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Violator vs. Ghost Rider


Door bell:   Ding-dong!!

Kids:   Trick or treat!

Violator:   Oh! How cute! Little kids all dressed up for Halloween. We got ourselves a little witch, a cowboy, 2 ghosts and a little devil. Sorry kids but I got no candy, however I got a real nice trick to show you. Want to see it?

Kids:   Sure!

Violator:   I was hoping you would all say that... Like you got any choice. Let me just get out of this clown skin...

Kids:   Aaaahhhhh!!!!!

Violator:   'Gulp!' Gotta love Halloween. All the meals comes to me!

Door bell:   Ding-dong!!

Violator:   I'm coming! I'm coming!! What is i.... Hey. Aren't you a little big for Halloween?

Ghost Rider:   The blood of innocence is on your hands.

Violator:   Well I haven't been too hygienic lately. I promise to wash-up later.

Ghost Rider:   All the innocent life you had taken shall now be avenged, demon.

Violator:   Well, in that case... Lets see if what you got Toast Rider!!

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Brimstone Bash


JAY:   As some of you may have noticed last week, fight Sideline Commentator Quinn was missing. Apparently someone called Gotham authorities about her being here and the folks from Arkham paid her a visit.

PAT:   Gee! I wonder who ratted her out?

JAY:   Yes, it's a complete mystery... PAT!

PAT:   What? Just because her hyena's routinely mistaken me for a chew toy, you think I would deliberately phone the authorities to have that sweet, sweet clown girl arrested? By the way, you haven't told me what happened to our previous Sideline Commentator Frank Williams.

JAY:   Uh.... Anyway! Freshly sprung from Arkham is Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn:   Hi guys. Well, we have the biker from hell against the demon clown. Ghost Rider is the high riding Spirit of Vengeance, sworn to avenge the innocent. While the demon clown, named the Violator is sworn to inflict chaos on any unfortunate soul who crosses his path. It was a matter of time before they clashed which will make for an interesting match. Demonic power against demonic power but I think the Ghost has an edge because he has the cool looking wheels that obeys his command. Violator will be out numbered two-to-one. Back to you guys.

PAT:   What? No smart-alecky comments?

Harley Quinn:   No, I got my laughs earlier when I put my hyenas in your sports car. By the way, they loved the all-leather interior.

PAT:   MY BABY!!!!!!

JAY:   Uh... While Pat rushes to save his beloved car, I think it'll be a good time to check the mail.


Favorite letter of the Week

Bella Donna writes:

No contest. The Rider has this fight well in his skeletal claw. As with the Frankenstein / Mummy battle this fight requires us to take a look back at the creatures past glories. Ghost Rider, when one looks at it, is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe of comic book super heroes. All of this power resides in his "penance stare" which causes the blackest of hearts (like say Black Heart) to quake in fear! With this power Ghost Rider has taken down everything from Skrulls to Galactus. No you've got to admit, Galactus is a fairly powerful character. Also, the Violator is from Hell, and in a past issue of Ghost Rider(look waaaaaay back) when the Ghost Rider had been taken down by demons, a man in a long white rob and with a long brown beard walked up, spoke to him, and then returned the POWER OF VENGENCE to Ghost Rider. No, it wasn't Charles Manson, it was Jesus. That means Ghostie is in good with the man upstairs. Despite being demonic, he must being something right.

SO here is how the fight goes.
Violator: Oh, scary, a man with a flaming skull and a flaming motorcycle. So 70's! Did you know I'm part of the "Spawn" corporate behemoth?

Ghost Rider: Gaze into my penance stare hellion. Taste the blood of those you have spilled in your mouth. Fill the minds you have ruined with the "Spawn" movie burning. Feel THEIR pain,(Violator looks into Ghostie's eyes) VENGENCE IS MINE!

No contest. Ghostie wins!

Oberoni writes:

As powerful as the Violator might be, he has one gigantic disadvantage going into this fight--he's a bad guy that's done bad things. Ghost Rider just loves that kind of opponent, because it makes his Penance Stare all the more powerful. He'll have the Violator crying like a baby and talking about a terrible demonic childhood, and how he used to get made fun of for being a fat little demon clown--all because of that little trick of Ghost Rider's.

