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Four-Way Fang Fest
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Nick Knight vs. Lestat vs. David vs. Deacon Frost
This Fight Produced By: Justicar and DamieN


Darkness falls over Khazan Arena this week, as four undead predators coming from varying backgrounds are brought together to wage one brutally horrific bloodbath for your sporting entertainment. Deacon Frost: Convinced that vampires are to be the dominant species, this intelligent and ambitious militant seeks to bring about the end of mankind as we know it. Frost's favorite weapon is his vile and utter ruthlessness. Dislikes: Silver, garlic, sunlight (without wearing proper sunblock), fire, decapitation, and Daywalkers. Lestat: An upper-class vampire hailing from Europe. When not busy taking younger vampires under his proverbial wing, he likes to stalk high society seeking fresh victims to charm and devour. Vampiric dislikes: not sleeping in a coffin, fire, dead blood, sunlight, and decapitation. Nicholas Knight: As a police officer working the night shift, Nick wages his own battle with evil to atone for the atrocities of his centuries-long past, all the while struggling to regain him humanity. Known vampiric dislikes: garlic, religous objects, fire, decapitation, and sharp pieces of wood. David: Murderous leader of the Lost Boys vampire gang. David is always on the look out for a cheap thrill. Known vampiric dislikes: sunlight, rosses, holy water, sharp pieces of wood and antlers. The invitations have been sent out, and the local coroners have been notified, because when this is over only one dead man will remain standing.

Join us now in a Halloween Season battle we had to call...

Got Blood?


DAMIEN:   Greetings once again fight fans! I'm DamieN Brimstone, here again with good 'ol Justicar to bring you this unpredictable bloodbath. We're here very much LIVE from Khazan Arena on this ominously calm evening. Any minute now, the undead immortals should be ready to begin. This week, the sand of the arena is littered with a wide variety of instruments for dealing out vampiric punishment, everything from crosses to stakes to silverware to sun lamps. No telling how the immortal fighters might utilize them. Who's that coming down the ramp first, Justy?

JUSTICAR:   DamieN that discman toting individual is Deacon Frost. He's striding confidently into the arena. I don't think he even cares who he facing off against... Good evening everybody, I am Justicar. Might I add folks that since my name is in no way White Wolf related I will be the first soul out of here if things get out of hand.

DAMIEN:   Well here comes trouble for Frost, as Nick Knight has just dropped into the arena from the sky above! He's pacing on the ground, looking over some pictures of old friends in his wallet, a notably human behavior.

JUSTICAR:   With a flourish David of the Lost Boys had just landed in place in the third corner. The three combatants are looking each other over as they await the final opponent. The Frog Brothers (adults now) are making sure that none of the mortal onlookers are contemplating entering the arena.

DAMIEN:   Frost and David have fangs bared already, even Nick seems to be getting a bit impatient here. And our gothic crowd is getting a bit antsy. A few brave souls, perhaps feeling secure with Edgar and Allan protecting them, have actually taken to shouting obscenties towards the contestants! This could get really ugly if Lestat doesn't show soon... hold that thought, something seems to be coming down the ramp entrance to he arena, our vampires see it too, they look bemused...

JUSTICAR:   Lestat is trotting into the arena on horseback. He is just radiating contempt for his opponents. He dismounts the horse and levitates behind it. The four are ready.

DAMIEN:   Wow, that strange odor we're smelling can mean one of only two things: Lestat's horse needs to be cleaned up after, or it's time to check some viewer mail. So let's get to it.



DL Mighty writes:


2 dead vampires!!


4 dead vampires!! *thunder and lightning* UH UH UH UHHH I love to count dead vampires!! The Count From Sesame St notches 4 more victories. **DAMIEN'S PICK OF THE WEEK**

Greebo71 writes:

This one is Deacon Frost all the way. Lestat is a little sissy, The Lost Boy should have stayed in Neverland and as for the "Forever Knight"... We already know that Deacon eats cops for breakfast. My only question is... Why didn't you bring Angel from Buffy into this? I would have liked to see Frost whup his sorry little "oh-pity-me-I-have-a-soul" bitch ass. And as it has already been wisely can you not vote for the vamp who called Blade "a little BITCH"!!

