Sin Eaters - The Wilhelm Scream


Gender: Male

Kit: Techno

Location: Storm City, Khazan


Alignment: Hero

Team: The Angels of Mercy


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: supreme (rank 3)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 4

Personal Losses: 12

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled

The Rookie

Werner Wilhelm stumbled into his study with the heavy stench of bourbon on his breath and a stumble in his step. Normally he’d be self medicating as decades had long passed since he was relevant. He walked over to is trophy case where his awards still shined with a sparkle little else in his mansion was able to maintain. He smiled at them, something he hadn’t done in some time. He clumsily slid the key into the lock and opened the case grabbing all the awards.

“The Rain Skimmers, best director 1964, Dance of the Antelope, best screenplay - original 1965, Measurements, best picture 1970.” He kept grabbing awards and placed them on the desk as he read off each one’s name and accolade. It wasn’t long until he had assembled all of them, in a tight neat bunch, standing in attention in front of him.

“All they give a fuck about now is World War II and poor people getting rich. The films, the movies, fucking television’s the worst, they all have gone small. They all decided that being an ambitious prick doesn’t matter anymore. Some asshole could grab a digital camera take a movie about a fucking cat and get a million people to see it.”

Werner paced around the room as he looked back at his awards. “But us, we’re doing something different, something beyond reality and fantasy. People won’t know and we’ll merge the two of them together. Yes, they came by, told me I could direct it. I could make it and make it better.”

Werner threw his glass at the wall as it shattered to pieces. He stumbled and fell into his chair as he quickly type out words on an old style type writer.

“I’ll call them Sin Eaters.”


Werner leaned over the desk of his editor as he watched the video over and over again. Lyra had suspended an asshole father in the air as she ripped open his torso and literally gutted him. He shook his head as he turned around in disgust.

“I know Werner this footage is disturbing.” Cole his editor was shaking as he clutched his mouse.

“Not disturbing enough! This is going to be for those sick fucks on the internet. We need it gorier. Fuck I’ve seen beheadings that were gorier than this!”

Cole started to move his mouse around furiously, trying not to throw up as he cloned bits and pieces of the chunks that had fallen out of the man and placing them all around the lawn. He even convincingly splatters some on the girls huddling on the porch.

Werner’s eyes opened up as he said “you can make it looks like this for every frame?”

“Definitely if that’s your wish.”

Werner chucked and left saying “It most certainly is.”


The Script

     Tactician: superior (rank 2)


Werner punched at his old type writer as each word appeared in smudgy ink on yellowed paper. His fingers moved in a fury as he fleshed out every scene and brought to life every character. His eyes were fixated in a trance as he punched out each word with meticulous care. He had an idea for a group of heroes. Heroes who people could relate too. Heroes that are able to tap into our base urges and run wild with them. Fuck all that truth and justice shit. Think about vengeance, think about angst. Think about hatred, fear and people getting what they deserve the laws and the cops and the justice system be damned.

He was happy with his story and how it would play out. It wouldn’t be confined in a movie theater where the experience would last a few fleeting hours. All around his study he had it planned and mapped out using the media, the internet, social media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, the works. It’d be the ultimate story told because it would in part be real. There were real stakes, real consequence. It’d be the highest drama, the magnum opus of his career.

Now he just needed to find actors for his play.


The Casting Call

     Detective: superior (rank 2)


Werner looked at the girl with the long platinum blonde hair as she quickly ate her eggs and began to work on her toast. He smiled a thin wide grin as she simply looked at him. The girl was cautious as she scooped up some home fries and shoved them into her mouth chewing with her mouth open. She kept her eyes on him as he spoke.

“I know where you’re from. You’re quite famous aren’t you Lyra?”

She kept eating not uttering a word but her eyes were fixated on him.

“I also know you’re on the run because of this video.” Werner flipped his Blackberry and showed the video of Lyra ripping out the father’s entrails that had long since gone viral on the internet. Lyra refused to say a word as Werner continued.

“You need protection, you need somewhere to hide. All I ask for is the services of your wonderful powers. You see I’m getting together a little group. I guess you can call them super heroes but I prefer to think of them as good Samaritans. They’re going to fix problems, like the one you just fixed that night. I’ll pay you and I’ll film you and I’ll even house you since you don’t seem to have anywhere to go.”

Lyra kept quiet as Werner pulled his wallet out and dropped a wad of cash on the table. “Pay for breakfast and keep the rest. I’ll come and see you again to have your answer. Don’t look me up I can find you very very easily. Of course you know that already.”

Werner stepped out of the diner and made his way down the street when he suddenly heard someone scream “hey!”

He looked back and saw Lyra standing there. “When do I start?”


Sin Eaters

     Commander: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


Werner paced about his study as he read the dossiers of his new team out loud to cole.

“Bronx Snipe, thought to be an urban legend turned to be a very real homicidal maniac. He’s a serial killer that I’ve convinced to only gun down the bad guys. An extraordinary marksman and extremely eloquent, I personally think he’ll have great appeal amongst the public. We already have a camera crew following him around documentary style and he gives great confessionals.“

“Bonfire, twenty one year old university student with powers of unknown origin. He’s described as a “hipster” whatever the hell that means. Physically impressive naturally he also has the ability to manipulate fire. Live blogs his exploits as a super hero. Numerous videos already have views into the millions.”

“The Zone, former pro athlete and R&B singer turned super hero after he was discovered to be hiding his powers to get an edge in both baseball and football. Has since apologized for his actions and operates as a super hero. Extremely charismatic and physically tough my own personal opinion is that he’s in this to meet women.”

“Midnight City, code name for viral sensation Lyra. Due to genetic mutation from the explosion at Chernobyl is now able to manipulate objects with her mind. Has a high approval rating from the public polls and is the most interviewed out of all the Sin Eaters.”

“Holocene, took me forever to track this guy. Super powered avenger able to teleport to anywhere and anytime. Also able to read minds although this ability he is not able to control. Enjoys punishing the wicked and operates out of every city in the world and leaving notes of his manifesto in different locations. The notes have their own tumblr and Facebook group.”

“Blue Jeans, a model with the ability to sap the life force out of anyone and absorb it within herself. Neglected as a child and has what I would informally diagnose as “daddy issues” takes up the cause against the abuse and exploitation of women.”

Cole looked up at Werner as he asked “what about you?”

Werner looked at Cole and said “me?”

“Well yeah you brought them all together.”

“And in turn makes me the de factor leader. Well I guess I can get into the fun now can’t I? Just call me The Wilhelm Scream.”