Yugadesrial writes:

Ghost Rider IS vengeance man! He serves up a healthy dose of justice to Whoever is needing' it. And I tell ya, if anyone is needin' it, it's that Todd McFarlane and any of his creations. The guy has the ultimate ride on Spider-Man and then he leaves for "creative reasons". Then he goes off and creates some dime a dozen mystical demonized hero and sells record copies leaving Spidey to become the target of some loser looking to change everything good about him through jacked-up clone sagas! What the?! And then he up and quits drawing altogether so he can focus more on his "writing". Justice must be served!!! We must have vengeance!!! Go get 'him Ghostie and take out all the rest of Todd's creations!

LordFish writes:

On the one hand, you have the Violator, perhaps the stupidest most 'overdone' creation of the comic world. The complete unoriginality of this creature is its only uniqueness.

On the other hand, you have Ghost rider...someone I know absolutely nothing about. I do however, know a little about a similar creature. The 'Ghost Writer'. This whimsical little haunt went from flat writing surface to flat writing surface making little notes for children that were trying to solve mysteries.

With this much conclusive evidence, I think it's obvious that Ghost Rider will be today's victor.

Pedneau writes:

While this will be a fun battle I'm putting my money on Ghost Rider. While both combatants are even in power, Violator lacks any strategy which has caused his downfall with Spawn and Brigade.

Sage of Halo writes:

Ghost Rider all the way!!! Ghost Rider is indestructible, and unbeatable, with a bike that can do anything, and chain that can do anything, and has a flaming skull! Plus, last time I checked, Ghost Rider became the Lord of the Nether realm, thus making him the boss of violator. Ghost Rider has beaten the best, is the best, and will never die.

Justicar writes:

Violator...Any being that has its name as the title of a Depeche Mode album and is a brand of vibrator deserves not a victory here! Negatives aside, Ghost Rider is far cooler. Be he a Slade or a Blaze. Ghost Rider has always been cool personified and vengeance in motion. Power levels are pretty much equal. They both are supernatural entities. However, I do feel that Ghost Rider can stand a bit of Hellfire before he explodes. That whiner Violator won't be so lucky when he meets the Penance Stare. Violator's very reason for existence in Hell will be turned against him. Ghost Rider is going to leave a trail of burnt rubber through the festering puddle of necroplasm that was Violator!!

predator writes:

Ah yes. A true battle of demons. I'm going with Ghost Rider. I mean first of all, NOTHING appears to stop him. In almost every fight he's been in, nobody has been able to keep him down. And second, he's got that awesome chain that turns into a variety of weapons. A definite advantage. And let's not forget the good old PENANCE STARE. Once the sinful Violator takes a look at Ghosty, he'll be nothing but ashes.

Geniepants writes:

Gotta go with the Rider on this one. About the only thing that can do real damage to him is magic blasts. Violator's just got claws and teeth. Ghost Rider would drive circles around him, catch him with the chain, and drag him a few blocks, hitting every solid object not currently occupied. The only thing Violator has in his corner is that Ghost Rider's Penance Stare (TM) wouldn't work on him, since his soul belongs to Malebolgia. It'd be kinda funny to see what happened if Violator swallowed Ghostie. A little "Alien" action. Perhaps a more interesting opponent would be the Spawn himself.

Trantor writes:

Well let's see what we have here:

On one side we have a sniveling, sneezing bag of ectoplasm with teeth, whose best idea for a disguise was a clown (something that IT did a lot better and a lot scarier!) Whose only redeemable value is that of a second class training device for entities that could kick it from here to infinity. On the other hand, we have a dude whose fleshless head alone could drive most Hellspawn to drink, he drives a motorcycle that's straight out of hell (allusions to Meatloaf album cover art are allowed here) who is going to put this bloat sack of crap away for good.

All in all this is a lopsided fight like few others and will end with a lot of green gunk flying everywhere. I'm just surprised that the kiddies trick-or-treating weren't able to completely mess him up before Ghosties showed.

DamieN Brimstone writes:

Old flame face, (regardless of which incarnation he is) is goin down for good this time. I just don't think he'll be able to do any considerable damage to the BIG V man.

