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Spiderman Villains
Batman Villains


Parallax vs. Dark Phoenix

ISSUE #153

Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor


The Joker vs. The Green Goblin


Ken & Ryu vs. Scorpion & Sub-Zero


Batman vs. Captain America


LIVE from the Arena of Khazan the Battle Arena at the Nexus of all Realities! We will be bringing you all the Action here today from the side lines. You'll join us right here in the blood stained fighters pit for what is sure to be an Epic battle.

From the Arena North Gate it is six of Spider-Man's Most dangerous foes: Doctor Octopus, Electro, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Rhino, Sandman.

From the Arena South Gate it is six of Batman's Most dangerous villains: Joker, Poison Ivy, Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Bane.

Out onto the sand of the Arena the two teams step. They face each other across the expanse of the legendary Khazan fighters pit.

The Sand is warm. The sun is hot. The crowd is in a good mood. It is a good day to die.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

With Twelve you get Egg Roll

Special thanks to beast93boy for providing battle commentary!


Mary Jane:  Hello folks, I�m your announcer, Mary Jane Watson, we�ve got quite a match up for you today!

Jason Todd:  I�m announcing with a chick! What the hell is this? Who the hell are you?

Mary Jane:  Wait... I don�t remember.

Jason Todd:  Okay. Let�s just move on. God, the things I do for attention... Ahem. Today�s match is between two of the most powerful groups of super villains on Earth!

Mary Jane:  Multiple Earths! Earth 616 and some DC Earth. I'm not sure which one since it's very unclear after Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis.

Jason Todd:  Enough of that, anyway, we have on one side of the beautiful Khazan Arena, six of Spiderman�s most famous enemies! Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, and Mysterio!

Mary Jane:  Wow, that�s a lot of green they�ve got going on with their costumes! Anyway, coming from this side of the arena are six of Batman�s most notorious adversaries! The Joker, Ra�s Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Bane, and Mr. Freeze!

Jason Todd:  What a group... I hate that Joker guy! What a f**king bag of douche! He beat me with a f**king crowbar.

Mary Jane:  Oh yeah, aren�t you supposed to be dead?

Jason Todd:  Aren�t you supposed to be married?

Mary Jane:  Point taken, on with the battle. It looks like The Joker is trying to get the crowd excited, by doing a performance, while Ra�s is trying to come up with a plan.

Jason Todd:  And similar things are happening on the Spidey side. Doc Ock is trying to get his teams attention, but Green Goblin and Mysterio are more interested in putting on a show.

Mary Jane:  Oh, I think there�ll be a show tonight. The gates are almost open! Let�s go to the stands and get some opinions on the match. We�ll be back in a bit.



What YOU thought about the match:

Destros Writes:

Let's think about this

Dr. Octopus: Super-strong titanium "arms". Genius in the fields of radiation.

Rhino: Strong, but dumb as dirt. Becomes lackey more likely than not. Smashes things, and anyone with half a brain can beat him.

Mysterio: OOH, big man with gas. Got whupped by a blind man who knew his history, Daredevil.

Electro: No self-confidence. Thug, really.

Sandman: Strong and one of my favorites. Duarble, can change form, pretty good. 85 ton range.

Green Goblin: Insane, Super-strong, smart, beaten by Joker on this site.

Batman's baddies:

Ra's: Alive for 1,000's of years, swordsman on par with the bat himself, master strategist.

Scarecrow: Fear manipulator. Not a great combatant. Professor (former) in psychology.

Joker: Insane and devious, this guy is DEADLY.

Poison Ivy: One kiss you're gone. Beautiful and deadly, a real femme fatale.

Bane: Master strategist and fighter. Venom boosts strength and durability. THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BAT! 'nough said.

Mr Freeze: Strong, Duabale, insane, smart, manipulate cold. Could freeze sandman.

Conclusion: Spiderman has some tough one's, but Batman has to face guys that challenge the greatest detective and one of the greatest combatants and thinkers in the DC universe! Batman has weaknesses on everybody, and he barely beats these guys. Batman's baddies all the way!

InvincNerd Writes:

Batman Villains win for 1 reason. They are far smarter.

Combining the careful planning and interllect of Ra's Al Ghul and the unpredictable yet intelligent nature of the Joker, what you get is a viotile mix of power. The old adage Knowledge is power reigns supreme once again.

Even though Spidey Villains pack more punch, Bat villains will have counter measures for each and every one of them before the match even begins.

The mighty "PREPTIME" comes into play. Like Batman, his rogue gallery are masters of preptime, utilizing every little bit of it to lethal effect.

1 reason to vote Bat villains is what I have stated above.

The second reason to vote Bat Villains. POISON IVY IS HAWT!!!

reggiana Writes:

The spiderman villains are all veriations of the typical run of the mill street level hood. The Batman Villains are all veriations of the typical James Bond villain. Need I say more? What the Batman villains lack in brawn and physical power they make up in spades with regards to both intellect and advanced technology.

Shockwave Writes:

Batman villians are on a whole different level than the normal baddy. Come on, Batman has some serious gizmatic firepower up his arsenal.

mumak rider Writes:

I have to give this one to batman�s foes. Why? Simple if you look at the basic set up for any good sci-fi movie you will see it is not the crack squad of army commandoes that make it out. It is always the team with the girl. Sure, the commandoes fight like men possessed but when it�s all said and done the team with the chick comes out on top. Spiderman�s enemies? No girl in the line up. Bane will be able to keep The Rhino busy, and Mr. Freeze will put Doc Ock on ice (yes I couldn�t resist using that pun.) the Green Goblin will keep the joker in check and who does this leave to run amuck? Poison ivy.

acosta perez jose ramiro Writes:

The Bat-Villains are among the coolest, most ruthless foes ever. However, since this is a raw-power battle, the Spidey's foes have the advantage. Just Rhino or Sandman would give a lot of trouble to the Bat-Villains' group. Only way to beat them would be if Ivy can control Rhino by using her pheromone power, and use him against his own teammates, while Freeze well, freezes Sandman and the Scarecrow uses his toxin to scare the rest, and this is still the best case scenario for the Bat-Villains; otherwise, they are done.

Godzilla Jones Writes:

The Spider-Man villians will win

Geomease Writes:

This is a very good fight but I give it to the spider man villians because they have electro, Dr Octopus who is actually a super genius, and most of all Sandman and since they are fighting in a sand arena sandman has lots more sand to manipulate he could crush Bane the batman villans strongest player beneth tons of hard sand

Ace Writes:

this battle is good. At first i was going with Bat's villans, but now i think I'll take spidys. 1.Green Goblin would blow Mr.freezes ice toys up and go in for the kill. 2.Since there in the sane Sandman would crush Bane. 3.Electro would burn posin ives plants to a crisp, then shock her to death. 4.Joker would not fall for any of Misteros illusions, so joker by default. 5.By no compition Doc.Oct would rip Scarecrow in to ????? peices. 6.As soon as Rhyno get in close to Ra's Al Ghul he'll break him in half. THEN-1. Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, Rhyno vs. Joker. Now you tell me who would win.

Spidys villans win

videogameman Writes:

Where the heck is Venom? [Ed. Note: He's still recovering from getting his ass handed to him by Lobo.]

ThePhenomenalOne5 Writes:

Rhino crushes Bane

Goblin taking out Ivy

Doc Oc taking out Arnold i mean Mr Freeze

Electro burning up the Scarecrow

The Sandman pummeling The Joker

The only one that gives this group a problem is Ra's Al Ghul. But it will all end when most of them team up and crush him. It will be a good fight...no wait... it won't... Spiderman foes for the win!

Mullon Writes:

I gotta give it to the Batan villains on this one. They are just smarter than Spiderman villains. All they got is Norman and Otto, and they are regularly taken down by their own arrogance.

Plus for brawn, they got Bane on their side.

wishtiger Writes:

Even though all the Bat villians usually are their own bosses, I think they might be able to pull it together for this one match. In the long term though it wouldn't long before they all turn on each other, espacially Rhas and the Joker.

Lord Greystroke Writes:

I honestly think the Spidey villains will win. Bats has some pretty good villains, but most don't have powers. Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Killer Croc, Bane, Scarecrow, and Joker will do the most damage to the Spidey villain side, but ultimately Spidey's villains will overpower them. Now if this were a who can make the best plans match then I'd vote Batman's villains.

Thunder Phoenix Writes:

Hrm. This looks like a bit of a mismatch at first. Four blatant superhumans on Team Spidey, one who comes close...and Mysterio. (Sorry, never liked Mysterio.) Meanwhile, Team Bats has...two who qualify as superhumans, plus a couple more who have fancy enough weapons to qualify. I suppose it would be a good idea to go over each combatant, and what they bring to this battle royale:


RHINO: Big. Stupid. Strong. Not much else. Bane is more than a match for him, and an assist from Mr. Freeze would take him down even more quickly. Of course, if he REALLY gets a head of steam up, he could take out some of the squishier members of Team Bats. But noone on Team Bats is that stupid.

DR. OCTOPUS: Probably the smartest member of this team, and the best at playing keep away. The good Doctor could probably hang in there for a good portion of this match. He could fall eventually, but it won't be until near the end.

MYSTERIO: How'd this scrub end up on this team? Did Venom leave his cell phone off or something? He might have some entertaining banter with the Scarecrow, but noone on Team Bats is dumb enough to fall for Goldfish Bowl's stunts.

ELECTRO: The dark horse of Team Spidey (indeed, of the entire Marvel Universe). Electro, when properly written and allowed to have a power level that suits him, is one of the most powerful villains in the MU. It's just that, for all that power, he's just a regular guy. But if he's properly motivated and charged for this battle, I honestly believe he could SOLO Team Batman!

SANDMAN: Another dark horse. Though he's less versatile than Max, Flint will probably be winning this match for Team Spidey alongside of Elec.

GREEN GOBLIN: I'm assuming Norman is under that mask. I don't think Gobby will be actually entering this match until near the end. It may come down to just him and Ra's and/or the Joker. He'll more than likely be commanding his troops from the back, maybe throwing a couple of pumpkin bombs at the unprotected backs of Team Bats when they're not looking. He's very cunning and very dangerous.


RA'S AL GHUL: The Demon's Head will no doubt be central to any sort of victory Team Batman will pull off. Millenia of planning, strategy, and cunning will pay off in a big way. He must hope, though, that he can stay away from Team Spidey's heavier hitters, or no Lazarus Pit will be able to save him.

THE SCARECROW: Almost a scrub like Mysterio, but his mind attacks seems far more directed and effective. He must take care, though, that the fear gas doesn't affect his allies as well (though I'd like to see what it would do to the Joker).

THE JOKER: They call him the Wild Card. Honestly, there's no telling how effective this man is going to be in this battle. If he thinks it would be funny enough, he'd turn on his own teammates. But if he turns his full insanity on his opponents, though, expect casualties. And if he's figured out how to nab Mxy's power again? Well, this won't be pretty. At all.

POISON IVY: Honestly, she'll probably end up one of the most effective on this team. Her pheremone attacks, combined with some nasty plant golems at her disposal, will make Pammy a force to be reckoned with. Even if Team Batman loses, she'll probably manage to escape. And make out with Harley in the booth when noone's looking.

BANE: The victory of Team Batman hinges on Bane. His strength and durability will be key to taking down some of the heavy hitters on the other side. And he's smart, too! He just needs to secure those tubes.

MR. FREEZE: His gadgets will come in handy for certain here. Unfortunately, he has an easily exploited weakness which someone like Doctor Octopus or the Goblin could easily expose. Literally.

Overall, I'm going with Team Spidey for the win on virtue of having Electro and Sandman on their team. But Team Batman will give them a hell of a fight.

shizamon Writes:

The Batman villains would totally rock the Spidey villains. Mr. Freeze would freeze 'em and Bane would break 'em. Plus, they got the crazy Joker on their side as well. The sinister six is in for a whippin'.

Marvelboy888 Writes:

The Spider-man villians take this one, rather simply actually. They got just the pure power over the Bat villians, with heavy hitters like Doc Ock, Electro, and Sandman, while the strongest the Bat-villians got is Bane and maybe Mr. Freeze. The Match-ups:

Mysterio vs. Scarecrow: Probably the only one the Bat-Villians will win, simply because Mysterio is a wimp. Scarecrow gets his fear gasses out before Mysterio can do anything, he goes crazy and does the deed himself, attacking himself with his own weapons.

Green Goblin vs. Joker: The greatest foes of both heroes face of in a match that Goblin takes easily. He has his glider, which gives him the air advantage, so all he need do is bomb the Joker from above and he's down.

Rhino vs. Bane: This one would be fairly close, Bane's got more brains but when Rhino runs he's nearly unstoppable. I'll say they take each other out, both down after they meet blows.

Electro vs. Poison Ivy: C'mon.... he'd zap her before any plants or pheremones could touch him. An easy win for the Spidey team.

Doctor Octopus vs. Mr. Freeze: Both are fairly good scientists, but Ocks got those tentacles, Freeze wouldn't have a chance to even touch him before getting smashed by the tentacle, then thrown aside.

Ra's Al Ghul vs. Sandman: Another Easy win, Ra's can't touch him, so he's buried alive until he is knocked out, with Sandy coming out unharmed.

That leaves us with: Sandman, Electro, Doctor Octopus, and Green Goblin vs. Scarecrow: He might be able to hit one of them, but definetly not all of them

Spidey Villians for the win, and almost easily.

Adam Safran Writes:

I'm going to give this to the Spidey villains just as they actually do have a semblance of teamwork, and half of team Bats can't stand one another.

Bane is utterly useless in this match against the bricks of the Spidey villains, and guns aren't gonna do much.

Scarecrow will be stalemated by Mysterio, and it's arguable whether his gas will even work on some of the member sof team Spidey.

Freeze is arguably the biggest threat on his team, with his power armor and ice cannon, but it's not going to be heavy enough to stop someone liek Rhino.

Ivy needs to get close to use some of her toxins on someone, which she can't get with most of this, and will go down early. Plus, doesn't she hate Joker exponentially?

Joker's a wild card, /TO HIS OWN TEAM/, too. For shits and giggles he might literally blast them, or wouldn't care about frying them with one of his blasts.

Ras Al Ghul is a baseline human with pretty heavy MA's, and maybe guns.

Now, for team Spidey..

It's Sandman. In a floor with an arena.. MADE OF SAND.

That's like an instakill right there.

Plus we have Gobby on his glider who can just firebomb half of the arena with goblin grenades, flamethrower, pumpkin bombs, etc.

Mysterio is now a frigging DEMON, if one goes by Friendly Neighborhood Soider-Man. While he hasn't demonstrated much, that'll give him a major edge in the 'mindf*ck' department.

Octopus' legs make him able to do low level speed blitzes, and if he can get into melee range, he could seriously just slaughter all of team Bat.

Electro can just area effect the entire side of the arena and turn into living lightning, and thus be immune to guns, toxins, gasses.

Rhino? Can anyone on Team Joker actually hurt him? I'm pretty sure his invulnerability gives him a measure of resistance, if not immunity, to toxins and the like, and he'll laugh at Acid, and crush Ivy to a pulp before she can kiss him.

All in all, easy win for Team Spidey.

Jackson Writes:

Unless the opponent is Batman, never bet against the Joker.

Nightbringer Writes:

In terms of intelect, between doc Ok'c brains and the green goblins insanity, Ra's Al Ghul's raw intelect, this still means that he can hurl some pretty scathing comments and you know how efective that can be from Company of Heros.

In terms of Endurance, Rhino and Bane can tank like hell, and although Band is a more capable fighter, he has a huge weak spot, ie the TUBES.

in terms of terrian, sandman will get a huge boast here while Ivy will get an equaly huge headache geting things to grown in sand.

in terms of firepower, all of Spiderman's foes here are heavy hitters,well, exept mysterio but no one likes him anyway. the Bat's team has three manipulators and three heavy hitters, one of which is invalidated due to bad terrain.

this shall once again prove that Marvel is better than DC

The Ripper Writes:

The bat guys are more criminally insane, making them more unpredictable than spidey's enemies.

avenger1000 Writes:

There are simply too many heavy-hitting thinkers on the bat-side. Except for Goblin, I don't see any threats on the spider side.

Darth Bawls Writes:

While most Bat Villians appear to work together and show good team spirit. They do not however truly embrace The Dark Side of the force. They are weak villens turned by fate, nothing like our Power Sith Lords who know the true meaning of power. Passion, Anger, Greed, these things are The Nature of The Dark Side. However The SpiderMan villens have grasped thier dark side and will tear the weak opposition to pieces as is always the case with the strong to enhiliate the weak.


Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

...Uh, first off, I should apologize for never getting my version of this thing finished. 'Twas my idea in the first place, and...I...never actually...FINISHED the thing, for which I feel guilty. Sorry. You may flay me in effigy if it'll make you feel better.

That being said, the Gang from Gotham is going to kick the arses of the Big Apple Brawlers. Here are my reasons:

Number 1: The strategy factor. True, Spidey's villains are all pretty damn powerful, but they're not big on strategy. Their basic strategy in a fight is to wallop the wall-crawler with everything they've got - and it never works. I mean, let's face it, Spidey's pretty badass, but when you get right down to it he's a very agile guy with fair-to-middling super-strength and what are basically glue guns on his wrists. One solid punch from the Rhino would splatter him across the continent, but he's never been hit, and do you know why? Strategy. That's what he has over them, and that's the reason why he always beats them.

Batman's villains, on the other hand, just love strategy. Several of them, in fact, have stated that that's the main thing that keeps them coming back, instead of grabbing their by-now-considerable ill-gotten gains and skedaddling. It's the thrill of matching wits against the greatest detective in the world - and while they always lose, some of them have come veeeery close to winning at times. Strategy is their bread and butter, and they will use it to good effect.

Number 2: Intelligence. This is, obviously, related to strategy, but it's an important point in and of itself - a lot of Spidey's villains just aren't terribly smart. The Rhino, Sandman and Electro are all complete clods - dangerous clods, but clods nonetheless. Electro, for instance, has, in recent years, gained enough power to blow up New York, but he doesn't know how to USE it properly. He just flies around going ZAP ZAP ZAP, and gets beaten every time, because he's STUPID. Sure, the other three are all pretty smart - Ock's a genius, the Goblin is clever enough to have designed all of his weaponry and soforth, and Mysterio is a whiz at special effects - but none of these really translate all that well to the battlefield. Ock comes up with some great schemes, but in battle he relies far too much on his tentacles and has a tendency to get overconfident; Gobby's main technique is to toss bombs at you, and Mysterio may be good at confusing you, but once you've shaken that off he'll go down quickly.

As for Batsy's boys? Well, Scarecrow, Joker and Freeze are all geniuses (although Joker's smarts can be overshadowed at times by his lunacy), Ras al Ghul is a master manipulator on a global scale with the experience of centuries on his side, Bane has gotten dumber in recent years but he was pretty sharp when he was introduced, and Ivy has done some pretty clever (and lethal) things with plants. Advantage: Gotham.

Number 3: the near-miss quotient. What I mean by this is the number of times that these respective teams of villains have come within a hair's breadth of offing their respective heroes. On Spidey's side... well, it might have been a bit more even if there'd been a few different villains - Kraven, for instance - but with this team, it's pretty slim pickings. Sure, the Goblin and Doc Ock have had their moments - some of them very good ones - but that still leaves the other four, who have...not. Their combined success rate is not high.

Batman, on the other hand, has come damn close to taking the big dirt nap on multiple occasions at the hands of these guys. The Joker almost succeeded in driving him mad once, among lots of other near successes, Ivy and Scarecrow's respective poisons have always been a dangerous factor in his life (especially Scarecrow's fear gas; Bats has LOTS of issues to work out), and Ras has a major advantage simply because he has a hot daughter who may succeed in tipping the scales in his favor through the power of love. Oh, yes - and Bane broke his spine. Broke. His. Spine. True, he didn't kill him, but he COULD have, and that's the point. Advantage: Gotham.

Number 4 - ah, heck with it. The Gotham villains are just COOLER, plain and simple. The Joker is one of the all-time greatest villains out there (And, I might add, one who's already scored his share of victories on this site), Mr. Freeze is one of the most sympathetic bad guys out there (which makes him closer to a hero, and heroes almost always win), Ras Al Ghul has the League of Assassins to toy with, Bane...you've already heard what Bane did, and the other two are nifty as well. They've got the niftiness factor in spades.

In short, here's how it'll go - Joker brings down Green Goblin with a few well-placed jibes and razor-sharp playing cards (plus prior knowledge from past experience). Freeze blasts the Sandman and shatters him into little tiny pieces which shall not reform until the fight is over. Ivy, turning on the charm, manages to seduce Electro, and nails him with a poison kiss. Mysterio and Scarecrow pit their respective mind-altering tricks against each other, and fear-gas beats hullucinogenic mists hands down. Bane takes on Doc Ock, and...comes close to getting his ass kicked, actually, but Ras calls in a cadre of specially equipped assassins who finish off both Ock and the Rhino. The Gothamites then do a victory dance and high-five each other.

So, to sum up - Gotham wins, New York loses, Rexy is sleepy and shall go to bed now.

cena Writes:

i say the batman villans take this because they have one big advantage... they have the brains. They fight the one and only worlds greatest detective BATMAN! i mean they gotta be smart to take on batman!

Torint Writes:

This will be a close one, I can tell you that.

For one, Baine sucks. He and Rhino will get in a slug fest until Rhino accidentally unplugs his roid tubes.

We have already determined that the Joker would beat the Goblin in a battle of ruthlessness, but in a straight-up fight Gobbo's got Joker beat.

Mr. Freeze's armor uses elecrticity, right? The Spidey villains have Electro on their side. I predict fried Shwarzeneger.

I think Mysterio will beat Ivy, because he has a dome on his head, and Ivy can't kiss him.

Doc Ock is just as smart as R'as, but Liam Neeson and Ken Watanabe, when combined, are better than Alfred Molina.

And Sandman buries the Scarecrow in a desert.

VonDoom7688 Writes:

Ok, we got spidey's bad guys vs Bat's I see this as a huge mismatch. Spidey's bad guys are used to working together, plus lets match them up, Ryno kills bane, Ryno's fought the Hulk. Green Goblin is too much for Joker, Electro fries Mr. Freeze, Raz al goul, gets owned in a fight by Doc Ock, Scarcrow? are you kidding me, sandman owns him like I own my dounut in the morning, and Mysterio can't be swaded by poison ivy. I think that this battle will be decided on popularity alone, not on who would really win in a fight because, we all know that the Spidey villians are Stronger and all around way too powerfull for the Bat's bad dudes.



The Vulcan Writes:

Ok the only big guns spider villians have is Electro and Rhino. Bu Ras can out smart them so Batman villians take it.

Hulkzilla Writes:

Spiderman villians would destroy Batman villians, I mean half of the Batman villians are insane!!! not to mention they don't work as a team!!! So how are a bunch of crazy people going to beat an ornagized team of meatahumans???

me85 Writes:

This is a fight worth thinking about before casting a vote. Batman's villains are all extreamly dangerous, insane and mass murderers. Ra's, Joker Bane and Mr. Freez are all dominant personalities with the power to back it up, so they might have a power struggle before they even reach the arena. Ra's would emerge vicotrious, but would have no loyalty from his team, and would have an injured team mate or two.

Now look at Spideys baddys. Theyve all worked together at one point or another, and would take their cues from Doc Ock and the Green Goblin, who would have sorted things out before hand. Rhino would give Bane a run for his money...for maybe a minute. And Mr. Freeze would make short work of Sandman, but would in turn fall from a Pumpkin Bomb rupturing his suit. The Goblin, while helping take out Freeze, takes out the Joker, who may be a better villain, but has little ranged attacks. Electro wouldnt feel any sorrow taking out little miss Ivy as the Scarecrow and Mysterio keep each other busy. The main attraction would be the Doctor Octopus and Ra's Al Ghul fight, which would last until Ra's gets a little to close to Ock and lands a killing blow. Now its Bane and Ra's against Green Goblin, Electro and a thawing Sandman (Scarecrow and Mysterio have at it). Now Goblins no dumby, and would launch a Pumpkin Bomb at Ra's, who would catch it out of the air and launch it back at him. Luckly Electro and the Goblin would have practiced techniques like this in preperation of a Spider-man confrontation. As Bane sneeks up on Electro and snaps his neck, Osborn busy's Ra's. This is where the team work really comes in handy. Bane, refusing to help Ra's, would work agains him, launching attacks on both (Bane works for no man). With a three way battle going on, Green Goblin has to do is keep the other two busy until Sandman can thaw out and Mysterio takes out the Scarecrow (that self contained breathing fishbowl IS good for somehting), and then the fight goes south for two of Batmans most formidable opponents.

joykiller Writes:

This is just a lanslide of power in favour of the spider villains. The Sandman by himself could practically take out everyone on the field,c'mon he's been known to give the Hulk a run for his money as has the Rhino who would simply obliterate Bane in one charge and anyone else standing in his way, admittedly he would be vulnerable to any gas attacks from either the Joker or Scarecrow, unlike the Green Goblin, who could just bomb the battlefield 'til no one probably not even the other spider villains were left standing, and Mysterio has a much wider array of gasses at his disposal. As for Ra's yeah he's a genius but then so is Doc Ock and I'm fairly sure even the immortal demons head is gonna be taken down by a bionic tentacle to the spine hitting him like a jack hammer, might be ironic if used them on bane and paralysed him for a change.

The spidey villains have it all in spades power, weapons, brains and brawn. All the bat guys have is that they are mad off their heads

The Lonely Loser Writes:

I got to agree with Jay on this one. The Spiderman villains take this in raw power. These bat villians are all solo workers and unless they are all orchestrated by a super genius like in "Hush" the Green Goblin and Doc Ock are all incredibly good at thinking on their feet. plus, they have all worked together many times as the Insedious Six, and other various groups of the baddest spiderman villians. It usually takes the avengers rushing in to help spiderman out to defeat this group whereas batman takes his badguys out one at a time and by himself. Now, as for the individual fighters:

Spiderman's baddies consists of The Rhino and Sandman which are two nearly indestructable powerhouses who can bulldoze their way through nearly anything, 3 mad super geniuses (Goblin, Dock Ock, and Mysterio) who are more than physically strong and able to hold their own in a duel, and electro who can shock anybody there except for Poison Ivy. Mysterio can confuse them all by setting out his portable projectors and throw them all for a loop.

The Batman Baddies:

Bane is the only powerhouse here, Ras and Freeze are geniuses. Freeze is useless without his gun, so he is relatively weak. the scarecrow is about equal to Mysterio, but will not take as long as mysterio to use his halucinations, plus scarecrow's nightmare juice uses your fear against you. Poison ivy is almost unstopable with her plants unless sandman can sandblast through her defenses and hit her directly. Joker is a mastermind, but needs weapons and a plan before he can be of much use. Ras is nearly invincible due to the Lazerus pit and is physically fit to keep up with batman.

I say that Sandman takes out Ivy (like a sandstorm in the desert), rhino smashes through Bane (Rhino is just bigger), Goblin Takes out Joker (a well placed pumpkin bomb should do it even though joker took it before, he has no gadgets now), Doc takes out Ras (8 limbs are better than 2, plus 4 of those limbs don't ever run out of power and are indestructible), Scarecrow beats Mysterio (by getting in the first punch, or spray), Electro beats Freeze (shorts out his suit with massize electricity). now its 4 to 2 and the spiderman badguys take it.

ICEMANqb12 Writes:

i really have to go with the spidey villians. I mean they are all incredibly insane, have 3 genious scientists who can plan like crazy, Sandman who is virtually indestructible, Rhino is is unstoppable, and Electro who is charged up more than anything. Considering they can all work together, i do not think they can be stopped and the only reason they havnt beaten Spider-Man is because lets face it he is the greatest Hero ever created. Sandman takes out Bane, Joker will probably take out Rhino because he is an idiot, Electro takes out Ras, Goblin takes out Mr. Freeze, and Doc Ock takes out Poison Ivy (the insanity and AI of the arms counteracts the seduction. END OF BATTLE

thephiZ Writes:

I'm sorry the Batman villians are friggin nuts i mean the battle would be pretty interesting and Rhino would kick the crap outta Bane but Joker in his insanity would outsmart him. The most dangerous Spidey villin would be the Goblin. But you got Ra's refuses to die and the Joker whos just a maniac who is crazier than the Goblin on his worst (or best depending on your POV) day. Now Batman villian may have no powers but let Scarecrow throw some fear gas on these pansies and watch them pee their pants in fear of Batmans ridiculously crazy foes.

dcnotlikey Writes:

Let us analyze. Spidey has got a rampaging monster, a tentacled genius. A demented green person with great gadgets. A special effects wizard. A electrically powered power house and others. Batman fights thugs who laugh, hug trees, bear weirdo names and others. Marvel wins out of pure fanboyism from we marvel fans. Oh yeah, by the way, why don't we just let Galactus take on all batman villains. Then we'll have a fight.

gumbo Writes:

The Spider-villains take it; they simply out power the bat villains on almost every level here.

There is no real scenario here so essentially we are talking the two groups are just dropped in front of one another.

So the bat villains don't even get the option of preparing weapons or traps to deal with the other side and thats where their particular cup o' tea happens to be.

Aside from that they are just a bunch of funnily dressed people with a fetish for beating up on guys dressed like bats.

The best they got is Mister Freeze.

The Spider Man side is littered with guys who are at least comparable to freeze.

To sum it up; one side has clowns, the other side has clowns that can hit you with a truck.

Ketchup Writes:

Spidey's guys win big. They tend to fight with actual superpowers. Batman's guys just use little gadgets and act crazy.

Darth Supremus Writes:

As first, I thought the Spiderman baddies had this, but then I thought of something that is a key factor: work envoiroment. New York is a tough-ass town,don't get me wrong,but look at it this way: For about 70 years now Gotham has been the most phycho place in the entire multiverse! People are constantly killing each other and blowing shit up there,Lex Luthor has a major grip on the entire town and its so bad there that the U.S.A. declared that place no longer part of it! Most of the population is demented,and those that arent are dead!

With that kind of hellhole to work in, the bat baddies have surely seen worse(besides Joker has alreday defeated the Goblin twice on this site and probably brought enough Smilex to kill China 2,000 times over!

The Comic Book Master Writes:

Okay here's how I see it.

Bane vs Rhino (Bane's broken batman's back) Point Batvillians.

Electro vs Mr Freeze (Ice can freeze electricity or water can short it out) Point Batvillians.

Poison Ivy vs Sandman (Sandman has turned into a bit of a heroe, and either Joker or Poison Ivy could probably make a something that could affect him some how), Point Batvillians.

Mysterio vs Scarecrow (one relies on fear the other illusions,yet Scarecrow maybe a bit resiliant to Mysterio's illusions while Mysterio would probably be weak against a power as old as fear) Point Batvillians.

Joker vs Green Goblin (Both use a lot of gadgets, yet Green Goblin has his glider, Joker tends to have a bit more of a variety in his arsenal) Draw.

Doctor Octopus vs Ras' Al Ghul (One is a man whoes lived for centuries and gained tons of knowledge and the other is a very brilliant man with 4 cybernetic tendrils attached to his body and has been in a bit more pysical fights with his advesary) point Spidervillians.

Yet when it comes right down to it the remaining Batvilians will decimate the Spidervillians. Though I'd wonder though what if Doc Oct and Ra Al Ghul would just purpose a merger of the two teams right from the begining. This team would vow to go after both the Webhead and the Bat.

Tornado70589 Writes:

Spidey villans take this. They got tons of strength[Rhino & Sandman] and a good amount of smarts[Mysterio & Green Goblin].

Z-Force Writes:

Ivy makes 'em all fall in love with her, then Scarecrow makes 'em think they've fallen for a fat, ugly chick. Freeze freezes them in the confusion. Joker laughs it up with Ra's (after giving him laughing gas)while they watch Bane smash the Spidey-villains into ice cubes. Ivy waits for the pieces to melt, then uses them to feed her flytraps or something.

M.O.B. (-Man of Battle-) Writes:

Sandman can bury Mr.Freeze!

The Rhino and Bane would be an interesting match!

While the Green Goblin and The Joker would trade only bad jokes and bombs but I bet they would due each other in.

And I bet Ra'Zal Ghul would see Dr.Octopus' potential as a scientist and ask him to join him and good old DOC OC would agree too it!

shadowtron Writes:

-Freeze easily takes out Sandman

-Mysterio has got nothing on the Scarecrow

-Bane is so ripped he could man handle the Rhino no sweat.

-Doc Octopus might prove to be a challenge for the Joker but I believe insanity is a powerful weapon and it can be used unpredictably against the Doctor.

