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Razorback is a 1984 Australian film, based on Peter Brennan's novel, written by Everett De Roche, and directed by Russell Mulcahy who would later make the first two of the Highlander trilogy. The film revolves around the exploits of a gigantic wild Boar terrorizing the Australian outback, killing and devouring people.

Jake Cullen (Bill Kerr) lives with his grandson in the Australian outback when a massive Razorback boar attacks him, destroying his house and killing his grandson. He is accused of murder and his dignity is destroyed.

Two years later, a wildlife reporter, Beth Winters, journeys to the outback to document the hunting of Australian wildlife to be used as animal food, processed in a large factory, but she is attacked by two deranged locals, Benny and Dicko, who leave her to be killed by the beast. Her husband, Carl, goes in search of her, and aids Jake Cullen and his young associate, Sarah Cameron, in hunting for the razorback responsible for her death.

As they search for the creature, Benny and Dicko worry that they may be associated with the murder of Beth Winters, so they attack Cullen and leave him to be killed by the boar. Vowing revenge for his wife and his friend, Carl finds Benny and lowers him into a mineshaft, presumably killing him, and finds Dicko and the factory. Before he can kill him, the razorback surges and mauls Dicko to death before chasing after Carl and Sarah, where they face off inside the processing factory. Carl lures the Boar (having speared it with a pole) into pursuing him down a conveyer belt, at the end of which is a large industrial fan. Not able to stop itself, the boar falls to its demise onto the blade/fins, while Carl rescues Sarah.

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