Eddie Filth writes:

Just and Damien,try to tell what era of time Lestat is from because I was about to declare this a huge mismatch. The Lestat of moderen times can set vampires ablaze with just a thought.

Yet I still vote for the late 1700's to early 1800's Lestat.

1.He has the fewest of weakneses.Only decaptitation,sunlight and fire hurt him.

2.He has a vairety of powers.He has super speed,incredible strength(he once snapped a pine tree like a twig just after he was transformed),he has increased senses to where he can even read thoughts,hide into the shadows and meld into the earth.

3.He is well skilled in melee weapons.

4.He was able to fight off a whole entire coven of vampires with just his mother at his side.

5.Tom Cruise,nuff said.

So my vote goes to the Vampire Lestat. Editor - We weren't using 'Planet-Juggling' Lestat. That's why we omitted all the powers from the description.

Bradley Paranial writes:

Sure Deacon, Lestat,David,etc. Seem to be bad asses but you forget one thing:

Nick is The Oldest. Tipp the scales at 800 years. "He was brought across in 1228" and all that. He is way more powerful than the other. And when his old vampiric instincts kick in. He'll kick butt. And one more thing you are forgetting about his Sire: LaCroix. He my freinds is 2000 years old. And he kicked Nick's but good. These upstarts stnad now Chance.

All hail Nichiolas DeBrabant.

The Animator writes:

I would just like to thank Justicar and DamieN for not including Dracula in this fight. There is nothing worse than an inevidable landlside victory.

LotP writes:

HEY! Who all'd like to know why I didn't vote Frost? Ok then, I'll tell ya why!

Because everyone's gonna be votin' fer Deacon Frost. And why? I'll tell you why, it's for one reason: The Movie Blade

Obvious, but maybe not for the reason you think it's obvious. People love Blade. Why? Because it's the first GOOD comic book movie in a while. And why shouldn't they? It was pretty good, as far as those kinda movies go. That and the Marvel ties[little dig to the Todd McFarlane flunkies]

But I predict this: people're gonna VOTE for Frost NOW based on that which he can do, but the fact that they liked Blade. The fact that it was a good comic book movie. I SAY THEE NAY!!! DON'T reward this once-bit-character-in-a-forgotten-series MERELY because blade did what all comic movies are SUPPOSED to do!!! Don't praise it for doing what it shoulda merely cuz other films haven't! it wasn't exceptional! Don't reward it for living up to expectations. Reward it if it surpasses them.

the other guys I could care less about, but guess who David got ta hang with? That's right: Corey Feldman. And when ya get right down to it, isn't that reason enough to win?

Christian writes:

Now, I'm gonna come off as a twisted little nancy boy goth, which is not the truth, not remotely. I just happen to dig on Vampires. Can't help it. Always have.

Which means, that I've read a lot of source material on all these chaps and I gotta say, Lestat could whip everyone's arse.

Examine with me.

Nick Night, the oldest, yes. But he has never exhibited any particular powers. He can fly and he is strong and all of that, but ultimately, he just never had massive super powers.

From the Lost Boys, what's his name. He's no show. Walk on home, boy.

Frost. One movie. WHat does he do that is wonderful? Nothing. He's not particularly powerful, he's not flying around, he's not doing much at all. WHat he does show is a

and this is important

lack or respect for tradition and for his elders.


Now we go to Lestat. I think that we should not even go on to the post Akasha and Enkil period. WHere he was surving the sun in the Gobi desert, where he was having coffee with God and all that. No.

Let's keep the playing field even.

Back before that, he did not upset some tall B-grade actor. He upset and shocked the world. He woke ancient monsters from, what was it, 7000 years of sleep with his antics. He was clever and violent and never, ever, saw himself as a lover. He was an actor, but always had a streak of violence within him that was magnified as a vampire.

I could go on, but I think my point is made.

But, as a corrollary:

Tom Cruise: Days of Thunder

Stephen Dorf: City of Industry

Who is gonna win? Gee...

And Forever Knight was a tremendous TV show. If only you could have placed the guy from the Kindred show in her. he was from Leon the Pig Farmer. That would have been interesting.

