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Heroes of Yore
[Link ] [En Guarde] [ Arthur ]
star star
Link vs. King Arthur
This Fight Produced By: Charge Man


Those who wield the greatest of weapons are destined to meet...

LINK: The Hero of Hyrule has defeated the most dangerous of evils countless times, all in the name of Princess Zelda and the Triforce. He holds the mighty Master Sword, a mystic blade with magical powers beyond any comprehension. It has been said the Sword "chose" Link after a long and arduous journey. Do not be fooled by a friendly and cheerful exterior. When in battle, Link becomes a dangerous powerhouse.

KING ARTHUR: The King of Medieval England is the founder of the Knights of the Round Table, one of the most well-known groups of heroes the world has ever known. Arthur has gone on many adventures against mythical villains. He swings the timeless Excalibur, a sword that also has its share of magic that not even Arthur can fully explain. Legends have told that Excalibur was pulled from solid stone. While the king is a kind leader, he is an opponent much feared by many. Incidentally, these heroes' separate exploits have led them to Khazan, where they have been told that they would have to fight another of heroism and marksmanship. Not people to deny prophecy, they have agreed to battle each other. Only one single piece of chest armor is allowed, along with their sword, shield and savvy. Proper conscience forbids these two to kill one another, so they have come to the CBUB to referee the fight, and make sure it does not get out of hand. We are happy to oblige. So come on down to the Arena, buy a Link T-Shirt or a King Arthur Cap and settle down to a skirmish to remember.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Do Not Run with Sharp Objects


CHARGE MAN:   Live from the Arena of Khazan! Two of the greatest sword slashers face off against each other!

White Knight:   All the way from England is one of the most reknown legends that has been beloved for centuries -- King Arthur!

CHARGE MAN:   And here from the land of Hyrule, the persistent hero and star of the arguably best video game of 1998, fresh from Super Smash Brothers -- Link!

White Knight:   Both are superb with their respective blades... so who can best the other in battle?

CHARGE MAN:   Let's see who the audience favors.


Favorite letter of the Week

DamieN Brimstone writes:

When Link was just a young lad, he journeyed beyond the only world he had ever known. He slayed a giant firebreathing dinosaur, he ventured inside the belly of an enourmous aquatic god, and he stood his ground against Ganondorf, the evil wizard who had been haunting his nightmares for some time.

Meanwhile, when Arthur was a kid, he pulled a sword out of a rock. Link did that too. Plus, it take alot of guts to get your ears pierced in a time before anti biotics are readily available. Link has more fighting experience, against a wider variety of threats, and he's been one of the bravest people around since he was only knee high. Without a doubt, the Legend of Link shall soon recieve another glorious chapter with his triumph over Arthur. Editor's Note: It's the bit about earrings and antibiotics that earned this the Favorite Letter of the Week Award.

The Mighty Blou writes:

Anyone who can outrun the Dreaded Black Beast of AAAARGH until its animator has an heart attack can defeat Linky boy on the long run. Besides, he can always consult the Holy Book of Armaments and use the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (Hey, it worked against the Killer Rabbit, which by itself could eat Link for Breakfast between four knights and a cow). Trust me, Arthur will dismember Link like he did the Black Knight...

Oh wait. We're talking about the *real* King Arthur and not the Monty Python one? Oh to hell with that. Arthur all the way. NI! Death to Historians! The African Swallows will bombard Link with Coconuts! My favorite color is blue! No... wait.. AAAAAAARRRGGGGGH!!! (falls in the bottomless pit)

Katrover writes:

Dang!! This is very tough to decide on. In fact, this is the first match EVER in which I have difficulty choosing who to vote for. This must be a sign that the new hosts at CBUB know what they're doing.

In the end, I decided to vote for King Arthur on the basis of a motto:


Link's an elf, isn't he? Elves are short. And skinny. Link looks like a kid. Arthur looks like a man in his prime; he's in perfect shape. Arthur has the edge in terms of strength and size to win this fight. Bring it on elf boy!! Byee!

Bri Rob the Caveman writes:

As much as I'd love to give this thing to Arthur, my consience forbids me. Link had his own TV show. Then again, so did Arthur, but his sucked. They were a bunch of football players for petes sake! at any rate, Link has had much more kooler games. Arthur has the Ghouls and Ghosts under his belt, but those things sucked anyways. The only thing that Arthur has up on Link is his movies. Sure, now he's got Excaliber, but he only got that because of a friend of a friend. What kind of people let a sword that's supposedly the greatest one on earth get away from them? Also, Arthur was "Disneyfied" which should really guarentee his loss alone. Did you ever see a kid with such skinny legs? What did Arthur do as a child? He got captured by some sitch who wanted to eat him, then screamed for Merlin to help him. He got his sword cause the idiot accidently left Sir Kay's sword back at an inn! Link, on the other hang, was fighting off dungeon monsters, and defeating a man who had part of the Triforce! Now that he's a man, he's kicking butt and not bothering to take names. Also, there's the Chick Factor. You know that Zelda, Malon, and all the other chicks from the game wanted Link. Arthur did the nasty with his half sister, and his own wife ran off with one of his best buds! The way I see it, As soon as Arthur gets escorted to the arena by servants banging coconut halves together, he'll lay eyes on Link, Khazan will be filled with crys of "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!"