Violator is damn near impervious to harm, if he can withstand Spawns's chains, and necroplasmic power blasts, Ghost Rider might as well be spitting at him for all the good his strength and abilities will do. Violator (mockingly)--"Spikes from a magic bike chain oooh, scary, please don't hurt me Mr. Likes to ride ghosts I'm just a lieutenant of the Devil Malbolgia, I thought you were here to give me a ride to Sturges.

The one ace Ghost Rider will think he has up his sleeve would be that Penance Stare, but I doubt it would work on a creature with not a shred of humanity within him. Besides, Violator come from HELL, for cryin out loud, compared to that, and the experience of being played by John Leguizamo, nothing Ghost Rider does will pose a threat. Bottom Line: Ghost Rider had better get on his bike and hit it full throttle back to the Marvel Universe, unless he wants to be torn into more pieces than you can count in a day.

Chuckg writes:

Looks like Violator's suffering "The Death of Obscurity" here... every old Marvel fan knows who Ghost Rider is, but I've never heard of this Violator geek before, so guess which way I voted. :-)

Besides, Ghost Rider's beaten the Devil himself (in his persona of Mephisto), been nuked to plasma-burnt ash and regenerated himself inside of one minute, stomped Wolverine, held the Hulk to a standstill... pretty impressive record!

Ghost Rider in .0000034 seconds. This Violator dweeb is going to fall faster than a figure skater with untied laces.

The Cat writes:

Have you seen Ghost-Rider alter-ego? He is pretty hot. So in fairness to the mistreated female comic fan I am voting for the CUTIE!

It's the motorcycle. Chicks dig the motorcycle. OH MY GOD! I Can't believe I quoted the worst movie ever, but it had to be said.

Runewulf writes:

Gotta go with Ghost Rider on this one. Violator just hasn't give me a reason to think he can destroy someone that resilient. Sure, the Penance Stare won't do squat (I'm pretty sure that Violator revels in being guilty), but Ghostie has demonstrated that he's more than willing to off somebody who doesn't show proper remorse. He may get smacked around a bit, but he always pulls back together. Violator will be destroyed, slowly perhaps, but quite thoroughly.

S.Todd writes:

Violator would rip Ghost Rider a new ass. He is the personal servant of Malebolgia and has beaten the shit out of Spawn. Ghost Rider on the other hand is some wannabe biker demon that swings around a chain and can barely beat the Hobgoblin. This match would be about as short as a Gnome's hard on.

Editors Note: Really stretching for a euphemism there.

Thomas Wilde writes:

This fight comes down to one very important thing. Is it on HBO?

If it isn't, Ghost Rider's got a fight on his hands. Violator can take every damn thing Ghost Rider is capable of, and so much more besides; he's almost got Alan Davis Villain-Style Invulnerability (tm). I'd say it's still 'Rider, since he can run off like a goddam woman and get Doctor Strange if he has to, but it's not an honorable victory.

If it is...

TODD MCFARLANE: Hello. In every man's life, there are demons, and Al Simmons' were all too real. He is doomed, after his death, to live out a very real hell on earth. His wife has married his best friend, he has been brought back to serve the forces of Hell, and he is constantly being followed around by-- *The wall bursts open as VIOLATOR is thrown through it.*

VIOLATOR: That's a nice left you've got there, Ghostie! But not. Quite. Good. Enough. *GHOST RIDER'S arm goes flying*


MCFARLANE: Oh, my God!

GHOST RIDER: Who are you, mortal?

MCFARLANE: I'm Todd McFarlane! I created Violator! Shit, I thought it was just a comic strip, and it's real! Omigod!

GHOST RIDER: You created this creature?

VIOLATOR: *nervously* Yo, Ghostie, stick to the plan, bitch. C'mere so I can give you a matched set o' arms...

GHOST RIDER: Hardly. *snaps his chain like a whip, taking MCFARLANE'S head cleanly off. The artist/writer babbles on meaninglessly for a few minutes before collapsing on the ground, kicking weakly *

VIOLATOR: Noooooooo... *fades into nothingness*

GHOST RIDER: Vengeance is mine! *The sound of the audience applauding is clearly audible*

Lady Alhana Brightblade writes:

You've been violated girly man! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! It's the Violator all the way to the eighth level of Hell and back! The Violator managed to rough up Spawn a little bit and he's Hell's general in training. I like Ghost Rider but he hasn't got a chance. Now if Spawny-boy where to show up, they would both be goin' down!