Cruton writes:

This battle is Lestat's. The only one who will be a challenge is Frost. Knight's too good to have the ruthless attitude of the others and David's just a punk with fangs, but Frost is reasonably upper class and reasonably old, two of the most important aspects of a vampire in my opinion.

But Lestat is comperable to Draculla, in my opinion once again. We might see some good stake-tossing, sword swinging action, but Frost will end up impaled on a fence post(I don't know why, I just have a feeling).

Question: Why isn't Spike, Angel, or Bunnincula included in this fight?

Drew writes:

Ah, I see Frost is winning. How utterly predictable, and totally lame. Hey, let's all go with the most recent, modern one; he's the flavor-of-the-month, so he must be the best! Geez, this is almost as bad as that travesty where Dracula, Lord of the Vampires, actually LOST to Buffy. Ye gods, people, what were you THINKING? (Or should that be, what were you smoking?)

OK, deep breath, settle down. Medication kicking in. Urge to kill fading...

Anyway, back to the current match. Well, not really much of a contest, is it? On the one hand, we've got Lestat. This boy has really done it all. Even as a mortal, he had the stamina and guts to kill a pack of wild, ravenous wolves all by himself. As a vampire, he's survived being poisoned, mutilated, burned, and starvation... and that was just in the first book! Since then, he's drunk the blood of the vampire queen herself, making him immensely powerful. Now he can fly, move at extraordinary speeds, go out in the sunlight (all it does is give him a frickin' tan), and even cause others to burst into flame merely by willing it! Besides, you've gotta love a guy who has the audacity to take over a rock band, name it after himself, reveal himself as a vampire publicly, and by doing so get the entire vampiric community royally pissed at him. Marius put it best: "Lestat, you are the damndest creature!"

And then you've got these other three guys...

Well, like I said, not much of a fight here, is it? But I'll go through 'em step-by-step anyway, just to be fair.

David? Don't make me laugh. Go on home to mommy, kid, it's past your bedtime. You can't hang with the big boys.

Nick Knight? Well, I do have a lot of respect for a guy trying to atone for his past like Nick is. But the "good guy factor" can't make up for his lack of power in this case. Besides, Lestat's kind of a good guy too.

And last, there's good ol' Deacon Frost. Well, I've just got one question for you, my friend, before my man Lestat makes you spontaneously combust: do you want to be served medium or extra crispy?

With these three taken care of, Lestat goes on to slaughter the lame, terminally-unfunny Buffy as an encore. Then he waits for Dracula to show up to give him a REAL fight!

'Nuff said.

Razorwitt writes:

Let's look at the combatants, shall we?

First off, David...took orders from Edward Hermann of all people. He'll go down faster than a KKK member on the Springer Show.

Then we have Lestat, and let's face it, the guy's a wimp. He's French too, which certainly hasn't been of much help in the past couple CBUB fights.

So this leaves Knight and Frost. I saw Blade, thought it was a good movie, but Frost seemed to be something of a tool most of the film. He just couldn't cut it with his superiors. Sure, he got 'em all killed for his sacrifice, but what did that get him? Skewered by a half-breed, that's where.

So, then we have Knight...and since I know the least about him, but he seems like a decent enough guy, maybe he learned negotiation technique from Dennis Franz and Sammo Hung. So, let's go with him to win!

Beetle Bomb writes:

Happy Halloween everyone! Nicely chosen fight for this week too. I look at the fight like so:

DEACON: he's fast, tough, but he reminds me of just another little punk. One of those guys that think they're smarter than everyone else, but lacking the foresight to accept the chance that someone may indeed kick their @$$. Punk.

DAVID: Another punk. Lower class. First to go.

LESTAT: A punk/brat. However, an original punk/brat. If we're dealing with the Lestat from after "Queen of the Damned" here, all these guys are in trouble.

NICK KNIGHT: Dammit, I voted for Nick. The only "good" guy in this thing. I just want the only non-punk to beat up all these others that remind me of some grade school guys I've known in the past. Take their lunch money Nick! Give them wedgies! Stake 'em in the head while you're at it! L8.