-Electro would be able to take down Poison Ivy who is easily one the weakest of the Batman villains

-Green Goblin has the gizmos to take out Ra's Al Ghul.

-But I definitely think that the Joker is the crazier between him and Green Goblin. And Electro could easily be destroyed by any of the other Batman villains.

Obsidian Black Writes:

When it comes down to an all out battle i gotta give it to Spidey's villains. All of batman's bad guys depend on anonimity to get away with their evil deeds. Seriously, whats Ra's gonna do, submerge himself in his pool of youth till everyone grows old and dies.

King Fryer Potato Writes:

Doc Ock tornado whirling arms attack! Electro storm tantrum!

No more need be said.

SaintJimmy Writes:

Think about this fight,like it was said,Spidey villains have power taken,and Sandman can take out Bane with ease,it is a SAND arena,he can call Sand to his form!Rhino has brute strength,Doc Ock has the power,speed,and intelligence to back him up,Freeze may get the Goblin,but that is one!All the Spidey villains[Plus unmentioned ones] have this.

Jedi Stormtrooper 5 Writes:

hm i can only think of Doc Ock Vs Mr Freeze, Goblin vs Joker and Bane vs Rhino. as perfect matchups here. Ra's Al ghul was born in the arabian desert so he's used to sand. and both mysterio and scarcrow are master of illusion but scarecrows ullusion are much mroe convincing. i have no idea what Poisen ivy and Electro have in common.

Nightshade Writes:

Look, all Mysterio has to do is fool them into killing each other, perhaps even by getting Scarecrow to blast his own team with fear gas. If that's too simple, then here's how they stack up against each other:

The Green Goblin vs Ra's Al Ghul: Okay, they're both pretty much invincible due to Ra's' immortality and Gobbie's supercharged healing factor, but Stormin' Norman can still get the "pinfall" with his superior weapons. This one goes to the Goblin.

Doctor Octopus vs. Mr. Freeze: These are the brains of each operation, so to speak. While the Green Goblin and Ra's Al Ghul are the LEADERS, these two are the smartest. Unfortunately for Mr. Freeze, I've got two words which will prove to be his undoing: FORCE FIELD!! Yep, and even if that fails, Octavius has a better reach. Plus, even if THAT fails, Ock is a lot bigger than Mr. Freeze, and will most likely beat him senseless if it comes down to it.

Scarecrow vs. Mysterio: I think we covered this one. Mysterio would win in a heartbeat(assuming it's Quentin Beck. Francis Klum would get his butt kicked), simply because his helmet protects him from Crane's fear gas. Sure, Scarecrow's crazier, but Mysterio would slaughter him.

Electro vs. Poison Ivy: Gotta give this one to Ivy, I'm afraid. Electro is too freakin' stupid to realize what a danger she is.

Rhino vs. Bane: Bane's got a serious intelligence advantage, but here's the deal: Batman was able to put up a decent fight against Bane, and only an extra shot of Venom gave Bane the win. Rhino's got a serious power advantage, and if he ever got into a fistfight with Batman, he'd crush him. End of story. Just think of what he'd do to Bane! In fact, imagine if Bane ran out of juice (literally)!! This one goes to Rhino.

The Joker vs. the Sandman: First off, you should have had Clayface instead of Ra's Al Ghul on the list, and even then Sandman would win. Neither acid flowers nor a balloon full of Smilex are going to keep our purple-clad friend from taking a dirt-nap on a nice, sandy beach somewhere.

'Nuff said!

----Isaac "the Dragon" Gates

Marv Writes:

Batmans villains have a tendency to be normal human psychopaths, Spidermans villains have a tendency to be super human psychopaths. No Contest.

Kingman Writes:

The Spiderman villains may have more strength but most of The Batman villains are pretty smart and would probably pull out a victory in this one.

J Writes:

Matthew E, who runs the Legion Abstract site, devised what I consider a very good way of analyzing team battles. He broke superpowers down into a variety of catagories, such as strength, mobility, distance attack, distance effect, and stealth. The Spiderman villains have more strength, with both the Rhino and Sandman compared to the Batman villains' single Bane. The Spiderman villains definetly have the superior distance attack, with Electro's lightning. Goblin's explosives, Ock's arms, and and Sandman's stretching and sand-shooting will also play a role, but Electro's attack is probably the most significant. It's powerful, and fast enough to make Electro a threat to Spiderman. The Joker probably has explosives, Mr.freeze has a serviceable attack which can also immobilize a target, and Ra's will probably have acquired advanced weaponry for the battle. (unbalanced, but the guy *is* a strategist) The Spidey villains as a group are more mobile than Batman's foes. This will make it easier for them to break of a losing fight, and it will make them harder to hit. Poison Ivy probably has the better distance effect, in that it's hard to see her plant control operating before it's snared someone from behind. Her powers, however, are limited by the enviroment; if there aren't any plants, she isn't very effective. (She has practically has to touch someone to utilize her toxins.) Doc Ock and Sandman's grabbing is much easier to see. Scarecrow's fear gas will certainly be effective at close ranges if he has time to deploy it.(Rhino has a chance of running Scarecrow down.) (Scarecrow could also end up terrifying someone and getting attacked by a panicked foe. Both the Joker and Goblin bring explosives to the battle, (so does Ra's if he's smart {and unbalanced}) There is a little more to be said, but the salient points are that the Spiderman foes simply have the higher power levels and are mostly harder to hurt.

Boba Fett Writes:

Spidey villians have it. As far as the batman villians being universaly feared goes, the spidey villians also have that. Both Doc Ock and the Goblin are universaly feared. Also, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and Mysterio are very inteligent, so it's not just raw power Spider-man's sinister six has on it's side.

Aristotle the 2nd Writes:

You fools. No matter who wins this battle it will turn out that the Superman Villians were behind it all along. And when the dust is settled, they'll move in and abduct everyone for scientific study. But then Superman and Captain America will show up and everyone goes to jail for a little while. The moral of the story is that America always wins.

beast93boy Writes:

this fight is cool. the spidey villains have more raw power, but the bat villains are definitly smarter, and well you know, brains beats brawns, (as all comic geeks should know through many life experiences". the smart people on the spidey team are Doc Ock and Green Goblin. The smarts on the bat team are like all of 'em. Bane could probably tie the rhino and poison ivy could take down doc ock. Mr. Freeze would take on Sandman hopefully freezing him, and the rest of the bat villains would use their brains.

Kingpin Writes:

Hell no!

My super villan conglomerate is not going to fail against these fools! They do not have real powers! Or the Joker has four mechanical arms to figh?

Look at the chances, I bet Rhino can take them out, ALL OF THEM!!


Jingizu Writes:

Well, let's see. Unique among villains, the Joker actually seems to realize that a gun can still be a potent weapon in a world filled with superheroes and villains, provided that it's used with intelligence. Doctor Octopus and Mysterio are both just normal humans with fancy gadgetry; a simple bullet to the head, heart or spine (which is where Doc Ock's spider arms are hooked in; thus, severing his spinal cord means his arms don't work anymore) will put them out of the fight. Electro would likely also be vulnerable to the "shot nine times in the face" disease; however, let's assume, for the sake of argument, that he is not.

The Scarecrow's fear gas and expert manipulation of subjects under its effects could almost certainly account for both Rhino and Electro, since despite being fairly powerful, these two villains are known for being basically the "D" students of the Spiderman rogue's gallery. They simply wouldn't have the mental strength to resist or control themselves while under its effects. Here, I'm assuming that Crane's fear poisons and gases won't work against both Sandman and the Green Goblin. Sandman's physiology is radically different from that of a human and thus the gas would either not work at all or not have the desired effect, while Green Goblin is highly intelligent, also has his body altered to a degree, and possibly enjoys the same immunity to fear gas that the Joker does due to being impervious to regular forms of fear (although I doubt it).

So, that's four of Spiderman's baddies out of the way, but the two left are the two most dangerous: Sandman and Green Goblin. Both of these two will quite likely be on a rampage, with the Sandman on the ground and the Green Goblin in the air. Some of the Batman villains will attempt to meet both head-on, with varying degrees of success.

The Sandman really isn't going to be stopped quickly. Scarecrow almost certainly can't scare him, the Joker can't shoot, blow up or fling acid onto him, Bane and Ra's Al Ghul certainly can't outfight him, and Poison Ivy's plants can't hold him, since he's both super strong and can change himself into sand to escape grapples. However, this is where Freeze becomes useful, or rather, Freeze's gun becomes useful. His freeze ray can, if not permanently halt Sandman, at least slow him down as he tries to break out of the ice again and again. I'm assuming here that he would be able to break out of it; it's quite possible that he wouldn't, as extreme cold would likely disrupt some of his control over his sand. If Freeze keeps the ray going on him in short bursts, Sandman will likely be effectively out of the fight until the Goblin is dealt with.

Meanwhile, Green Goblin's been tossing bombs from the air, and likely has at least wounded if not outright killed one or two of the Batman villains (probably Ra's, Ivy or Freeze). Once their full attention is on him, though, then he's going to be shot out of the air relatively quickly. Whether it's from a burst of Freeze's gun, from Ivy's plants entangling the Goblin Glider, from Bane using one of the many guns he usually carries to take the glider out, from the Joker tossing a bomb at it, etc. The glider will fall and Goblin will be forced to deal with the DC villains on the ground.

Of course, Goblin's still pretty formidable, but on the ground he's not quite the juggernaut that Sandman is. Both Bane and Ra's Al Ghul could likely hold him for at least a couple of minutes (they're both near Batman level of martial arts aptitude, and while it usually doesn't mean they can win against a superstrong foe, it does mean that they don't get punked in seconds like a normal fighter would). Goblin would be distracted, slowed both by fighting those two and by Ivy's entangling plants, which probably can't hold him but can certainly force him to break free continually. This will allow Bane, Joker, Ra's or Freeze to immobilize him. Gobby's vulnerable to guns from close range, and so could likely be killed if Bane or the Joker put a powerful handgun or machine gun up to his head and pulled the trigger; Ra's uses edged weapons usually, which means that he'll be able to stab the Goblin somewhere (although whether he can pierce the Goblin's skin is debatable), and, of course, Freeze can freeze him, after which Bane and the Joker can have at least a couple seconds' worth of free shots at the Goblin's head. So, one way or the other, he's going to lose.

In the end, Green Goblin, Mysterio and Doc Ock are all dead. Rhino and Electro are either dead or being controlled by Scarecrow's fear toxins and manipulated into killing themselves and/or the other Marvel villains. The Sandman is being held through continuous use of the Freeze ray, and might be able to be fused into glass by a sufficiently powerful explosion (in glass form he can't move unless he's shattered). Mind-controlled Electro might also be capable of destroying the Sandman by electrically disrupting his control over his sand body, assuming that Electro isn't already dead by this point; but either way, with Sandman dead or immobilized, the fight's over.

At least, until the Freeze Ray's batteries run out ...

moonknight11 Writes:

Spiderman villains take it for a few siple reasons.

1. Spiderman villains have more raw power.

2. Spiderman villains have better teamwork.

With Doc Ock as leader the spiderman villais have this fight. I mean look at the Bat-villains the strongest one there is Bane. I doubt he could lift a Ton ,while the strongest Spider-villlain, Rhino has gone toe-to-toe with The Hulk!Poison Ivy, and Mr.Freeze are the toughest of the Bat- villains, but they could be taken out by Electro and Sandman. That only leaves Mysterio,Green Goblin and Doctor octopus to fight Joker,Scarecrow and Ras Al Ghul, even though I'm sure Rhino would be done beating the crap out of Bane. Doc. Ock could easily take down Ras, while Joker is being blown up by Pumpkin-Bombs. Scarecrow and Mysterio would be pretty even until the rest of the Spider-villains got done with the rest of the Bat-villains then they would pounce on Scarecrow ending the match.

SilverSurfer092 Writes:

The Batman Villians got this. Bane could probably take out Rhino, and if he can't Poison Ivy can. Ra's Al Ghul could use his crazy fighting skills to beat Doc Oc. He also owns one of the Lazarus pits. Scarecrow, Joker, and Poison Ivy could probably win using their biological and chemical warfare. And if Rhino is out, the Bane could destroy everyone. Mr Freeze could just freeze Sandman and Electro always was a lame villian. He is dumb and that's why he will lose. Mysterio will just get pummeled.

MightyMeatyMan Writes:

Rhino takes Bane.

Mysterio takes Scarecrow.

Sandman takes Mr. Freeze.

Electro takes Poison Ivy.

Green Goblin takes Ra's Al-Ghul.

and finally

Doc Oc takes The Joker.

Nick Writes:

I can't argue that Batman's villans are stronger than Spiderman's. The Green Goblin, alone has more sheer power than most of Batmans villians. Bane's pretty tough, but not on the same level as Rhino. That being said, Batman's villans are smarter and more brutal. The Joker alone has racked up a higher body count than most spiderman villians, and Bane was able to break Batman through the manipulation of others before weighing in on the Bat alone. These two formidable foes are nothing, however, when compared to "The Demon", Ra's. He controls a huge criminal empire, and has done so for countless generations. If you want to measure this battle in a "Batman's villans stumbled across Spiderman's villans" scenerio then I suppose Spiderman's villians have the edge in a tough battle. If you include plotting, planning and working together (The Hallmarks of any good rouges gallery) than Batman's villans have this fight hands down. It comes down to villains who have been able to keep the Worlds Greatest Detective guessing for years vs. villians who have made life hard for a superhero growing up in New York. When the Dust has settled it will be obvious why Batman feels safer in a dark, cold cave than on the streets of Gotham.

Jon Blaze Writes:

Spiderman villains would run shop on the Bat villains, but as usual everyone is jumping on the Jokers "Mr. J". Give it a rest people the Joker is just a normal guy, no powers whatsoever, NONE!! The most the guy might have would be a big ass gun or a acid filled flower, wow thats gonna do a whole lot against the Rhino. The spider villains will take this fight because of the nature of the hero they are facing, ie. Spiderman has superpowers and Batman doesnt. Hence, the Spider villains have more impressive powers to fight a more powerful hero. Lets run it down real quick:

Rhino, Sandman, Electro and Green Goblin is really all you need, Doc Ock and Mysterio are just icing onthe cake. Every villain you see on the Batman list will be flayed down to just shiny bones if Sandman went off, he would literally rip the skin off their bones, Rhino would out power each one, Electro would zap em, and Green Goblin is an effective leader as opposed to the psychos on the other side. Lets be real here folks, this isnt a fight, its a massacre.

Alec Writes:

I gotta say the Spider-man villans are good, but the Batman villans are better. Spider-man villans have nothing on Gotham's most nutorious.

The reason for Marvel's victory. Writes:

This match is getting close. Here is the reason Spider-man's villains are going to win. Value. Spider-man has more value than Batman, whether it's popularity, price tag or franchising. Thus, Spider-man's villains have value equal to that of Spider-man. Batman is older, but Spider-man has better sales. In half the time, Spider-man has surpassed Batman's sale total, and sale total reflects value. And value wins CBUB matches. And another thing, the Spidey villains are just plain stronger than the Batman villains.

Rev. Dr. Pro. Esquire Jr. Writes:

Batman, Batmania, Batfans, Batvillians are nothing more than second string creations from the Dick Tracy comic strips. Where do you think the first Robin aka Dick Grayson got his first name from? Here's a hint, it wasn't from Dick Gregory. An example includes Haf-and-Haf, a character very similar in concept to Two-Face.

Anyway if these Bats-for-brains villians cannot beat a bi-polar billionaire with no powers but a bat-plot device or gadget, they will never be able to beat a group of villians who have to deal with spiderman's super strength, reflexes, spider sense etc. Rhino gores Bane, Electro shakes the Joker's hand and electrocutes him, Sandman suffocates Scarecrow, Green Goblin takes to the air and bombs Posion Ivy with pumpkin grenades, Mysterio uses a holographic projector to trick Mr. Freeze into freezing Ra's al Ghul when Mr. Freeze though he was attacking Mysterio, and Dr. Oct crushes Mr. Freeze head with his tentacles.

The 501st Writes:

The Spidey villans will walk it the have Brains, Brawn and can work as a team. The Bat villans have one hard hitter with bane and the rest are just twisted egos. Spidey villans have it all and wouldn't break a sweat doing it.

