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This week's fight suggested by Deric:

It's the Fourth of July, Independence Day, and Fireworks are flying with this match-up! Pat and Jay are off this week to raise several beer mugs to the fact that the British made lousy fighters. But thankfully we have gotten a few comments on this battle and will post them all!

Deric writes:

I figure that Teri will try to play it cute and bring in the character Superman from her series to fight for her, in which case Hudson will obviously get into character as the Goddess Callisto and we all know how vulnerable Superman is to the supernatural right? It`ll be a "two birds for the price one" type bloodbath!

The Decker Family writes:

I feel that Hudson should win not only because she, in my point of view, is not only a better actress, But also a better looking babe.

Prince Ravens writes:

Reason why Hudson Leick should win? She is better looking, and she is a better actress, especially as Callisto, which Teri could never do properly. Hudson Leick is awesome!!!!

Christian Irish writes:

Teri should definitely win this match, for several reasons. Number one, who the hell is Hudson Leick?!? Maybe I've been living under a rock or something, but I've never heard of her. Gotta go with the name recognition here... Two, class. Teri looks incredibly classy, not to mention dazzlingly beautiful, in that classic Superman cape photo. Hudson looks like she should be turning tricks on the Sunset strip... Three, experience. Ever see "Three Days in the Valley?" Teri knows how to catfight! Teri forever!

Kai Curtis writes:

Hudson should win! Let's make some character comparisons:

Hudson as Callisto:

- (a) She has a BIG sword, and she knows how to use it!

- (b) Even without a sword, she's got the flips and kicks down!

Hudson in Touched By An Angel:

- (c) Heavenly powers!

Hudson in Melrose Place:

- (d) If you can survive in Melrose Place, you can kick the crap out of just about anyone...

Teri in Superman:

- (a) Can scream for help. Good luck!

I give my vote to Hudson!

Jim White writes:

Hudson better watch out, given all the moves Teri has learned to control Superman! I wonder how Kryptonite works to counter the powers of Ambrosia?

Lev Arris Phoenix writes:

Come on, Hudson? She's nothing compared to Teri. Hudson is last weeks trash. She's a beer fart. She is an insignificant nobody! Teri Hatcher Forever!!!!!

Nicholas Binion writes:

Hudson has the most ferocious martial film presence since Bruce Lee!

Joseph W. Duis writes:

O.K., Hudson Leick should win because, well . . . SHE'S HUDSON LEICK!

Mich writes:

Hudson should obviously win this "catwalk" battle because she was a model and has traveled to the catwalks of Europe. Teri may have started in modeling too, but Hudson's catwalk experience is a bit more recent.

And of course, Callisto vs. Lois Lane is no contest! And I'm not even sure the "Man of Steel" could save ol' Lois from Callisto, especially Ambrosia Goddess Callisto!

But, I like Teri Hatcher a LOT also. She's been a long-time favorite of mine since her days on the "Love Boat" (as part of that cheesy dancing ensemble - I forgot the name.) And Teri is also a veteran of the annual "Battle of the Network Stars" from way back when. Gee, I actually miss those. I loved that "dunk tank" (especially when Victoria Principal would get drenched)...

Ah, but regardless of Teri's past "Battle" experience, Hudson is also very athletic and limber (due to Yoga and Palates). So I'm sure Hudson could out duel Teri, even without her huge Callisto vs Lois advantage....

'Nuff Said!


Teri Hatcher: 46

Hudson Leick: 151

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