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Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Dr. Who Quantam Leap Back to the Future Bill & Ted

Dr. Who
Dr. Sam Beckett & Al
Dr. Brown & Marty
Bill & Ted


Someone or Something is changing history. The minor changes of events in the past are snowballing into sweeeping changes of the future.

Responding to the localized Time Crisis from four atlernate futures comes four champions of the time stream doing what they do best: fixing time.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Time Keeps On Ticking... Into The Future

Variations of this fight have been suggested by many, including Noel Schornhorst and Doctor Nate


PAT:  Hello and Welcome! Excitement is just ahead as the top Time Travelling Champions prepare to go head to head and put the squeeze on a Time Paradox Anomoly which has endangered the time stream.

JAY:  All the teams have pinpointed the Time Anomoly's orgin to a moment in Ancient Greece, circa 500 B.C.

PAT:  And here's what news we have on the teams, folks... Bill and Ted are collecting a few "Historical Figures" to help them out, while Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly are laying in an emergancy stock of fuel for the Delorean.

JAY:  Dr. Who and this weeks "Who Babe" are preping the Tardis, which leaves Sam Beckett and Al who are off the scope.

PAT:  That's right Jay, Sam and Al are seriously disadvantaged by their inability to travel beyond Sam's lifetime. Ancient Greece is out of the question, which knocks them out of the game.

JAY:  Pat, let's see what the audience is saying on this one....


Favorite Letter of the Week

The Infinite Goof writes:

Alrighy. I'm gonna run this one by the numbers.

Beckett and Al - These Quantum Leap projecteers have a good record at correcting small and minor tragedies , but their primary concern is getting Beckett back into the proper time. If correcting the time stream isn't in their personal checklist that Beckett needs to do in oreder to leap (given to them by Ziggy, I might add), than there isn't a thing they can't do about it. Not to mention that Al is a hologram, and Beckett is a ghost inhabiting another's body. Chance of Success : 20%

Bill and Ted - The fact that these two are in this contest is almost comical. Unless the distorted timeline somehow ruins there chances of getting Eddie Van Halen to play for Wyld Stallyns, these two won't be interested. But, these two do add a bit of randomness to the equation. Chance of Success: 10%

Dr. Who - This honestly depends on which personality is sent take care of the problem. On the other hand, he may decide that the alternate timeline is the more deserving. Not to mention, if it's localized only to Earth, he has the worst chance of correcting the problem. He's has "bigger" and "better" concerns. Chance of Success: Between 10 and 40%

Doc Brown and Marty - These two, as excessive and addle minded as they can be, have the best chance of correcting the time stream. It may take them three or four sequals to tie up all those loose ends, but the have the best chance of eventually getting it right. Not to mention the DeLorean is a way cooler time machine than the TARDIS, the Phone Booth, or that Leaping bit that Beckett does. Chance of Success: 60%

offona t. angent writes:

Bill and Ted would win for a couple of reasons.

  1. #1 The good doctor would show up and begin arguing with the other 85 doctors who showed up and resolve nothing.
  2. #2 Al and Sam always spend at least half their time just figuring out what the hell they're supposed to be doing.By the time they get it right, Rufus has already told B&T what to do and how to do it.
  3. #3 Doc Brown and Marty could only affect things if it happened in their town and involved people they know.
  4. #4 Finally, B&T are friends with Billy the Kid AND( as if that wasn't enuff) with Death himself. STATION!!!!!!!

Azrael writes:

Dr. Who has at least five lives left, so he can be run over by the Delorean, crushed by Bill&Ted's time machine, and get fried by whatever the hell that thing is when Sam jumps. He's the energizer bunny of time travelers, and he has seniority. And better villains.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Cool! My idea was used! I voted for Beckett and Al. They are more organized than the others ('cept maybe Dr. Who). Marty'd probably gunk up the time-space continuum or something and then play "Johnny B. Goode" with Bill and Ted. Besides with Ziggy on their team, Beckett and Al can change history for the better. Unfortunately for them, a dark horse candidate suddenly appears and takes all-- Mr. Peabody and Sherman (via the Wayback Machine).

Deathbringer writes:

The Doctor is in! The match describes Doctor Who's forte! Doctor Who has longevity 25 years on the BBC before Fox bought and killed him for the sake of one movie. The Doctor is way more experienced. Also, factor in the Galliphrains(sp), the doctor's species. The Galliphrain Council loves the monopoly that they have on time travel and would probably hire the Master to make sure the other teams have never been born.