The Kushite Writes:

The Spiderman Villians have it. I believe this group of villians are the Sinster Six, so they've worked together before. The Batman Villians are all solo acts. The Spiderman Villians fight a human being with super radioactive spider powers. The Batman Villians fight a human with amazing training. All of the Spiderman Villians can actually fight. Ra and the Joker are thinking criminals not really good in a fight.

Thaiden7 Writes:

This is pretty tough but you got Smarts and just a little bit of strength(bat villans) then you got Strength and a pretty decent amount of smarts(spidey villans).

Guess who im voting for.

Jua Writes:

Most of Batmans villians are schemers, not suited for spur of the moment brawls. Given time they will prove formidable enough to do some damage, but they haven't ever worked together whereas the Sinister Six (campy name notwithstanding) has. Also if it's a question of brains over brawn, let's not forget Doc Ock Mysterio and Green Goblin are all high I.Q. tech villians. They can match many of the Bat villians pound for pound in brains as well except for Ras Al Ghul. This should be an easy victory for Spidey's worst enemies.

fatcow Writes:

Spidey's villians get the victory in this fight.

Batman's villians are all near geniuses, but they lack the fightpower, period. Mysterio is the only this sinister six that lack superpower.

spiderman's sinister six aren't as bright as batman's, but they aren't exactly a GW bush: Green goblin and doc ock are both geniuses, while all the rest of the villians all fought the near-genius, super-human-stat spiderman and survived long enough in each fight to be considered a really threat.

What does batman side has for this battle for her advantage? nothing really.

Only bane can match strength with rhino, whom isn't the only one with super human strength on spiderman's side.

Electro can probably take care of mr.freeze pretty easily with spams of electrical attacks.

As for the rest of the melee fighters for batman side, they are at a disadvantage since most of the spiderman's sinister six can take super-human-strength beating, and the batman side doesnt exactly have that firepower.

The only REAL threat on batman's is scarecrow with his mind tricks, but if he is taken out first then the battle is basically over.

hell, this battle is fought in a sand arena right?

Sandman has a huge advantage here and can basically crush everyone with sands and the goblin unload all his bombs on the trapped or handicapped batman's sixs.

King William Writes:

I would agree that the Spidey villains would win based on pure muscle power and unalloyed evil IF Ras Al-Goul weren't in the match. Ras is so clever that while the other five Batvillains keep the Spidey villains engaged, he would figure out how to triumph in the end.

writer6886 Writes:

Batman villains will totally waste Spiderman villains. The best fighters for Batman's Villains is Scarecrow, Joker, Freeze and Ivy.

Of Spidermans Octopus and Goblin are the favored. the rest would easily be defeated.

Cartoonatic55 Writes:

No offense to any Batman fans out there but, I hate Batman, and the villains in this match. (Apparently Penguin and Catwoman ain't good enough for this match. Too bad, they're my favorites.) Anyway, I say Spidey's villains win this one. Those guys have raw power, dude! What do Batsy's villains have? An insane clown who got dipped in goo? That's pretty sad to me.

Blacklash Writes:

The way I see it, terrain plays a HUGE part in this battle. A lot of the combatants' abilities either directly rely on or are otherwise affected by their environment. A desert, for example, practically guarantees a Spider-Villains victory (weakens Ivy's plant control and Freeze's ice stuff, heaven for Sandman), while a forest would probably have the opposite effect (plus be much harder for that dolt Rhino to move around in).

Also, the starting distance between the teams plays a big part. The Marvel team relies a lot on brute force and sheer offensive capability, with MINIMAL subtlety in the form of Mysterio and the Goblin, if they're lucky. The DC villains are higher on finesse, with Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Joker, Ra's al Ghul, and Mr. Freeze all long-range specialists and/or master manipulators. Give the DC team some space and prep time, and they'll wipe the floor with Spidey's villains. The shorter it lasts, though, the more likely it is that the opposite will happen.

DC does have one major advantage, though - the entire Marvel team is composed of men, with the possible exception of the Goblin, who in my mind is too insane to count as a sexual being (though clearly Gwen Stacy disagrees - ew). This renders them vulnerable to Poison Ivy's feminine wiles and mind control hoo-hah.

With all that in mind, I voted for the gang from Arkham. Replace Poison Ivy with, say, Man-Bat, and it'd probably go the other way, though.

the Shape Writes:

the only reason why I am not 100% ceratin of the spidervillians victory is that Poison Ivy may be able to turn some of the spidervillians to the batvillians side. If she can do that to 1 or 2 of them and they're the right spidervillians than the batvillians have a chance to take it, if not the spidervillians beat the batvillians pretty damn soundly...

spidervillians, batvillians, spidervillians, batvillians, spidervillians, batvillians HHHHAAAA... spidervillians...

okay I'm done

Gamer709 Writes:

Spider-Man Villians take this! Here's why

1. Powers

All of spideys villians are super-human and super powered where as batman's are mentally troubled people who became villians.

2. Teams

All the spidey villians, or at least most of them, have all worked together (Sinister 6) to try to beat Spiderman!

I've always been a fan of batman, even as a small child he was my favorite hero and still is (with spidey and wolvie in close second) but i have to say the spidey villians take this.

Also Spidey is superpowered. Batman is not.

'Nuff Said

Adam Writes:

The bat villains should win this hands down i mean The Joker is possibly one of the greatest villains everf! Not only that but the Joker went against the Green Goblin earlier and won. Doc Ock is the biggest threat out of the six chosen spidey foes. Freeze can handle doc alone. So lets see that leaves Ivy, Bain, Raz and the Scarecrow against, Rhino, Mysterio, Electro, and Sandman. Puhlease! What a joke! This shouldn't even be a contest, you want a fight? take out Sandman and put in eiether Venom or Carnage, then the spidey villains would win. Nuff' Said!

xeno Writes:

Batman villains handsdown.

The Sinister Six has some serious powerhouses, but I have two word...Fear Gas. The Scarecrow releases his fear gas, and all of Spidey's villains take a tumble (with the possible exceptions of Mysterio and Green Goblin as I am unsure of their poison immunities). At least, three other Bat-villains remain standing besides Crane himself; Joker and Poison Ivy, both immune to poisons, and Mr. Freeze, in a containment suit. Ras al Ghul may not be affected as he is immortal and lord only knows what kind of gunk Bane can inhale with his "venom" addiction. Ultimately, Freeze turns the last two villains into icicles and shows over. Didn't even start, really.

Marcus the Avenger Writes:

Wow. Nice fight but I wanna see Batman go up against Spider-man. But Anyway Spidey villians take it. Sure Joker beat Green Goblin but now Gobby 's got the RAGE! Whatever so Kane is beaten to death by Sandman Bane(kane or bane can I don't know)-"Ohhh, I'm a steriod abusing madman" sandman-"I can turn my hand into an axe." Hell yeah. Gobby beats Mr.Freeze with a well aimed pumpkin bomb(To the GONADS) Poison Ivy takes Electro. Electro-"BOOBSSS" Poison Ivy and everyone else-"WTF?" Mystrio takes The Joker. Joker will be to High on pot to fight. He runs into Mystrio's Fist a few time then shots himself out of boredom. Real Scary. Doc Oct just juggles Scarecrow then chokes him. Scarecrow may be Cillian Murphy but that won't stop him from bloging on LJ and being emo. Rhino rips off what-ever-his-name-is-you-know-the-ugly-one's head. Gobby rapes Poison Ivy for fun. Then everyone gets creeped out. Rhino will kill Gobby for being creepy. "Now what did we learn today kids?" "That Rhino rocks you socks and Scarecrow is Emo?" Everybody say Hell Yeah.

Cat Macois Writes:

I was looking at power first, and it's clear that in terms of raw power the spidey villains win.

But then I looked at how you could match them up, and I realised...

1. Mr. Freeze could easily beat Sandman by freezing him.

2. Super-strength and thick skin won't save Rhino from the Scarecrow's fear gas.

3. 4 metal tentacles vs. hordes of evil giant plants and deadly toxins... that one goes to poison ivy.

4. I just can't see Mysterio outsmarting Ra's al Gul.

5. Psycho vs Psycho, the Joker's genius is way more twisted than that of Gobby.

6. Which leaves us with Electro... now, he probably could take down Bane. But by this time, all of his team-mates are dead and the other Bat-villains are looking for their next victim.

I think I've argued that pretty well. Besides, the Batman rogues' gallery wins in terms of popularity anyway.

Palmer Writes:

Alright, sandman can take this single handedly if he wanted to BUT to be fair I'll do one at a time.

Rhino can easily take bane in strength-- Green goblin can bomb out poison ivy-- Doctor Octopus can hit Mr.freeze's gun away and then he's useless-- Electro will easily take down Ras Al Ghul-- Joker is no match for match for Sandman-- and last but certainly not least Mysterio can (possibly) take out Scarecrow. No, I'm not a marvel fanboy I like both DC and Marvel but Batman's villains are no match for Spider-man's super brute villains. And an arena of sand... Talk about a SUPER MAD advantage for Marvel

jerichoParker Writes:

goes to the spider villians. i mean come on how many of Bat's villains have any powers besides being evil geniuses?! Sand man can go untouched, Doc Oct too, elector can fry poison ivy, rhino would take out the roid raging Bane and the others? Please!

The only reason they SEEM more evil is because Batman is a DARKER character.One other thing Spidey's villians work better together.Sinister Six ring a bell? so in the end Spidey's Baddies will of course win.until Spidey comes along and kicks all their buts at the same time which he is known to do.

Baron Raymondo Writes:

if you were to take all the combatants, and put them 1 on 1, hers how it might go down.

Bane vs Rhino-bane is credited for breaking the bat, and rhino, as strong as he may be, just doesnt come close, intelectually or physcally, to bane. bane wins that one

Freeze vs Doc Oc-freeze just needs to freeze the doc's arms and then his face, and hes won. freeze wins that one.

Joker vs Goblin-joker is a mentally unstable man who will do anything for a laugh, even kill a group of people. the goblins agenda varies all the time, hes either tries to get spiderman to work with him, or kill him, or something along those lines. joker takes it.

Scarecrow vs Mysterio-scarecrow uses his fear gas, mysterio drops one of his hollow cue things, and his nightmares become much worse. he dies of a heart attack. scarecrow wins.

Poison Ivy vs Electro-electro tried to electrify ivy, but she seduces him and has him kill himself, or something, or she kisses him and he dies. ivy wins with ease.

Ra's Al Ghul vs Sandman-Ra's tries to fight sandman up close, assuming he just got out of his lazarus pit, and sandman tries to fight bac. they eventually fight to exhaustion, and eventually Ra's dies of a heart atack because sandman wont let him back in the pit. sandman wins, but the rest of the batman villains come and kill him.

batman villains win, end of story.

The Humble Latverian Writes:

Mysterio and Doctor Octopus could take these chumps by themselves.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you say to both teams "Win this and you get to kill Spider-Man/Batman," the Spidey villians would work together, because they share a common goal (the death of everyone's favorite spider-themed superhero), but the Batman villians would still rip each other apart, due to the fact that all of them want control of the same turf, Gotham City.

I predict that Mysterio will just make one baddy on the Batman Villian team appear to be Batman to the rest of the team. Then, being the stupid DC characters they are, they will use their overpowered abilities to kill that guy. Continue a few times, then all the Spidey villians just pounce on the one or two guys left.

So, until the day I die...


Bitterness Fighter Writes:

Batman villains lose this for one main reason: everybody (and I mean everybody, from the people in the crowd to their own members to the random person on the street) attacks Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Bane for being in that piece of crap movie Batman & Robin. Nothing is left of them after this horrible gang-raping. Afterwards, whatever dust is left of them gets sent to Joel Schumacher as a warnign to stay far away from the Batman franchise.

darth-justice Writes:

well in this match up id have to give it to batmans villans. so this is the way i see it, Joker, Poison Ivy, Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Bane all have worked together at one point or another and were in that Legion of doom thing so they have team work experiance while spidys villins might but not that much exp. So they most likely split up takin on the ones they know they can take.

first match up: Mr. Freeze vs Sandman.

I see this fight ending quickly, Sandman turns in to Giant Sand moster and Freeze shoots him with gun Giant Sand Moster Popcicle.

second match up: Doctor Octopus vs Poison Ivy.

Again I see this fight ending quickly, Ivy gets her Pheramon polling on the Doc and makes him her slave. If she decides not to keep him she ends it with the kiss of death.

third match up: Scarecrow vs Electro

Now this would be intresting im not sure if electro breaths or is just pure energy. If hes just energy scarecrow might be ****ed but if can breath Scarecrow would defeinatly win. With his potiant Fear gas which noone(exept joker and batman) has ever overcomed would take the win with Electo begging to be put out of his misary.( so i go with scarecrow on this one)

fourth match up: Ra's Al Ghul vs Mysterio.

Now Mysterio will have his tricky cubes and illusions but this is Ras Al Ghul were talkin about! One of the few who can hold his ground to The Batman. This man has live over 400 years and from Batman Begins taugh batman how to fight. I wont say this match would be a quick win but a win none the less. He will find out Mysterios deceptions and use it to his own advatage, the man is very smart and very cunning. You think who might have one but he only lets u think that.

fifth match up: Joker vs Green Goblin.

Now i read up the last match up these two had and id have to say Joker hands down. Mans batshit crazy and will do what ever it takes to win.

sixth match up: Bane vs Rhino

Now this match up can go either way. Id say Bane cause come on! who in there right mind would pick a guy in a rhino costum? After reading lil "No Mans Land" i realized that Bane isnt all bout the smash that he too is a planer and thinker( grant not as smart as some). plus if he can break the bat he can breake a rhino =)

Now keep in mind I tried to make these match up as fair as possible in each match the villians had simililar powers and ablilitys.

WereWolf Writes:

It's a tough one, but for me it comes down to one thing. Id hate to see the kind of shit the Spider-Man villains are scared of.

huanhellhound3 Writes:

Alright! Lets break this down! Huanhellhound asks a ninja;

�Who will win the fight between spiderman villains and batman villains?�

Ask a Ninja; �Simple, the Batman villains. Why? Because they have fought the closest thing America has to a Ninja and still lived! Sure Spiderman villains are tough, but when was the last time Rhino was a real threat? Never. Mysterio? A baby ninja can see through his tricks like they can see through walls, it�s easy. Sandman? Add in a little water and make a nice sand castle, with sharks in the moat. Yah and trap doors that lead to bottomless pits. You know, I don�t know how you make bottomless pits, there are just always there when you get into the temples. I�ll have to look into it.

Anyway, the Joker is just plain nuts, I mean, I�ve seen zombies with more composure then this guy has. I was thinking about killing him once but I like a guy that can tell a good blonde joke.

Ra�s AL Ghul, he looks good for a guy his age. Mr. freeze and Bane? They tag team rhino and Doc Ock and take them out quicker them a Hydrera will eat a cow. And those things can eat! They are like a chimera mixed with a hydra. Lots of heads and one nasty personality.

And lets not forget the leading lady. Miss ivy can mix it up with the best of the heroes. And she has pheromones that will have electro trying to tackle the Green goblin while singing �Off we go! Into the wild blue yonder!�

Well I hope this helps answer you question Hellhound. I look forward to scratching your fights soon!

Weapon_M Writes:

This is pathetic.. This is one of Marvels greatest Villains with the likes of Doctor Octopus, and Green Goblin. The Sandman I feel ALONE could whoop all their behinds! I mean, Bain by himself cannot take on the spidey six, but each member of the six spidey villains can potentially whipe out all the Bat-viles.

They arent stupid either. Whoever said that doesnt read Spiderman comics... Rhino is probably, and Sandman is maybe.. But Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, is definitely genius types. So this cleverness stuff is mute.

Lightning Edge Writes:

The villians of Spider-man have this, I mean, yes Batman's villians might have a tougher time with the Bat, than Spider-man's villians do, based on abilities, Spider-man's villians have it. All Mysterio would have to do is create an illusion, hiding his allies, then take Batman's foes down one by one.

Sleeping Dragon Writes:

Wel for the people who say the spider villians are all low level int. Doc Oc is a Genius as well as Mysterio and so is Green Goblin. But the big kicker are the abilities.

Doc Oc: hmm invincible additional appendages with super strength. The metal is not affected by cold by poison or even by haluciniguns.

Doc wipes the floor with half of the team to start with. Mr Freeze is Toast.

Green Goblin: Super strength, speed and agility. Healing factor with many toys at disposal. He's not easily scared. He would take out Ra's al ghul, Ivy, Scarecrow, Joker or bane with ease. Watch him to pumpkin Bane to bits.