Sailor Xena writes:

This is an interesting match up. But as long as Link stays healthy and dosen't get injured he can win this hands down by pelting Arthur from a distance. Even if his honor prevents him from doing that; years of fighting the demonic, tri-forced charged Ganon will give him an edge over the King. Arthur never fought evil as strong as the kind Link has and might take the youth lightly.

Donald Milliken writes:

Let's look at the stats:
Both Arthur and Link have appeared in cheesy cartoons.
Advantage: tie
Arthur has appeared in several cool movies, including Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Link has appeared in none.
Advantage: Arthur
Everyone knows the Master Sword, and every other magic sword to appear in fiction for the last umpty-hundred years, is a ripoff of Excaliber.
Advantage Arthur.
Both have appeared in video/computer games. Only Link's were worth playing.
Advantage Link.
Arthur wears a cool suit of armor, Link wears a stupid green tunic.
Advantage: Arthur.
And so, though Link will win, Arthur is the true winner here, a hero to be remembered when Link's game cartridges are taking up space in some landfill somewhere.

Gammablast writes:

I think it's kinda appropriate how you play the Holy Grail midi, since King Arthur's taking this one home. (I wonder if anyone else will comment on that?)
I mean, Art was how old when he became King? And he's how old now? Link, OTOH, seems to have aged only a decade or so. Years = experience, right?

Jeff "T-REX"Hayes writes:

Arthur will take Link down. After he invented Chivalry. Link is just a young punk and He'll go down faster than a bag
of Cheesy Poofs at Eric Cartman's house.
Hey, King Arthur even has his own Las Vegas Casino. J So there!!

T-1000 writes:

Intresting fight. I must admit, it is a very good idea. However, I must go with Arthur, wielder of Excalibur. If you have read any of the tales of the Knights of the round table, you would know that Arthur and his knight fought many difficult foes. One of those foes for instance, could not be killed in the daytime and they had to wait till night time. Still, on the other hand, Link has certainely had much more powerful enemies. As someone who remebers the time when the very first Link game ever came out, I can tell you that Arthur has certainely never fought anything like Gannon. Still, Link is just a video game while tales of Arthur and his knights have been around for cneturies. In the end, Arthur wins this one, though it should be very close.

Eddie Filth writes:

it's gonna go to Link. Arthur might have Holy Handgrenade of Antioch and Exaclibu but he's no match for the Master Sword,The Enchanted Arrow and a whole arsenal of magical items Link has.When the fight is over,Arthur will be ridding home on his cocomuts with a silver arrow in his rear.

Azrael writes:

You're forgetting one thing:
Link is a capable magician, marksman, and athlete. If he loses the Master Sword, he can call down sleet, hail, rain, thunder, lightning, and other magical spells, can take out his bow and arrow and take down Arthur from a distance, and outrun Arthur, easily.
Versitality always triumphs over might.
That, and he probably bagged Princess Zelda.
The only way Link loses is if he tries to figure out what the hell Zelda 64 was all about.

Sailor Dragonfyre writes:

I like this fight, I really do. It will showcase honour and good ol' fashioned sword play.
My pick, Link, for the fact that he is younger and more agile then Arthur, oh, and he's man enough to take care of his woman's needs so she doesn't have to go searching for satisfaction somewhere else.

Franta writes:

How do you even consider the Legenday King Arthur against a geek's video game icon. I mean c'mon Arhtur is the main reason there is any fantasy! This missing link should bow down before Excalibur, if naught else for its legacy!

Goldenbane writes:

I voted for Arthur. His Excaliber is too powerful for any of Link's blades. The sword allowed him invulnerbility as long as he did not strike unjustly. Meaning he could not just walk up to some bystander and hack the guys head off, or the blade would break. Since this is a battle that will not be a factor. Link will shoot his mighty sword, but the blast will bounce harmlessly off the great king. With one blow to the head, Arthor takes it.

buzzkill writes:

Link is a lock in this match. As long as he doesn't get hurt, Link can blast Arthur's ass from far away. Also, Link's eternal. King Arthur died once. Link's died hundreds of times(well, at least when I've played), and keeps coming back for more.

Devin The Shocked Mental Hospital Escapee writes:


Who has lost their mind, me or the Arthur supporters?

There is no Merlin to save him.

