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Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

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Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) is a fictional character that appears in publications published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (Dec. 1967) and was

created by writer-editor Stan Lee and designed by artist Gene Colan.

Debuting in the Silver Age of comic books, the character has appeared in over four decades of Marvel publications, and starred in a self-titled series and the second volume of the title Marvel Spotlight. Captain Marvel has also been associated with Marvel merchandise including clothing; video game; toy and trading cards.

The name "Captain Marvel" had been originally trademark for the popular superhero character Captain Marvel, who appeared in publications by Fawcett Comics between 1940 and 1953. However, Fawcett had ceased publishing Captain Marvel comics in 1953 partly as the result of a 1951 copyright infringement suit from DC Comics, and their trademark ostensibly lapsed. Taking advantage of this, Marvel debuted its new Captain Marvel character in 1967 and quickly trademarked the name. They were not the first to try to capitalize on Fawcett's lapsed trademark; in 1966 the small publisher M. F. Enterprises released a short-lived Captain Marvel comic which may have inspired Marvel to try the same the following year.

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

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