Sandman: Come on he can't be hurt by physical impact, cold, poison, any type of chemical. He could have the mental ability of a teen and beat the crap out of half of these CHUMPS. As it sits he takes out ivy, freeze, joker and scarecrow. Last I checked plants hate sand Ivy's Dead.

Electro: Wow did some checking this guy is tough. Beat the crap out of NATE GREY using his own mental and neural synapses to turn the guys telepathy back on him. Can charge up to infinite power becomes stronger as he does so and is as fast as electricity and can fly if charged enough. Has also learned to use electro-magnetic manipulation akin to Magneto. Watch for him to defib Ra's Al Ghul ionto nothingness.

Mysterio: He'll have Joker traped in his own personal hell in minutes.

Rhino: So stupid you can't scare him, so strong you can't stop him. How do you take out someone who is super stong, fast and IMPERVIOUS to everything. Scarecrow dead within two minutes.

With half of the Bat-villans dead within 2-3 minutes, the rest can gang up and destroy the remaining few in under ten minutes total without a scratch.

Rev Writes:

WHAT IF all the artists and storymakers who've ever created Marvel's Spiderman had decided to draw for Batman @ DC?

Spidermans' enemies have better & more insane and violent histories - and would be more believable to win. DC villains in general are made on the fly to kill off heroes per series of stories. But, why can't the Joker be part of Marvel? I wonder what it would take for Marvel to buy off Batman and Joker, or just the Joker; just to give him mo' bettah illustrator and storyline overall.

On this one I gotta say it's a draw simply b/c Joker is going to flip everything to his advantageous hilarity. Otherwise, Marvel's Spidervillains are hands down to win.

I hope they don't let Heath Ledger actually play Joker in the new Batman movie.

XDrako Writes:

no doubt about it, look at the opposition, we have flight control goblin vs the guy who freezes a whole city and has emp devices. Realistically, spiderman's foes are screwed. Spiderman pros - fast, typically melee fighter. Batman pros - long range fighting, including environmental control, and ability to create/destroy electronics. Smart and strong.

Simply put, all of spiderman's forces have nothing on batman, he's got a counter to everything spidey's got.

Mr. G Writes:

Well, talk about of this reunion of two bands that want destroy to the other for got something...

So interesting, but remember all that the mutants of Spiderman got powers more extremes... all see that sandman, can kill to all with only forms and a little of creativity, the other villians be logic mind strategies... evy can attack with his poison only near, his plant is not destructive for a colossus like that Rhino, is like the thing, incredible strongest... some fighters would finish defeat the other characters, non need of fight together XP... logic... The king of the nightmare cant defeat the others characters if he's not near, and the others cant too.. simple and logic

The Great Writes:

Not to offend batman's villains but most of them are just human with gadgets. They will work well with batman who is just a human but Spiderman is in another league than batman so is batman will take this fight not easily but without breaking too much of a sweat. For all of you that say that say that batman villains are cleverer because they have to fight with batman I just say this to you. Spiderman is not a teenager anymore, he is considered one of the more intelligent beings in the marvel universe so his vilains are not dumb especially green gonblin and doctor octopus who are smart as hell and psycho to say the least.

WKSwedenburg Writes:

All Great Villains, but Spideys villains have worked together more often. It is often the appearance of their hated enemy that causes the foul ups that kill em off. Bats' villains spend too much time plotting to get past the Dark Knight. Don't get me wrong they can totally throw down, but they lack coordination.

Casa3112 Writes:

With the setup like it is the Batman villans get worked. If their was preptime involved or some kind of intergang war that we had been leading up to maybe. I'd like to say that my money would be on the bat foes, but its a arena fight and the ability to inflict the most pain the fastest belongs to the Sinister six.

Vampire Hunter D Writes:

It's sure that Batman Villans has the upper hand... Just look on the Jocker... He's a murdurer, same goes to the rest of team... And those Spider-Man's Villians don't just have guts to kill, so it's obvious thas Jocker and the rest will win!!!

Madkap Writes:

This is a comment I posted on this fight when it originally aired. Here it is again, edited slightly for coherence:

Enter the greenroom, a rather large holding area for Khazan guests. In the middle of it is a coffee table with a tray of snacks and drinks on it.

Normally the Goblin would be mooching the free java right now, but he's too busy sulking and glaring daggers at the Joker. He remembers too well his defeat and is aching for revenge (anyone who has even seen a Spider-Man comic knows that when the Goblin is out for revenge, it's time to duck and cover). However, Joker is doing neither. He's just sitting on the sofa, fiddling with a biscotti and considering its offensive capabilities.

Dissention sprouts in the ranks as Bane and Freeze get into their equivalent of a spat- they try to annihilate each other. While Sandman on one side and Doc Ock on the other try to get them apart, Electro is taking bets on who will win. The scuffle ends when a well-aimed biscotti ricochets off both their heads.

A few minutes later, Ra's al Ghul and Doc Ock decide to kill time by playing chess. Both eventually realize they are locked in stalemate, but neither will admit it. Whenever one of them looks away, the other steals a piece off the board and pockets it. Both also realize this is going on, but neither has the chutzpah to accuse the other.

Scarecrow props himself calmly against a wall, humming songs from "Wizard of Oz", just because it ticks everybody else off. Sandman gets in his face and begins bellowing "Mr. Sandman" at the top of his lungs. The rest of the room cringes in agony, except for Rhino, who is drooling over Poison Ivy. Mr. Freeze blasts them both with his ice gun. The teams are irritated at him for a moment until he promises to thaw them before the match starts.

Mysterio arrives, accompanied by the usual dry ice billow. The entire room goes into coughing fits and Bane begins swearing colorfully about Mysterio's lineage and uncertain lifespan.

Then Hobgoblin shows up, even though he was not invited, and pandemonium breaks loose. Don't ask how, it just does. Lasers erupt, bombs explode, and biscotti flies everywhere. Oh, and there is much manic cackling involved. Then there is a shrill scream.

The dry ice fog clears away in the silence that follows. On the snack tray sits a lonely olive, the last morsel of food left. Over the olive is Electro's hand, and sticking out of his hand are about five toothpicks. It looks like everyone tried to go for the olive at once when no one was looking.

Rhino has to hold him down as a Khazan medic plucks out the picks one at a time.

When all this interesting stuff happens before the start of the match, you have to wonder- will anyone be left to fight when the battle starts?

(By the way, my vote goes for Joker and his new Biscotti Kwan Do!)

3ndrid Writes:

Although Spidey would kick the ever loving crap out of the big bad Batman, the villians from Batman's universe are some of the best in comic history. Maybe they don't have the best powers but for sheer entertainment they win. And I know this isn't a battle of who's the best character, but of who will win in a battle of power. Let's just start by saying that Spidey's villians have already made a big mistake...they're all male. Ivy's got a one up on them from the get go. Mr. Freeze could easily incapacitate at least one of them. Bane is a powerhouse given enough Venom. The Joker being the weakest link in a match of physical prowess would surely be able to hold his own through some gimic or gadget. While the Scarecrow could make them hallucinate and turn on each other. Although they Spidey-Villians have *powers* the Batman-Villians will prevail...they have more experience on their side.

Havok the martyr Writes:

Let's see... we've got Rhino, a brute with the mental capacity of, well, a rhino; Dr. Octopus, an above average scientist who gets his ass kicked by a freaking teenager on a daily basis; Mysterio, a magician with nothing but cheap parlor tricks, Electro, a zappy accountant with an inferiority complex; the sandman, a two bit robber with powers; and the green goblin, a guy in a green suit who liked gas a little too much Vs. Ra's Al Ghul, basically an immortal thanks to his trusty lazarus pit; the Scarecrow, a man who uses peoples own fears against them; the Joker, a clown who has won my heart over as the single greatest non-powered villain of all time, simply because of how diabolical he is; Poison Ivy, a woman who uses her charm with (literally) deadly potency; Bane, basically the Rhino only stronger and smarter; and Mr. Freeze, enough said.

Come on people, this is freaking childs play! I would take TWO of the batman villains versus the whole cast of spidey's villains, and the bat's villains would win. Simply put, Scarecrow and the Joker could overwhelm ANY spidey villain. I guarantee you the scarecrow would scare them all shitless, and the Joker would (in standard clever fashion)find some creative and exceedingly creepy way to kill them. And you know, I'll be fair, I'll have Bain and Poison Ivy in reserve to pick up where scarecrow and the joker left off, with poison ivy distracting them with her charm long enough for bain to beat the living shit out of them. Ra's and Freeze can go get the snow cones :-P

Braktooth Writes:

The only reason this is even close is because of R'as Al Ghul. He's the best tactician of all of them, but the power level differences...I mean, Electro alone could fry the Bat villains. The power differences are just too great.

Besides, some of the Bat Villains are useless in a fight. I mean, the Joker is one of the scariest villains in any comic universe, but it's because you have no idea what he's going to do. Once it actually becomes a fight, he gets his butt kicked.

Bane and Ivy make it interesting for a while, but once Mysterio gets them fighting each other, it's a cakewalk.

RiddleAW Writes:

Well consdering the odds i'd say Batman Villians. I mean looking t them you poison IVY on their team who could easy get the Spider-man villians doing her laundry in an instant the only people i would worry about would be Green Goblin and Mysterio who will probably be taking down by Mr Freeze and Joker

Mr. Blonde Writes:

A close fight but let's see here:


A direct strike to Freeze's dome and he'll be gasping for air and in a fetal postion. Doc takes it.

Spiderman:1 Batman:0


Mysterio is a special effects expert, masterful illusionist and skilled combatant. Scarecrow is a master of his own fighting style called "violent dancing". He is often accompanied by his pet crow named Nightmare. He often wields a sickle and his fear gas.

They're evenly matched so tie.

Spiderman:2 Batman:1


Bane and Rhino are equally matched in strength.

But Bane is a supergenius he'll outsmart Rhino.

Bane takes it all the way.

Spiderman:2 Batman:2


Sandman normaly turns his hands into a maces, sledgehammers or enlarges his hands. He can also manipulate the earth and shape-

shift. Poison Ivy can manipulate plants and create plantmen and man-eating venus flytraps. Sandman has the field avantage.

Spiderman:3 Batman:2


Hmm...Both equally insane.

Goblin takes it. A couple of

pumpkin bombs and Joker's

had his last laugh.

Spiderman:4 Batman:2


This only because of the

process of elimination.

Electro is able to

manipulate electricity.

Ra's Al Gul is an expert

in hand-to-hand combat, Fencing and Alchemy. Electro takes it.

Spiderman:5 Batman:2

Spiderman's Villians take

it in a landslide.

AngryResearcher Writes:

Wow man this would be one heck of a fight. I've been a fan of both the batman and spiderman animated series at various periods, and I think this would actually be a very close thing. I'd give it to the team less likely to kill each other, but that's hard to say, as they both like to back stab all day long. I'll give it to spidey's villains due to the slight strength advantage and the lack of the psychotic bane who's just going to kill everyone in sight if he gets mad enough.

The Misfile Writes:

All the special effects and robotic tentacles in the world are no match for a little Joker Gas.

Goonfady Writes:

pound for pound the spidey villains are just too powerfull, for the villians of the Bat and they ain't just packing brawn, they got brains as well with the likes of Doc Ock in their too. It would be an interesting standoff, but out in the open, the Batman villains are just dead.

Screaming Dean Writes:

I'm going with Spiderman's villains. Not only are Spidey's villains more powerful, they've worked as a team in the past as the Sinister Six in various incarnations.

The Batman villains rarely work together and when they do they don't do too well. The Batman villains, as smart and crafty as they are, are somewhat insane. While their insanity makes them dangerous and unpredictable, this makes for a poor team.

There's also the fact that most of Batman's foes are egomaniacs where as few of Spiderman's enemies are so egotistical so as not to follow orders; so the infighting among them would be less.

And let's switch things around. What if Batman had to deal with Spiderman's villains and vice versa? Batman would have a hard time fighting some of the people Spiderman has fought. Batman would adapt sooner or later but I just don't see him defeated someone like Firelord the way Spiderman did several years back.

Spiderman would have no problem fighting the Joker, Penguin, Riddler or Scarecrow. The mind games these criminals play would be a headache for him but Spiderman's no stranger too mental stress.

As far as fighting goes I'd have to go with Spiderman's villains.

Chimpy Writes:

Look, the Batman villians have this down. Quite simply, none of the Spidey villians have ever come up with the kind of diabolical plot needed here. The Spidy villians will fight hard, yes. But from the begining, it will be the Bat villians in control. Smart as Otto is, he cannot compare to half of the brains on the Bat side.

Maskman2525 Writes:

Well seeing as the arena is made of sand... it's really all up to Freeze's reaction time. If he can turn the field to ice then the Bat team has it in the bag. If not Sandman is going to rain down all sorts of whupass on the competition.

Torantohn Writes:

The batman villians would win, scarecrow alone could finish this. The problem is people are thinking that this is a knuckle to knuckle fight which it isn't, scarecrow would just use fear toxin against mysterio allowing ivy to control him then they rape the spidey-villians with illusions, ivy then gets rhino and the fight truly becomes one sided. Ivy and scarecrow take this for the bat-villains.

NotaGeekbutiknowmyheros Writes:

Jay mentioned that Spiderman�s villains aren�t as smart as Batman�s lets see Mysterio special effects specialist that�s not something you learn off the net it takes school second Doc Octopus is in the same field of genius as Mr. Fantastic lets not forget that then Green Goblin is a genius especially if your referring to the first Green goblin Norman Osborn as long as those 2 are able to focus The rhino and Sand man then they�ll be able take down the Bats villains with ease Bain is no match for the Rhino if you recall the Rhino fought the Hulk more the once an has lived to tell the tale about something Bane couldn�t do everybody else just falls prey only real threat is Mr. Freeze and I would think shocker could zap him from Afar with a couple thousand volts another thing real quick Pat mentioned Bat villains aren�t really team players and no matter how short lived every reincarnation of the sinister six lasted they did pretty good together until driven apart by something internal Doc Oc could easily take out scare crow just by pulling him apart sand man engulfs joker they may have to watch out for Poisons Ivy�s pollens an potions and Scarecrows chemical concoctions but a nice bomb in the hat from the goblin will do the job and Mysterio mind games are just as lethal as Ivy�s only difference is that Mysterio are deadly with explosions and other such things where Ivy has to get in close to her dirty work and if all else fails look at the terrain SAND. Sand man goes into the very ground and pulls them all under and ends it quick and I don�t recall Ivy growing cactuses

Silent Bob Writes:

This was a really tough one and kudos to whoever thought it up. I would have to say that the spidey villains take this one. But its a very close call. The spidey villains have an edge as they are not normal humans. The Batman villains who possess advanced equipment or training, such as Bane, Ras' and Mr. Freeze, cannot compare to the awesome force of the Rhino or the almost indestructible Sandman. The Batman villains to do have a knack for genius level intellect but they just can't work together the way Spider-Man villains do. So when it all comes down teamwork and raw force and energy will help the web-head's arch enemies take the gold.

Uknown Prophet Writes:

I would say the Spider-man villains take it because they try to cause a city-wide destruction while the Batman villains try to steal from banks and then get foiled by Batsy even Bane tries to steal from Banks, I mean c'mon, he can lift up a certain amount of over a thousand pounds why doesnt he come to use with those like the Rhino does with his?

Entertainer13 Writes:

Ra's is the Bat-Foes only shot. With his genius planning and leadership, he might be able to organize all the loners. Crafty and clever? Hardly! Batman has a hard time with these psychos because they're erratic crazies who don't play well with each other and are unpredictable.

Sadly, they do not have the brute force to handle this modified Sinister Six. The Six have all worked together in the past, and between the ferocity of the Green Goblin and the brute pain brought on by Sandman and Rhino... I don't think Ra's can keep the team together long enough to avoid the pounding. Not in an "arena" format.

The Six will stay together. Arkham will split, and it will be Ra's alone against three or so of the Six by the time the dust clears.

Rustin Writes:

Brawn over brains on this one. Bats baddies are going to be way over powered by sheer physical prowess. Spidey has spent way too much time schooling them at the college of whoop ass for them serve up anything but raw punishment to Bat-Nerds, slaw on the side.

ultron2099 Writes:

Round 1: Ra's Al Ghul orders the Scarecrow to release his fear cloud. Rhino, Doctor Octopus and Elextro are taken out. Mysterio's and Green Goblins uniforms protect them and Sandman insn't vulnerable.