Three Dark writes:

Oh, The Golden Haired one. Lestat D'Lioncourt. Anne Rice's Crowning Achivement. He's a Killer. And to say anything, he's Numba One. Even if we AREN't Talking about the '98 Version here He's still Whup-Arse. If we ARE Talkin bout the '98 version we have some nice extras: Flight, Telepathy, and Pyrokenesis. IOW All those who don't Like fire, say Bye! Anywho... Lestat has this one Booked and ready to Fly.

The Electric Monk writes:

Nick Knight is older than the rest of them from memory, but he's been trying to deny his power for a long, long time. Didn't David get his but whupped by a bunch of kiddies?

The only serious challenger to Lestadt is Frost, and to be honest I don't think he has the stones to pull it off over Lestadt's superior experience and power.

Of course if you want a real fight try tossing Mekare and Akasha in to the mix. Anyone taking side bets on which of those girls would disassemble the guys the fastest?

MIBH writes:

OK, let's see the breakdown.

Knight is a self-centered whiny brat intent on "regaining his humanity" or redeeming himself or somesuch garbage. I predict he will stake his OWN heart in a fit of self-loathing and despair.

Frost was a goofball militia-type joke with the brains of a Dymo labeler. A HUMAN could whip this guy. A skilled human, but human nonetheless. He has NO cool undead powers. Loooooo-ser - but will probably be the last to fall.

Lestat? Come on. Besides, are we talking about the Tom Cruise Lestat or the Anne Rice Lestat? They're totally different, as anyone who's seen the movie AND read the book can tell you. The Tom Cruise Lestat, who I assume we're talking about here since his picture is up, was an arrogant fop. I've seen Beanie Babies more menacing than him. His battle tactic will be to try to out-psych his opponents by criticizing their wardrobe. He will end up mangled beyond recognition.

David, from arguably the best vampire movie ever made, possesses none of the whiny, pathetic, "romantic" notions of vampires made popular in the 90's. He is quick, brutal, and has standard cool vampire abilities. And he was NOT defeated by comic geeks. His lackeys were. It took another vampire to hold him during the vampiric equivalent of carpet-bombing to put him down. Besides, he had Alex Winter on his side. With the extreme success that Keanu Reeves has had in recent years, Alex Winter is due for his time in the sun.

I don't care what the rest of you say. David has this one in the bag.

Valideh writes:

Nick's got it cold. Not only is he the oldest of the four vampires in question, weighing in at almost 800 years, but he is also the only one who was trained in the arts of combat for all his mortal life. He was a KNIGHT for crying out loud. Plus, he's got justice and goodness on his side...he's into the atonement thing. And if the going gets tough, he can always lead the boys in an angst-off, a competition he can't help but win.

The Devil writes:

Well well well well well, here we are again boys and girls. It's Halloween time again. And Once again you are pitting my favorite protege against each other, Goody. Well this one is a no brainer. Frost has it in the bag. he's strong, smart, good looking, and he's a natural born fighting machine. look who this paragon of vampyric power is facing: a goody-goody cop, and insolent child, and a rich-boy fop. Admittedly they are all amusing and entertaining in their own right, but as far as power goes, my boy Frost is the man (or ex-man as it is.) move along to something more debatable now. Oh and by the way I would like to challenge Carrie White to a battle. That little B**** made me look stupid last year and now I want to take her on myself. Thank you.


HexxJo writes:

Hey man, Knight drinks blood out of wine bottles. Now THAT'S style. And we all know that vampires are all about the trendy dark clothing, snazzy teeth, and oh-so chic nocturnal lifestyles. It's an image thing, and that little touch makes Knight that much cooler...

darkshifter writes:

Lestat would beat these undead-wannabes hands down. Not only is his power greater (whether we're talking about the movie Lestat or the Lestat from the novels, it just don't mattter), he has a hec of alot more experience than any of these guys (this guy went up against the queen of all vamps, for pete's sake!), and, he's not prone to the typical vampire repelents, aka crosses, garlic, etc. All except for some unhealthy dose of Sunny-D. Unless the other three gang up on him, and make the battle last till daylight, the other losers don't stand a chance. And even if they did gang up on the refined gentleman that is Lestat, it would only make his victory that much sweeter...

