He Left It Behind

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


I don't even have any of the pictures; each one I tore off the wall. My mother would have been in agony, seeing some of the paint flake off in that rage. My father may even have given me a firm exhortation. Stuff like that you never think you'd miss. I traveled. I practiced the arts in seclusion. When the spring led into a light winter I found my way home, to find there was nothing left. The memories I have I can't run from, and that's alright. I can live with them now. I stopped by during the graduation ceremonies to see my older sister graduate, I'm not sure who she's living with now...but I'm glad she made it through that heart ache. The ceremonies were held on the soccer field we used, where I met the one they called the Ace of All Suits. The competition was fierce. My 'Strikes of Menace and Mending' versus his 'Lack of Temperance and Violations of the Order.' We fought for hours. I didn't win as much as survive, and I went home and slept. During the night, he brought fire to my home. I lived above the garage and separate from the house, but the Ace didn't know that. So, even as my parents were burned alive, my sister barely escaping, I watched unable to help; the fire was too intense. So I left, seeking out my soul and pouring it across the land. No longer would I fight for esteem, for the pleasure of winning, for the rush of adrenaline. The girls that loved me for my skill, the popularity and the need to defend my title: I left it all behind. I vowed to myself to not hunt him for the revenge...I know that he has allied himself with others for the monopoly of skill. I just wish to live a life of peace away from it all. Jesus found me, and His is the peace I now carry. Yet now I walk down the same old roads, changed from the wear of time and viewed through new eyes. My skill has been churning inside of me, matched with the peace that passes all understanding. It is the truth I found, and it works in my life. The walking of these roads has led me here, and now it appears as though I must fight once more.

Meditation does nothing. Left on my own, I am nothing. Left to my best efforts, I am nothing. My best efforts nearly got me killed and cleared my life of everything worth having. I often ask myself, what would my parents have done? I often wish I had their advice. Now I have been committed to a new Father. He has promised never to abandon me. Before he was committed away, he spoke, "I am with you, even to the very end of days." The Spirit of God has come into my body to live, and repair its brokenness. I have been led down this road, so that I would finally reach desperation and allow Him authority over my own soul.

Healing of the Mind

     Regeneration: Superior


The monk was different from other religious monks I've known. Rather than claim he has reached enlightenment, he merely served me with all generosity. He spoke of knowing God, and I thought him to be insane. After the third month of traveling with me in the mountains, I finally broke and asked him what it was that made him absolutely content. He explained to me the grace of God, and several months later, as it kept rolling through my mind, I finally realized that whether it was true or not, I needed it in my life—if it wasn't true than nothing was and I would never find solace. I asked this Jesus into my life. I remember such anguish...it was the hardest time of my life. Still, with the monk's help I followed Christ Jesus, the one that loved me and died for me, and He led me into His rest. Even as my body was in shambles, I kept in His word and will. My mind and soul was regenerated and made whole.


The Wooden Sword

     Slicing Attack: Standard

  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Carved from a single piece of wood, this sword is the simplest of weapons. The Nexus Academy sees all sorts of battles and skirmishes, mostly due to the mixture of cultures from around the globe. I made a name for myself as the master of the wooden sword, battling people who used guns and metal katanas and defeating them. The sword is just a vessel for skill just as the body is a vessel for the will of God.


Strikes of Menace

     Sword Master: Supreme


The scene is burned into my mind. The Ace of All Suits stood across from me, not twenty feet away. About a hundred students gathered to watch, it was the popular thing to do. He lunged at me, and threw around a low slash, probably to be followed up by a backwards slash, using the blunt end of the sword, which was his favorite move. I set my I stepped above it, and brought my foot down on the side of the blade, pinning it to the ground with utmost speed. He anticipated this, how I do not know, for I remember seeing his smile. His pivot unsettled my footing, and he drove the blade at me. I hit it down with my hilt, surprising him slightly, and obtained the first hit on his shoulder. The man was iron; he shrugged it off and cut at me, leaving a thin streak of blood on my left arm. We parried some, but continued with our eyes locked in each other's pupils for several hours before another hit was made.


Strikes of Mending

     Acrobat: Superior


The strikes of my unique style also offset the strikes of the opponent, causing more or less directional change or resonance in the equipment they use than they are accustom to. By varying my style, I catch the opponent off guard. They strike, but miss me entirely.


The Blood of Jesus

     Healing: Ultimate


Torn, I look to the Ace of All Suits and think to myself, "How can I ever forgive this man? How can I let this murder live?" Yet, too, the Spirit of God is at work inside of my heart, in my mind and the way I live. I am not to correct the world: that is not my job. I am not to bring justice into my own hands. How could I not forgive, when Jesus died, so that I could be forgiven? When I sing, slow hymnals in my mind as I realize the life after this one that I am destined for, I cannot help but ponder on these words, "Cast my heart upon the rocks / Lord, break me if you please / Not my will but thine be done / Lord Jesus, live in me." Thus, now I fight to bring the message of God's love and forgiveness to everyone. I take great care of anyone I fight, and after the battle I will heal them to full strength.


The Hand of God

     Lucky: Superior


"God works all things for the good of those who love Him." I have had plenty of horrible situations just pan out. When I am at the end of my rope, my God supplies me with all I need. Thus, I have no worries. As it is written, "To live is as Christ, and to die is gain." So whether I live or die, I live for God. I am more content then I have ever been, even though I am not out of the woods yet. I still do things I wish I hadn't, and find that I need more forgiveness. I still get angry, frustrated, despondent...but I trust in God and things work out. I am not perfect, but God is and he cares for me.