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Kings of the World

[ Avengers ] [ JLA ]

Avengers vs. Justice League

This Fight Produced By: Parallax


They are arguably the two most powerful teams in their respective universes: The Avengers and the Justice League of America. Both are full of beings that can easily shake the world and when the two teams clash in the specially constructed, city size, battle dome - who will be known as the toughest team of them all?

Captain America
Iron Man
Scarlet Witch
Wonder Man


Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Martian Manhunter

Join us now for a battle of mammoth proportions that we had to call....



PARALLAX:   Welcome to the specially constructed city size battle dome, which shall momentarily be home to a battle set to rock the world, Avengers vs. the Justice League! Hi, I'm Hal Jordan - currently possessing unlimited emerald energy, former Green Lantern, and founding member of the Justice League.

S. SURFER:   And many greetings from I as well, the Silver Surfer - possessor of the Power Cosmic, and most knowledgable about the Avengers. Why are Hal and I commentating this fight? Because, apparently, we're two of the very few people guaranteed of surviving being this close to it. We are certainly set to see a very brutal conflict here.

PARALLAX:   Yes, I fully expect to see much of the artificial landscape utterly destroyed by the god like power that will be thrown about here today.

S. SURFER:   Still, this is going to be one fight that will go right down to the wire.

PARALLAX:   Indeed it will, Surfer. Now, let's see what the viewers out there say about this epic battle.


Letter of Choice

Gaijin D writes:

Is it me, or does DC never get to win anything? I vote DC
a) out of spite and
b) because, damnit, Superman cannot be allowed to lose! He's Superman! What are you trying to do to our youth, here? Being an internationally recognized icon of good always prevailing has to count for something, right? Producer Note: That makes a lot of sense to me! -- Parallax

Rimfiztrik writes:

Here's why I voted for the league: It had nothing at all to do with who I'd think would win, because, after all, they're all heroes. The JLA however represents something fast disappearing from our world, the true Superhero. They're the last bastion of the old school, Iron Willed, do gooder icon heroes. The world need's em. As impossible to relate to as they are the worlds needs em. Why? Because, idealism and heroism are things, along with absolute morality and these things called "good" and "evil" which are fast disappearing from our world. Frankly, I this is a bad thing. To me, anyway, the JLA stand for ideals, truth, justice, peace, freedom, moreso that the Avengers. Such things are the bones of a Superhero comic world, though sadly many today seem to like the idea of a comic world who's bones are made of mush. Everyman heroes have thier place, they're fun to read about, their coolness factor is higher than icon heroes. But when it comes to good ol patriotic Hero-ness, nuthing beats Icons, and nobody beats the JLA. End rant.

T-1000 writes:

Welcome to the CBUB Parallax and the Silver Surfer. My hats offf to you for trying to comment on a fight that has been so heavily anticipated as well as so heavily debsted across the CBUB message board. Anyway, I think the Avengers will win this one, not easily, but they will win.Just look at the team lineup.

Captain America: One of the oldest and most experianced members on the team. His fighting skills were already enough to be Batman in Bat vs. Cap and I think they Cap can take down Bats again. Also, his strategic mind will be a huge asset to the Avengers sucess.

Iron Man: Another experianced member of the team. His scietific genius combined with the awesome weaponry on his armor will help out a great deal. Plus, he already beat Steel in the Iron Man vs. Steel fight and he can do it again.

Scarlet Witch: Her mutant hex power is the key to victory for the Avengers. Her powers act in unpredicatble ways which is why they will confuse the JLA while the rest of Avengers walk all over the JLA

Vision: This androids powers make him a dangerous foe to the JLA. He can come up from underneath an opponent and blast him/her while they are busy fighting with some other Avenger. Plus, he can make himself as hard as diamonds if he needs to.
Wonder Man: Super strong. This guy has more then enough muscle to take on just about anyone.

