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Turf War in ToonTown



"So... dey wanna play tough, do they? They wanna just waltz inna town and set-up shop like they owns it. Walt said it'd happen." The mouse fingered a revolver, and looked over at Minnie. "They pushed me to it, dollface. Send in the Duck..."

"So... dey playin' tough are they? They give you one o' dese, you give 'em one o' dis! Dat's the Chicago way." The rabbit lit a cigar. "Alright ya' mooks.. we ain't settlin' for table scraps like them bums over't Walter Lantz. Send in Fudd and Sam..."

'Nuff Said.

It's a Toon Town Gang War we had to call:

When Cels Collide

This fight was suggested by Kes (originally), Jungle Bunyy, P&SC, Travis and Throg the keeper of the lost jewels of the clan of the crypt orchid.


PAT:   Hello and Welcome, this is Pat Summers LIVE in Toon Town where an amazing full scale Toon War between Disney and Warner Bro's is ever escalating.

JAY:   And this is Jay Peoples. Yes, folks... this war broke out of nowhere and we have been covering it since we caught wind of it. Pat, let's roll some highlights of some of the things we've seen today for those just joining us.

PAT:   O.K, Jay. Now this is actual footage taken earlier where we see Disney's high-flying Tail-Spin gang up against the WWII era Warner Brother's plane killing Gremlin. Roll it!

JAY:   Now here's the shot... that there is the Tail Spin's captain Balu the Bear... He's flying in for an attack run on Toon Town... unaware that his crew has already been decimated by the Gremlin, which is now working on the fuselage of the aircraft...

PAT:   And, here's a close-up... and Balu is looking at his control panel... and... and... yes, he see's that he has a problem...

JAY:   ...he's loosing altitude fast... and.. yes, there's the Gremlin waving at Balu through the front windshield.

PAT:   And there's the scream folks!!! Balu screams bloody murder as he realizes he is riding 40 tons of cargo plane right into the ground! Kew-Splat.

JAY:   Pat, let's roll this other footage... now this was a solid win for the Disney Team, here.

PAT:   Good pick, Jay... yes, here we see Yakko and Wakko Warner, the Animaniacs getting ready to head into Disney turf and pull some serious shtick. Considered highly unpredictable, and dangerous, these two characters alone could cause serious problems on the Disney side.

JAY:   That's right, Pat... but stepping out of the shadows in front of them, it's Jessica Rabbit, and she's dressed to kill. Yakko and Wakko are stopped dead, eye's bulging at her incredible figure.

PAT:   As they both stomp their feet and howl like wolves, Jessica Rabbit turns and strolls back into the alley... she turns and winks at them in a classic "come-on".

JAY:   ...And there they go, racing after her...

PAT:   ... right into two falling Anvils, three falling Pianos and a falling Exxon Oil Tanker. Lights out for those two.

JAY:   O.K, Pat... we going live feed now to get some response from the audience watching the battle at home...


Kes writes:

Thank you so much for using my idea ! :) Well I have a lot to say about it obviously.

#1: He is very tricky and very smart and also is a good Basket Ball player.
#2: He does have some advantages and they are that he can dig holes and has bombs literary up his sleeves. He is not easily defeated and always has some great disguise.
#3: Not a lot of people would really consider this but he raps. Yes he does.
#4: His voice is a little realistic you can hear what he says and doesn't sound funky.

#1: He has a girl to show off to while he fights.
#2: Disney owns him, majorly good to have.
#3: He is a veteran, he was like one of the first cartoons, So he knows his stuff.
#4: Also he has the good jokes.

Disadvantages for Mickey: No high power explosives... BOOO !!!

