused to give up her dessert at lunch period. After several punches, Mikoto could taste blood in the back of her mouth and felt a strange pulling sensation... a burning fire in her head, that erupted into a sense of her mind being ripped open... exposed...pulled into a thousand directions at once, across all of time/space... then there was nothing... no feeling at all... until the warm, wet stump that was now at the end of the other girl's arm, smacked across the side of her face. The last thing Mikoto saw before passing out, amid the cries of shock and terror from the other children around her, was the other girl's fist...perfectly severed at the wrist...suddenly materialize in thin air and then fall to the ground with sickening thud, at the other end of the dinning hall. The next months in Mikoto's life were a blur... tests and more tests conducted by the various agencies of Khazan whose business it is to regulate and help control the ever-expanding metahuman population, she was discovered to possess a latent talent for spatial manipulation and teleportation beyond what had ever been manifested in a human before. Suddenly, this girl who had never known what it was like to feel important or needed, became one the most sought-after people in the multiverse... Corporations -wanting her abilities as a means of cheap, instantaneous transportation of their cargo, ships, and products- would barter endlessly to try and attain her services... The military tried to gain custody of her for use in methods of deep space exploration and experiments to explore the possibilities of the uses of her powers in warfare. Kidnapping attempts were made by various villains and evil organizations on near a daily basis...wanting the obvious destructive potential Mikoto now possessed. Mikoto soon discovered that the only thing that was worse than being unwanted and ignored was to be sought after simply because someone wanted to exploit you or what you could do. Fearing for her safety, the Khazan government arranged for her to be transferred to the care of SLJ... though, as she came to find out, even the supposed 'greatest and most noble' of Khazan's heroes were more interested in gaining a new means of travel then they were concerned for Mikoto's well being and protection...

Sullen, withdrawn, socially inept... Once all Mikoto ever wished for was to be wanted, to be an important part of someone's life... Now, having that wish fulfilled in a unexpected horrible twisted way, she just wants everything to be back to the way it was when she was alone and unnoticed.

Energy Conduit

     Energy Conduit: Standard


Mikoto is somehow tied to the metaphysical structure of space, location, and distance... major foundations of reality. This connection gives her an almost absolute control of her position and the position of what's around her in three-dimensional space.


Spatial Manipulation I

     Teleportation: Ultimate


Spatial Manipulation I - Teleportation. Mikoto possesses a talent to control space to some degree... The most blatant manifestation of this power is the ability to move herself from one place to another -even from one world or another- instantaneously. (Sigh... I know this description is a bit sparse... but don't worry, the next part of this power combo is where I get really 'creative'...)


Spatial Manipulation II

     Telekinesis: Ultimate


Spatial Manipulation II - Translocation . She can also teleport objects and people around as easily as she can transport herself, even visualize a object far away and teleport it to her location. This power also can become an offensive weapon by using it to separate the subject into multiple parts or in a less... messy application stun a target by phasing it out of space for a fraction of a second causing a massive shock to a living person's system. Furthermore Mikoto's powers are not just limited affecting physical objects and molecules... she can even shift around momentum, velocity, mass and acceleration... transfer kinetic and potential energy, moving something to tremendous speed from a dead stand-still or increasing the inertia of objects, locking them down in space and slowing down their movements... redirect inertia towards an object like battering ram... even compensate for gravity; or by maintaining a constant low-level distortion in the space around herself, Mikoto can create a makeshift shield that can affect the trajectory and shift the momentum of attacks directed towards her. An effect that serves to both partially deflect and partially adsorb damage. And on occasion, Mikoto has even managed create spatial distortions by contracting space itself around her, then snapping it back like a rubber band causing huge shockwaves to fan out around her... yep, you guessed it, this is one of those mega-destructive-level-the-whole-city-anime-kid-temper-tantrum-things(tm). (And yes, rule lawyers... by combining the TK and Teleportation powers like this, it does mean that she can teleport objects and even people too, at range... completely bypassing the 'physical contact' limitation imposed on the Teleportation power)



     Flight: Standard


Spatial Manipulation - Stutter Jump By teleporting continuously every fraction of a second to the space just in front of her, Mikoto can blur across an area mimicking flight... not that that a teleporter would really ever need to do something like this, but flickering around in this manner does make her a more difficult target.


Spatial Manipulation III

     Environmental Awareness: Superior


Spatial Manipulation III - Correspondence Being connected to space in this way also allows her to sense the shapes and locations of objects around her and her environment. Giving her a sense of spatial perception beyond just line of sight, though large, busy areas full of movement can flood this sense, and she can even shift her sphere of awareness anywhere in space allowing for far safer and more accurate long distance travel or 'blind' jumps.


Spatial Manipulation IV

     Phasing: Standard


Spatial Manipulation IV- Fading Her powers slowly evolving... Mikoto has begun to discover that she can not only transmit matter and energy from place to place, but also transform matter to energy and vise versa. By channeling most of her own mass into energy, She can become partially incorporeal for a short time. Leaving her capable of walking through solid objects and allowing most physical attacks to just pass right through her.


Spatial Manipulation V

     Disintegration: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Armor Piercing


Spatial Manipulation V- Interrupted Teleportation. One would think that the act of tearing apart an object atom by atom, hurling it across time and space, then completely reassembling it back into it's original form none worse for the wear would be the most overwhelmingly difficult feat there could ever be... yet, oddly enough, most teleporters find that the act of translocation is an almost simple natural reflex to perform. In fact, one of the most difficult skills for a teleporter is managing to control the reflexive action of the teleportation process to the point that they can stop them selves from automatically reassembling an object in transit. One would also wonder why someone would go to the trouble of learning such a difficult technique in the first place... since it would be unnecessary in most cases, even if you needed to remove a large chunk of matter. And the effect such an action would have on a living being would not only be fatal to a ridiculous extreme, but also likely to be quite messy.