Justice: A telekinetic. Justice's years of experiance as the leader of the New Warriors will come in handy. And his telekinetics will block GL's blasts for just long enough for another Avenger to take him out.
Firestar: Beuatiful as well as hot. Her microwave powers will help out a lot.

Thor: The most powerful Avenger. I'm sure alll you Superman fans are tired of hearing this but Thor did beat Superman in a one on one fight. He can certantely do it again. Plus, Thor has given the Silver Surfer a hard time and the Silver Surfer beat GL in the DC/Marvel battles. That takes care of two JLA members.

Thanks to Parallax and the Silver Surfer for keeping the CBUB alive but the Avengers win this one.

Mash writes:

This battle is going to the JLA. The big 8 of the JLA vs the Avengers assembled is a walk for the JLA. My reasoning. Thor can't cut loose with his powers so he'll be nowhere near as usefull in regards to his relative power. Captain America, Wasp,Giantman, Justice,Scarlet Witch and Firestar and Hawkeye are all normal humans. Batman can take them out with a simple battery of knockout gase, along with tear gas etc. Will have them incapacitated. Leaving Thor, Iron Man, Vision and Wonderman to fend for themselves.
They're tough but outnumbered. Flash can use his ole vibrational destruction against even an intangible Vision. Whilst Superman distracts Thor with allowing Wonderwoman to lasso him. Green Lantern given the proper instruction from Batman will overload all of Iron Man's armor's computerized systems. Whilst Steel and Aquaman hold off Wonderman long enough for him to be a moot point.

When it's power vs characterization in a fight. Power whens out.

"He who knows when enough is a enough, will always have enough."

The JLA have enough power and against the Avengers we all know it.

"When there are more wolves the wolves eat the people. When there are more people the people eat the wolves"

Again superior numbers or in this case power and versatility almost always whens out.

Pksoze writes:

Look the JLA has cartoons the seven guys on the team have their own books. What do the Avengers have no catoons I can remeber and who would really want to read a book starring the that witch babe anyway.

Marksman writes:

The Avengers have it... except for Flash. Flash takes them all out except for Thor before Thor gets KOed by Supes and MM at the same time. Even THOR should feel that. Overpowered JLA... *grumbles* Icons my... Only Green Lantern and the Bat titles are worth picking up of all the JLA members...

Razorwitt writes:

While I find the Avengers a truly good team, and quite formidable, the JLA has a secret ace up their sleave: Grant Morrison.

See, when Grant Morrison writes a character, that character suddenly becomes, like, a thousand times more powerful than they ever had before. Thus, Aquaman can cause seizures, and Superman's soul is pure enough to withstand the light of Heaven. Even guest stars, like Wildcat and Captain Marvel are affected by this phenomenon.
The Avengers, written by Kurt Busiek, will fare well, but not as well as they would if the JLA were being handled by, say, Mark Waid. There will be a number of factors involved of course, but, unless Firestar's microwave blasts count as fire (and they shouldn't) expect the Vision to be very surprised when an intangible Martian Manhunter pops him at Hulk level strength (since, as both would be intangible, they would be solid to each other) as Vision's intagibilty makes him a real factor (can't stop what they can't hit), Batman proves to be able to keep the good Captain occupied and unable to plan a good offensive, the Flash runs rings around everybody, and even the dues ex machina of the Scarlet Witch's chaos magic is not enough to stop the dues ex machina of Grant Morrison's writing.

Iron Lantern writes:

This battle will hurt me a lot more than it'll hurt the Avengers, and the Avengers will need a coroner after this.

As much an Avengers fan as I am, even I know this match goes to the JLA in less than a couple of minutes, max. And that's if the Justice League is having a *slow* day.

If this match was over the strength of their respective books, the Avengers take it on the basis of the superior writing alone. But this is a slugfest, and on the field of battle, the JLA is so vastly overpowered that it's ludicrous. This isn't even a fight.

The Flash will take anybody with human durability before the opening bell has even finished ringing. This leaves Thor, Iron Man, Vision, and Wonder Man to withstand four Superman-class opponents, the fastest man alive, and the moron with the most powerful weapon in the DC universe.

