Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


It was Brother Tchuuu who first found him. Apparently the door to the Agile Stair had a lot to talk about that day, for Tchuuu had been involved in a deep discussion with it for many hours. It was during a rather vehement argument over the respective merits of limiting oneself to a four dimensional existence that the door, without warning, swung wide open in protest. There, on the other side, was the young man we now know as Viis, barely clinging to life. It seems he had entered the Agile Stair at some point, but for whatever reason it couldn't decide what to do with him. Now that we know the nature of his abilities, it seems plausible that the Stair simply refused to acknowledge his existence. He had wandered for days and had managed to collapse right in front of our door. He has yet to divulge much of his past to us, but what is certain is that he does not wish to return to wherever he came from. Soliss has been able to draw a few conclusions based on Viis' actions thus far, but aside some sort of relatively recent psychological trauma, and his obviously repressed homosexuality we know little him. All of the Brothers have responded to his appearance in different ways. Tchuuu was actually disappointed when we found that he was still alive, I think he had planned to use him as fertilizer. Soliss and Restfel are both interested in studying him, although I'm not always sure they have the young man's best interests at heart. Even Broakenho has expressed a mild appreciation for his unusual gifts (or perhaps she merely relishes in the fact that he follows her commands to the letter.) At any rate, since he didn't actively seek out the Guild, we were a bit wary about letting him stay, but he has striven to impress all of us. What is interesting is his mindset... he seems remarkably simple and straightforward, almost childlike in his approach to problems. In fact, he seems to have accepted the Guild brothers as surrogate parents, and some of the apprentices and freemen as siblings. A confusing family, at best, but I suppose better than no family at all. He has begun to assimilate himself into our lifestyle, and has even picked up some bad habits because of it. Chakos, Crow, and Gate took him drinking in the city recently, as an act of "initiation," and from what I hear, he was able to act in a socially acceptable manner. I fear though, that he feels the call of the tournament as so many have before. If that is the case, there is little any of us can do to stop him. –Skual

There are two things that are very striking about this boy. The first is his trust; given what we have been able to discern, he has lead a troubled existence, but has somehow managed to avoid the natural sarcasm and bitterness which usually overcome a tortured soul. The second thing that strikes me is his rather vain attempt to disguise his homosexuality. Awkwardness is expected, especially at his age, but he works so hard to hide it that it becomes quite obvious. –Restfel

Blind Spots

     Smoke Screen: Ultimate

  • Area Affect


The first time I encountered this, I feared that the Masquerade of Fools had decided to resume his attack on the Guild. It seems this young man can emit a field of energy about 30 feet around himself that nullifies all sensory input. Restfel has speculated that what we initially labeled psychokinesis is in reality a manipulation of the basic universal principal of nothingness. It would seem then, that he actually creates a pocket of nothingness directly around his person. The full ramifications of this ability have yet to be studied, but it is clear from initial testing that not even those with accelerated senses are able to overcome this power, thus strengthening Restfel's theory. I should have one of the apprentices study the complete psychological effects of total sensory depravation. Fortunately for everyone, Viis has since learned to control this ability to create what Restfel has dubbed "Blind Spots." -Soliss


Blind Spots II

     Disintegration: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Recently Viis has begun to demonstrate a second effect of to these "Blind Spots." He can alter the field density (or lack thereof) around him in such a way that cellular mitosis is actually reversed. This seems to be in keeping with my ideas on his control over nonexistence. Thanks to Broakenho's extensive specialized training, he has progressed to the point where he no longer fears using this ability. A reanimation of a rather overzealous apprentice who had been subjected to this field revealed a dramatic decrease in muscle tissue, bone density, synaptic response and overall physical constitution. -Restfel



     Telekinesis: Supreme


I am not entirely fond of this ability; he has grown to rely on it far too much. His actual physical strength is no where near what it should be, because he uses his telekinesis almost exclusively. Restfel claims he doesn't actually lift the objects; he simply removes all force influences in a specific direction, causing the object's natural inclination to take over, which then tends toward the area of least resistance. In any case, the level of finesse he has developed in this area is certainly admirable, so I have concentrated training exercises on increasing his telekinetic strength capacity. During a recent training session he was able to successfully lift, manipulate, and ultimately crush an old iron portcullis weighing nearly eight tons, (much to Tchuuu's dismay.) -Broakenho



     Flight: Standard


Broakenho sent him on a ridiculous errand to the north end of the castle to repair a leak in the roof of the dining room. Naturally, he went without asking any questions. As soon as he set foot on the roof it gave way, and he fell fifty feet straight down. Fortunately, the ceiling in that room is sixty feet high... -Chakos