Disadvantages for Bugs: Not as funny as Mickey

Jeff "T-REX" Hayes writes:

Well bugs should win because he has more moxie than Mickey. Mickey has been hanging around a lot of bad influences lately! Guys like Wayland Smithers and Eric Cartman to name a few. It is also rumored he has been seen drinking with pro wrestler Shawn Micheals! This is why Bugs will win. All of his buds are on the moral high ground. Sure he works for Ted Turner, but among Bugs' pals are Charlton Heston, Lucy Lawless, Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock.


warrl writes:

This is a tough choice. The deciding factor is the style of fighting. Although I like mickey, he has always been the nice guy in his shows. bugs on the other hand regularly uses high explosives, firearms. and various blunt objects. in a fist fight go with bugs.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Sure, Mickey could bring in the Disney Corporation to sue the bejeebers outta Bugs, but Bugs is simply more violent. Where Mickey has the corporate power, Bugs speaks with ACME torturous devices and explosives. I gotta go with Bugs...

Requiem writes:

Has Mickey ever gotten violent in one of those amby pamby disney movies? Besides chop up an inanimate object in Fantasia of course. Bugs on the other hand, has expressed superior intellect and a funny-yet sadistic nature in at one time or another inflicted a severe beating on a Warners Brother character. Bugs all the way!

Astro Creep 2000 writes:

I think that if a real war broke out between Disney and The Looney Tunes there would be no doubt that the Looney Tunes would win.

Bugs could hit Mickey with a mallet, run over him in a steamroller, drop 400 mouse traps on him, give him a big kiss then stick an exploding cigar in his mouth and watch Mickey explode. That little do-gooder mouse is dead meat.

shants writes:

"...of course you know this means war!" Whenever Bugs says that, he never loses.

Storm Morgan writes:

I gotta go with Bugs on this one. Any one who smiles and laughs as much as Mickey is bad news.

The Z-man writes:

There is a clear advantage for Bugs. He knows how to handle guns and other weapons, while Mickey only deals with cutesy animal enemies.

Skeearmon writes:

Mickey and his nice guy image will never stand a chance against the Bugs and his nasty dynamite 'stuffin', face- kissin'' crew. Expect Donald Duck and his nephews to survive the war and take over as the.. Don.

MrGreives writes:

This one has gotta go to the Loony Tunes. Look at the level of violence in any given Bugs Bunny cartoon and compare it to the nastiest Disney bit. No doubt you'll see the logic in my words. Even in the stuff Disney calls movies, you'll never see a comparable level of gore as is seen in any Road Runner short. Besides, how could the looneys lose? Between an "Untouchable" Road Runner and Marvin the Martian's "Instant Aliens" (just add water) they've got the fight sewn up with their sheer capacity and propensity for violence and laughs.

Grifter writes:

Mickey is not smart enough to win a battle against Bugsy. The reason is simple: Mickey lacks guts, brains and powerful friends. 'Nuff said

Trantor writes:

Well it was inevitable.... there can be only one! The rabbit is gonna have to kick some cutesy woopass tonight! Let's face it the meanest thing Mickey could pull together would be pluto or perhaps Chip and Dale (those two are bastards!) but there no match for Yosemite Sam and The Taz-man! Bugs has just gotta send these boys out there and the mouskateers are history! Let's just say they wish they had made the right turn back in Toledo!

David Gerstein writes:

Pity most Americans aren't familiar with Mickey as he's depicted in the comics. He who knows that Mickey knows that this is one rodent you don't mess with...

Katya: the Lady Wyvern writes:

I'll give it to the bunny. He's bigger, meaner, and looks better in a dress. That and Mickey's a wuss.

Cobra69k writes:

Bugs is goanna rock Mickey's world. Lets face it Bugs and the WB gang know pain. They know how to bring it to town. Mickey and the WD family are about to roast in hell and there's nothing they can do about it, not a damn thing.

If you think that Mickey's a lost cause give me a "Hell Yeah"!!!!

Bono Vox writes:

Gotta vote for Mickey on this one, since I have a 25-year old stuffed MM toy. Shouldn't this have been called Rodent Roughhousing?

Mr. Maroon writes:

Bugsy wins this one, tails down... Bugsy spends most of his time evading hunters and red haired cow folk.. While Mick spends most of his time trying to woo his girlfriend.. When was the last time Mick was ever in a fight and one.. Oh there was the "Seven in One Blow" .. But that was rigged.. The Giant was paid to go down. Bugsy is the hero.. He saved the earth from Martian invasions numerous times, .. And lets not forget Space Jam... My money is on the rabbit...