Rich Stellato writes:

Bill and Ted won't take it because they have no experience with fighting evil. Marty and Doc Brown are better, but the worst villain they've ever faced was a decrepit old guy who only wanted to make himself rich. Doctor Who is a hero and a genius, but he doesn't have much in the way of muscle power. Sam Beckett has multiple Ph.D's, a black belt in some martial art, and a proven track record of coming through in the clutch. Sam Beckett (and Al by extension) is the only one who can do it all.

Corwyn writes:

Heres my call Dr. Who wins hands down The Dr. send Lela to "deal with" Bill and Ted... (and please Lela, not Janus Thorns). While Lela is busy the Dr. calls in his other selves, they can then spread out and cover 7 times the "territory" While the Doc is busy, Lady Romana sits down and has tea with Doc Brown, rendering him busy and out of the fight. The Dr then has K9 jam Al's signal so he can't talk with Sam... and then the Dr. lectures Adric on being a TWIT and solves the problem while UNIT handles the DALEK invasion of the circle K. The Dr. then goes to the late 20th Century to institute the Quantum Leap program, just to give Sam a Job.

Slaanesh writes:

Two words


You really think some old loser in a phone booth can take this guy out? Brown and marty, all the way!

LrdChaos writes:

Lets examin the players, shall we?

1st up - Bill and Ted. Are you kidding? You can expect them to drop out of the running as soon as they realize they can use their time machine to hit woodstock.

Next - Brown and Marty... if it wasn't for Marty's pressence, Brown could be a serrious contender. (Brown will have to save Marty's a%% again).

3rd - we have Sam and Al..... very formidable team here.... well disguised, plenty of backup information available to feild op, all in all an excellent example of teamwork. However, they are limited to the timeframe of Sam's life, and that could prove to be to hidering in this opperation.

Last - the good Doctor. He's got the experiance (a few centuries worth), the method (tardis goes everywere, everywhen), and the general understanding of the universe. I mean, this guy has taken on The Master, multiple times, and won. Darleks?? a minor anoyance. Sure, he appears absent minded.... you would too if you new the shear volume of information he knows. Got to give this one to the good Doc.

Dath writes:

Dr. Who I don't even know, so I won't worry about him. Sam and Al have too many limitations. Sam doesn't know where he's going, and Al can't be heard or seen. Doc and Marty have to have fuel for the delorian and get that sucker cranked up to 88 mph or something like that. It's a real problem in a time with no gas. Bill and Ted, however, can go ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, save the future of mankind... die... comeback again... all the time playing air guitares and partying on, dudes!

Nipsy writes:

Now THIS was a hard one to choose!

Okay, we all know that Bill and Ted couldn't save themselves from the inside of a paper bag, so they are out.

Beckett and Al can only travel in Beckett's timeline, so anything in the future won't be reachable by them.

That leaves Doc Brown & Marty against THE Dr. Who and his companions. Tough call between these two, but I'm going with Dr.Who. For one thing the DeLorean needs a lot of fuel to travel through time, plus Doc Brown AND Marty are both kind've goofy. Dr.Who is ALL about business. Nothing goofy there except the sound effects. Plus, Dr.Who actually fights villains, making him tougher than people who fight some lame-o gunslinger. Add one of the "Who babes" and K-9, and you've got your victory!

Jeff "T-REX"Hayes writes:

Well relativly speaking the Doc has been doing this the longest. The other guys are good but they could not cut the mustard against daleks evil Chinese rulers or other assorted villians.Besides Doctor Who always has a cute babe more often than the other guys!!!!!!

Gavok writes:

I have to say Bill and Ted. Just because they have George Carlin on their side.

Justicar writes:

I am wholly behind Dr. Who in this contest. Dr. Who is a Timelord and the contest involves time. It should be obvious. All of the doctors have just been as resourceful and brilliant just in different ways. My pick for the contest would be the 5th doctor, he seems the most well-rounded. Why do I dismiss the others? Here are the reasons:

Al and Dr. Beckett, have no control over their destination. The force guiding the jumps may see other 'human needs' problems as more pressing.

Marty and Doc Brown, its very difficult for me to put them aside because I loved the movies, however they are just getting into time travel. They don't have quite the experience of the timelords. So even if they have more reliable equiptment, there actual usage of it would be less than adequate. Plus, they have no way of pinpointing the problem. Dro Who has the TARDIS which serves as more than just a vehicle.

