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Presenting fight #1 a three week contract with your hosts Ferret & Slug


Crow En Garde! Spawn


Al Simmons died at an early age due to occupational hazards. An assassin's life expectancy is a contradiction in terms. But, make a deal with Malebolgia and who knows what can happen? SPAWN - that's what! A necroplasmic terror with no allegiance, no constraints and no friends.

Enter The Crow, fresh from the grave because Justice has Not Been Served, brought back through the power of a soul carrying crow. An angel of vengeance supplied with supernatural powers of destruction and the anger of Eric or Ashe or you or I.

So, with a little deception on our part, we were able to set up this combat of corpses. The setting will be in a cemetery to be named later.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

This Ain't the Smurfs vs. the Snorks!

This fight was suggested by Trantor and Android


Louie:  Greetings, fight fans! Louie, here, with Frank bringing you what we believe will be a classic match-up: Spawn vs. The Crow! We got this assignment because I promised to set it up and I delivered! I called in all my connections, I made a few threats, I hired some weasels, this time, I...

Frank:  Louie, tell them what you did!

Louie:  What?... Oh... I, um, lied. But, enough of that. We are at this lovely cemetery, where Spawn is flying in with his cape thingie a light year in trail. Do you see The Crow, Frank?

Frank:  There's one on that tombstone, pecking on it, it's oozing something red...

Louie: reminds me of frog's blood. Gimme those binoculars so I can read the tombstone! "Brandon Lee" Ooooh! This is gonna be good! Let's see what the fans think!


>Trantor writes:

So, the two have come together upon my request... Cool! As for the outcome, Spawn has a heck of a lot of super powers and that cape of his makes him one bad mother f#@$&% but the Crow was brought back from his eternal slumber for one reason: REVENGE! And that makes him more dangerous than a room full of hungry bleeding mutants. Spawn stand clear the black bird is out for a can of whoop- ass!


Spawn wins with minimum effort. Crow gets his power from a crow. Spawn gets his power from me. The Crow is powerful, yes, but he's no match for 400 pounds of necroplasm. I'm talking PURE POWER!

Grifter writes:

Travis writes:

Gotta go with Spawn. I don't know a lot about the crow and since I don't I can't honestly say who would win in a fair fight so I'm giving it to my favorite SPAWN!!!

Violator writes:

I can kick Crow's butt. Crow is but a wart on the backside of a villain wanna-be. Spawn is some serious feces. I won't mess with Spawn and I smart off to the devil. Go Crispy, Go Crispy.

Sailor Callisto writes:

CAW CAW CAW Oooh scary it's the CROW. Big deal he's of some importance to dead people but, honestly peoples. Would you be scared of someone named the crow? That's just as in intimidating as the Easter Bunny. Spawn is rather...... deformed..... but he WILL undoubtedly kick some ass here.

kolemsai writes:

Crow by a slim margin. This will be a very furious fight. If the bird stays alive, the Crow will be invulnerable. Now when Spawn uses up all of his energy to try to destroy it, he will die. Although I gotta say, if it would have been the other Crow from "City of Angels", Spawn would win, but since it is the Brandon Lee version, the Crow wins.

Dave writes:

Spawn will wipe the floor with that pansy ass mother f$#@@* bird man nuff said

Kes writes:

Spawn would win all he has to do is make a crow KFC and then put the beat down on Crow and POW, GAME OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cobra69k writes:

I like them both but to hell with the Crow I'm lookin for Spawn to toast him. Crow can whip a normal human, but Spawn whips demons, angels-hunters, and cyborgs on a daily basis. Plus he's got the power and the skills. Add to that one blood thirsty symbiotic uniform and The Crows gonna have hell to pay literally. Spawn vs. Crow Why do I suddenly feel like fried chicken?

LordFish writes:

Well its hard to say on this fight...Spawn has that funky bio-armor and a big fu**ing cloak...but the Crow is just an incredible bad-ass. In the end though I had to go with the Crow for several reasons...1 He's 100% immortal with his little bird...2 The crow was a MUCH better movie than Spawn (although the sequel was a bit of a downer)....and Brandon Lee played the if he's gonna be fighting, he really will be dead!...oh and The Crow had a cooler soundtrack.

RoadToad writes:

Dead men sell no tickets.

U2R writes:

Oh give me a break Spawn would slice that pansy crow to shreds. can you say bloodbath_ lets see here the crow has guns while Spawn has knives chains guns and his nifty suit. seems like Spawn will smack poor crow all around the globe.

Monkeyman writes:

As much as I HATE spawn and LOVE the Crow. I gotta put my money on the spawn. He has such amazing power, where as the crow has no powers really. Spawn could rip him up. But if Spawn wasn't using his powers because he was a little chicken shit then the crow would get some really good shots in and whoop his ass. But spawn would use his powers and win a cheap ass victory by not even letting the crow come in 5 feet of him.

Shark writes:

Spawn is the MAN!! Crow is a, well he is something. I'm sorry but Spawn would put a whopping on Crow. Spawn has the armor Crow has martial arts. They both have guns. But Spawn has the edge on power. Spawn wins this battle.

jimmydelpino writes:

Admittedly The Crow is cool. The Crow is powerful. I may even go so far as to say that The Crow is one bad mother f****er. But, I mean, come on! It's SPAWN he's up against. SPAWN will crush him like the insect he is and still be home in time to watch Jerry Springer.

