Mango, Papaya, & Turtle!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 4


Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale... ah forget it. Stupid cliched openings I swear.... oh crap I'm on! Well hello there. My name's Berry White.. will you quit laughing? Good. I along with my two sisters Mango, and Papaya run the Maui Wowee exotic fruitstand here in Uptown... we have all the freshest available at low low prices! Anywho, we've kinda fallen on hard times. Yeah I know it's sad. We just found out yesterday that our stand is going to get repossessed unless we can cough up some major moola and do it right quick. Well Mango and Papaya tried getting second jobs.. which really didn't work out. *Scenes of mango yacking a customer to sleep and a KPD uniformed Papaya being so nice to criminals she let them go*. It reeeeeeeaaaaallly didn't work out. Things kept getting worse and eventually my sisters and their pet turtle went off to, get this, fight crime! How they're going to manage to do anything of the sort I have no idea... but then again some of the criminals around here DO have pretty high bounties on them... nah it'll never work. But that isn't going to stop them, in fact right now they're out there on the job while I sit here and run the fruit stand. What do they look like? Oh well here's a picture. Not much family resemblance eh? The light skinned one there with her cleavage hanging out is Mango, the older of the two. Papaya's the subdued dark-skinned one in the back, and the little yellow and green thing on the top of her head is Turtle... no it isn't a very original name but it ain't my pet! I wonder when they're gonna quit this foolishness and come home..

When it comes to personality these three are so different it's a wonder they haven't killed each other yet. Mango is a little bit of a ditz, and likes to Talk, and I mean talk with a capital T. Take my adivce, never get her started on a subject she's interested in or you'll never get her to shut up. She's also very expressive and open to most people, but also tends to have something of a temper. Papaya is the opposite. She's quiet, kinda motherly, and kind to everyone she meets to a fault. Hell I've yet to see a mugger go after her.. of course that may be because of her companion. At first glance Turtle is kinda doofy looking even for a turtle... and that's pretty much all it does. Sit on Papaya's head and look adorably stupid.

Will She Never Shut Up!

     Induced Sleep: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Okay I want you to picture a girl.. one who can talk and talk and talk for HOURS about the most innane things, from the weather to what color nail polish she's wearing. Got it? Now multiply it by ten. That's my sister. It doesn't matter what it's about, she can drag it into a conversation of at least 30 minutes if you let her open her mouth. Most people really can't handle it and their brain's just kinda turn off the lights and go to sleep once she starts. Scary thought eh? I'm not exaggerating either, I once saw her start complaining to a mugger about how his clothes didn't match. Next thing I know he's got this glazed look in his eyes and is just nodding occasionally... which of course makes Mango thing he's still listening to her. We spent three hours standing in front of that damn alley while she chattered away... then the guy just kinda fell over. I'm not sure whether he was asleep, unconcious, or what but she couldn't wake him up again (thank god!).


Mrs. Good Vibes

     Emotion Control: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Now Papaya is, I garauntee, the nicest girl you'll ever meet. Don't believe me? She tried working at the KPD once.. and was retired two weeks later. They couldn't really keep her down there... she was too nice to the criminals even and even let a few go after catching them. But of course nobody had the heart to fire her either. Okay so maybe her job didn't work out as poorly as Mango's.. at least she gets that retirement pay. Anyway, Papaya's mere presence is usually enough to make some people feel euphoric. Everyone else just wants to be as nice as possible to her. It's no form of trickery I can pick out either, she's been like that since she was a baby. Nobody wants to be mean to her, and most feel a lot happier the instant she shows up. What you need an example? How about this, one time I saw a bank robber turn himself in because she smiled at him. He had this dopey, pleased look on his face as the cops hauled him off.


Universal Effectiveness: Closed Mind

     Immunity: Standard


Well alien mind or not, mental blocks or not, I have yet to see anybody resist either of my sisters for any length of time. Mango has put dragons to sleep before. Tentacled horrors from beyond the stars? Papaya's actually gotten them to sit down and help her sew together a new bannana leaf bikini for Mango. Don't ask me how, don't ask me why, it just is. Somehow both their quirks seem universally effective.


Not Quite..: Mental Defense

     Immunity: Standard


Like I said, it really isn't a mental trick they pull either. It's just a natural side-effect of what they do best. No Extrasensory abilities of any kind in either of them, I know, I've had them tested. It's all personality (or in Mango's case, strong vocal chords) and presentation with them.


That's no Ordinary Turtle

     Teleportation: Standard


You know what's really weird though? Both of the girls tested negative for any paranormal abilities or mutations. Nothing, nada, zip. Yet somehow, whenever they're in real trouble they just vanish and appear in another location a little distance aways. I don't know how it happens.. maybe they have some wandering god looking after them. Hell if it wasn't for the fact that Mango usually 'ports at the same time I'd swear it was the turtle doing it.. but that doesn't make any sense since the turtle really isn't all that fond of her. Odd eh?


Oh my.. they're getting better

     Force of Will: Superior


Well I suppose it was inevitable. What with all the yakking Mango's gotten in, and all the niceness Papaya's been tossing about I guess it was inevitable that they'd actually get better at it... damn that's a scary thought.


Ph33r the Turtle!

     Mind Blast: Standard


Turtle may not look like much.. but if you get too close you're in for a nasty surprise when it clamps onto your nose. Very few can retain their calm with a turtle clamped onto their nose, and the very action of it seems to kinda zap their brains a bit.. of course who would suspect this cute little thing of being a biter?