Sandman counters by merging himself with the sand of the arena, taking command of it he smother's all of the enemy.

Round 2: Iceman freezes everything and breaks out. Green Goblin drops a bunch of bombs on him cracking his seal, killing him. The other's die of with sand in their lungs.

ReiMehari Writes:

Batman villains will take it. You know what they say in Vegas...Always bet on crazy.

weenie roast Writes:

Well, I was gonna vote Bat-villain, but then I really thought about it...

Brute Strength: Rhino, Sandman, GG, and Ock vs....uh, Bane, and maybe Ivy's trees, I guess. BIG EDGE: Spider Foes

Smarts: GG, Ock and Mysterio vs....well, everyone on the Bat Foes is pretty sharp. And the stupidity of Rhino and Sandman are pretty severe handicaps. BIG EDGE: Bat Foes

Toys/Gimmicks: Pretty even here...DRAW

All-out psycotic craziness: Pretty clearly goes to the Bat Foes; Joker alone out-crazies the whole other side put together! GIGANTIC EDGE: Bat Foes

Biggest wuss: Scarecrow and Electro would be wise to hide in the corners for most of this fight. SOFT BUTTERY EDGE: Electro can plausibly kill you, so I guess it's him.

Best All Around: While the Bat Foes are smarter and crazier overall by a considerable margin, the Spidey foes power advantage can't be overlooked. The X factor would be the Spidey foes teamwork and chemistry; they've worked together numerous times, and have a pretty good feel for what each other will do. And the Bat Foes are as likely to kill someone on their own team as they are on the other side (I'm looking at you, Joker). I hate to do it, but I have to go with the Spidey Foes as a 2-3 favorite.

epcomics Writes:

The Sinister Six has just way to much power to be beaten by the weaker Bat villains. Electro alone has been known to generate up to one million volts of electricity, enought to wipe them all out. (How does Spidey manage to defeat this guy?) And if any do survive the rest of the Sinister Six can handle em' while their in their weakened condition.

Someone Writes:

Bat villains ftw. They have two world-class strategists (Ra's and Bane), two brilliant inventors (Scarecrow and Freeze) a poison expert (sandman is vulnerable to poison if you remember) and the Joker, who once managed to take over the universe.

Bloody_freak Writes:

The Batman villains take this! I mean, you have to pair them up. Lets see we have Ivy vs Doc Ock, and Goblin vs Joker. I see Ivy blowing some of that powder stuff into Doc's face and gaining control over him. Goblin chases down Joker with his glider pounding machine gun fire on him, but Doc comes over and attacks Goblin! Wrecking that Glider and throwing Goblin away. thats where Joker puts a bullet in the surprised doc's head. Ivy starts yelling at Joker for killing her baby, and joker yells back. Giving Goblin enough time to throw a Disintegrating grenade in between them, Ivy throws up a wall of Vines and joker turns to run, but is turned into a skeleton, Ivy's vines are killed but she is fine and we have one down on both sides.

Lets say, Bane vs Rhino vs Mysterio vs Scarecrow. Sandman vs Freeze And Al Ghul runs over and helps out Ivy, taking on Goblin. Electro stays back a bit and shoots lighting at Al while he fights Goblin.

For me, Mysterio starts pounding on Bane in 50 foot giant mode, while Scarecrow kills Rhino with a little fear and a dagger.

Al takes out Goblin with his own pitchfork-spear-thing. And Ivy is knocked unconscious by Electro.

Freeze battles Sand and is winning, but sand picks him up and freeze shoots him in the head freezing it solid, Sand knocks the freeze gun from freeze's hands, but Goblin's pitchfork-spear-thing impales his frozen head, shattering it, killing him. Al was the thrower...........

Al, Crow, and Freeze team Electro, ending in Freeze and Electro dieing. And finally Ivy helps Bane fight Mysterio, but Bane is killed. Followed by Mysterio..........

Ending With Al, Crow and Ivy. The Bat villains win! (Hope that was not to long)

The Joker Writes:

All I gotta say is, if I lose this one, everyone in Khazan better be able to hold their breath for a REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY long time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-* [Ed. Note: Okay, Joker, get back to the fight...]

Trisphere Writes:

Even though the Bat villains are limited in terms of "powers", the abilities they have are invaluable. Poison Ivy alone might be able to win this one, after all the Spidey villains are all men! Between being entranced by Ivy's love pheremones and/or paralyzed with fear from Scarecrow's toxins, that would leave everyone pretty much useless. It doesn't matter how powerfull you are if the entire fight you are standing in a puddle of pee with a snot-bubble haning out of your nose crying for mommy...or worse yet, fighting your own team-mates because all you can think about is getting into the enemy's pants!

xgreenarrowx88 Writes:

Close fight but I have to give it to Batman's Rogue Gallery. Simple Mind over matter in this combat. Ra's Al Ghul is one of the best tacticians and stratigists in the world which is why he considers only a mind like that of the Dark Knight a match. He diddn't come into this fight without a plan and he alone could psycologically provide the difference between a victory and defeat. Nearly all of Batman's villians have nearly genius level intellect in their specializations and their methods of attack are anything if not bizarrly effective. Professional criminals, terrorists, and psychopaths all more than a match for the smalltime manhattan based lowlifes Spidey fights. Also lets not forget that they are all male. Poison Ivy can very easly seduce all of the Spidey villans into submission or even into fighting eachother over her. In terms of physical raw powers, Spider-Man's enemies are a tough nut to crack, but those who would challenge the Dark Knight of Gotham City has got some serious balls.

Yameto The Enforcer Writes:

Lets take this from how the pictures correspond.

Ra vs. Rhino

Ra will easily run circles around Rhino. Ra is a master taction. Rhino has surgery to actually make himself dumber (so know he is a 'special' villain practically).

Batman Rogues: 1

Spiderman Rogues: 0

Scarecrow vs. Ock

Scarecrow will use his gas on Ock. he will freak out, but his tentacle go out of control ripping Crane's head of and theres no straw in this one folks.

Batman Rogues: 1

Spiderman Rogues: 1

Joker vs. Mysterio

Joker takes this. He will run Mysterio ragged until he once again ends it (with a machine gun to the face).

Batman Rogues: 2

Spiderman Rogues: 1

Electro vs. Ivy

Electro cab play for the other side. So before he decides if he likes women she gets blasted.

Batman Rogues: 2

Spiderman Rogues: 2

Sandman vs. Bane

Bane is smart but who can anticipate a guy being sand? So Bane charges and Sandman covers him with sand and severs his venom tube.

Batman Rogues: 2

Spiderman Rogues: 3

GG vs. Freeze

Both crap scientists whose experiments blow up in their evil faces. GG dodges the freeze ray the melts this snowman. Even is you kill one Goblin hundreds will be upon you.

Batman Rogues: 2

Spiderman Rogues: 4

Spidey villains in all ther meta human glory win.

AtomicKitKat Writes:

Batman's villains have this one in the bag. Joker's insane(but smart with chemicals). Ivy's got botanical smarts. Scarecrow is psychologically savvy and handy with the chemicals. Mr Freeze is good with cryonics and weapons. Bane's muscle, but smart behind it. Ra's Al Ghul is like a freaking liche. Smart, practically immortal. VERY experienced.

Spiderman villains:

Doctor Octopus, THE premier radiation expert(even ahead of Bruce Banner, apparently). Electro, powerful, not sure on his brainpower. Mysterio, master of illusion, but not really sure what else he's got. Green Goblin, technologically savvy, good with chemicals, he's the brains of the operation, just behind Octavius. Rhino, pretty much all muscle. Seldom really displays brainpower. Sandman, not much to say either.

Overall, the superior brainpower(especially if Ra's is in charge of all the strategy) behind the Batman's Rogues' Gallery will have this one in the bag faster than you can say "Holy Spandex, Batman!". Well, they'd probably have to leave Joker tied up somewhere, or send him on a suicide run with Smilex ahead of them(his Chaotic Evil nature would leave him a little too likely to turn on them once the fight's nearly done).

Dman Writes:

This battle goes to Spidey's villians, Batman's villians don't have enough power. While plenty of Batman's villians have to pontential to be deadly, the generally need time to prepare, especially against opponents who are so overwhelmingly powerful.

Let's break it down.

First off the Bat Villians.

Rhas Al Ghul, is more of a planner than a brawler, his kung fu is only going to work on Mysterio, maybe Doc Ock.

Posion Ivy, again, while she might be able to take out a couple of these guys using her regular methods, I doubt any of these guys are gonna let them kiss her.

Bane, well he could beat up Mysterio if he can find him, thats about it.

Scarecrow, possibly the Bat Villians best weapon, but he also has the capability to backfire if say certain Spidey Villians such as Electro get hit with the gas, and decide its a good idea to electrocute their fears (and everyone else).

Mr. Freeze, likely the one to do the most damage, he could therotically take out most if not all of the spidey villians, but he is outnumbered, and outgunned.

Finally Joker, sure he's unpredictable and dangerous, but he also unreliable, he might be packing heat and he might be packing bannana cream. Even if he is bringing the heat, it won't be enough.

On the otherhand the Spidey Villians have:

Doctor Octupus, while vunerable himself, his tentacles could easily rip apart any of his opponents.

Sandman, one of the three Spidey Villians that could win the fight all on their own, I don't see how he can be taken out by anything other than Mr. Freeze freezing him completely, and if he feet are touching the ground well....

Rhino may be dumb, but he's also traded blows with the Hulk in the past,(Okay he lost everytime but still) putting him way out of the league of any of the Bat Villians.

Mysterio is the weak link of the team, I could see him running some confusion, and maybe a battle of illusions with Scarecrow, but if any of the Spidey Villians get hurt, it will be this guy.

Electro most definitely has the most raw power out there, he could proabably beat every single one of his opponents as soon as the match begins if he plays smart. Even if he should defeat quite a few. Only problem is he is a glass cannon, it would only take a few lucky shots to take him out.

Green Goblin, he is just as unpredictable as the Joker, except for the fact that he is always lethal. He is the only one on field to combine powers technology and intelligence.

Mysterio is probably toast, other than that however, the Bat Villians are going down, hard.

Chrosis Writes:

Sandman is man made of sand.

Specifically, a man made of sand that has control of any sand he comes in contact to.

This match has him fighting inside a huge arena that is, in fact, made made of sand.

In his sandy glory, Sandman is going to take said arena and grind the Batman side into a fine red paste the moment the match starts.

Because if theres ever been a fundamental problem with fighting a man that completely controls the floor...

...it's that no matter how hard you try...

...you just can't dodge the floor.

Marv Albert Writes:

This match is such a stomp for Sandman.

He alone shall pawn all these weak villains who can't even beat a rich guy in a bat suit and some toys you could by at Toys-are-us.

Aside, Electro shall fry the batman villains to a crisp, and they shall feast on the corpses of the pathetic Joker and Scarecrow.

Aside, Green Goblin flies away and drops bombs on the bat villains, killing all but Bane, who he kills later with his glider.

Aside, Mysterio uses his special effects to out all but Joker and Ra's, who any of the other villains can take with ease.

Aside, Rhino can beat Bane any day of the week, but is beaten by Freeza, who is beaten by any other villain and the rest also.

Spider-man villains in a stomp.

deathstroke Writes:

I have the sneaking suspicion that The Joker would gas everyone, teammates included, just so he could have the last laugh.

Guyver Writes:

I think the Batman villans would win. At least 3 of them use chemical weapons in some way(Joker: the whole die laughing gas, Scarecrow: fear gas, and Bane: venom) Plus all of them, except Bane, used to go to Arkham Asylum,a nuthouse for those who don't read DC, until the inmates took it over during No Man's Land whereas Spidey's villans just went to jail.

In other words, all of them are nutjobs that make the Green Goblin look sane and he's the craziest of the Spidey bunch.

So in conclusion, these are guys you wouldn't want to meet even on a sunny thoroughfare surrounded by the U.S. Army.

Maximus the Clash Writes:

Batman Villains: Crazy, devious, intelligent humans

Spider-Man: Crazy, devious, intelligent META-humans

I think thats all that needs to be said.

Galaxy X Writes:

I have to give this combat to Batman's villans. There is only one thing that can turn the fight in Spiderman's Villans favor... and that's Mysterio. This is how this battle plays out normally. Ras al Ghul has already played this match out a thousand times and has already set up the time and place to go in his teams favor, scarecrow uses a fear toxin to make the other team see their worst nightmares, now they are too frightened to fight straight, then mister freeze stops anyone left, so that Joker and Bane can torture them to death. Also, keep in mind the Batman villans usually run with 5 to 20 henchmen to aid them, where as Spidermans guys would be out numbered based off of that. But anyway like I said, the Spider Rogues would have a chance with Mysterio... if Mysterio is quick enough he'll make the Batman Rogues think each other are villans so that they'll initially fight each other. The only bad part about this plan... is that Ras Al Ghul has already plan for this and has already placed a contingency. The only thing that fubar this for Batman's Rogues is the unpredictable treachery and insanity of the Joker.

The Dude Writes:

Ok, as long as they arn't paired off in the obvious way (Greeny with Joker, Rhino and bane, etc...) Then then The Marval Meanies would take the cake something like this...

Green Goblim Blast Scare Crow with a Beautiful Blazing Lantern of horror.

Sandman smashes Ivy into a veggie salad, immune to her touch.

Electro puts the heat on the freeze, after frying all of his cooling equipment

Octo would rip joke limb-from-limb effortlessly

Bane's juicing is no match for rhino, chrushing him into the ground.

Ra's mystisism may be a match for Mysterio, but what does that matter when all of the Sinister Six can gang up on him at once?

It may be have a bit more gore than your average read, but id have to say Marvel 6, DC 0.

DeadSurfer Writes:

This goes to the Spider Villains easily. They've all been part of an actual team and know team work, whereas the Bat Villains have large amounts of loner status. I believe this was mentioned.

Secondly, the Bat Villains all have huge egos and each would be trying to run the show. The only two leadership roles the Spider Villains would have are Doc Ock and Green Goblin... but Doc Ock would point out to the others that GG is crazy and thus the others would follow him. Plus, he was in charge of a T-Bolts squad at one time.

This is how it goes down:

Doc Ock and Ra's Al Ghul start in on each other, but here, the tentacles hold the advantage over the sword. The doc keeps him at bat and suddenly, Ra's is out like a light because he gets clocked by a longarm.

Joker (If he isn't trying to kill his own teamates) tries the joybuzzer trick on Electro, who thinks it's cute before zapping him with enough juice to light Las Vegas.

Rhino and Bane go at it for a bit until Electro walked over and deep-fries Bane's central nervous system, showing that aforementioned teamwork.

Scarecrow would try to gas Green Goblin, miss him as he flies by and get a pumpkin bomb to the kneecaps for the effort.

As Mr. Freeze walks about, a giant hand of sand rise from behind him and flattens the walking popsicle easily.

And finally, Mysterio casts an illusion that all of Ivy's plants are dead, which causes a mental breakdown. However, when it finally dawns on her, it'll be too late as the fishbowl wearing man cold-cocks her from behind.

Easy. As. Pie.

Olo Eopia Writes:

Granted, there are going to be a lot of blows back and forth, and lets face it.. pretty much NO BODY on the roster is exactly what you'd call a 'power house.' However.. I'm giving this one to the Batman villains, for two simple reasons:

One: They are far more INSANE and thus much more likely to do something really drastic and unpredictable then any of the spiderman villains. This allows for a lot of suprises in their favor.

The second reason is actually based on one person alone. Poision Ivy. Ha ha, what's her two big powers? Kiss of death AND the ability to manipulate anyone (including Superman, though his favorite green rock was required.) Really, what I see is her working in the background, playing then men of the spider-villains against each other, slowly destroying any "work together" concepts that were there. End of story.

The Doomsday Writes:

Hmm... tough but easy to say within a minute. Sandman can crush all of them. He will form into a friggin huge massive form of how much sand he can wish form and just crush them all or sufficate. The only thing is Mr. Freeze who can freeze him but dont you think other villians like Doc oc or the green goblin can attack him while hes freezing him. Anyway, even without sandman - it will still be a challenge but im going with Spidermans super villians

Chuck Norris Writes:

Spiderman villians definitely have the fight. You have a guy who's in the form of electricity which kicks all of batman's villians ass alone. Then you got the Rhino who strong like a tank. So this is a no brainer. If you want a real battle, then have all the villians fight Chuck Norris. He'll roundhouse kick all villians and superheros to hell and back since the only thing to beat Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris.

borg Writes:

Interesting battle.

