Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Superior

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


The trip was a rough one, to say the least. Well, I've seen it on TV and video games; dimensional travel was never known to be a pleasant experience, but until one has personally experienced it, there's no way mere words can describe the sensation. I'm still getting some aches after what could be described as 'being pulled in all possible directions' - including fourth-dimensional vectors... didn't really know what that means, but it certainly isn't pleasant. Perhaps I should've known better, that I was sitting right on top of a major ley line junction when creating a new character for the FPL. Well, just to sidetrack a little... it was about time anyway; with the FPL being down for nearly a year, the joy of seeing the FPL was too much to bear... how could I NOT create something? Anything in fact, so long as it doesn't suck... besides, once Tamara Ellis, Metalneck and Elandrial Dreamwalker finish their runs in the FPL, it'll be time for me to get some new blood. But, I just can't seem to get any ideas! Or rather, I can't seem to get anything finished... the ideas were plentiful, but I simply couldn't seem to get any of my upcoming ideas "right". Maybe I'm having too high expectations of myself... or maybe I need more time to develop the ideas. (nevermind the fact that my service to the army takes up 90% of my time) Whatever, I tell myself. If I can't submit anything yet, there is always one character I can submit - myself! Well, that has been the trend, at least, it was the trend a couple years back... with the COMING, the OTHERS and whatnot. Suddenly the idea of a self-insert sounded so tempting, and needless to say I got down to work before my computer. So that brings us back to the story, I didn't realize my computer was placed on top of a nexus point where ley lines converge, and that I was creating my character at a time when ley line activities apparently reached their peak. At the very instant I pressed "submit" - KAPOWIE! First the lights began to flicker... no big deal, I thought, maybe it's just a power trip, or maybe it's about time I replaced the lamp. Then the table started shaking... now, something seemed wrong. But, I told myself there was probably an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia, and that Singapore was experiencing the aftershocks. Then the table began to shake harder, and the monitor began to glow! This was too much! I instinctively reached for the power socket and pulled out the plug, but the monitor continued to glow! This was when I could feel a strange suction force coming from... the monitor!? It was growing stronger and stronger, and soon I found myself being pulled inexorably towards it... it was so unreal as the monitor pulled me in head-first... it really hurt because from shoulders down I obviously can't fit into the dimensional gateway that is my 15" LCD monitor. But it pulled me in nonetheless... don't ask how, but I thought I heard my skeleton go "crack" when my shoulders, and soon the rest of the body followed. Somehow, though, I made it out on the other side in one piece. So here I am, obviously far from home, trying to get a hold of my bearings. However, it looked kind of familiar... all around me were buildings of all shapes and sizes, some that simply defy all architectural logic. All manner of beings I saw on the streets... some walking, others flying, others teleporting and still others moving by means incomprehensible. In the distance, right on the horizon I caught sight of what resembles a huge coliseum... my heart raced... could I be in... I stopped the nearest pedestrian, a huge guy dressed from head to toe in red power armour, with a huge rifle slung over his back. "Excuse me, sir," I asked. "But may I know what is that coliseum in the distance for?" The man seemed to give me a bemused look, that is if I could see his expression behind his helmet's faceplate. He answered in a gruff tone, "You DON'T know that building? That, my friend, is the Arena of Khazan. You don't know? What are you?" At this moment my jaw went slack. Khazan? Is the Nexus of All Reality for real? Whatever, I had did what I wanted to do, get a character in the FPL. But not this way. This is absurd... looks like I'm going to have to find some way home.

Well, through my postings on the FPL message board and (back before I was conscripted into military service) in the chatroom, most would know of me as a friendly, patient and for the most part easy-going fellow. Slow to anger and quick to forgive, and often ready to go out of my way to help FPLers in need. This is me in the FPL, and for the most part, in real-life as well. Yes, while I'm seeking a way home, but at the same time, how could I not help those in need in a realm that has been an object of my interest for the past 4 years? Albeit, this is no game now, but perhaps, the key to the way home lies with those I help. Well, one good turn deserves another, and who knows someone I helped would return the favour by pointing me to the way home? And so begins my quest...

Character Analyses

     Detective: Supreme


Well, I've had my fair share of helping out newbies in need on the CA board, as well as keeping an eye open for quality characters on LingLing Hall's Shining Star Awards and Weekly Reviews. If one is to spot the strengths and weaknesses of a character, the best time to do so would be before it's fully formed. Obviously, 4 years of character analyses has its benefits when applied practically on the kill floor. As long as I've read through its background, personality and power descriptions, I know what to expect from the opponent through its strengths, and what I can use as a vantage point through its weaknesses. Knowing the enemy equals half the battle won, says Sun Zi. Truer words have never been spoken. Just as in real-life, when I have a clear idea of the task given to me at hand, the situation that I'm faced with and the possible hinderances that could prevent me from getting the work done, it allows me to come up with the most systematic and efficient way of getting the task completed.


Fight Analyses

     Tactician: Supreme


I just love a good technical FA! Well, granted the FPL is about substance rather than show, what good are a FA when the key to victory and defeat lies in the decisions of the voters, who are influenced by many factors tangible and otherwise. "Writing is the canvas and paint, powers are but a brush" goes a common saying in the FPL community. Try telling that, however, to the spandex-clad, muscle-bound supervillain who's simply itching to crack my head like a peanut. Knowing the enemy's strengths and weaknesses is half the battle won... using it against him is the other half. A thorough examination of one's powers and abilities, a detailed analysis of the combat terrain, and finally studying every possible scenario that could arise, this is the key to formulating an effective plan.


Pentium IV? Big deal...

     Super Speed: Supreme


I think back of those times I used to attend service at church, and remembered how the pastor used to say how God made us to be such marvels of nature. I was indeed fearfully and wonderfully made! - to quote a line from Psalms, that is. Intel might have created the Pentium Series processors, but God Almighty created the human brain; far more powerful than Pentium II, III, IV, whatever. Well, the matter of fact is that, while we're smarter than computers, we aren't faster. Problem is, Khazan is in no shortage of beings that could reduce me to pulp before I had time to think... but like all other self-inserts, upon entering Khazan brought about some changes within myself... I had always enjoyed being in deep thought, and upon arriving in Khazan, I realized that I could think faster... mathematics equations that required me several hours to solve now took mere seconds, I now process a myriad thoughts, ideas and senses within the space of a heartbeat. Well, at the very least, it allows me to come up with alternate plans on the fly and formulate combat strategies without the fear of getting sucker-punched by the next speedster I meet, and at best, I could've already planned for the enemy's downfall before he's even entered the arena. Still, for all my improved thought processes, I still can't figure a way back on my own...