The other two morons Bill & Ted, please, they'd be distracted by the first piece of tail they saw.

Vic Rattlehead writes:

I have to go with Brown and Marty because they have a lot more knowledge of where they are going. I'm not sure about Who, but Bill and Ted can't even do a report on time, and Dr. Becket dosen't know where he is going. I have to say Back to the Future.

Rowena writes:

I stand by Dr.Who! Not only does the guy have the advantage of being a Time Lord, but he has eight darned good British actors backing him up; about thirty years worth of experience and popularity in the broadcasting realm; and a ton of really cool long scarves.

Hannibal writes:

Beckett would win because he and Al have the best technology, I mean he takes over the body of others and much easier could it be to change the past then becoming the past. Not to metion that Beckett works for the government and that Quantum Leap was better show then the other three combined.

Sizer writes:

The time changes could happen in any era, in any country. Beckett's experiences have been limited to the latter 20th-century U.S. While he and Al will obviously try their darndest, they can only do so much. Bill and Ted, while traveling far more extensively, were out to collect famous people for a school project and get laid on the side. No altruism, no heroics--they just won't be very effective in a serious battle to save the space-time continuum. Marty and Doc Brown have experienced a greater range of time travel, and (if you accept the Back to the Future cartoon series as canon) have also coped with a wide variety of problems, in a wide variety of locales. Their contribution will be great, but they'll probably keep getting sidelined into wacky misadventures.

The real once and future hero here is Dr. Who. It takes serious cohones to defy your entire civilization and use your talent to help people, at obvious risk to yourself. The good Doctor clearly enjoys his work. Besides, he's got a major experience bonus--he's had eight incarnations in which to practice this! Barring divine intervention (which could tip the balance in Beckett's or Bill & Ted's favor), or any unnecessary plot contrivances, Dr. Who's got this one in the bag. He's the best there is at what he does, and no flash-in-the-pan child of the 80s is about to take that away from him.

Chronos writes:

It seems to me that of the four possibilities, Dr. Brown and Marty would be the best at solving any of these crises, though admittedly, Al and Sam come in a close second. My reasoning on this conclusion is simple...the DeLorean is the only time travel mechanism which is completely reliable. You plug in a date, get the 1.6 gigawatts of electricity into the old flux capacitor, and break the 88mph barrier, and you're on your way through the fourth dimension. You know where you've been and you know where you're going...and that's important when you're traveling through time. Also Dr. Brown has a very good head on his shoulders. Who else do you know who could make an icemaker and a time machine in 1890's America?

Rouge 15 writes:

It's a tough call between the Quantum Leap crew (QLC) and the Delorian team (DT). The DT will eventually win. First the QLC only has one man who can actively participate in events. Al is a hologram which allows him to go wherever he wants, but he can't do anything physically. Also, Beckett has to inhabit someone else's body, which means he also is stuck with their problems. Once he finishes, he is whisked away to another time. The DT, however, has two people who have their own bodies and decide when they travel. Heck, they can build their own time machines out of scrap. This gives an advantage and thus the win.

Skeearmon writes:

I gotta' go with Dr. Who. He did it first. He did it best. And just because he died a couple of times, he kept coming back for more!

Grifter writes:

No questions here, The Doctor is a Time Lord and knows everything about time travel. Sam Beckett & Al can't control their time travel technology, Dr. Brown & Marty, only have a car and don't have what it takes to pinpoint the exact location in time to find the anomaly and Bill & Ted...well, their just plain dumb.

Chuckg writes:

Dr. Who, with Doc Brown and Marty for runners-up. Why?

Bill & Ted -- give me a break. They need script immunity and ridiculous luck just to break even. Cripes, they literally needed a direct favor from God himself to survive the second movie.

Sam Beckett -- Sam's lack of control over his navigation doesn't matter for the terms of this contest, because he always leaps to where and when he's most needed. But Sam is too specialized... he can only successfully operate in Earth's *recent* past. Doc Brown and Marty -- Doc Brown *is* a genius, and Marty is pretty fast on his feet... and Doc is one of the only two contestants who knows how to fix his time machine if it breaks, even if he's restricted to really primitive parts and tools. If the Time Lord wasn't in this fight, I'd vote for him as the winner. But...