Sailor Xena writes:

First of all I'm giving an official protest on last weeks fight; there is no way a bunch of G-rated 'toons could ever beat some R-rated demons. Now to this fight; Ghost Rider is cool, wicked cool, but he will be no match for the Violator. If any one knows about the Spawn world they would know that the Violator is nearly invulnerable; the only way to beat it is to take his head, and that only destroys his physical form. For Ghost Rider to win, he would have to quickly realize that a "Penance Stare" and a couple of punches will not stop him, and he was never strong in the brains department. The Violator will be able to take whatever GR throws at him and lay down the bang.

XXUTAK, Lord of Werkon writes:

As much as I love Spawn, I gotta go with Ghost Rider on this one. What with all the evil the Violator's done, on shot from that "Stare of Penance" thing outta take 'im out for good. Violator will go down faster than a White House intern.

M writes:

I think this would be one hell of a battle. Both are very powerful competitors. However the Violator appears at least to me to prefer to work via a third party. Ghost Rider on the other hand prefers to work up close and personal.

As for experience, This one I have to give to the Violator. After all he's been around for eons.

As for power level this is almost completely even. The Violator is a greater demon of Hell. The Ghost Rider is the Spirit of Vengeance and The angel of Death. So I would have to say they are pretty much evenly matched as far as power.

I will stay have to say Ghost Rider will win this one. I think he has a few more tricks up his sleeve than Violator.

Sand Man writes:

It's quite obvious that all you children out there love to see the hero win ( that's what you voted) well it's time to face REAL life. Violator beat Spawn ( way more powerful than old Skull Boy) on a bike, Violator has about a 10 foot high advantage, he could summon up some warriors from H-E-double hockey sticks, THOSE NASTY TEETH, and about 500 Lbs. Now you guys will have your little fairy tail to help you sleep but remember, I'll be in your dreams...and they won't be as cute....*EL*

Hooper_X writes:

As much as I *hate* both these characters, I gotta go with Ghost Rider. He's got the experience with spanking demons. Violator's a demon. Ghost Rider spanks em. 'Cepting' Etrigan. Although, this WOULD be kinda fun to watch. I can see Flambe' slappin' on a Penance Stare, and Violator bustin' out some popcorn to watch his greatest hits (and splatters) over again...

Demon Knight writes:

Ghost Riders all over that little wannabe...c'mon we all known that Spawn has been trying to feel ghostie's big black boots for years now. What's his third rate wanna be Venom archfoe going do to the Rider....a big nothing that's what!

Psycho writes:

Ghost rider is going DOWN. I mean, sure ghost rider has that cool chain, but spawn has TONS of chains (plus all the powers of hell) and he still hasn't killed violator. Violator will bash in his head (er, skull) than rip him to bits and gulp his remains. Duck the splatter from the heart on the platter.

eNdLeSs eMoTiOn writes:

Well there is a number of reasons why Ghost Rider will reign supreme on Violator.

  1. Ghost Rider is somewhat immortal, coated with hellfire does that.
  2. Has defeated many demons before Violator, and much stronger.
  3. Looks soo much better than Violator, fiery skull :)
  4. Violator was destroyed so easily by Spawn, cut off his head with his chains. So do now see his forecoming death? Spawn chains, Ghost Rider chains? Hmmmmm.
Ghost Rider will avenge the blood of the innocent and spike his demonic butt all the way back to hell.

Dizzy D writes:

Well, I think Ghostie will win. (You have probably picked the Dan Ketch-version and not the John Blaze-version). He has those flames coming from his eyes that can let the Violator feel all the pain he has caused in his life (which is a lot). Add a cool bike, so he has got more mobility, super strenght, (which I think equals Violator's strength), he's almost invulnerable and he has that chain which allows him to fight at a distant.

I see this happening: Violator is in his 'clown'-form, just eating some bugs, Ghostie comes crashing through his door (has he even got one ?) and drives over him before he can even change to his demon-form. Before Violator has pulled himself back together Ghostie will already have his chain around Clownie's fat neck and will drag him through the sewers behind his bike.