Warewolf writes:

Spawn has the Crow outmatched on skill and power. The Crow is a rock singer SPAWN however was a government trained killer. Spawn has to powers of Hell on his side. The Crow has a lame-o bird. Only gothic rock fan boys would vote Crow with thinking. Spawn has the pretty boy beat!

Spark writes:

This is like sticking the Smurfs up against the demons of hell lead by Satin himself!!! The crow stands about as a good stand against spawn as a snowball in Spawn's home turf, if you know what I mean. The crow showed weakness when his precious bird was hurt, spawn had to get his butt kicked by Satin himself. Mortals can say, "I beat up on the Crow" I don't think they'll ever be able to proclaim the same with Spawn.

Demon Knight writes:

Spawn is going down. The Crow is a true hero, Spawn is a image anti-hero pansy. While Spawn has the Crow outmatched in power. The Crow has the righteous rage and honor to prevail despite the odds.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

I chose Crow, 'cuz in a pinch, he could just call on Tom Servo, Gypsy, or Mike(or Joel).... Oops. Wrong Crow. Sorry.

Castor writes:

SPAWN WINS! 400 pounds of necroplasmic power. Chains, the Cape, teleportation and a BAD attitude: just add "Old Milwaukee" and it doesn't get any better than this. Awesome choice for battle of the week.

Trench Dog writes:

The dead man's deal should be the most deadly match CBUB history. A even match pound for pound. But my vote goes to Spawn for his training as a solider gives him a edge that the Crow wouldn't have being a singer by trade.

Black Claw writes:

Thus I say the match is as played; Spawn uses cape to shred the Crow nuff said..

Sindel writes:

How dare you make me chose!!! I love both these to cool dead dudes. But I'm sorry. I love the Crow. That movie really moved me. I thought Brandon Lee was awesome. Sorry Spawn but this horrific love story was just to great.

Dark Queen writes:

Spawn, the Crow. Spawn, the Crow. Spawn Spawn Spawn. Crow, Crow, Crow. I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!!!! Yes I Can! Though I liked both I have to say Spawn. Spawn was a more exciting movie than Crow. Besides, Spawn just plain kicks ass!!!

The Southern Fist writes:

Lets all be realistic. They are both dead. So who's gonna die again? Well spawn has a finite amount of unlife. With that comes super power. Super power enough to smite any and all things. The guy can have his heart removed and still be just fine. The crow on the other hand can die or be injured, he just needs to have the smack laid down on the actual crow that carries his soul. Spawn has no silly weakness like that. You kill the actual crow and the soul dissipates. Oh, and spawn has the neural parasite that reacts to his thoughts. So he has body armor, a cape or whatever he thinks up. I say it will be spawn in one gigantic necroplasmic blast that levels both crow humans and both birds from both movies.

alan pritchard writes:

The crow will never die. it is invincible in that there will always be wrongful deaths. there is no question as to who would win this. your duel has been decided by movie watchers and not comic book readers. We all know movies are not real.


Louie:  I'm glad he didn't say anything about television commercial superstars, or I'd have had to pre-empt the fight!

Frank:  Lighten up, Louie, it looks like the action is starting.

Louie:  Spawn spots The Crow and realizes that this is possibly the dangerous lunatic he's been hearing about!

Frank:  The Crow sees Spawn and signals for him to "bring it on!"

Louie:  The Crow is probably seeing Spawn as the object of certain injustices he's heard about!

Frank:  Where would he hear that, Louie? And, where would Spawn hear about a "homicidal lunatic?"

Louie:  Oh, uh, around. You hang out in dark alleys, you hear things! But, let's not go there, it looks like Spawn drew first blood!

Frank:  Yes, it appears he dismembered The Crow with those chains of his!

Louie:  That had to hurt! Ooh, but The Crow is reintegrating before our very eyes! Can frogs do that, Frank?

Frank:  I don't think so, Louie! Oh, bad break for Spawn. His spike came out his back and he got stuck on a tree! The Crow quickly takes advantage, comes up with guns blaring, striking devastating blows to Spawns abdomen!

Louie:  But, the bullet holes are closing up again! Can frogs do that?

Frank:  Again, I doubt it, Louie. Spawn gets loose, and starts heading for the Crow, the real one on the tombstone!

Louie:  With one leap, he has the birdie by the throat. This is terrible! I can't bear to look!

Frank:  What a minute! The Crow is talking to Spawn!

Louie:  I don't like the looks of this!

Frank:  The Crow is pointing at you, Louie! And, now, so is Spawn! Why would they do that?

Louie:  I am a TV commercial superstar!

Frank:  What, exactly, did you tell them, Louie?

Louie:  Uh, oh, that the Crow is a homicidal lunatic and Spawn killed the Crow's wife!

Frank:  But, that's not even close to the truth!

Louie:  Hey, this is show business!

Frank:  Due to technical difficulties, the rest of this event will not be aired!


'Nuff Said!


The Crow: 162

Spawn: 327


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