Of those remaining four Avengers, only Thor has even a slim hope of winning against those odds. That's assuming that Thor pulls a miracle out of his hammer at the last minute.

Poor Jarvis. He's going to need a spatula to clean up this mess.

(To be fair to the Avengers, they do take out exactly one JLA'er... Kyle Rayner. The only problem is that the Avengers would be doing the JLA a favor by getting rid of the loser.)

BigCheese writes:

Although it was a though choice, after weighing all the options, I think the AVengers are at a disadvantage here. First of all, they don't have Hawkeye (don't laugh he can be pretty effective). Then there is the problem eith Flash, who's superspeed can take a lot of them out. Furthermore, Batman is known for coming up with the most unexpected ways to defeat seemingly suoperior foes. But when the smoke clears, it will have been a very close, drawn out battle with only a few of the JLA'ers left standing.

Chuckg writes:

I can hear those Marvel Zombies smacking their lips even now. Having already perpetrated the ungodly farce of "JLA vs. X-Men" on an unsuspecting CBUB, they now slaver and drool at the possibility of yet again packing the voting booths to boost Marvel.


At least the Avengers are remotely plausible candidates to triumph over the JLA.

But only remotely.

OK, the fight here basically boils down to two key things:


There are two options here. Either both of them can go straight for each other and make with the slugfest, or they both can hang back from the fight and coordinate the efforts of the others with their tactical brains. (They darn sure can't do both at once... in any fistfight between those two, their full attention will be required!)

If Cap and Batman go head-to-head, they're evenly matched enough that they'll still be swinging when the fight's over elsewhere, at which point the JLA (see below) can easily send someone else over to double-team Cap.

If they hang back and make it a battle of wits...

... uhh.

Battle. Of Wits. Vs. the Grant Morrison Batman.

That's about as lopsided as "Bambi vs. Godzilla".

So either way, Mark Waid's pet little "God Of Winning" will be a null factor in this fight. Either he'll be just stalemated or entirely defeated... and either one works for the JLA.


Thor vs. Superman -- well, I know the opinion I have about that one (major Asgardian humiliation), but some of you actually contend that Thor has an edge or that it's an even match.

OK, let's try Thor vs. Superman AND Orion.

AKA Thor vs. "The Kryptonian who even the Marvel fans admit can stalemate Thor for a fair amount of time" PLUS "The Scion Of Apokolips, the guy fated to kill Darkseid, and the guy whose Astro Force can do what even the God Essence Blast can't do... that is to say, destroy entire planets."

Hmmm... Thor vs. the both of them -- that equals Major Asgardian Humiliation.

No, wait, Wonder Woman finished pounding Wonder Man in less than five minutes... and the fight's still going on with the Thunder God... so now it's Thor vs. Superman AND Orion AND Wonder Woman. No, wait, J'onn's finished mopping up his opponent, so now it's Thor vs Superman AND etc, etc....

... we get the idea here?

Oh yes, and Wally West, aka "I Single-Handedly Took On The Anti-Monitor", aka "I Move So Fast Even Pre-Crisis Kryptonians Can't Tag Me", aka "The God Of Speed", has finished hammering on as many non-invulnerable non-flying Avengers as there are, and then went over and clipped Captain America while he was busy fighting BatGod.

Well, looks like the JLA just swept the place, didn't it? :-)

Peter writes:

Not wanting to sound like a DC fanboy (but realising that I probably will anyway), with Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman, how the hell can the JLA not lose?

Beastymark writes:

This one is very close. However, the Scarlet Witch can deal with the Flash, Thor can deal with Superman, and with them being delayed, the rest of the Avengers take out the remaining JLA, then go help out. It wouldn't be easy, but that's the way it would end up.