One roadkill Violator coming up !

Bob writes:

This is an interesting confrontation, and I think if we rationally compare each fighters powers and weaknesses we'll see that...

AH TO HELL WITH IT!!! Any lame-ass character created by that Todd MacFarlane schmuck is doomed to die. Die! Die!! DIE!!!

Fire-pig writes:

This isn't hard for me in the slightest and its a bit unfortunate that Ghost-rider has to go up against something from Spawn. As far as i am concerned Spawn is the Dogs bollacks, the toys are great, the comics are great, the film looks stunning and it has an anime. No contest.

scrod writes:

I'm sorry... my opinion on this battle? What battle? If you're thinking that a creation of pitiful 'ol Todd McFarlane is going to fly against the Mac Daddy of all vengeance men... hmmm... what's the word I'm looking for here... NO!!!!

The Goodwitch Glennda Danzig writes:

Why Ghost Rider? Well lets see. What does the Violator have? He's a huge demon with an overbite who turns into a big fat clown who talks about himself. He fights a character(Spawn) who has only had decent writing when his creator(businessman, that's right BUSINESSMAN, Todd MacFarlane) called in more art-minded creators to help boost sales. "Spawn" is a marketing tool gone awry. All style, no substance. That's what the Violator is a product off.

The Ghost Rider was a character who may not have always had the best writing, but he was created with passion. People who worked on Ghost Rider were trying to do the best they could and make him the most interesting they could. When Mark Texeria was brought into pencil the character we saw some of the best "horror" art in comic book history. It was beautiful stuff that I learned to draw from. I mean beautiful. Not because he was getting paid or wanted to make a million dollars, because he had passion. That makes the Ghost Rider a better character. Call me sentimental, but I would much rather see the better character when then a boring villain who fights a second-rate copy of Ghost Rider anyway.

And that's why I voted for Ghost Rider!

The Unlucky Cow writes:

Have any of you guys looked at these guys? How about Violators mouth? Ghost Rider swings his chain... Violator eats it. Ghost Rider does a drive by on his bike... Violator eats it. Ghost Rider runs out of weapons and tries to go hand to hand... Violator eats him. Easy win for Violator, and he still has room for Trick or Treaters.

Weapon-X writes:

I have to give this one to my pal Ghost Rider. His strength is superhuman and definitely more than Violator's. Physical attacks have little or no affect on him, he's a skilled fighter, he's got a bike, which will give him more mobility to start with, he's got guns, and he's got those wonderful blasts of hellfire, and the penance stare, which revisits the evils one has committed back on them tenfold. Knowing violator, the stare alone would be enough to put him down for the count. Hopefully, the fight will be more creative than Ghost Rider simply staring Violator to death, literally.

Lurch writes:

Ghost Rider has a motorcycle with a ram plate. Physics states that Mass * Velocity equals momentum. Momentum is always conserved. Ghost Rider will be at high speed, and the bike won't be light. High speed times heavy bike equals Ghost Rider leaving at a high speed with Violator's guts splattered all over the bike...


JAY:   Welcome back Pat. How's... Are you all right?

PAT:   No. No I'm not. Hello and welcome, we are Live in some suburb where we are ready for Violator to take on the Ghost Rider. Bringing it to you from the Sports Box, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. We join this battle already in progress as Violator has switched into Demon-Form and towers over the Spirit of Vengeance in the doorway. Violator attacks... trying to rip the Rider limb from limb with those razor sharp claws and teeth... MAN! What an overbite!

PAT:   Ghost Rider catches upper and lower jaws coming at him... holding them open like Stan Brock would to keep a Louisiana Bayou �gater at bay!

JAY:   The two powerhouses are struggling out into the street... Wait! The Ghost Rider with lightning reflexes reaches for the Violator's tongue and pulls it out!

PAT:   ...letting go of the jaws which slam down hard on that nasty tongue! Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

JAY:   I think he might need some ice for the swelling Pat. Look, the Ghost Rider is going to town on him now...

PAT:   Yeah, and the Violator is bringin' it back to him!! This is mad-mad monster mayhem as demon claws meet inhuman strength! Oh, look Jay! Trick-or-Treaters stopping to watch the show. That's nice.

