Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

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The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot is a 1995 comic book written by Frank Miller, drawn by Geof Darrow and published by Dark Horse Comics. The comic book was adapted into an animated TV series of the same name.

The comic appeared under Dark Horse Comics' now defunct Legend imprint as a large format comic book published as a two-part mini-series in 1995, featuring story by Frank Miller and art by Geof Darrow. In the comic, the story revolves around an attack on Tokyo by a giant reptilian creature that is generated in an experiment gone wrong, and the failure of the newly-commissioned Rusty the Boy Robot to stop the threat. Subsequently, Japan requested help from the U.S. Armed Forces, whose ultimate defense, the robot Big Guy, launches from his air carrier base and uses his awesome arsenal and good old-fashioned American know-how to save the day.

The comic book features intricate artwork by Geof Darrow, and story by Frank Miller, of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and Sin City fame. The two had previously collaborated on "Hard Boiled", another story combining Miller's short-spoken and violent storytelling with Darrow's graphomaniacally meticulous art. The Big Guy's first story appeared without Rusty in two issues of Mike Allred's "Madman" comic, after appearing in various comic book pin-up and poster pages.

Big Guy also makes an appearance in Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons' Martha Washington Stranded in Space and cameo appearances in the last Sin City book.

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