A Concerned Citizen writes:

This is a long overdue battle. Let me first say that I LOVE the Avengers. But it all comes down to this... Batman. Flash is tough, but Scarlet Witch could take him. Superman, I believe already lost to Thor in a CBUB match. I like Steel, but he's no Iron Man. Firestar vs. Aquaman... well, y'know. Vision can take the Manhunter. Wonder Woman is tough, but if she's double-teamed it might work. Of course, the JLAers could just as easily (and I use the term lightly) take out their Avengin' counterpart. So here comes the Batman. I believe that he could potentially take out any of the Avengers. Yeah, Cap would be tough, but I think what gives Cap the edge in a lot of battles is that he's underestimated by more powerful foes. Batman won't do that. I gotta go with the JLA.

Gaijin D writes:

Is it me, or does DC never get to win anything? I vote DC a) out of spite and b) because, damnit, Superman cannot be allowed to lose! He's Superman! What are you trying to do to our youth, here? Being an internationally recognized icon of good always prevailing has to count for something, right?

Goldenbane writes:

Ok, I voted for the Avengers for the following reasons: 1. Cap has already pounded Batman, 2. Thor has already beaten Superman, 3. Ironman has already beaten Steel. Those battles basically mean that the JLA will quickly be outnumbered. The JLA's most dangerous member is probably the Green Lantern, and the Scarlet Wictch or Ironman will have little problem beating him. The flash is fast, and Wonder Woman is bad, but everything comes down to the scarlet witch. She is way to dangerous an opponent and can basically take the whole JLA alone!

Azrael writes:

The JLA could kick the ass of any superteam in existence. You've got the seven biggest guns in the DC universe, arguably the seven most powerful superheroes ever made, against the Avengers. Sure, the Avengers are damned good. They're the cream of the Marvel crop. But the Justice League, pardon the pun, is in a league all it's own.
Superman: the primal superhero. Has an array of superpowers to make anyone jealous. Superstrong, superfast, and invulnerable.
Wonder Woman: could kick the ass of any superhero. DC's second-most powerful character, period.
Green Lantern: Most powerful weapon in the universe, and without the yellow vulnerabilities.
Flash: Fastest man alive, and key strategist who can come up with thousands of solutions within the space of a second(DC 1,000,000 #4).
Aquaman: Telepathic and superstrong, he's not the water-lovin' pansy from the Superfriends cartoon.
Batman: The greatest mind of any universe. He can outthink and outfight any member of that team. He has gadgets that do who-knows-what.
Steel: Team technician and their anti-Iron Man weapon. Minor character made into a major character, at that.
and, of course:
Martian Manhunter: He's the key to everything. Their strongest telepath, he directs the entire fight. The Avengers don't have the telepathic link that the JLA has, which is their weakness against the well-coordinated, tight formed team. The Avengers get their ass kicked like a naughty donkey at the Hee-Haw remake.

The Rocket writes:

The JLA will prevail. Sure, Kyle Rayner and Steel will probably be knocked on their can in no time, but Supes, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Flash will take out the Avengers (unless Ron Marz is writing this story, then everything is so far out of continuity that there is no way to tell what will happen).

TM,The Wise One writes:

Captain America has the Avengers out flank the JLA. In the confusion of the the heavy crossfire, the inexperienced and somewhat cowardly Kyle Rayner shines his verdant beam in all directions, reducing all the JLA except Superman to a pile of goo. Superman immediately pummels Kyle into a poop stain. Cap and the other Avengers walk away shaking their heads and thanking God that Kyle and not Hal Jordan was in JLA.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

The JLA would ravage John Steed and Emma Peel, what were you guys think--- huh?.........oh.......

Well, the Wizard Poll said the JLA would annihalate the Avengers and I have to agree, despite what die-hard Marvel fans say. The reason may not be what you'd expect. One of the JLA's lesser known heroes would be the wild card here.