JAY:   Ya, it'll be a night they won't soon forget. The Ghost Rider whips out his mystical chain and wraps it about the Violator's neck to try and ring his head loose!

PAT:   As the violator grabs the 'Rider by the throat and tries to get a little close in lovin' of his own! These two are locked eye-ball to eyeball, Jay! Let's go down on the field now to our own Sideline Commentator Harlene Quinzelle for a closer look at the action.

Harley Quinn:   It looks like a repeat of the Monster VS the Mummy fight from two weeks ago. Back to you guys. Wait! It looks like the Ghost Rider is using his Penny stare!

JAY:   That's Penance stare Quinn.

PAT:   Thanks Harlene. What's going on now, Jay?

JAY:   It does look like the Ghost Rider is trying to put the Penance stare on the Violator, his eyes... er... eyes sockets are glowing brightly.

PAT:   And Violator seems to be... Well it's hard to say.... I don't read the facial expressions of 10 foot high, butt-ugly demons too well...

JAY:   Hmmmm... I'm not sure... isn't the Violator suppose to pass out or cry or something? The effect of being under the Ghost Rider's Penance stare is like the ultimate Guilt Trip, yes?

PAT:   Got me, Jay. I do know we are talking about an attack which gave Galactus, the eater of worlds, a hard time. Let's see what the official rules have to say. I quote now from the Official Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game System where the power is described thusly:

Penance Stare: if Ghost Rider successfully grapples with someone for one round the other is forced to look into his eyes. The victim must make a psyche feat roll or lose one rank of psyche permanently. In addition to that, the victim must make another psyche feat roll (possibly using a reduced psyche rank) versus an amazing intensity or pass out for 1-100 rounds. if a target's psyche is brought below feeble the persons soul is lost forever and he or she goes insane. this attack only works on evil people and criminals who have hurt others.

JAY:   Well, it sounds good on paper, I guess. Kind of nebulous, though. But the Violator is one strange character... What the?! The Violator just tossed the Ghost Rider across the street! He wasn't affected at all!

Violator:   That was cool Ghostie! Do it to me again! I love reliving the pain of my victims!! Oh wow... I remember... hehe.

PAT:   Violator is starting to laugh... his eyes are glazing over... he looks like he is in some kind of trance.

JAY:   Ghost Rider is picking himself out of a crowd of Trick-or-Treaters across the street...

Little Kid:   Wow Mr. skull-guy, that's some costume!

Ghost Rider:   I am the Spirit of Vengeance.

Little Kid:   Does the Spirit of Vengeance have any twizzlers for me?

Violator:   Yeah, that was great... then there was the time I was at Vlads place. Hehe, the Impaler, they used to call him. oh-ho! He was a fun guy. Hey kids! Little kids, c'mere. Let me tell you a story you're going to love!

JAY:   The Violator steps towards some Trick-or-Treaters that have gotten too close! The Ghost Rider ... he's to far to defend them ... Wait, his bike roars out of nowhere right at the demon!

PAT:   The hellfire charged bike whooshes out of nowhere! It's the Harley from Hell on a collision course with the Violator!

Violator:   hehe... see kids, it was like this... I was at Jim Morrison's house just after a Doors concert... hehe... and they had this sweet thing somebody had brought back from the show, see..

JAY:   OW! Splat!! Watching the Ghost Rider's bike crashing into the Violator is like witnessing a wasp being flattened across a Cadillac grill.

PAT:   And yet the violator is only laughing! Wow!

Violator:   hehehe.. oh, I kill me... and then there was that time at Ferdinan's place, what a hoot! ... Nobody escapes the Spanish Inquisition!!! A-hahahaha...

JAY:   I think he's way out of it. The Ghost Rider is tying him up with his chains and he's not even trying to resist.

PAT:   And off he goes into the night. The Spirit of Vengeance with his fat and putrid cargo. This one is history, folks.


'Nuff Said!


Ghost Rider: 516

Violator: 153


PAT:   Massive blow out in the polls this week.

JAY:   I'd say so. So, Pat... is your car fit to drive home? Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

The Ghost Rider Collection Page.

The Violator.


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