The Bunyip writes:

This battle has been set in Toontown, so there's absolutely no question that Bugs and the Looney Toons will Kick A$$ and leave little mouse pieces all over the city. Looney Tunes are backed by Acme, which has cornered the market on wanton violence and demolition equipment since 1933! Now, if this had been a LEGAL battle involving Lawyers and courts, we might have a different story...

monsterfink writes:

Bugs would kick Mickey butt so bad the Mouse would never be the same again, and then he'd let Daffy work over that speech impaired sailor Donald

Caine, the betrayer writes:

The mouse and his little crew of cartoon comrades don't stand a chance! Disney cartoons are too lame and "pc" to use any type of violence. Bugs and Daffy are always mercilessly attacking each other or some third party with anvils and hammers and explosives and, in the case of Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd, guns. Besides, the Warner Brothers toons are indestructible. This one won't last very long...

schultztown USA writes:

If you ever really watch the old cartoons, it's fairly obvious who would win. All the disney cartoons consist of is the main character trying to perform some basic everyday activity (I.E. skiing, fishing, having a picnic, use a fair ride, lounge in the backyard, play baseball, or Whatever) and totally fouling it up.

The warner brother cartoons have the character in some life threatening situation (I.E. being held a gunpoint, being tied to train tracks, etc) And using wit, intelligence, and a seemingly limitless supply of dynamite to escape.

Given that fact, bugs and the gang will wipe out mickey and friends before the disney bunch untangles themselves from the bungled mess they fell into after tripping over the doorstop into the arena.

tom servo writes:

rabbit good!

mouse bad!

Phiz writes:

Bugs Bunny is a LOT tougher than Mickey Mouse. I don't even recall a cartoon where Mickey Mouse needed to fight, whereas Bugs Bunny outwits Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and dozens of others.

Rich Stellato writes:

Bugs will win, but not because he's sending Fudd and Sam out. No, he has Marvin and Taz as backups. With that combination of technology and brute power, not even the mighty Gizmoduck can save Disney this time.

Calanthe writes:

Bugs has the brains & the killer front teeth. Mickey is Disney's fascist creation & has his pants pulled up too high to be any competition to Bugs at all

Dolf writes:

Look, let's be realistic here. This one is a no-brainer. Mickey is going to try and pull some cute and loveable stuff on Bugs, and the rabbit just won't have it.

Bugs will even have time to toy with the mouse. I figure he'll offer him a nice herbal tea and then offer Mickey the sugar bowl.

"One lump or two, Mickey?"

"Oh, better give me a whole lotta lumps, I'm so sweet you know."

It's just about then when Bugs pulls that giant mallet out from behind his back and lets Mickey have about 15-20 good whacks.

Lights out, rodent.

Andy the Great writes:

Mickey Mouse could Beat Bugs a million times over. He's the original and has been in more pictures. He's more experienced than Bugs Bunny!!! Bug's Sucks! Disney Rules!

BVB writes:

Bugs all the way. Mickey's been on medication for years, just look at that glazed-over smile he's been wearing for the past few decades. Then again, Disney Corp. bought all the WB characters a few years back, but from what I hear, Bugs has been hiding the meds under his tongue, and saving them under his mattress so that he might drug the orderlies when the right moment presents itself. Then he'll march right up from beneath Walt Disney World, and hoo-boy, look out! That bastard Michael Eisner is going to find himself dodging a rain of anvils.

Baal Tocard writes:

I had to go with bugs cause he's got more experience than the Mick' not in age or friends but in fighting, I don't think that once I've seen Mickey fight, but Bugs... he heh.

Break Man Z writes:

You have got to be kidding me. Bugs is more skilled in beating people senseless, while Mickey is a wuss plain and simple. Results: Bugs bashes Mickey into a bloody pulp with a combination of mallets, anvils, and a lot of other heavy stuff. Time: 5 minutes

Zhirrzh writes:

Bugs Bunny outwits hunters with guns, Martians with ray guns, and guys in big hats who want him to do the high-diving act. Mickey laughs at the silly mistakes of Donald and Goofy.