Captain America vs. Batman and Aquaman-- Batman's no dope. He knows Cap'n A is THE MAN, and that ol' bats was lucky to win against the super soldier. Aquaman's about equal in strength. The two JLA-ers would run roughshod over even the greatest of the Avengers.
JLA-1 Avengers-0

Iron Man vs. Green Lantern-- Wizard already did this one. If it was Hal, he'd win hands down. This is Kyle. Kyle's cool an' all, but his will power and creativity can't hope to win against Iron Man's skill, experience, and ingenuity. Maybe GL would win if he had more yrs. of experience...
Avengers-1 JLA-1

Wonder Woman vs. Scarlet Witch-- Wonder Woman could take out Dr. Strange with her mystical past. Scarlet Witch may have hexing powers, but she would succumb to Wonder Woman's stronger powers and magic. All it takes is one hit...
JLA-2 Avengers-1

Vision vs. Flash-- Flash runs at unbelievable speed at Vision, only to-- pass through him? Flash is disoriented for the split second it takes for Vision to solidify and fire a blast at Flash, taking the scarlet speedster out of the "running." HAHAHAHAHA... (sorry)
Avengers-2 JLA-2

What's this? Thor just blindsided Aquaman and is headed towards Wonder Woman... Wonder Woman quickly knocks Iron Man aside after deflecting his force blasts. She rushes to the center to meet Thor...

Justice and Firestar vs. Superman--
Both Justice and Firestar attempt to double-team the legendary Man of Steel. Without Kryptonite or magic to assist them, they soon realize the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man's accounts of the legendary Kryptonian's power is true. By then, the two will be unconscious wondering what hit them.
JLA-3 Avengers-2

As Thor and Wonder Woman, agents of Roman and Greek Gods, respectively, rush to meet each other in mortal combat, both Wonder Man and Superman get in their way.

Thor vs. Superman-- This has been done before...
Avengers-3 JLA-3

Wonder Man vs. Wonder Woman-- I don't know what the "new" Wonder Man's powers are, but whatever he has, Wonder Woman could beat him. Even if he has magic or any energy blasts on his side, WW can deflect them. She's also an excellent fighter with many special skills and super speed and flight. She beats him, no matter what.
JLA-4 Avengers-3

Wait a minute, where are Batman, Steel, and Vision? And hey, where's Martian Manhunter? Hmmm....

Wonder Woman vs. Thor-- Thor lands a hefty blow to the Amazon Princess. She flies away, dodging the Roman God of Thunder. A couple lightning bolts scream down from the sky, crashing loudly against Diana's invincible gauntlets. Immediately recognizing the mystic hammer, Moljnir, WW tries to lasso it. She succeeds, but the slightly stronger Thor holds fast. Wonder Woman suddenly rushes forward while still holding the lasso tightly. She can't yank the hammer out of Thor's hand... yet. She lands a couple dozen swift, powerful kicks to Thor. Thor retaliates with massive punches and blows. The glass in the area surrounding the dome shatters at the punches and kicks exchanged. The two are deadlocked. Until..... lightning crashes down on Wonder Woman. She still holds her lasso, trying to deflect the countless lightning bolts that shower down. She succeeds in deflecting them, but in doing so, leaves a window open for Thor to hit her-- hard. His hammer smacks her as lightning strikes. She falls unconcious as the exceedingly weary Thor sets the unconcious Wonder Woman gently on the ground. The lasso is wrapped around her wrist as she subconciously tugs at it.

Avengers-4 JLA-4

Thor untangles the lasso wrapped around his hammer and looks to see Vision approaching Batman and Steel.