Doctor Who. The Time Lord himself. The only one of these four who has actually survived REALLY lethal villains... come on, Libyan terrorists and Mad Dog Tannen aren't exactly safe, but they are nowhere near as hazardous to the Universe at large as the Daleks or the Cybermen. And even though some of the Doctor's support crew were completely useless (Peri, Jo Grant), there were several fairly competent ones (Jamie, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Leela, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), and some very competent ones (Zoe, Turlough, Nyssa)... not to mention the Time Lady Romana and the ever-indispensable K-9, who are both in a class all by themselves.

RobF writes:

I don't even know who doctor Who is, so I exclude him immediatly. The Quantum Leap team wouldn't really matter because it takes too long for them to fix something AND they are the ones that are changing the past. Bill and Ted are complete losers who only manage to win by bizarre strings of luck. So that leaves us with Doc and Marty. 'Nuff Said (tm)!

LordFish writes:

Enough griping tho, on this fight I had to go with the illustrious Quantam leap group, based on the facts that; Dr. Who is using less sophisticated technology. Bill n' Ted...well they're Bill and Ted... Marty and the doc spend most of they're time trying to fix problems they made by screwing up in the first place. They're resourceful, I'll give em that, but not a superhero-outfit. So, in the end the always (almost) succesful Quantam leap team will save the day once again.

The Match Maker writes:

After much thought I had to go with Dr. Who. The only reason I thought that he would be a better choice than the Doc Brown/Marty team was that if there is somesort of "supernatural" force behind the changes in time then he with all of his as of yet undisclosed "Time Lord powers" is the one best able to handle the problem. Also, if he gets killed "in the line of duty" he can always regenerate himself. That's something the other teams can't say.

Mongo writes:

The Quantum Leap Team may have an edge of suprise that for one: Beckett is only "SEEN" and "HEARD" as another person other than himself (I would think that would give someone an advantage); and Al can provide him with useful information that lead to the dimise of the other 3 teams (saying that Beckett will put it to use).

Dark Queen writes:

I guess I have to say Doc and Marty on account that I have never seen Bill and Ted, (damn myself) Becket and Al are also close calls. (Who can forget the episode were he entered the body of a women?) Dr. Who doesn't have a chance on account that he reminds me of a DR. Suess character.

Doctor Nate writes:

Doctor Who. He never would have never let someone like Biff screw with time, and Even though Sam Beckett and Al have an edge, being that noone can see them, The Doctor has multiple selves! Imagine the combined efforts of Eight or more Doctor's on your tail! Ho-haa! I'd hate to be a time traveler on a night like tonight!

The Necroscope writes:

I must say that Bill and Ted are the most excellent choice, due to the fact that they just don't care and are so chilled that it doesn't matter. Also, they defeated death..... now who else in this group is capable of that????

Euterpe writes:

Dr. Samuel Beckett and Al Calivicci will rule the day. The team has God on their side (Remeber Sam's hispanic Guardian Angel Angela?) and Al is just the bomb. Remember, Al was a Navy Seal AND he survived being a POW. With Sam's luck and Al's determination, their force of friendship will overcome all obstacles.

schultztown usa writes:

Bill and Ted would have been my choice... but then I realized that all they have ever done sucessfully is break the historical figures out of prison. surviving the bogus journey had a lot less to do with time travel. most of their sucess was due to having gangis khan running around, played by that chinese actor who is in every action movie ever made but whose name I have never learned. I was a big Quantum leap fan. but lookat Sam's misssion. he wasn't repairing time fluxes, he was helping people better their lives. so unless this specific time delema is caused by someone's dog running away or something, I'm sure the forces of light will let Sam skip ahead to his next mission. So that brings it down to Dr. Who and Marty. There are two factors that made me go with Back to the future. First, Dr. Brown has all the expertise of Dr. (even if he doesn't during the movies, he must by now, having lived in that train of his for so long); he has a far more reliable time-travel platform with his flux capacitor system; and he, when teamed with marty, create a team of remarkable inginuity that I feel is absent in Dr. Who's chaotic and slightly over-weathered mind. second, my best friend in third grade made me watch his movies so many freakin times, I'm sick of him.

Lord_Odin writes:

Bill & Ted have it in the bag. The fact that they have the entire future population of time travelers looking out for them means it will be a walk through for them. Other factors in their favor are:

1. They can travel to any time in the future or past, a gigantic advantage over Sam & Al who can only travel within Sam's lifetime.

2. They have no qualms about talking to their past selves about what is about to happen.

3. They can set things up in the past so what they are doing in the present is easier, like leaving some well placed guns or such.