As a whole batman villains are much more intelligent. If the teams have, time to prepare before entering the arena the batman villains will take the cake. However, if both teams enter the arena only equipped with their normal weapons Spidey villains take the round.

I want to look at physical power, brains, and teamwork ability of the individual players.


Joker: Won't be able to work with his teammates at all, When it comes to strategy and tactics jokers intelligence is unmatched, his physical power is based on his weapons, when compared to mysterios gadgets jokers weapons are just O.K. He probably won�t last long.

Scarecrow: Similar to the Joker. Better weapons than the Joker, and less brains.

Ra�s Al Ghul: Just barley beats Joker on brains, but falls far behind when it comes to weaponry, I would say in this round his greatest advantage is his ability to temporally swallow his pride and work well with his teammates.

Poison Ivy: out of the bat-villains good weaponry and gadgets two steps ahead of scarecrow when it comes to weapons. Like Ra�s will work well with the team, probably the stupidest of the bat-villains though.

Bane: The strongest person in the whole round, probably in between Joker and Ivy when it comes to brains and teamwork. In a straight out brawl with no prep bat-teams strongest player

Mr. Freeze: The most balanced of Bat-villains. O.K. at every thing.


Every one except Mysterio: Just below Bane level strength, have poison Ivy level team work, And low brains.

Mysterio: Poison Ivy with Banes brain

Even though I accidentally hit the Bat button (and prefer bat-villains as characters) I have to give it to Spidey-villians, Their just way to strong.

MoDaD Writes:

If Ra's can take on all of the Justice League by himself then Spidey's rogues don't stand a chance in hell, let alone with the backup of the Joker and others. The only way Spidey's rogues could win is if Bat's rogues fail to get along, as most of them vie for the title of arch enemy and may let their personal agendas interfere with their cohesiveness. In this case, the idiocy of Spidey's rogues may prove to be an advantage, but otherwise, they'll lose.

lefthanded_hero Writes:

Well, now that I rethink this, the Spider-Man villains have a huge advantage with Sandman; not only is the entire field sand, but if he was frozen (if that even did anything), it's really hot, right? So Freezeman would be at a disadvantage. Don't get me wrong, the Joker pwns, but the tide is in the Spidey-Villians' favor...

no..I am Spartacus Writes:

Ok, both teams have insanity represented in the forms of the Joker and Green Goblin. They both have muscle, Bane and Rhino. And they bothe have intelligence, Doctor Otto Octavius and Scarecrow (I guess?!?). The Bat Pack gets bonus points for the eye candy in form of Poison Ivy. But the challenge will go to the Sinister Six. They have worked togeather before as a team and know how to work to each others strengths. While the Joker is just as likely to kill off his own team as his foes. (prove me wrong on that one!)

The ultimate goof is that you have the sand man fighting on the beach!?!?! I think he comes out as MVP for team Spider Pain.

Galant Writes:

I think the arena description settled this one, and I quote, "Out onto the sand of the Arena the two teams step. .. The Sand is warm. The sun is hot."

Spidey's pests have this one. Joker brings nothing to an arena fight, and we all know most plants don't do well in the desert. On the same grounds Mr. Freeze is going to last about 5 mins.

Now that leaves Ra's, Scarecrow and Bane. A formidable bunch and starting with the middle of those three, he definitely brings a mental edge with his fear inducement. But I somehow doubt Mysterio would succumb and probably have the counter. So eliminating those two. That leaves Bane and Ra's. Bane's a tough fella but Rhino, and Ock are no jokes. Ra's is immortal but can he stat conscious? The Goblin is a nutter who'd at least keep him busy, Electro might get a shot or two in. And then...

even if I was wrong about everything else, didn't the intro mention this arena full of sand?

Sandman smothers the lot. Game over.

Multiversal Man Writes:

The batman villians team dosen`t really have someone who can deal with sandman except for maybe Mr.Freeze. All of the spidey villians have powers too, but I will give it to the batman villians for their overall cleverness, and often underestimated, but deadly abilities.

Mask Writes:

In the end, it's Scarecrow that's the trump card in all this. That fear toxin of his will leave all but Mysterio incapacitated.

Plus, never underestimate the Jokers leadership ability. Normally, he'll be as antisocial as the rest of the batman villians, but time and time again it has been proved that the insantity that is alive in Jokers skull shares a place with one of the most cunning minds of a comic book supervillian.

Kikira Writes:

At first I think: Spidey team got it no contest. But then I wondered if Freeze could just ice them all - his team included.

What good is Sandman without dirt? The Joker always has a trick up his sleeve. Rhino is a powerhouse and might be able to withstand being frozen but even still probably couldn't resist Ivy's charm. Goblin and DocOc would probably win the match... but I think Batman gang would definately take a few down before losing - that is if Freeze couldn't handle it. (Then again I'm not exactly sure how Freeze's powers work...)

Fang Writes:

The Batman villains have some heavy hitters and a trump card, Joker but they can't win.

Spiderman's rogues are superior in almost all combat aspects. Rhino is a class 100 brick, Sandman and Electro could be considered on the same level as omega mutants like Iceman. And Green Goblin is just as formidable if not even more so then his cohorts.

The two teams clash and Batman's villains get trashed.

Delta Writes:

My heart wanted to go with the Batman villains, and they definitely had the brains advantage, and God knows what resources Ra's could use, but I had to go with the Spider-Man villains. Though Rhino's dumber than a box of retarded thumb tacks, actually, no, he's dumber than that comparison, he's going to cause problems for the mostly human Bat villains. I think Electro, Sandman and Rhino alone would beat the other team, as most of them are used to fighting non-powered vigilantes, and Mysterio, Doc Ock and Green Goblin can cause so many problems.

Garland Writes:

This is evenly matched. The only edge I see in this fact is Ral Ghul. Unfortunately, this advantage is the coolness factor only, that and the fact he's voiced by David Warner.

Unless any of the Spiderman villains are voiced by David Warner, the Batman villains clearly take this one.

You can't argue with the likes of Captain Picard's torturer, he will make the Spiderman villains see that there are Five Lights.

CoasterKing Writes:

This battle looks tight...but I think Spidey's villains have got this wrapped up and ready to go. Mysterio can play some mighty tricks on the Bat's villains and Doc oc can wreak havoc with those arms. Also Electro can shock and jolt all of those silly Bat villains while Green Goblin soars above the fight throwing bombs here and there, but hey its just my opinion...!

Apple B. Writes:

The Spider-Man villains take this with relative ease. Pat's absolutely wrong when saying that the Spidey Foes are stupid, considering Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus are essentially smarter than the Batman team combined(minus Freeze, who's on their level), with Mysterio still being a smart bastard. And intellect is not all they have there. Every nemesis on the Spider-Man team, save Mysterio, would completely solo the Batman villain team. Electro would just blow them away, Rhino would walk through them, Sandman could tear them all apart with his sheer power, Dr. Octopus' fast tentacle reflexes and strength would crush them, and the Green Goblin wouldn't even have to blink when handing them a Whopper Bomb(his 'ultimate Pumpkin Bomb), or just killing them all with his bare hands.

Symbiote Writes:

I voted for the spidey villains because they work with other villains better.

The only bat villains that have ever worked with others are Joker (who had a side-kick) and Poison Ivy and Bane (bc Bane's a brainless bulk of steroids and a cheap knockoff of the Hulk). Doc Ock and Rhino are intelligent and worked together with 4 other villains. Green Goblin has also periodically worked for the Kingpin.

BowieinLabrynth Writes:

The Batman villains have the Spiderman villains dry and destroyed.

1. They have a much more powerful combination of diabolical minds: Joker, Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow. These three can inflict fear, hysteria and terror on a level undone by no combination of three villains from the Spiderman list. The Bats can attack on an intellectual and physical level, while the Spiders are purely physical. Doc Octavius was a great scientist yes, but so was Mr. Freeze, and he could counteract that intellect, and freeze that mollusk in a flash! Bane and Rhino! The two brunts. Tough. Bane broke Batman's spine. Not tough anymore. Scarecrow and Sandman. Sandman would destroy Scarecrow in a straight up fight, but with preparation, Scarecrow could terrify him into a ball of mud then Poison Ivy would use his remains as compost. Green Goblin would kill Poison Ivy. No argument. Ra's Al Ghul against Mysterio is very close, but I give it to Ghul. Although Mysterio has the ability to teleport, Ra's has the League of Shadows and he would also have some telemetric device that would jam Mysty's head into oblivion and make him teleport into a completely different fight. Joker could kill any one of these toys.

bioweapon Writes:

this can be so easy for the spider bad guys.

The only hope for the DC team, is to get Scarecrow and Poison Ivy in a constant attack so they can confuse someone in the Marvel team and provoke inside attacks. that should lead for some KOs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the DC team will defend any attack against this strategy. Probably Bane will take Rhino, Freeze with Sandman or Electro, Ras AlGhul with Mysterio.

Even with that, the Jocker can`t stop anyone without guns, so is a waste fighter, and if the strategy doesnt work, someone will have to take 2 enemys.

So Bane wouldnt take Rhino for a long time, and the Marvel team have the air attack advantage with the green goblin, that 2 things would destroy the DC strategy.

The Marvel Writes:

Spidey's heroes dominate! The simple fact that the fight is in sand makes this an easy win for the Sandman. Don't get me wrong, the Bat's rogues are criminal masterminds,and extremly deadly, but this all comes down to strenght and powers. The only way Batman's enemies can win is if they play it smart and work together. All of Spidey's enemies are outsmarted and beaten by Spider Man on a regular basis. Spider man beat most of these guys when he had lost his powers!

Then again, the same can be said for Batman's enemies. Batman has never had powers and he's beaten all his enemies.

This is hard..... I'll stay with my first choice and say that Spidey's villains beat Bane, Joker, Poison Ivy.......... Wait a moment!!! Poison ivy is the only woman here(and hot). I hope her phermones allow her team to win....Cause she's Hot!!!!

noname Writes:

Rhino: Yeah, sure, he has some amazing raw-power indeed, not on Juggernaught level, true enough, but as far as Scarlet Spider's enemies goes, he's prime stuff. On his disadvantage he has it that he has, as far as I know, never been a main threat/villain but more of an elite thug... That, and he has the mental capacity of a grape.

Octavius: Now, this is a guy who, contrary to Rhino, handles himself with much more finesse. He has extensive scientific knowledge, is a genious to boot and the harness that grants him his alias, Dr. Octopus, makes him a considerable threat in physical combat.

Mysterio: -is a whimp. All he has are his high-tech holograms and illusions. He's neither smart nor strong and would, in the best case scenario, only be a chagrin to the DC villains.

Electro: Wheras Sandman would be Marvel villain's equillant to Thing of the Fantastic 4, Electro would be the Human Torch. This guy DO have the spark to turn this showdown in Marvel's favor with his neigh unlimited power supply, make no mistake about that. But unfortunally for Electro, that'll also be part of his downfall; he has nothing but his electric manipulation to rely on, once that's neutrulized he's a gonner.

Sandman: This guy could turn just about anyone to permanent sleep if it wasn't for the fact that he COULDN'T. See, while having a truly marvelous (no pun intended) ability, he seems to be unable to properly put it to good use.

Green Goblin: Quite possibly the most dangerous of all Marvel villains listed here. He's not only highly intelligent, he also has the power, both physical and technological, to back it up.

Ra's Al Ghul: Well, except for the fact that he's virtually immortal and has more experience than all of the other combatants combined, he's also a genious amongst geniouses, a force to be feared on the battlefied, indeed.

Scarecrow: -is basically a DC equillant to mysterio, minus the fact that he isn't a whimp. Scarecrow is, more or less, a one trick pony, utilizing his psychological knowledge of phobias and chemicals to unnerve, or even crush, his victims... And he can transform into the Scarebeast, although THAT is a rare occurance (it might in fact never happen again).

Joker: THE Joker. THE man who's more enigmatic than Batman himself. THE man who's brilliance and genious level logic makes sense to only himself. THE man who gave the evil clown a face. I could go on and on about how the Joker is THE man (who KILLED the first Robin and did I-don't-wanna-think-about-it to the second), but moving unto the relevant stuff: This is a guy who's made it his purpose to engage Batman in deadly struggles, yet might never be able to bring himself to kill him. His genious is surpassed only by his negible amounts of sanity and his unwillingness to stay dead, and I'd say that while his combat abilities are far from top-class, he more than makes up for it with his wit... That, and the only person who's ever gotten close to him is a referrator in some of the matches held on this very site. I'm of course talking about the lovely Miss Quinn. ;)

(PS. Rest In Peace, Heath Ledger.)

Ivy: Possibly the deadliest femme-fetale that has ever put her high-heeled shoes on the comic pages. Unfortunally, her opponents for this battle aren't the type that she's specialized against, which makes about half of her abilities useless. The abilities she have left to rely on are none the less, effective, to say the least.

Bane: Enter Rhino-counter. No, I admit, being at peak-human physical condition wouldn't stop Rhino (though he COULD take a dose of that venom/drug of his and even the odds a little). But with that power combined with that mind of his... He'll outsmart Rhino and most likely Mysterio, Electro and Sandman, as well.

Freeze: ... I'll make it clear right away: Freeze is NOT my favorite comic character. I do however recognise his potential as a super genious and cryogenetics expert.

Although a tough one, I'll go with the DCs on the following grounds: Rhino is too stupid to be an actual threat. Mysterio is a whimp. Electro is neither smart enough, nor varied enough, and someone is bound to come up with a counter for his ability sooner or later. Sandman isn't even a proper villain (an antagonist perhaps, but not a villain). Green Gobin is too arrogant, which will lead to his inevitable fall. (And 4/5 of them are dressed in GREEN!) I suppose it's only fair for me to list the DC's weaknesses, too... Scarecrow is, like Electro, neither smart enough, nor varied enough. Joker is insane... If that's even considered a weakness in his case. Ivy's abilities aren't really suited for this fight and I don't like Freeze, so he can just roll over and die, imo.

Joemantler Writes:

Hmmm... In an Arena match, a lot of the advantages of Ra's and Joker are negated or reduced. I think Ra's will take command and organize the Batman villains.

The Spider-Villains will remain disorganized. Joker will take FULL advantage of that. The Bat villains seem weaker than their Spider-Counterparts, but don't underestimate the sheer power of Ivy, Bane, and Mr Freeze!

While Bane acts as a meat shield, and Joker and Scarecrow run interference, Freeze will be used to take out Electro and Sandman. Ivy's toxins will deal with Rhino and Doc Octopus. Mysterio, unable to set his traps in an arena battle, will fall easily to someone in a co-ordinated assault.

Finally, the Green Goblin falls to either "I'm Crazier Than You" Joker or Master-of-Assassins Ra's Al Ghul.

mad mow Writes:

well this is weird really becuase it depends who gose for who and with who. i did it like they all met a fought one on one.

so all so on the charters most are alike.

1 bane v.s rhino

i think bane becuase bane in the comics is really smart. so bane might not be as strong but he is much smarter. so bane will go in to the fight with as much as spider man dose just brains and spidy wins so i think bane would as well.

ra's vs doc ock

i picked those too becuase there both the smartest on there team. and really ra's is the shit . been around for god knows how long and also is a master at many styles in fighting a super smart person with lots of experince fighting monsters and who knows what ALSO he league of shadows with millions ready to die at his whim . i think ras got this in the bag.becuase all doc got is some arms and a ph.d

goblin vs joker.

this one is hard on one hand joker is a sick beyond sick of a person. he got tools and surpises coming out of every were. but you know joker cant fight mono to mono.

goblin got many tools as well not as creative as the joker i might say but there good. and he could more then handle him self in a hand to hand fight. so i think the joker will be defense as all ways and use his brains and always on the suprise. that i think will take down the goblin.


to shorten it a beat. electro and mrfreeze. electro.

sand man v.s posion ivy -sand man

scare crow v.s fish bowl head.

fish bowl head becuase smater and can trick scare crow to thinking his gas is like total ceral or something.

so it is 3 for 3 so a tie. but if you leave joker and ra's in the same room some thing bad will pop up so i got to give it to the batman bad guys

Doom Knight Writes:

Well this truly is one for the ages. I havent seen competition like this since Season 2 of Hells Kitchen.

Anyways here is the breakdown...