Batman and Steel vs. Vision-- Vision turns intangible, easily avoiding Batman's batarang. Batman, thinking this threat may be Martian, hurls a firebomb at Vision. Vision clearly avoids that, too and is close enough to Batman to fire several blasts in the direction of the hero. Steel attempts to use his suit's powers to determine if Vision is organic or not. He determines Vision is a robotic construct and tries to shut him down. He's stopped by an unconcious Batman hurled in his direction as well as countless energy blasts.
Avengers-5 JLA-4

Thor and Vision vs. Martian Manhunter-- Thor and Vision look at the carnage lying about and assume they have won. Unknown to them, Martian Manhunter is right above them. Seeing Firestars obvious pyrotechnic ablities, J'onn stayed away from this match by turning invisible and advising his teammates through their mental link. J'onn now sees that it's all up to him. Using a major telepathic assault as well as blasts of "Martian Vision," he takes out Vision. Thor swings at J'onn, but J'onn turns intangible, narrowly missing a mighty blow from the Roman God. Avoiding many lightning bolts and hefty blows, J'onn simply uses his supreme mental abilities to render Thor unconcious.

JLA-5 Avengers-4


Rick Olney writes:

The Avengers are gonna 'cream' those mugs over in the Justice League! Listen, without Superman, they're nothing! Huh!? You haven't heard? Superman had to fly to a far distant planet in the KLEXZIFOL star system to help the entire planets inhabitants survive the threat of ossmosis.

The Title will belong to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the AVENGERS!

Beetle Bomb writes:

IT LIVESSSS!!!!! I'm very greatful that this site continues. And BOY, does it ever. Parallax and the Surf' gave us the King Daddy of Battles this week. I read both comics faithfully, but I go for the JLA. They're the BIG GUNS man! For those of you who believe Wally (Flash) can take out his team members, think of what it is when he's with 'em. And to be fair to the Marvelites, I'll give you Thor beating Supes, but he can't take J'Onn with all his mind power, (and I ain't talking brains kiddies, I'm talkin' shutdown.) L8er.

Dante writes:

Hey... Avengers VS JLA. Not too shabby. The Avengers will win, however, but I believe by a very narrow margin. Reasons being: Cap Vs. Batman - In an open arena, no shadows or tricks to play, Batman is outmatched. Wonder Man Vs. Wonder Woman... he's just stronger. Thor Vs. Superman... Superman could perhaps take Thor, as his powers outvary Thor's. Green Lantern loses by default because, let's face it, he's got the stupidest power ever created. A green ring that does stuff. Come on. I assume a few blasts of microwave from Firestar will render Aquaman useless, and Steel's armor is nothing compared to Iron Man's. The remaining players... especially Flash, I do not know. Flash is the only character the Avengers really have no counter to. It could go either way... especially if Green Flashlight or whatever decides to get cheap on them and drop a big green anvil on the team before the match.

Be excellent to each other, and party on.


PARALLAX:   Some most interesting opinions there, Surfer. But now, it's time for the battle to begin.

S. SURFER:   Indeed it is, both groups are huddled on opposite sides of the field, conversing. Plainly they are discussing possible tactics. Superman and Batman seem to be having words over in the Justice League area but everyone is clearly paying full attention to Captain America in the Avengers camp.

PARALLAX:   Batman has actually backed down, deferring to Supermans better skills with teams, that would have hurt the old Dark Knights pride a little. Superman is adressing The Flash and pointing over to the Avengers.

S. SURFER:   Captain America has taken the Scarlet Witch aside and is whispering something, I think they're looking at the Flash.

PARALLAX:   I hope both teams are ready, there goes the signal!

Local Airspace:   SONIC BOOM!!!

S. SURFER:   Unbelievable! The Flash has taken off faster than can be seen, Justice is laid out cold! What's the Scarlet Witch doing? She's pointing off sideways away from both groups. By the Cosmos! She's used her Hex powers to make one of Flashs legs break! West is rolling on the ground clutching his leg, is that bone sticking out?! He must be in agony! Captain America obviously realised Flash would make an early break and got Wanda to anticipate his movements and counter them, that's an extremely crafty move from the Avengers leader.

PARALLAX:   That's a nasty blow for the JLA, Flash is one of their more powerful members and seemed to be vital to their early success. But with Wally unable to walk a step it seems he's really out of the race now.

S. SURFER:   The Green Lantern has flown straight over to the prone Flash and is aiming his power ring at Wanda, both are staring at each other intently. What's going on?

