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Zarana is the sister of Zartan and Zandar in the G. I. Joe action-figure universe, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. She has short naturally auburn hair (RAH#92) that has been dyed pink (or sometimes red) and is usually depicted with a tattered hot pink T-shirt and blue pants. Zarana is a master of disguise who can fool even the best military specialists. Unlike Zartan (who has a mysterious ability to appear as someone different) Zarana relies on masks, wigs, makeup and costumes and is a world-class method actress literally becoming the object of her impersonation to the extent that she not only thinks but reacts as they would. Her file card bio states that she has the same ability to change skin color as her brothers but this was never seen or portrayed in either comic or cartoon incarnations.

Along with her twin brother Zandar, Zarana was issued in a second wave of Dreadnok action figure from Hasbro in 1986. She carries a weapon that looked like a shotgun with a circular saw blade attached at the end. This weapon was never seen in the cartoon or comic book. She had several features in the comic, primarily in issues that introduced Dreadnok vehicles produced by Hasbro.

In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, she first appeared in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #50 (August 1986).

Zarana was featured in the Marvel G.I.Joe comics and in the beginning was depicted as being somewhat cheap when it came to money. After she leads a successful rescue of Zartan by impersonating Scarlett, she tells her brother that he owes her for a number of expenses related to the rescue operation including that of the red wig she used in her disguise. Pursued by a large team of G.I.Joes, she and the Dreadnoks escape. They are technically tracked down by Sgt. Slaughter but her disguise skills help fool the man into believing he had found a simple gas station.


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