He has no magic, just a sword with minor magic.

He is facing an equally skilled man with a much better blade.

Put 2 & 2 together, you get a Link win.


DL mighty writes:

Link's got the Master Sword and about 20 other weapons. Arthur is a one-trick pony. Arthur isn't even the best knight of the Round Table. Lancelot kicked his tin-covered ass.

Savage Dragon writes:

Okay, look at this! It's a battle between a kid that has the nick name "Fairy Boy," and an adult who has his own legend! Plus, King Arthur has his own cartoon show! But, wait! Link has like 6 games with himself in it! King Arthur has only battled other knights, and some dragons. But little Link has battled witches, ghosts, skeletons, mummys, BongoBongo, Iron things, and Ganondorf. If Link can handle all of this things, he can beat the poop out of King Arthur. Let's go Link! Yahoo!

Player writes:

I must say I only give this fight to Arthur if it is the whoop ass Arthur from "Arthur and the Knights of Justice" You know that cartoon where the football team is sucked into medival times to fill the roles (and women) of the real knights of the round table who were locked in crystal by one of morgannas spell....
er... if it's not that Arthur then Link will cast "thunder" (Link II Nes) and simply fry the excalibur wielding bugger celebrating only after stealing arthurs money pounch and adding an addtional sword to his attack skill.

LVtheman writes:

Woah, I'm not entirely sure here. King Arthur has so much power and prestige, even for a british guy. This duel won't be settled as easily as John Cleese and the black (fleshwound!) knight. No, Link is 100% Hylian, a true warrior. His whole lineage is full of heros. Arthur may lead a kingdom, but can he possibly stand up to Link's cunning and youth? Link's Spin attack will make an "English Patient" out of Arthur yet.

Davros writes:

Here's the lowdown - Link's a sloppy loser because in any fight situation he knows in the back of his mind, he can always hit "reload game" and try again. And, if things get really tough, Link can go shell out $9.00 and pick up the player's guide.
Arthur hasn't had these ridiculous advantages his whole life, so he's learned how to survive. If he falls down a pit, or buys the wrong magic key, or doesn't like the name he chose, there's nothing he can do. He's had to find the way out of the enchanted maze himself, or figure out that you have to arbitrarilly place bombs in front of certain walls but not others in order to get the magic hearts that expand your hit points. And he's not allowed to let them villains kill him over and over until he's learned all the weaknesses in their supermoves.
Link is going to walk into this fight right after "saving the game" in the locker room and Arthur's gonna chop him to bits. After all, the first time on every level, nobody really tries to win anyway. It's all about seeing the cool graphics.

Urza writes:

Link has got to win. He has defeated ganondorf, restored the triforce, saved zelda, saved the princess from lord jabu jabus belly, won epony etc. what has Arthur done? Smiteth down few knights and got a sword thats it. And besides my girlfriend thinks link is cute. Nuff Said

Crusader writes:

Link, undoubtably, would win. I mean, think about it! Link has starred in five video games and in each one defeated a monster that was ten times bigger than him! What did Arthur do? Sure, he got Camelot going, got Excalibur, but what else? Did he fight giant, mystical monsters, or just black knights? The only thing that Arthur has going for him is that he was the star of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" which was the funniest movie ever made.
My vote is for Link.

Ganon writes:

Link has to win this battle!! I mean c'mon, Link has defeated me countless times, and I had the full power of the Triforce at my hands!! If he could kill me, a Triforce powered evil person and all my minions, he could absolutely disembowel a puny punk like Arthur and that no-name sword. LINK RULZ!!!

Hysteria writes:

Sorry boys, but this fight is only slightly more one-sided than Godzila vs. Bambi. Link is a mighty hero, but Arthur came WAY before Link ever existed! Arthur united England, fought Modred and Morgan Le Fey, both extremely powerful enemies, was beaten only once in his career as king, and has Excalibur, a sword that is recognized to be THE magical sword, despite the fact that no one really knows what it can do.
In all fairness to Link, he has overcome a lot of hard obstacles, and has proven to the land of Hyrule that one boy can do what an entire army cannot-keep the ^&%$ing land safe from Gannon! (The king desperately needs to hire new soldiers, the ones he has now obviously know NOTHING about defense.)

Let's not forget another factor in Arthur's favor-Excalibur's scabbard helps its wearer to heal fast from a wound. Link's master sword has no such properties.

As if this weren't enough, King Arthur is the Eternal Champion of the realm, at least, according to Michael Moorcock. These Eternal Champions tend to kick butt and take names. Link may be a hero, but he's no Eternal Champion.

Link will go down like an unnamed soldier in an Arnold Schwartzenegger flick.