PARALLAX:   It seems the Scarlet Witch is using her power to try to disrupt Kyles power ring, and Kyle is trying to counter with the same trick! It's a true battle of wills there!

S. SURFER:   That could take quite some time to resolve ... wait! Steel has gone to the air and is trading blows with Iron Man. Superman is now wrestling with Wonder Man. Martian Manhunter and the Vision are chasing each other while intangible...

PARALLAX:   One of the newer Avengers, Firestar, is in air - throwing microwave blasts at the running Aquaman! Things don't look promising for the King of Atlantis! Whats this over there? Captain America is rushing in on foot ... and he's just been tackled by Batman! That classic fight is on again - and I'm sure Batman has learned from their past fight!

S. SURFER:   Wonder Woman is running straight past her battling team mates ... straight to Thor! Why such a strange match up do you think, Hal?

PARALLAX:   Obviously the JLA have done some pre-planning here. They know about Thors magical abilities and many of the JLAs heavy hitters are not invunerable to magic ... so they've chosen Diana to take on Thor. Still, it seems she's outclassed here against the Thunder God.

S. SURFER:   Look, Firestar has broken off her pursuit of the ground bound Aquaman and is heading off to help the struggling Scarlet Witch - I highly doubt Green Lantern will be able to fend off both of them.

PARALLAX:   That was a mistake on her behalf! She took her eyes off Aquaman and he's used the distraction to fire off his cybernetic grappling hook, taking Firestar by surprise! Ouch! He's just pulled the line tight and Firestar has crashed into the ground HARD! It doesn't look like she'll be any more use this fight!

S. SURFER:   Indeed not. Aquaman is looking around to see who needs his help most ... He's seeming to ponder on helping out Wonder Woman but he's now going of toward Green Lantern. Does this make sense to you, Hal Jordan?

PARALLAX:   I think he realises that Diana can hold her own, at least for a short while. Green Lantern is a powerful member of the JLA and Wanda is one of those Arthur can easily remove.

S. SURFER:   It will will take him precious seconds to get over to the Scarlet Witch and Green Lantern. Meanwhile, The ionic Wonderman and the iconic Superman are grappling with each other ... the strain is really showing on Wondermans face here, he knows he's outmatched but for some reason he seems to be fighting some sort of delaying action...

PARALLAX:   I think the Avengers planned this well, Superman is extremely powerful. He alone could take out most of the Avengers in a very short time if he was allowed to cut loose, Captain America has obviously told Wonderman to keep Kal-El busy for as long as possible. Much like Wonder Woman and Thor!

S. SURFER:   Wow, Iron Man has suddenly come out of nowhere and blasted Superman with what apear to be high frequency sonic blasts - with his super hearing, that really must sting! But where's Steel?

PARALLAX:   I see him! He's over with Wonder Woman, battling Thor. Thor seems to be holding his own there, even though he's out numbered. Ouch! He's landed a solid blow of Wonder Woman and she's gone flying!

S. SURFER:   The Vision and Martian Manhunter are still flying through the air, both intangible and both letting off energy blasts at each other ... a true stalemate there.

PARALLAX:   Maybe not for long ... Look over there! Aquaman has snuck up behind the Scarlet Witch who seems to be winning the battle of wills, it seems years of experience can overcome a rookie - even if he does have a power ring! She appears to be charging up a massive hex blast aimed straight at Kyle! Aquaman has grabbed her arm and pointed it upwards ...

S. SURFER:   And its squarely blasted the Vision! The android has fallen straight to the ground and is not moving, that's a good play by the often under estimated Leaguer. Ouch! He's just knocked out the Scarlet Witch completely, she may be powerful but she is only human! J'onn is now flying down, apparently going to check on Superman who is still battling Iron Man and Wonderman

PARALLAX:   Wow! The obviously wounded Firestar has staggered up to her feet and has blasted J'Onn with her microwave blasts! His cloak has caught on fire ... he's flailing at it trying to extinguish the flames! Firestar is again knocked out! Green Lantern has sent over a giant boxing glove and the Avenger has to be down for good this time! Wait! What was the blur?

