Amy Coleman

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


There really isn't a lot to life. The act of living is really quite simple. Breathe, sleep, eat, drink, excrete wastes. That's pretty much it. That all one can really rely on. Other than that, life is pointless. So why do people record their stories. Do they think life will be any better if they record it all? Does the act of writing down the trivial minutia of their day to day life give them some sort of pleasure? Perhaps they feel that if an act is written about that it must have been worth doing. Self-gratification is all it is. Delusions of granduer, but on a very small scale. The girl thinks nothing of her life. Her birth was a day like any other. She came into this world as another left. Her mother died that day, her father mourned. The girl was born into death, somehow she knew this. Death was constantly on the heels of life, waiting for the best moment to strike. Memories are sparse, many gaps exist in her mind. She gives no thought to those gaps. Memories forgotten are best left that way. Digging into old wounds only brings more pain. There is enough of that. She has but one goal. Survive to the next day then do it all over again. She's been succesful in this pursuit for seventeen years now. The cycle of days passing over her in a steady drone she knows only the constant push toward the next day. Wake in the morning, work through the day, sleep during the night. It's always the same. When father was alive he worked for her, fed her and put her to sleep in the evening. She remembers him vaguely. Blurred images of a smile in her mind are all that is left of him. When she thinks of him a dull ache resonates in her chest. She misses him, but the memories are too much to bear. The pain recedes when the memories are pushed aside. The next day. Yes, that's all that matters. Survival.

Nothing matters. Life is simply the act of survival. Nothing more. Beauty is a dream designed to torment the dreamer. Hope is the result of listening to dreams, but it is nothing but delusion. Hope will kill you in the end. Your life is nothing. You will live and die, nothing will change. The pain is all that is real. The suffering is the only thing that lets you know you are alive. The pain that greets you when you rise from your dreamless sleep.


     Danger Sense: Superior


Him. It was him. Standing there. Alive. Why was he alive? Why was he there? Buying a soda at a vending machine. Why was he there? Memory. After so long they began to return. She remembered everything. She was twelve years old, sitting on a cushinless couch reading a five year old magazine for the ninth time. She didn't know her father was being slowly strangled in the next room. She couldn't hear his body hitting the floor with a lifeless thud. Couldn't hear the footsteps approaching her. Didn't hear the words he said just before he grabbed her shoulders harshly. No. Stop. She screamed. His ears were just as deaf to her screams as hers were. The pain came back. She could feel long healed bruises as if they were brand new again. Could feel the sharp ache between her legs return. No. Was supposed to forget. Why was he here? Reminding her of the pain. Forcing her mind to remember things best left forgotten. How could he do this? Why wasn't he dead? Evil. Yes, he was evil. His eyes turned toward her. That face, she could tell. He knew her. He smiled. He should be dead. He took a single step toward her and in an instant everything changed.



     Berserker: Superior


No. Not again. Not ever. What he did. Never. He should be dead. Dead. He killed. Killed. Kill. Reaction. To kill. He was coming closer. History repeats. No. Not this time. He wouldn't hurt her again. Kill. Defense. Pain. Not again. Never. Reaction. Power. Power that had lain dormant for most of her life was awakened. Years of repression broke down under the sudden flood of psychic energy. All of the bonds that held her mind in peace were shattered. The screams of reason were drowned out in the steady roar of instinct. Her iris's turned white as the energy coursed through her. Her mind screamed as the last strongholds of reason were shattered as if they were made of match-sticks. Raw psychic power flooded through her mind. Unfocused, unrefined, and unrelenting energy roared through her as her untapped powers rushed forward to defend her. The attacker. He was coming again. Defend. Destroy the threat. Kill.


Instinctual Reaction

     Mind Blast: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Eliminate the threat. Protect the body. The body is weak. Strike with what is strong. The mind. Strength of mind. Strike with the mind. The reaction is to kill the intruder. Destroy the threat. The girl is ignorant of her actions. Her mind is clouded with rage and only seeks to kill the attacker. The attack is painful. Her mind cries out in pain as the energy pushes it beyond it's limits. Invisible, silent, powerful. The attack strikes at the source of the danger. The man screams but she does not hear. Only barely does she notice him clutching his head and collapsing to the ground. She can see the trickle of blood that drips from his ear. His eyes are now blank. He stares with unfocused into the cement. He'll never get up again. The power. Too much to contain. The mind straining, blood thundering in her ears. Too much. Must release it somehow.



     Sonics: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


The body cannot contain the minds power. Too weak. Too frail. The mind will destroy the body in it's expansion. The energy can not be contained. It must be released. The girl. She screams. The energy is released. The energy is released as a ring, the girl it's center. It expands outward rapidly. Many nearby were instantly killed. The ring pulsed outward, shattering windows and destroying anything it touched. It passed over the mans limp body, shattering every bone in his body. The energy slowly fades away, leaving nothing but a lingering echo. The girl stands amidst the chaos unaware that she was the source of the destruction. As the power recedes her rational mind returns. The mind returns without memories of the pain and the chaos of the last few seconds. Panic seizes her as she gazes upon the destruction that surrounds her. What has happened? Fearing that the desctruction is not yet over she turns and runs away. The destruction follows on her heels, keeping her safe from harm at any cost.