Sam Bluestone writes:

Now THIS is a tough match.
I mean, Link! He's got all this mad power with him... mad fighting skills, mad magic... and he gets the princess!
Arthur... he's got THE sword of swords, Excalibur, but he loses the queen to some hunk knight, gets crazy with jealousy, and is killed in battle after being mortally wounded by and defeating Mordrid, who was his son (by some of the legends).
And yet, somehow, I just can't imagine Link beating Arthur. Arthur is the king of the brittish kings! I'm going with Arthur on this all the way.

Kilroy (AH) writes:

First of all, this is assuming Link is maxed out on power, Link has a huge advantage: Anyone remember what his sword does when he's at full health? Arthur would have to dodge pretty fast in order to avoid being blasted, and he's not that fast to begin with. Excalibur is magic, but it can't compare with the Master Sword. Link also has that magic shield, so even if Arthur gets close enough to hit, it'll probably be deflected. There is just no way Arthur can succeed without cheating, he's just to badly outclassed.

Daki writes:

Link's got the magic sword, the magic bow, the magic everything. Arthur's got a magic sword.

Link's got a boomerang that will swing around, hit Arthur in the back of the head and knock him out cold. In my mind I picture this being all too famililar to the great Black Knight duel...but this time it is Arthur, King of the Brittans, who shall lose thine arms and legs.

ZeroHazard writes:

While I respect both of the combatants, I'd have to say 'Hail to the King, baby!'

Link is well known for his quests to stop Gannondorf and get the Triforce, but he swings the Master Sword, the bane of evil. Now, I don't know about you, but Arthur seems like a bastion of good. Link would find the Master Sword won't be quite as effective as he hoped.

Arthur, King of the Britons, Lord of Camelot, Defender of the meek, wielder of the mighty EXCALIBUR, will open a can of whoop ass as usual. His little buddy doesn't care who's hand he's in. In fact, weren't some of his subjects deathly afraid that someone of the evil persuasion might get their hands on the sword?

The Excalibur vs. Master Sword debate will continue until the end of the match, but the winner will definately be Arthur.

Alvie writes:

Clearly Link would put the smack down on the ole King. True Arthur has Excalibur, but so what. Arthur was able to be beaten by his own son. Link has the power of the Triforce behind him. I am assuming we are talking about the grown up Link right?... I mean Link has fought monsters and demons his whole life. Im sorry to say but the great King is going down.


Arthur:   Good luck, Guardian of the Triforce. You will be a challenge.

Link:   As to you, Your Majesty. You are an honorable opponent.

White Knight:   They start out with the customary compliments. .....OK, now the fight has really started!

CHARGE MAN:   Link starts things off by swinging his sword at an incredibly rapid rate! He must be swinging at least ten slashes per second!

White Knight:   Arthur keeps his distance. Oh wait-- Link has stopped slashing...!

Master Sword:   SHWOOM!

CHARGE MAN:   The Master Sword shoots energy beams at Arthur! They hit successfully!

White Knight:   Ohhh! But Excalibur is brought down on Link-- OUCH! Looks like he won't be able to shoot energy anymore.

CHARGE MAN:   Looks like Link realizes it... he's reaching behind his back.... it's a bomb!

White Knight:   Arthur's just too slow! Link throws the bomb and it connects! Ka-BOOOM!

CHARGE MAN:   It doesn't do too much damage, but it knocks Arthur clear off his feet!

White Knight:   Link sees the opportunity to strike again.... this time it's a boomerang he pulls out! It's tossed, and it beans Artie in the shoulder! The King is down again!!

CHARGE MAN:   But he's up pretty quickly and--


CHARGE MAN:   BAM! Sword Spin Attack by Link!

White Knight:   Arthur is weakening!

CHARGE MAN:   The Master Sword is once again brought down on Arthur. Ow.

White Knight:   Link holds the Sword over his head...

CHARGE MAN:   Hey! How did a bolt of lightning strike the Sword? The weatherman said it would be "partly sunny"!

White Knight:   Key word there is "partly", Charge.

CHARGE MAN:   The Master Sword is glowing...


CHARGE MAN:   The Master Sword shoots lightning! Good substitute for the Sword's natural energy beams.

White Knight:   But it makes a beeline for Excalibur! It's like it's a magnet!

CHARGE MAN:   And Excalibur absorbs the bolt... Arthur draws his sword, pointed at Link! What's happen--



'Nuff Said!


Link: 393

Arthur: 473


CHARGE MAN:   The bolt is shot right back at Link! His armor is shattered!!

White Knight:   Arthur walks up and waves his sword around his unconscious opponent.

CHARGE MAN:   Link gets up, fully healed!

White Knight:   They both smile and shake hands.

CHARGE MAN:   The Link AND Arthur supporters jump and cheer! Wow, nobody's going home upset tonight! Well, that's it-- G'night ev'rybody!

Resources for this weeks big fight came from:

Zelda 64 Page

Brittania dot com


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