Rhino vs. Bane- Although Bane is much more intelligent I have to give this to Rhino. He is much more resistant to attack and has that super durable and razor sharp horn. Rhino is impervious to any kind of attack Bane could land on him. Although Rhino has a hard time thinking on his own he can always look to Doc Ock for orders and guidance.

Doc Ock vs. Scarecrow- Doc Ock is a powerful villain and very intelligent. He would deal with the Scarecrow from long distance using his tentacles negating the effects of Scarecrows fear gas. Without the fear gas effects Scarecrow is done for, Doc will crush him like a bug.

Electro vs. Freeze- It is a battle of the elements and i havta take Electro in this one. He controls electricity by himself, Freeze needs his toys to do anything. Although Dr. Fries is much more intelligent you cant neglect that Electro blasts that little neato suit of his and its all over.

Sandman vs. Poison Ivy- My thoughts here are that Sandman will thrash Poison Ivy and her plants... the vines cant hold him he will just shape shift.

Joker vs. Green Goblin- GG has the advantage in technology but is oh so more predictable than the Joker. The Joker like chaos and to put people plans on thier sides. This one i havta give to the Joker simply because you never know what he might have rigged up as a neat little surprise, he will outwit good ol' Norman.

Finally Ras Al Ghul vs. Mysterio- Ras is smarter, been around for 700 years or so, extremely fit and great hand to hand combatant.....couple that with the fact Mysterio sucks and this is an easy choice... Ras

In the end Spider-Mans foes win 4 out of six crowning them winners. Batmans foes are used to fighting a man who is albeit aweosme, little more than a glorified detective with aweosme martial arts skills and toy. They are not used to facing enemies with powers like these! I love batman villains but they just can't keep up in a knockdown dragout fight.

Now if it were a competition to see who could pull of the better crimes Batmans crew wins all the way but not in a royal rumble in the middle of an arena.

keldor Writes:

okay so this may be an all out brawl but immediatly GG will helm the strtegic angle of the marvel villains and ras will do the same with the dc villains. in terms of whos a better tactician i have to go with ras, who has more experiance being far older. rhino fights baine i would go with rhino, first because i dont know very much about baine and second because i do know it took a kind of acid web to dissolve rhinos costume making him fairly invincible. but then theres the joker who could throw in an assist with his acid spewing flower. ultimately i have to go with the spidey villains. the bat villains may be smarter and able to throw together intricate plots but the spidey villains are street levelers. mr. freeze's ice tech could classify him as a street leveler too

J-Boom Writes:

Never underestimate the criminal mind. I agree with Pat. The Batman team is much more balanced. Bane can easily hold his own against most of the Spidey villains (individually). Poison Ivy's gonna have a field day, as the Spidey team is all male. Ra's can resurrect himself. I doubt anyone on the Spiderman team can overcome Scarecrow's fear gas. Mr Freeze vs Sandman...hmm, I wonder. Oh, and Joker can run it all from behind-the-scenes.

RedRook Writes:

Such a tough battle. So hard to judge. Okay.

The way I broke this down was by Twos. If I had to Pair these 12 up to fight one another it would have to be:

Rhino Vs. Bane

Doc Ock Vs. Ra's al Ghul

Mysterio Vs. Scarecrow

Electro Vs. Mr. Freeze

Sandman Vs. Poison Ivy

and Goblin Vs. Joker

Rhino V Bane: I think theres no question here, Rhino may have a slight advantage in strength (IMO) but Bane has a Huge intelligence gap. Bane wins by being strong and clever

Doc Ock V Ra's: Okay, at first glance people would give this one to Ra's but, you have to remember that this is just Ra's. He is very powerful, but without his resources Ra's is pretty much a guy with a sword. he is good, but not that good. Ock is still a genius and much more capable both as a team leader and (again IMO) a soloist. He could take down Ra's.

Mysterio V Scarecrow: Scarecrow. Why? Mysterio is by far one of the most insecure Spider Man villains there is. He may have a power advantage but his hubris and fear would work against him with Fear toxin in his veins. All Scarecrows gotta do is Burst his bubble.

Electro V Freeze: This is a hard one to judge. On pure power alone though, I have to give it to Electro. The ol' boy is much more powerful than anyone (even himself) gives him credit for. If he can disable the Freeze Gun, he has it made. Freeze is a genius and powerful, but he couldn't go up against pure lightning.

Sandman V Ivy: I have to say, if he had the mind for it, or the will for it, Sandman could more than likely beat half of the Marvel Universe on his own. The guy has tremendous capabilities. poison Ivy on the other hand, is similar. I view her as a lesser version of Swamp Thing in a way. Easily capable of miraculous things if she would realize it. The thing is, if you are planting grass, you need soil for it to grow in. Therein lies the problem. Sandman would probably just be a little too much for her, even if she has a brain advantage, Sandman has the brawn advantage to compensate.

Goblin V Joker: Norman Osborne is kind of like if the Joker had the Funding of Bruce Wayne, the Strength of Steve Rogers and the Technology of Tony Stark. All this being said, Joker would destroy him. I tend to judge villains by whether or not they are the Joker, and Norman is, but not enough. He gets provoked easily and the madder he will get the harder he will hit and the more the Joker will laugh. He will get frustrated enough to leave an opening, thinking the Joker is some kind of fool, and Joker will take that opening with some form of acid or bomb. Joker is Joker, and no one should dispute that.

At the end this leaves Joker, Scarecrow and, Bane in a fight with Doc Ock, Electro and, Sandman.

This brings about the basis for my reasoning, because as clever as Joker, Bane and Scarecrow are, they are nowhere as well coordinated or as flat out powerful as Octopus, Electro and Sandman. Sandman and Electro will follow orders, unlike any of the Bat Villains, and Octopus is a decent leader. Joker can only go so far on wit and acid flowers alone. I think on pure strength the Bat Villains get beat, because the thing is, most of Batmans Villains could probably have never become criminals, worked their lives and retired as millionaire geniuses but they would have all be just people. The Spiderman Villains, they are a brood all their own. They are generally highly capable and underestimated, but usually poorly educated. I think the power advantage alone, as well as their ability to follow orders and help one another, would beat a vaguely united, but brilliantly educated enemy like the Bat Villains.

Now if the entire battle was on joker terms, then it would be another story.

AVP vs Star Wars Writes:

The Spidey villains have this in the bag.Lets compare,shall we?

Bane vs The Rhino:I have to admit Bane has this one in the bag.

Joker vs Green Goblin:I know Joker won the official fight,but I think the Goblin has too much weapons for Joker.

Mr Freeze vs Doc Ock:Doc takes this.Some people might disagree with me,but I think everyones favourite evil scientist takes this.

Scarecrow vs Mysterio:Scarecrow has a bit of fear gas.Mysterio has gases much worse than Scarecrows gas.If you get a whiff of Scarecrows fear gas,you get scared for a few hours.Big deal,they wear off.Take the tinyest whiff of Mysterios gas,your delusional for the rest of your life.

Electro vs Ras al ghul:Electro shocks him.Ras dies.

And finaly,Sandman vs Poison Ivy.Sandman controls sand,Ivy controls plants.Sand vs Plants,the sand probably wins.

'Nuff said.

bigballerju Writes:

The Batman villians could have pulled this one due to the fact when they all work together they usually succeed in beating Batman the first time. Spiderman's villians together never beat him because they turn on each other. Plus the Batman villians would be lead by Joker's insanity and Penguin's intelligence. Joker would have the Batman villians be unpredictable with there attacks. Actually all of Batman's villians have taken over Gotham and beaten Batman at one point or another because they plan excellent attacks. Spiderman's villians have never even been able to rob a bank with all there power. None of them but Green Goblin and Venom have come close to or actually beating Spiderman. Batman villians should have won because Spidey villians with all that power never win anything.

Joker: HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Green Goblin: That guy is crazy!

The Undertaker Writes:

Well, first of all, who the heck on the Bat's team could beat old Sandman? Huh? Sandman doesn't have to breath, and Mysterio is shielded from gasses in the air so they're both protected from Scarecrow's gas. Electro could shock eveybody. Poison Ivy may be able to breath poison. Rhino would totally kick Bane's butt. So would Green Goblin destroy Joker. I don't know Ra's Al Ghul's powers, but Spidey's villains have The Batman's villains totally beat

Tyramir Writes:

Marvel's got the upperhand here with raw power. Rhino could crush Bane, the only one who even poses a physical threat to Sandman in the least is Mr. Freeze, and they have air support in the way of Green Goblin. All he really has to do is just making high strafing runs with pumpkin bombs.

Intellectually, DC outstrips Marvel here. Ra's, Joker, and Bane are all tactical geniuses. Scarecrow, Ivy and Freeze aren't lightweights in the brains department either. All Marvel has to combat that is Goblin and Doc Ock.

So, what wins? Brains or power?

Neither. It doesn't matter what wins. What matters is, what loses. And what loses is insanity.

If I could be convinced that the DC team could form a unifying force, I'd vote for them in a second. But the fact is, Joker just doesn't play nice. And Ra's would not tolerate his presence for long, nor, I think, would Bane.

Early on in the fight, Joker would either start team killing, or Ra's or Bane would put Joker down before he could. And then the numbers factor play out for Marvel's side.



Mary Jane:  Wow, that was a lot of insight!

Jason Todd:  A lot is an understatement, that was a huge amount of thoughts we just received.

Mary Jane:  There�s the bell! The villains are off.

Jason Todd:  It looks like Green Goblin is going straight for that douchebag The Joker!

Mary Jane:  There is some bad blood there. If I remember they�ve fought once before, with Joker coming out on top. But I don�t remember. It�s as if my memory was-

Jason Todd:  And Goblin has much more force behind him than The Joker! His glider crashed right into the clown!

Mary Jane:  But The Joker seems far from done. Look he�s squirted acid all over Gobby�s feet.

Jason Todd:  Oooh, that made the glider crash and burn. They both look like they need some recover time.

Mary Jane:  And while they were fighting, the other villains made it to the center of the arena and are now facing off against each other. Doc Ock seems to be fending off some thorny plants with his tentacles. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze seems to be trying to freeze Sandman!

Jason Todd:  Yeah, that�s a good strategy, the only way to beat Sandman is to make him immobile.

Mary Jane:  Sandman is fighting back, but he gets less and less use of his body.

Jason Todd:  And Freeze has succeeded! Sandman, is encased in ice!

Mary Jane:  If we take a look a hundred yards away, we can see Bane and Rhino duking it out!

Jason Todd:  Ooh this looks bloody! Yes both are clearly incredibly strong. I can feel the vibration from every blow they deliver to eachother! That fights going to last a while at this rate.

Mary Jane:  It also looks like Scarecrow managed to hit Electro with a good bit of fear gas, because he has him on the run.

Jason Todd:  Right, and it seems Ra�s is quickly going through a foggy, dark, maze with dozens of traps. Mysterio�s standing in the center making the maze more and more intricate, with puzzles and illusions as time goes by.

Mary Jane:  But Ra�s appears to be too smart for most of them. He�s getting a few scares and taking a few hits here and there, but for the most part, it looks like he knows what he�s doing.

Jason Todd:  Look, it looks like Doc Ock managed to hit Poison Ivy with some sort of Ray Gun! I think she�s down for the count.

Mary Jane:  Hmph, he used a ranged weapon, when his signature weapon was occupied, that�s cheating, Ivy could�ve brought a gun, but she didn�t!

Jason Todd:  Stop being such a stupid feminist. Let�s move on. It looks like Green Goblin and The Joker have both recovered. Now they�re using their fists! Punch after punch!

Mary Jane:  The Joker staggers back! I guess GG has more raw power, but wait, they�re both reaching into their costumes! Gobby pulls out a pumpkin bomb, while Joker gets his laugh gas gun!

Jason Todd:  A good old draw to the death. A toss! A trigger! Who will be victorious?

Mary Jane:  It looks like the Goblin tosses and rolls. The Joker fired too late and is hit by the gas inside the pumpkin bomb.

Jason Todd:  The clown seems to be laughing! Maybe he�s not hurt� wait no! He was hit with laughing gas! He got a taste of his own medicine!

Mary Jane:  Goblin seems quite satisfied� He hops onto his spare glider and heads towards the current battles.

Jason Todd:  Hmm. It looks like Mr. Freeze and Doc Ock went to aid both Bane and Rhino respectively, but ran into eachother at some point. Now they�re trying to kill each other!

Mary Jane:  One of Otto�s tentacles is frozen already, making it useless. Almost a burden.

Jason Todd:  But Doc Ock�s other tentacles are swinging away relentlessly. Looks like they may be there for a while!

Mary Jane:  Look, Electro ran away fast enough and long enough that the fear gas is wearing off. Scarecrows gonna have to hit him again if he doesn�t want to get blasted into another century!

Jason Todd:  Too late! Electro hits him good! Scarecrow is done.

Mary Jane:  But look, it looks like Scarecrow threw some sort of feargas bomb at him, because he�s just as paralyzed with fear as ever! Oh man.

Jason Todd:  Ah I see. If we look back at the maze, Ra�s made it to the center, and is now fighting Mysterio! Mysterio may be clouding the area, and making it hard to see, but Ra�s has trained his senses to be able to overcome this!

Mary Jane:  Yep, Ra�s just impaled Mysterios with his sword! Ouch! That�s gotta hurt!

Jason Todd:  Yeah, but look Ra�s is tired! He�s on his knees. And Green Goblin has just landed beside him.

  Green Goblin:  Hahaha! You fools can not defeat us! We are superior in every way!

Mary Jane:  Ra�s just stares intently... but Goblin does it, he basically just blew up Ra�s with a pumpkin bomb.

Jason Todd:  No... Ra�s was using Mysterio�s tech to create a diversion. The real Ra�s is sneaking up on Goblin...

Mary Jane:  Only to get impaled by a glider! That�s right, the glider impales him and almost at the same instant, Goblin jumps onboard. He�s probably gonna go help elsewhere now that he�s taken down two enemies.

Jason Todd:  And it looks like Freeze has just beaten Doc Ock! Three tentacles frozen, and the other one writhing around out of sync, leaving Ock helpless. Freeze walks right up. And point blank freezes the man�s head!

Mary Jane:  Wow, brutal!

Jason Todd:  Now it looks like he�s going to help Bane, who�s still locked in a blow for blow battle with Rhino.

Mary Jane:  Bane is a lot smarter, but that doesn�t count for much when you�re in these types of fights. He should get out of there. And come up with a plan.

Jason Todd:  He doesn�t need to. Freeze is freezing Rhino�s legs, making him confused and much less graceful.

Mary Jane:  Indeed. He�s fallen right on his butt, and now Bane is pummeling him into the ground. Yep I�d say Rhino is done.

Jason Todd:  Look though, Bane pumped a lot of Venom during that brawl and is running low. He�s still strong without it though.

Mary Jane:  Green Goblin is now shooting Bane in the back with some guns on his glider. It seems to be bringing the big guy down to his knees.

Jason Todd:  But Freeze freezes up the pesky glider for good! Gobby is thrown off. He�s lost his remaining pumpkin bombs in the fall. Now all he has are his fists.

Mary Jane:  Doesn�t count for much when you�re fighting Bane does it?

Jason Todd:  No it doesn�t. He�s getting the snot beaten out of him! He�s unconscious already! But wait, what�s that?

Mary Jane:  It looks like Electro recovered from his paralysis and freed Sandman from his icy prison. I�d say things don�t look as good for Freeze and Bane now.

Jason Todd:  Yep the tables have definitely turned. Freeze aims his freeze gun at Sandman, but it�s useless. Sandman clogs the mechanism with one arm, and becomes a sledge hammer with the other, delivering a blow right to Freeze�s gut.

Mary Jane:  I think he just puked blood right in his helmet! He is done!

Jason Todd:  Yep and that just leaves Electro and Sandman, the two with the most power, against Bane!




'Nuff Said!


Spidy Villains: 7207

Bat Villains: 6011




Mary Jane:  Wow, Bane just got fried like a KFC chicken!

Jason Todd:  What an exciting end to an exciting match! I�m Jason Todd.

Mary Jane:  And I�m Mary Jane Watson-Park� um, Watson.

Jason Todd:  Hey look there�s Spider-man and Batman� I think Batman has to buy Spidey drinks tonight! Haha! I wonder why I wasn�t invited though. Hmmm.

Mary Jane:  I wonder who Spider-man is. Anyway, this announcing was fun. Bye true believers!

Jason Todd:  Goodnight everyone!

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