Kristin writes:

This isn't a tough choice at all. Nick Knight's definately going to win! He's far older and stronger then those other three put together. Nick rocks! He's going to WIN!! BIG TIME!!

Predator writes:

Frost wins because he's come the closest to accomplishing his evil plans. I mean, he became a Vampire GOD for cryin' out loud! Which one of these other guys could say that? NOT A ONE!!!!!

Snowball_ writes:

No doubt either Knight or Frost will win this one, even though Lestat is THE vampire out there, who will wipe everyone's asses and again. He was the chosen one of Akasha, Queen of the Damned, the chick who nearly culled the world. But Lestat would lose... just because Anne Rice's vampires are all kinda bisexual and Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt together kinda makes all the HOMOPHOBIC bitches out there cringe. So instead they're going to vote for some loser whose show got canned because of Aaron Spelling's Melrose Place with Vampires, Kindred: the Embraced, and some other dicky little fart who got his ass whooped by Blade... who's not even a full vampire. Lestat just doesn't die. He's been to hell, heaven, and back. He said no to god and Satan. Lestat is not meant to die.

Mash writes:

I'm wondering what kind of weaponry is going to be used if weapons are allowed at all?

I'm thinking a sword fight of some sort seems like swords would be the perfect weapons for these types of vampires.

I gotta say that I'd like to see Nick win he's pretty much the oldest and most experienced of the bunch. He fought in the Crusades and as done a great deal in his 800 plus years of life.

That beings said the only other potential winner of this is Frost, he is cunning enough and quick witted enough to outfight the others, and beat Nick of sheer killer instinct.

Le Stat possesses great speed under normal circumstances but he really isn't all that strong depending upon where we pick him up from the movie. At the end he had only just begun to revitalize himself by drinking the blood of the reporter. His speed and strength are just about comparable to the others with him being slightly stronger perhaps than Frost and David. However David can fly and Frost can make incredible bursts of speed to potentially match Le Stat for a bit.

Really the winner depends on the circumstances if it's to see who is the best schemer than Frost wins hands down he simply has too many goons and resources in the 20th/21st century whereas Le Stat has been in the dark for at least 50 to a 100 yrs. David only would have his pack to work with, and Knight is on the outs with the Vampire community.

Though I voted for Nick I'm confident Frost will win. He's that crafty and very close to the others physically in fact they all match pretty well physically.

K9 writes:

I've just voted, I've just seen the current score, I just gotta say on this Battle, THIS IS A LOAD OF PURE CRAP!! Deacon Frost couldn't even match a damn half-breed! He DIED, for crying out loud! And Knight? Whatever. He died in his series, too. And what kind of vamp takes a job as a cop?! He's a lame wuss. David had more creativity than Nick Knight ever did. Even the French laugh at these guys! And speaking of French, just 'cause Lestat was born there, doesn't mean he's a frog. He's lived in America longer than his entire mortal life in Europe, he has the blood of the frickin' Queen in him, and he has a whole damn Coven to back him up. The real fight, if people had any brains to vote right, would be Lestat vs. David!! The real ending to this fight is Lestat finds Knight ugly, fries him with just his mind, decides the other two would be great in bed, and takes them all home to meet the others! If all else failed, he could just BUY them off! I don't care how this turns out because people equate a great movie with a great vampire, and that just doesn't work. Lestat would win, period. Anyone who says different drinks out of the toilet.

Darth_Maxx writes:

Okay, I was going to vote Lestat, then I took to thinking. If this was the post-Queen of the Damned Lestat, then it would truely put the cat among the pigeons. For the sake of argument, let's say it's the Interview Lestat. Consider this: Of all the contestants, one of the few who has extensive combat experience is Frost. Lestat is powerful, and has kicked arse on several occasions, but Frost just seems to fight more often. Nick comes close, but come on, people! He's about 800 years old, and his only school of fighting is Crusader! Note: None of these guys are in armor. Note 2: Crusaders learned to fight with Armor. Note 3: Deacon has demonstrated quite good martial arts skills, and a high proficiency with unarmored sword combat. My vote: Knight goes down faster than Cartman's mom in a German video (sorry, just saw the south park movie. It's catching!). The stoner drops in the first ten seconds. Then it's Lestat vs. Deacon, the real heart of the battle. I honestly can't see which way this'll go, so I vote for... both of them! Yeah!

