Max Masters, The Manliest Man


Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: Swan River Colony, Australia


Alignment: Hero

Team: Infinium: The Engine of Perpetual Motion


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 522

Personal Wins: 49

Personal Losses: 20

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled

The Rookie

With the jails brimming to capacity back in England the new frontier of Australia looked to be the perfect place to set up a penal colony. West Australia became one such planned colony, where instead of being locked away in prisons most convicts worked under the supervision of their guards in the heat of the sun working on improving the land.

Charlie was in for petty theft, Davis for an assault on a barkeep and Peter for attempted robbery. They had spent the morning digging ditches by the road side and finally had their mandatory break. From a barrel that had been sitting in the sweltering heat each got a metal cup of sun warmed water as they sat down.

“Oi look at that bloke trying to make himself look good,” Said Peter, the newest one of the bunch. He pointed to a bearded man still digging up his ditch with fervor

“Shut your bleedin’ trap man. That’s Max Master.”

“Who in the bloody hell is Max Master?”

“Only the toughest man on the planet! Heard he’s here because he almost murdered all of Scotland Yard,” added Davis.

“I heard he challenged the prince to a fist fight and nearly beat him to a bloody pulp. It took twenty men to bring him down!” said Charlie.

“He ain’t look so tough,” scoffed Peter.

As one of the guards went up to Max he forcibly handed him the metal cup of water.

“Hey Max, after this warden wants to talk to you.”

Max drank his cup as he looked over at the guard, “if you think I’m gonna go cooped up I Freemantle Prison, well my good man you’re daft.” He swung the metal cup and knocked the teeth right out of the guards mouth as Max ran off into the outback.


Max has never knitted.

Max has never stopped for a spot of tea.

Max’s tears can cure smallpox. Too bad he doesn’t cry.

Max doesn’t breathe, he seethes.

Max once threw a rock into the sky and an airship came down in front of him. He was angry that it wasn’t two.

Max will attempt to chest bump you. Simply concede that you are less of a man than he is or else you’ll end up in China.

Max buys you a beer but only so you DON’T TOUCH THE WHISKY.

Max has never had a sensei but if he did he’d probably would've had to kill him by now.

Max gives blood by biting down on an old rag while shooting himself in the arm, making sure the wound is right over a bucket.

Max's chest hair is harvested once every year to make fabric. The hair is know for it's softness, durability and power to make vikings cower in fear.

Max Masters is the Manliest Man


Ground Trembles Before Him

     Seismics: standard (rank 1)

  • Area Affect


Also known as the 33rd Regiment the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment was seen as the best riflemen in all of England. After having made massive inroads into the Ethiopian empire they were called upon by the Queen herself to make the long trek to Australia to capture Max Masters.

They got into formation as they saw him slowly appear on the horizon. A single bearded man in a hat and shorts as he stepped closer to him.

“All of us to capture this one guy? Seems a little much doesn’t…” one riflemen’s words were cut off as he felt the ground shake. Earthquakes weren’t known in this region, so the men wondered what was causing them.

It was too late when they realized the tremors matched in time with Max’s footsteps.


Riding the Wave of MANLINESS

     Energy Wave Surfing: standard (rank 1)


Max stood there in front of the riflemen. He snorted and seethed as he looked into their eyes, his own narrowing under the brim of his hat.

“I am here, come and get me!”

There was no response, the riflemen kept their guns pointed at Max as he started to dig his feet into the dirt.

“You see, this is why you will fail. You think you’re hunting a convict. In reality you’re hunting a predator.” Max bellowed out as he began to rush at the riflemen, his charge shocking them as he didn’t appear to be running but floating on a stream of masculinity. Their commander started to raise his sword.


Max Muscles

     Reflection: standard (rank 1)



Max yawned as he kept charing towards the firing squad of 33rd Regiment. They kept in lined formation, taking their shots then stepping back as a new line took their shots. Max didn’t stop his charge as he pressed towards them as every bullet ricocheted off his manly physique.

“Nice try, but killing me with your girl weapons is pointless. Let me show you what I got.” As Max drew closer he pulled out his knife and stabbed the first man who came within reach.


Hemoglobin Explosion

     Concussive Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Area Affect


Max rushed the line of riflemen as one couldn’t step away in time. Max pulled his knife out as he waved it at the riflemen.

“A bloody knife? That’s your ultimate weapon. Hey look guys, Mr Woodsman is going to stab me with his knife! Certainly all of us couldn’t stop….”

Suddenly the man stopped talking as he howled in pain, the knife shoved deep into his shoulder as he stared at Max.

“Oi, not going to go for the killing… what the?” The man looked on in horror as his shoulder began to swell and suddenly exploded with a force so strong it knocked back some of the riflemen beside him.

Everyone had a collective gulp. How could you beat a man whose knife stabs caused men to explode?


Who Wants to Live Forever?

     Iron Will: standard (rank 1)


The man in the stove top hat and metal arm walked through the security details. Most of the guards had black eyes, casts on their limbs or walked with crutches as they lead him to the solitary chamber that contained Max Masters. The British government didn’t want to go into details but suffice it to say it took a small army to finally bring down Max Master. His limbs were shackled as he was being pulled apart on a rack. You could see the pain in Max’s eyes as he was tortured. However the rest of his body refused to show any. He gritted his teeth, flexed his muscles and only let out the most horrible screams as he taunted his tortures.

Max looked down at the man in his hat and thick dark beard as he said “oi what… what do you wan?”

“You can call me Abe. I do apologize for the chase. I wanted to speak with you and they told me that the guard who informed you made it sound like you were heading back into solitary.”

“Ai, now I’m being torture for his idiocy. Now what do you want?”

Abe stroked his beard as he looked on, “Let me just say that’s quite the amount of torture they’re doing to you.”

“They also put me in the iron maiden but I flexed and shattered it into pieces. Then they decided to brand me with hot irons. I say just bleed it out, it’ll scab over later. Now… AHHHHHHH… as I said WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

“Sorry for my rambling. What I want is for you to listen to my bargain.”

Max let out another scream as a torturer turned the crank one more time “AHHHHHH… alright, what sort of bargain were you thinking of?”

“Your freedom from Australia and a full pardon from the British government, the catch being you’ll have to join a little group.”

“Oh and why would I want to join your little tea party?” Max said in a mocking tone.

“Because Max you want to live forever. You want your legacy and there’s only one way to attain a legacy, acts of heroism. See villains come and go, no one remembers them and if they do it’s not a fond memory. Heroes however are eternal. You want people to know you’re the manliest man so do something about it instead of wasting away on this god forsaken island.”

Abe looked back at the guards standing watch, “no offense of course.”

“I never really thought about it that way,” said Max with a contemplative look on his face.

“So is it yes?”

“Yes, yes, everyone should know there isn’t a greater man than me!”

“Well then meet me in New South Wales in three days. We’ll be flying off.”

Max shook Abe’s hand as he suddenly realized something as he left. He dreaded flying.