Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: Mobile


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: weak (rank 0)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 30

Personal Losses: 36

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Disabled


Personal Log of Dr. Hermann Von Ibermann/Test Subject #0024

Day 1:

Normally I would not use my own children to take part in my experiments but when it comes to rescuing my son, sometimes drastic times calls for drastic measures even if they begin at the most unlikely places. Allow me to explain from the very beginning.

Alexander Macedon Von Ibermann was the first, of my offspring, to be born and raised under my care. They say parenting changes your whole perspective on life and were they right about that. For the first eighteen years of his life I indulged Alex with wondrous new inventions, took him to the finest schools in Europe, and spoiled him with the best money that society had to offer. But whatever I did for him it was never enough for the lad as he wanted more out of life. He wanted adventure; he wanted real excitement, he wanted...to be like me. So I did what any father would do for their son and let him work for me by carrying out various missions all across the globe. Alex is truly remarkable at what he does, which is why Interpol has nicknamed him "The Harbinger." A definition that means, 'A sign of things to come.' He excels in all of my expectations which made me so proud to make him lieutenant within my organization. Everything was fine, between the two of us, up until the day when we had a bit of an argument about my theory on the Metanomalies. Alex wanted to prove that my theory was wrong as he agreed to go out, on a retrieval mission, to San Francisco and kidnap a naive college student for me. I wasn't quite certain what exactly happened over there but, from the information that I managed to gather; the kid somehow activated his powers causing him to incinerate the left portion of my son's face and blinding his left eye in the process. After Alex's failure in this mission, he was later arrested for his various crimes against their city.

It would not be long before Interpol would apprehend my son, so I decided it would be best to disguise myself as an agent and free Alex myself at the corrections department. As the guards were distracted, I injected Alex with an experimental formula that I had previously extracted from the DNA of two Metanomaly siblings. Much to my surprise, not only was it a success but he tore through security as if they were paper plates. It did take me awhile to get a hold of his brute-like nature but after I did I took him back to my base of operations. That was approximately 29 hours ago. I shall continue to closely watch his progress more closely as the following days go on.


Day 5:

It would seem that as the days went on, Alex's insanity continues to grow deeper and deeper. Mostly this is because of the third-degree burn mark that he received and the pain from it will not stop. Despite the large amounts of pain medication, that I have given Alex, it has continued to give him nothing but uncontrollable madness. Not only that but I always had my suspicions that Alex was never that sane to begin with. While Alex was doing missions for me, before his incident, I knew that something was growing inside of him. Something so dark that no man would ever want to cross paths with him. The next thing I know, I hear news reports about women and children being mutilated in alleyways and in their homes. They were the exact same places that I had sent Alex to on those missions. I tried to ask him why he did these things in the first place but all he ever did was just stand there and never answer any of my questions. Upon further research, into my son's psyche, it became clear that Alex is a sociopath and a serial killer. Having no feelings, no remorse, and no regrets towards anyone that came his way no matter who the people are. Watching him now, after five days, it became clear that the mask he wears is now off. Now everyone will truly see the monster the he really is from the inside out.


Quicker than you Think

     Super Speed: superior (rank 2)


Day 10:

Alex is growing more and more...deranged by the day with the constant pain in his face and his mindless screams in the middle of the day. I realize now that he no longer needs to be out in public anymore, but only in confinement. When my men try to capture him, Alex manages to evade them with his inhuman-like speed. Actually it is not exactly super speed, that Alex has, but more of an ability to slow down time and move freely wherever he wants. When Alex does this, people see nothing more than a blur from him. After many tests, with a radar gun, I manage to clock him at exactly one hundred and thirteen miles per hour. But the thing about his ability is that it is not permanent for him. Alex once told me that he cannot use this power for long because, for him, slowing down time is like flexing a muscle. After a while it becomes too much of a strain for him and he would eventually stop all together. After two days of his evasiveness, my foot soldiers finally managed to capture him due to Alex growing very tired of using his speed. Now he sits in a ten by ten windowless cell at the compound where I keep all of my live experiments there. But something tells me that Alex would not like his new accommodations for very long.


Sixth Sense

     Danger Sense: superior (rank 2)


Day 22:

As always, I stand corrected when it comes to my instincts toward my son. For the last twelve days Alex paces back and fourth, in his cell, and banging the walls and door trying to looking for a way out. The cells, themselves, are reinforced with ten inches of titanium alloy so the worst he can do is make dents on my walls. Although to prevent him from fully breaking out, I have been giving him my own homemade sedatives by shooting tranquilizers into his cell with little holes, no more, than two inches in diameter. But sometimes Alex manages to evade the darts. As Alex slows down time, not only does he become faster but has somewhat of a sixth sense in dodging incoming objects towards him. This sixth sense enables him to evade everything from stray bullets, to swinging objects that would be used as potential weapons. I shall continue to examine this ability, more closely, as the days go on.


The Rage...THE RAGE!!!

     Berserker: superior (rank 2)


Day 37:

I cannot believe this! After everything that I have done for that little shit! I m sorry, allow me to clarify this. Alex has broken out from his cell and somehow managed to escape the compound. It would seem that one of my guards forgot to give him his sedative today. As a result, Alex harnessed his rage-like powers and broke through the cell wall. This ability Alex has allows him to tap into his animalistic nature giving him uncontrollable madness, enhanced strength, increased dexterity, and a bloodlust for killing others. Adding this, along with his speed, makes him a human tank with nitrous oxide strapped to his back. Any regular person would be literally obliterated by this impact if they stood in Alex s way. But along with his rage there is also price to be paid with Alex s power. Every time my son uses his rage power, his mental stability deteriorates lowering Alex s IQ process thus slowly making him into a mindless brute. I can only assume, now that he has escaped, that Alex will seek out revenge on the people that ruined his life. I shall begin to search for my son and continue my log as soon as I bring him back to the compound.