Dark Queen writes:

Happy Halloween to the weekly Khazan viewers! For this battle the winner has to be Lestat. Besides having the looks (byt the way you forgot Brad Pitt!) he has been around for over 200 years at least! He has the experience and will kill mercifully without feeling. The same with David, another vampire who has the looks, serves some head vampire and we know that those who serve some crazy leader will always fall. Deacon Frost, on the other hand, did ditch his leaders but still ended up losing to some guy who isn't even totally imortal! As for Nick Knight, sorry. You are going to need more than a personal agenda to get through this fight.

And that's the bottom line.

L. Nine Hubbard writes:

How pleased I am to see the multi-talented actor Tom Cruise to be thrown in the midst of the foray with these other, non-Scientologists. How will he eliminate the vampire Nicholas Knight? Page 34. Should we wager against him when he goes up against that Vampire from the Lost Boys? Page 81. Who the hell is this Deacon Frost dude? Page 122. Why am I being less than forthcoming about my views on this battle? Well, the answers to all of your questions are found in Dianetics. Now is the best time to purchase a brand new edition for only $6.99--don't settle for a cheaper paperback in those used book stores. Those editions were probably returned by unsatisfied former-members, and therefore tainted by their bitter opinion.

Kyer, Squirette to the Knight writes:

What are you guys talking about? Don't let those charming good looks fool you--- Nicholas Knight has not only survived 800 years of vicious vampire and mortal hunter attacks, he *started out* as a warrior in the Crusades! More than just a pretty face, de Brabant knows how to use those fangs when they are needed. That's why there are so many devout Followers of the Knight! Go Nick!!!

Bri Rob the Caveman writes:

Frost wipes them all out. Frost took out leaders of HIS OWN people, because of a disagreement about a pieice of paper. That's ruthless. He also got Blade, at least for a little while, and became A GOD!!! Just for the record, Blade kicks butt over Buffy. The only reason she won the fight over him is because the fight was fixed by Fanboys(tm). In the words of the almighty Al, "You're probably still living in your parents' cellar downloading pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar. You're about as useless as jpegs to helen keller. I oughta do the world and cap you like Old Yeller." DEATH TO FANBOYS!!

TigerGirl writes:

C'mon, who are you kidding? Nick Knight is four times the age of the oldest of these babies! And he's held his own for centuries against LaCroix, who's entering his third millenium soon.

Of course, Sonja Blue could kick LaCroix's ass... **EGO BOOST OF THE WEEK ^_^**

Peter writes:

Way to go DamieN Brimstone and Justicar - you guys always get to do the good fights. **THE FINAL WORD**

Daki writes:

You do not know who we are. we are the nameless ones who have lived amoung your kind for years. Our days are darkness...our nights are filled with sunlight.

We are the Knighties. A small but powerful cult of followers who believe there is only one true vampyre amoung these four...Nick Knight. A man who has lived in darkness since the Crusades (that's almost 1500 years!!! musch longer than any of the other contestants). Our numbers are few but they grow with each day. As I write this, more appear from the darkness to ensure Nick Knight remains the champion. There can be no others.

Together with the Lady Isis, I shall watch Nick Knight destroy all who challenge him. That is all I shall speak on this. You shall know. EVERYONE shall know. Editor - We shall see...


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

JUSTICAR:   Yet again our round table of opinion is witty and rambuncious, anyway back to the show. With a good smack to the hindquarters Lestat sends Trigger off to certain doom. The horse is galloping for his life in the direction of Nick.

DAMIEN:   Hah, a charging horse is no match for that crusader. Nick just rocketed a good 50 feet into the air and the animal is passing right under him.

JUSTICAR:   Scooping up a string of garlic in the process David is leaping at the distracted Knight. David is going to catch him from behind...

DAMIEN:   Nick isn't turning, he must sense David's approach. CRUNCH! Knight delivered a hard elbow strike to David's face, providing some bloody nasal realignment at no extra charge. David reels back but remains airborne.