Bugs to have Mickey sent halfway to Albuquerque quicker than you can say 'What's up Doc?'

Ghost of Roy Fokker writes:

Gang land, turf fight. Well the Bugs has the advantage the reason why. Better troops, Bugs has the scout(roadrunner), Research and development(Wily), and firearm specialists(Sam). What does mickey have a gomer pile(goofy), and semi decent scouts(the damn chipmunks). The mouse will go down in to seconds by the bugs, I predict a raid like on a holiday that will destroy the Mickey capital base. Allowing bugs the takeover. Hey if he shoots a few musical stars along the way all the better. I almost forgot, Bugs has the Urban Gang on his side (Tiny Toons, Warner Brothers & sister, and of course Pinky and the Brain) Brain a "boss" in the bugs family? I shutter the thought.

Denis Moskowitz writes:

Can there be any question? Mickey's a happy-go-lucky mouse. "Hee hee! What's this? A gun! Guns are dangerous!"

Bugs is half gangster already, a primal force of craziness. "Look, ya maroon, am I gonna haf ta rough ya up?"

Mickey will be high-tailing it back to Florida before you say "Shoot me later."

We writes:

We voted for Mickey because of his background and reputation. We know that this will be a fair fight and will undoubtedly find it's way to the top of the most memorable...

badger writes:

You're kiddin me right? Bugs vs. that wannabe rat pansy?

Mickey got lucky vs. the giant in that one cartoon, and couldn't even handle animated broomsticks. Now, put him against someone who handles hunters with speech impediments, antisocial midget cowboys, and genius coyotes on a regular basis... the outcome is never in question: it's gonna be ugly.

Would Mickey ever use explosives when he could just convince the other guy its better to be nice? Bugs would, then he'll feed the charred rodent fragments to Sylvester who's tired of chasing Tweety and deserves an easy meal.

Fluffy the Bunny God writes:

Beware the Bunny! He is my avatar on Earth and he leads an army of flesh-eating bunnies! We pretend to be cute and cuddle just to get close to you puny humans so we can sink our fangs into your throats and feast on your flesh! No mere mouse can defeat us! We will conquer all and rule the world! MMMMWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!


JAY:   Look's like most of the bet's are on Bugs, Pat.

PAT:   Yes, now let's move to the center of Toon Town, and I think we have a real development happening.

JAY:   That's right, Pat... though chaos and clouds if twisting, turning combatants are at every side... there's a strange calm right in the middle of the hurricane of Battle, where Bugs and Mickey are looking each other over.

PAT:   Both are dressed impeccably, Jay. I believe Mickey is in an Oscar de laurenta black & gray pinstripe, whilst Bugs is a bit more casually dressed in a Guess sports coat and jeans.

JAY:   They're exchanging hot words now... Mickey has pulled out a contract or some sort of legal document... he's pointing at it... he seems very agitated.

PAT:   Bugs seems very calm... he's not saying anything, just standing there, arms folded, staring at Mickey through half-lidded eyes.

JAY:   Mickey has marched up to the rabbit... he's shaking his fist at the rabbit... Bugs is just standing there...

PAT:   No, wait, Bugs has used his toe to draw a line on the ground... he appears to be challenging the mouse to step over the line...

JAY:   Mickey steps over the line... and... wait, Bugs backed up and drew another line. He appears to be daring Mickey to step over the new line...

PAT:   Boy, Mickey looks mad. He steps over the line ready to get some sort of brawl...

JAY:   Wait, Pat... Bugs has stepped back and drawn yet another line and challenges the mouse...

PAT:   ... Mickey marches over the line without hesitation... hey, where'd he go?

JAY:   Mickey steps over the line and has fallen through a manhole!!!

PAT:   Bugs has produced what must be 60 pounds of big, red dynamite sticks and he's stuffing it into the hole after the mouse!!

JAY:   Oh, I can't watch....

PAT:   And there's the match throw, folks.

JAY:   That suit Mickey had will never look the same again.


'Nuff Said!


Bugs Bunny: 431

Mickey Mouse: 144


PAT:   Cover your ears, Jay.

JAY:   That's all, Folks.

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