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Rick Sanchez

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Rick Sanchez is one of the two eponymous protagonists from the Adult Swim animated television series Rick and Morty. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Sanchez is a misanthropic alcoholic scientist inspired by Emmett "Doc" Brown from Back to the Future. Known for his reckless, nihilistic behavior and pessimistic personality, the character has been well received. He is a sociopathic mad scientist who seems to know everything in the universe and thus finds life a traumatizing and pointless experience. However, despite assuming himself to be the smartest person in the universe, there have been times where he has been wrong.

He is formally referred to as Rick Sanchez C-137 by the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks, in reference to his original universe, "C-137". Both Rick and Morty are voiced by Roiland. Volume 1 of the Rick and Morty comic series follows the Rick and Morty of Dimension C-132 while most episodes of subsequent installments follow the Rick and Morty of "C-137"; the video game Pocket Mortys follows the Rick and Morty of C-123.

Rick Sanchez from Earth dimension C-137 is the father of Beth Smith, and the grandfather of Morty Smith and Summer Smith. He is said to have been away from the family for several years prior to the events of the show. He frequently travels on adventures through space and other planets and dimensions with his grandson Morty. In the third season of the show, it is revealed that he is 70 years old. Rick is portrayed as a mad scientist; utilizing his mathematical and scientific prowess in conjunction with apathy and egotistical cynicism, he emerges safely from any situation, regardless of the consequences of his self-preservation. Rick also, in some episodes, desperately tries to regain his family after losing their trust. The creators wanted him to look like he was in control strategically, but not at all when it came to personal matters.

In "The Ricks Must Be Crazy", Rick reveals that he powers his flying car with a battery that contains a miniature universe, or microverse, whose inhabitants unknowingly provide the required electricity. In the episode, the inhabitants cease to provide Rick's car with energy. This is because a scientist from the microverse, resembling Rick in many ways, has created his own miniature universe to supply energy for the beings of his universe. Rick destroys the miniature universe inside his own miniature universe, killing everyone inside. He does not demonstrate remorse for his actions, and instead shows satisfaction. Nearing the end of the episode, Rick knows that his own microverse would power his battery, or he would toss them out and create a new one.

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