4. They have the smartest being of all time working for them.

Atomic Skull writes:

Lets see we have..

#1 An over-emotional wimp and a hologram.

#2 Two teenage idiots.

#3 A crazy old man and his (then) teenage sidekick.

#4 The guy who has *repeatedly* defeated the Daleks, the Cyberman, the Zygons.. Not to mention The Master (a true king among Arch Villins). I seriously doubt Bill & Ted *AND* The Most Excellent Society could stand against the Dalleks.. They're far too commited to all that peace and love crap (I'me surprised they've lasted as long as they have). I mean, they were almost defated by some loony scientist who's plan was sending two evil robot clones of Bill & Tead back in time to kill the originals. The Doctor has proven himself against the forces of evil time and time again, not just in one to two movies..

The Bunyip writes:

I gotta give it to Doc Brown and Marty. Dr. Who and Sam Beckett are contenders, but they will interefere with one another. Sam will appear within K-9, and will spend the whole time trying to figure out why - in the meantime, Dr. Who will spend too much time wondering why K-9 is acting like a weirdo, and why sensors keep detecting some weird hologram transmission that can't be detected visually. Bill and Ted will change the timestream only enough to make sure they become righteous powerful studly dudes - leaving Marty and Doc Brown to change the full course of history - though whether it will be for the better, who knows...


JAY:  And there you have the word from the street. Alright, the players are arriving on the field...

PAT:  Jay, this may be ancient Greece but dirt, rocks and scrub look about the same in any age...

JAY:  The only interesting feature here is that cave in the hillside... and wait! Here's the Tardis arriving...

PAT:   And the Phone Booth! .... And Hey! There's the Delorean!

JAY:   The players are all about 50 yards apart from each other, in kind of a triangle formation. Historical personages are spilling out of Bill & Ted's phone booth, as Dr. Who steps from the police call box...

PAT:   Brown and Marty are out of the Delorean and looking at the contenders, while Bill, Ted and the historical personages are huddling up and trying to decide what to do.

JAY:   Dr. Who's travelling companion, the "Who babe" is out of the call box and motioning towards the cave... Dr. Who is nodding... he's.. he's.. yes, he is going to approach Doc Brown and Marty...

PAT:   The entire Bill and Ted team is now ambling towards the Delorean as well... looks like it's going to be introductions all around...

JAY:   Man, what a spectacle! We got Doc Brown going nuts that he's talking with Socrates...

PAT:   Marty Mcfly is rapping with Bill & Ted... Dr. Who is trading comments with Napolean...

JAY:   Pat something's wrong here...

PAT:   Somebody's missing...

JAY:   It's the "Dr. Who Babe of the Week"... She's running towards the cave...

PAT:   Wait... Wait... Oh my god! Check the readings... That's Sam Beckett!

JAY:   Woah! Dr. Beckett must'a Leaped into the Who Babe back in the 20th century, and then the Tardis did the rest for him!

PAT:   Wait! Billy the Kid lets out a yell... the whole crowd is racing after the Beckett / Who Babe... Racing towards the cave...

JAY:   ...Yeah Pat... all except Dr. Who! He's just standing there... watching them all go...

PAT:   Wait! Now Beckett is racing back the other way! From out of the cave... here come some people dressed in robes... Guards?

JAY:   Beckett wheels around.. he engages the first with Martial Arts... Now Gengis Khan and Billy the Kid are on the scene...

PAT:   Bill and Ted aren't about to let the Who Babe take a hit... now they're in the fray! Marty Mcfly is a scrapper.. he's getting in some action too!

JAY:   One of the robe guys took out Doc Brown! Wait! Look!

PAT:   Jay, It's Dr. Who... he's bypassing the whole mess and walking right into the cave while the other guys take a pounding. Sheesh.


'Nuff Said!


Dr. Who: 145

Dr. Sam Beckett & Al: 92

Dr. Brown & Marty: 134

Bill & Ted: 87


PAT:   And here's Dr. Who comming back out of the cave... He's carying a color T.V. and a videotape of... Jerry Springer?

JAY:   I don't get it... were in ancient Greece and the threat was a T.V. and a video in a cave...?

PAT:   Well, I guess Jerry Springer if seen by these early peoples could ruin mankind but...

JAY:   Say Pat... isn't that the Godess Callisto materializing over there next to the cave enterance... holding a bag of groceries from Safeway?

PAT:   Is this her place? Oh well, I guess it all makes sense now.

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