S. SURFER:   That was Wonder Woman flying back across the field! She has tackled Thor at Mach 3! Both of them have gone flying away out of sight! Those are the sounds of many heavy blows landing - I'm half glad we can't see them from here ... who ever is on the receiving end of those must be taking tremendous punishment!

PARALLAX:   Look! Steel, now without an opponent, as gone over to the pre-occupied Iron Man and grappled him. Are those wires snaking across to Starks armour? Steel is trying to take over the Iron Man armour! Now Stark has realised what's happening and he's trying the same thing!

S. SURFER:   Amazing! The power feedback has made both combatants armour short out! Both are on the ground, not moving, with smoke rising from various points of both suits.

Lightning:   KAAA-RACKA-THOOM!!!

PARALLAX:   Holy!... The biggest bolt of lightning I have ever seen has just come down and struck where Thor and Wonder Woman were fighting it out! I can't think of many who could even live through a strike like that, much less continue fighting through it!

S. SURFER:   All the fighting has stopped as the combatants look over at where the bolt struck ... a momentary pause. What about Batman and Captain America?

PARALLAX:   They're still going at it! I doubt the Presence itself could stop that fight now ... both look beaten and bloodied - Steve Rogers has lost his shield but Batmans utility belt is lying on the ground several feet away, it looks like Captain America broke its buckle with his shield before losing his control of it. Amazing! The Captain has suddenly somersaulted backwards and snatched up his shield from the ground! He's going in for a huge blow on Batman ...

S. SURFER:   And both are down! Batman, despite his unbelievable years of training, couldn't avoid that blow entirely but he did manage to slip a pressure point blow under the shield to Captain Americas solar plexus ... it seems this often debated fight won't be settled here today.

PARALLAX:   Things aren't looking good for the Avengers here. Wonderman is seemingly alone on the main battle field, facing Superman, Aquaman and Green Lantern... Kyle looks like he's priming his ring for a blast to end this match once and for all...

Green Lantern's Chin:   TWACK!!!

PARALLAX:   Was that Thors hammer?! It has come out of nowhere and cleanly knocked Green Lantern out of the fight! The young GL is lying on the ground completely out of it! Wonderman is smiling now! Thor has just bounded up beside beside him. It's now Superman and Aquaman vs. Wonderman and Thor! The tables have turned for sure!

S. SURFER:   Indeed they have, the JLA is in big trouble now. Both sides are slowly circling each other, looking for some opportunity to attack... Aquaman is charging at Thor! Superman has clocked Wonderman! Aquaman is knocked away by Thor! It's Thor vs. Superman!

PARALLAX:   Both have set their feet in the ground and are grappling each other fists above their heads! The muscles of both powerhouses are bulging with effort, this is truly a remarkable sight! How even in strength can you get?! This fight will decide the battle ... what team will win?

Thor's Skull:   BADDA-BIFF!!!!

S. SURFER:   Amazing! Something has struck Thors head that's left him out cold! Where did it come from? What was it?

PARALLAX:   It's the Flash! Sitting up beside the fallen form of Steel! Despite his broken leg, He's thrown Steels hammer and pumped speed foce energy into it as it went ... with Wallys mastery over the speed force and over that distance, it must have hit Thor like nothing in existence! Thor is out cold! The JLA have won! This reminds me of when I used Steels discarded hammer to take care of Mongul ....

S. SURFER:   Yes, the Justice League of America have taken the battle. The Avengers have fallen, leaving the JLA the undisbuted toughest team of all.


'Nuff Said!


JLA: 856

Avengers: 839


PARALLAX:   Well! There you have it ... what a great fight that was!

S. SURFER:   Yes indeed it was, Hal Jordan. Come back soon, viewers - more fights in the near future. Now can we get some medics in here please?...

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