JUSTICAR:   Lestat's horse is running around the arena confused by the action and the darkness. The creature is ambling towards the stationary Frost. Frost giving no quarter to anything inferior kicks the poor beast in the head putting it down. Lestat has taken offense to the property damage.

DAMIEN:   Nick and David are locked in struggle, grappling high in the air in attempts to get into good face-ripping position.

JUSTICAR:   Lestat with little regard to Frost is moving to the horse. Lestat not caring of his proximity to Frost stamps on the horses chest as he eyes Frost. The horse has ceased any movement and is out of its misery.

DAMIEN:   Looks as if our more grounded fighters are going to have a few words with each other. Let's switch over to the arena mikes.

LESTAT:   My, it would appear that you and I are not so different, Deacon. You're lust for killing, your cold rage, these things I could help you develop. If we work together against those abominations up there, I could help you cultivate your dark gifts and...

FROST:   Instead, why don't you shut the f--k up and start cultivating some ideas on how you're gonna spend your time after I kick your f--king ass straight to Hell!

LESTAT:   Such bravado, I believe I will enjoy myself with this. Now let us begi...

DAMIEN:   Lestat has good reason to stop talking, Nick has wrestled David into a full nelson. Now he's swinging David round and round, gaining momentum... he let's David loose, sending him hurtling downward right at Lestat!

JUSTICAR:   In a blur Lestat is out of the way as David crashes into the dust. Lestat shows his disdain for David as he spits on the fallen ruffian.

DAMIEN:   Nick and Frost are locking eyes now. Nick swoops down toward Frost at an incredible rate of speed, but Frost has ducks his dive bombing attack. At least I think he did, all I saw was a blur, and now Nick is back in the air and Frost is standing just as he was before. If Frost is too fast for Nick, and if Nick remains too high aloft, we may have a stand off on our hands.

JUSTICAR:   On the ground... David is not used being this hapless in combat and he very mad at his unlife right now. He wildly lunges at Letsat. Lestat bats him away like a fly.

DAMIEN:   Frost tears a horseshoe off of Lestat's fallen steed. Nick appears puzzled, as a horseshoe certanly is no threat to him. Frost sneers... then whirls around and thows the object at high speed towards Allan Frog, who apparently hasn't grown into much of a vampire killer after all, Nick flies down to intercept it. Nick grabbed that projectile just inches from Allan's face, but now he's too low. Frost leaps, and drops him with a fierce kick to the head. What a ploy!

JUSTICAR:   David has staggered back to his feet he's looking quite mauled, but he's not giving up. He's grabbed a sword and is staring quite intently at Lestat. He's up to something.

DAMIEN:   Meanwhile, Nick is swiping at Frost left and right, but Frost is somehow keeping one step ahead of him. Frost seems to be enjoying waiting till the last split second before dodging Nick's attacks, it's only a matter of time before he takes the offensive.

JUSTICAR:   Lestat is looking at what appears to several images of David. Lestat is momentarily stunned as he retreats a few steps. The Davids are all moving around Lestat. Lestat looks confused. David is moving in, taking advantage of Lestat's confusion.

DAMIEN:   The tide has turned at the other end of the arena, Frost is unloading onto Nicholas with a barrage of punches and slashes. But Nick won't go down easily.

JUSTICAR:   Lestat has fallen to the ground... there's a flash of movement with Lestat. The Davids are swinging at Lestat in a scattered fashion. Lestat bolts back up!! He skewers the real David in the left eye with his thumbknife. David is reeling and is gushing blood... Lestat immediately plants a stake in David's heart. David's body is smoking and pussing away. Its safe to say that he is not going into topor. David is gone... literally.

DAMIEN:   Those vamps sure don't go out quietly eh Justy? Speaking of which, we may be on the verge of another undead fatality here. Nick is barely standing, and Frost has placed his hands around Nick's head, I beleive he's planning to twist his head right off his shoulders. Nick is trying to pry himself free, he's floating again, taking Frost up with him. But Frost jerks his arms and we're hearing Nick's neck snap. Frost has dropped back to the ground, as has Nick, who is lying there doing a Regan MacNeil imitation with his head spun around backwards!

JUSTICAR:   Lestat and Frost are in exchanging glares, both are accounting for nearby weapons of value. Its looks like they both decide upon David's broadsword as anything else is too far away.

DAMIEN:   Lestat is already closer to it, and he just picked up that broadsword so quickly his movments were scarcely perceptible! Damn I knew we should have brought some Slow-mo cameras for this match. Frost just landed an impressive forward sommersault, putting him within striking distance of Lestat.

JUSTICAR:   Lestat handles the sword as if it were part of his body. With both hands directing the flow of the blade deftly is made a perfect cut at Frost. But for all of Lestat's speed and skill Frost has managed to evade Lestat's blade.

DAMIEN:   Lestat regains his position for an another swing... Frost has grabs his arms! Lestat can't budge his sword.

JUSTICAR:   Both are determined to control the blade. They are battling each other for leverage. Frost is slowly winning the advantage.

DAMIEN:   Lestat needs to act quickly here. Why is he smiling? Yikes, he just SANK HIS FANGS INTO ONE OF FROST'S WRISTS! Frost is in serious pain. I haven't seen a wrist bleed like that since Stigmata came out!

JUSTICAR:   Frost is pinned and can't wrench himself free. Frost as he utters vehement curses in some forgotten tongue as he clamps his own fangs on Lestat's exposed neck.

DAMIEN:   Both compeitors are staggering here, each racing to suck the other dry of precious blood. It's just a matter of time now before one of them can feed the fastest...

JUSTICAR:   Hey! Something is going on in the background. There's some movement in the dark and a glint of steel. Knight is not out. I can't explain it. He isn't about to announce his presence as he swiftly moves towards his unsuspecting adversaries. With a determined aura he impales Lestat with a jagged pike. Lestat's heart is mangled in the barbs. Lestat is tossed away with the pike. He is out.

DAMIEN:   I guess you just can't keep a good cop down! Frost looks to be on a major vampire high from Lestat's blood. He's clearly just itching to tear Nick limb from limb, and he looks as confident now as he did when he channeled La Magra's power. I'll be amazed if he can keep his act together now.

JUSTICAR:   Frost has unleased a flurry of strikes at Nick. Frost is so charged it looks like he's going to decapitate Nick after removing every other body part is sliced away. Nick is absorbing the blows as he advances rapidly at Frost. What an incredible display of fortitude.

DAMIEN:   Knight's cooler head is paying off now, he lunges in at Frost. He's got the enraged Frost in modified choke hold, keeping his enemy's fangs out of the equation.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Lestat: 246

David: 96

Frost: 350

Knight: 516


JUSTICAR:   Knight is holding the frenzied Frost at bay. That lock Knight has on Frost is beyond reason. Nick headbuts Frost with a vengeance! Frost's sternum cracked under the massive blow. Nick latches onto Frost like a lamprey and is feeding straight from Frost's heart. It looks like Knight has tapped his bestial side to put an end to the greater evil of Frost and Lestat.

DAMIEN:   Nick Knight is pressing his advantage now, he's got a firm grip on Frost's head, he pulls...Frost screams..and....NICK HAS TORN DEACON FROST'S HEAD CLEAN FROM HIS SHOULDERS!! Frost's body is sparking crumbling to dust. What an upset!

JUSTICAR:   We've never experienced an upset of this magnitude! The throngs of Knight supporter are going ballistic. This scene of utter joy won't be seen again until the Red Sox actually win the World Series. We thought that he was out completely! With the others disposed of let's get a few words from Nick Knight.

DAMIEN:   We're speechless up here... how did you come back... well from the dead... again?

KNIGHT:   Well, It wasn't easy and its something I may regret. While the others were fighting I managed to reset myself, which is a pain worse than death. Then I fed on the Frog Brothers, who did willingly lend me their blood. When Frost attacked Allan they became legal objects in the arena.Then I gave myself to my dark side, but I assure you I'm in control now. My job is done for today. .

JUSTICAR:   Well there you have it ghasts and ghouls. Hmm.... did anyone see what happened to Lestat's body. Hmm... well I'm sure the cleaning crew carted him off. Signing off the first part of this special Halloween edition of CBUB, for DamieN Brimstone, I am Justicar. Good night.


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